Lupe Fiasco Says Second Disc Of "Food & Liquor 2" Will Drop After Christmas

Lupe Fiasco reveals that the second disc to "Food & Liquor 2" will drop after Christmas.

This September 25, Lupe Fiasco will release his long-awaited Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1. Now, in a recent interview with Australia's Music Feeds TV, the Chicago rapper gives an update on the second part of the forthcoming album.

Lupe said that that Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 2 should be coming out sometime after Christmas. He said initially, he wanted to release both LPs as a double CD project, but that his label wouldn't go along with the plan.

"I originally wanted to do a double CD, and we were gonna put it out on Christmas," he said. "But the label didn't want to participate in that, so we'll do a part one and a part two, put the part one out earlier than Christmas, and the part two after Christmas."

Lupe also explained that the inspiration behind the all-black album cover to the first part of Food & Liquor 2. He explained that the decision to make an completely blank album was that he simply wanted to push the limits of his label Atlantic Records. Still, although he wanted to give Atlantic a hard time, he made sure to never sacrifice the quality of his music.

"The entire album is black - there's no pictures and words in the album," he said. "[The inspiration] was more - can I get the label to do that? Can I make that happen? Can I say, 'Hey, I don't want to put anything in the album and I want to make that happen?' It was like a challenge almost, and I had to go through some legal battles and some wrangling back and forth, so it wasn't as easy as I thought to put nothing in there. It was like one of the hardest albums that I had to do with putting nothing in it."

He added, "[My relationship with Atlantic Records] is coming to a close, but we're definitely going out strong and we're definitely going out with good music. I'm definitely not going to cheat the fans or short-change myself or short-change my art for the sake of pissing my label off. It's almost like I'm not even thinking about it; it's just kinda like, 'Let's do the rest of these albums we have together and then off into the sunset."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • QBN

    New Lupe album is WEAK. Wack beats man.. people are predisposed to celebrate ignorance, so if you're a "conscious" artist, you gotta have dope beats or else nobody will listen! We need hard beats like "Dumb it Down".. Lupe spent too much time dissing Obama, and not making dope music.

    • ShinbrigGoku

      Not exactly true, for some people they find that the lyrics are much more important than the beat, I do admit that the production for the album wasn't that good but who cares if it isn't a banger, not every song has to be a banger!

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are fucking retarded.

    • GHova2k14

      I have to agree with QBN. Lupe delivers a powerful message in his music, however, the production is what brings people into the song. I loved tracks like "Gold Watch", "Paris Tokyo" and "Strange Fruition" because the beats help establish a tone to the music. His newest work didn't really accomplish that. I could listen to "The Cool" and "Food and Liquor" without skipping tracks because the beats pull me in. His latest album and "Lasers" had me skipping all through the CD looking for a vibe. I was also disappointed at the album cover for the album, and the way it was marketed. Once again he missed out on the opportunity to produce a platinum selling, grammy award winning album while still carrying the deep messages, by trying to be a "rebel".

    • QBN

      @jose Nobody wants to hear a lecture.. MUSIC comes first. Look at Dead Prez when they made "Hip Hop".. it was conscious but it was a banger.. people listen to the beats first. You need dope beats to draw the audience in, to get them to hear your message. No beats+good message=wack song.

    • jose

      Fuck the beats, its all about the message. Do you not understand the message that Lupe is trying convey? This album is dope, its not always about the beats. If it was about the beats, then Rakim wouldn't be a very good rapper would he? I guarantee you that not many people understood the message on Form Follows Function, which is actually the dopest song out there. Listen to the lyrics, decipher them, then try again. Its hard enough for Lupe to get a message across while trying to make the record enjoyable. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge Lupe fan, but the dude is real, he's way over people's heads lyrically, and he's put out one of the better albums of the year.

  • fghgh

    You're so deep Lupe, full of ****

  • Anonymous

    You're either going to be a house slave or a field slave. Respect for Lupe for choosing that latter but that wasn't always the case he did cave in and did Lasers for Atlantic

  • Anonymous

    The Producer Severe on how dare you is dope check him out

  • NC King

    I can't wait for Lupe to go indie! No bullshit, no politics, just music and shows! #FuckAtlantic

  • triPAUD

    I love lupe but he essentially stole a Prince idea for a Prince reason. Youngins prolly don't know, but Prince released the same album cover in late 80s, early 90s. and he rebelled against his company, "erased" his name the same way lupe is leavin out the cover. its kinda a gimmicky resistence

  • Anonymous

    Stick it to "The Man"!!! Lupe is a Rebel

  • Anonymous

    He's already got all of the money he'll ever see from the project(Advance). So why not give the label a hard time and and have them struggle to sell it they don't give artists any respect whatsoever and steal from them. Let's say the advance is $400,000. If they ship off 1 million copies at $5 that's $5million enough to recoup the advance and the the budget and have plenty left over. Then on top of that they still take show money, merch money, feature money, etc, could go on and on. And that's just domestic these labels ship albums all over the world. You got Amazon, iTunes, etc, and artist can generate in the tens of millions for a label and only see a sub $500,000 advance. Yea they're still making alot of money but it's only crumbs compared to what they're actually generating

  • LJofSpades

    I was cynical about the all black cover but he's convinced me with that explanation.

  • m

    Put Em Up, Cold War and How Dare You are the only decent songs on the album for me.

  • M

    Massive Lupe fan here. Album has mostly wack production bar a few songs. Lupes bars are there but are mostly ruined by the poor choice of beats. He needs to get back with that guy who made music for him in the past. Songs like Audibon Ballroom start off great, then descend in to a generic boring beat. So disappointing. Im just hoping its his relationship with Atlantic thats making his albums this average. I honestly prefer his last 2 mixtapes over his last 2 albums. Send out a message, try before you buy.

  • MC Cuss Words

    My mixtape is coming out called Cussing for a Purpose Tracklist: 1.Lyrical Cussing 2.Curse the World 3.Cursing Fast feat. Twista & Tech N9ne 4.Bad Motherfucker 5.Curses and Slurs feat. Emilio Rojas 6.Cussin' Cousins feat. Big K.R.I.T & Yelawolf 7.Shit, Fuck, Ass, Damn 8.Sorry For Cussin Momma feat. Twiztid, Hopsin & Brotha Lynch Hung 9.My Love Bitch 10.Cursing With a Purpose feat. Ab-Soul & Lupe Fiasco 11.I Curse, He Don't feat. Chamillionaire 12.What The Fuck is Wrong 13.Shitty Living 14.The Fucking Outro This will be on datpiff soon so come check it out

  • Rain

    First I will like to say I will be the first to pick this album up Tuesday. I'm a huge Lupe fan and I couldn't help myself so I listened to the Album. I must say this is a great album. At the beginning it seems like food and liquor 1 but it turns into something else, I can't explain it you just have to listen to it. The production is more of a modern hiphop vibe, guess he choose to do this on purpose for the album. I must say there's not one song I disliked, there was only one hook featuring Jason Evigan that annoyed me. I feel like Lupe is evolving as a rapper, We all know he can come with that rapid fire rap like go go gadget flow and other earlier songs. On this album he seems more on auto pilot but it's a good auto pilot. There's a handful of songs where he seems like he's attacking the mic like his old days on certain verses. This album and Blu's new Album is very similar, we all know they are one of the best in the game but they took it easy on certain tracks, but that's not a bad thing at all because to me both albums are a 4 or higher. All I'm trying to say is that this album is great, it's not food and liquor 1 or the Cool but it's close and far MORE superior than LASERS! Only time will tell, I can't wait to Pick it up on the 25th.... Peace and FNF UP!

  • Anonymous

    it will sell around 150k and will get great reviews, im talking bout pt.1

    • Anonymous

      Lupe is popular(attention seeking), he's going to do 150k with ease. His crazy stans are well above the population of Belgium.

    • Anonymous

      yes im aware and lupe is quite popular and will defintely reach over 100k i never said 150 is bad

    • YouSerious?

      Are you aware of how album sales work nowadays? A 150k first week is tremendous for almost any artist nowadays. The singles Lupe put out are not hyping this up. "Bitch Bad" was a good video and all, but this is more likely to push like 90k.

  • Mike

    Good stuff, Pt. 2 is gonna be amazing! Sad to hear him and Atlantic records coming to a close.

    • Anonymous

      Not sad at all. He deserves a label that won't shit on his work. Hopefully he signs to GOOD or something after this.

  • itdontmatter

    I'm 3/4 through my first listen of the album. He's gonna get HUGE props for this one. It's so dope it's unbelievable. I'm officially a Lupe stan.

  • Anonymous

    i hope this album is somewhat like the first food and liquor, he said some crazy lines in that shit...the one that always gets me is " smelled the Hennesy from when his niggas got reminded and poured out liquor in his memory, he didn't mind it, But... He couldn't sip it fast enough So the liquor was just filling the casket up floating down by his feet was the letter from his sister Second Grade hand-writing simply read "I miss ya" Suit jacket pocket held his baby daughter's picture Right next to it one of his man's stuck a swisher He had a notion as he laid there soaking Saw that the latch was broken, he kicked his casket open"

  • shirley001

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  • Jason27

    The album is mediocre at best. Very disappointing for me, considering I have such high expectations for Lupe.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with Jason. It was decent album but not Food & Liquor title worthy. Should of just been called The Great American Rap Album Part 1. This album didn't meet my expectations listened to it twice now. Still going buy the album regardless.

    • Jose

      I swear, there is no pleasing you people. Lasers was too mainstream for ya'll, and this one is "mediocre" and it has "too much preaching" in it. Ya'll have to understand that as jamerf said, Lupe isn't going to please his fans and change his music up. Lupe is doing Lupe, he's trying to get a point across to people while trying to make the records enjoyable. I guarantee you guys that more than half of the people out there won't understand the message on Form Follows Function, or on Bitch Bad. Its much more than lyrics and hooks and production. Look at Rakim's Seventh Seal album, not great production, but lyrically and message wise its crazy. Its all about deciphering the message, which people don't do these days. I find this album to be very good, I'm gonna give it a few more spins tonight, but its definitely much better Lasers obviously, and its definitely up there with Food & Liquor. Regardless of the sales, Lupe is still one of the realest and smartest rappers out there, always staying true to himself. I'm not sure whether this album will sell well or not, but its not like rappers make much from album sales, the label gets about 90% of the money from sales, the tours is where the money is.

    • jamerf

      Disagree completely, I wouldn't go as far as saying better than the original but it's up there. Artists these days some times try too hard to please fans... Lupe here just does Lupe, he's not scared to take the title of his most successful album musically and create something that we don't see very often these days in hip hop, an album with meaningful lyrics, a theme and good beats that flow. Again this is my opinion only time will tell whether its a classic or not

    • Anonymous

      I just got done listening to the album. I think the lyrics are great but he was doing little too much preaching. I also think that the production brought the album down a little. It just sound a little boring and old but overall it's a good album

  • Miles

    we all know this will be pushed back

  • AtlanticRecords

    I guess he's expecting a quality flop. I hope he know if his album don't sale. He will be shelved and we will be waiting years for the next album. I hope lupe and his management know what there doing.

  • Anonymous

    Album already leaked several hours ago, I hope regardless of that little fact real hip-hop fans will buy it. Neverthless, even as a longtime Lupe fan I'm pretty sure that it shouldn't have named Food and Liquor II, because this album is something different in every senes that FF was back in the day. That - and The Cool too - was almost flawless, now it seems Lupe are in the rush to get off Atlantic. And then what, going independent? Well, as far as I'm concerned, he is one of those rappers who are and will be good regardless of a major label contract.

  • Awesome

    Great news. Every tack he's released so far has been quality.

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