French Montana Weighs In On Lil Wayne's New York Comments

French Montana gives his take on Lil Wayne's less-than-complementary commentary on the Big Apple.

Last month, Lil Wayne drew heavy criticism from New York Hip Hop heads after the Louisiana rapper told MTV that he "flat out [doesn't] like New York." Now, Weezy's "Pop That" partner and Bronx native French Montana speaks on Wayne's recent comments.

French told MTV's News that he understands Wayne's disdain of the Big Apple given his tumultuous legal history with the state and the debacle that occurred at Hot 97's Summer Jam 2012. Still, French says that he doesn't believe Wayne meant that he hates every aspect of NYC and its people; rather, he's just speaking from an understandably frustrated viewpoint.

“I mean if I was to go to New Orleans and catch a gun charge, I think there might be a point in time when I get sick and tired, and be like, 'Man I hate New Orleans,'” he explained. “It might not mean I hate the people, it’s that’s what I hate. Sometimes you might be like, 'I hate Jamaican food,' I’m not saying I hate Jamaicans. I think it go like that and I think that’s why nobody really got at him yet for saying that."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Beta2k12

    I Rep NYC All day but its Like New Yorks been soft ever since snoop came through and crush the buildings" If this was mid 90s his head would of got chewed off.

  • jg

    this just in...someone doesn't like NY! Stop the presses!

  • heartkid

    french yu r stupid....if i hate america i hate americans...u cant luv nicki and hate drake.m suprised by beefs we hev these days.i can beef with 1 member of a crew but still do collabos with the other frenz...bek in the day it was outlaws vs. bad boy period.LA VS. NEW YORK...MURDER INC vs. SHADY AFTERMATH.THATS WEN NIGGAZ WERE STILL REAL NIGGAZ...THESE DAYZ ITS PUSSSY NIGGAZ LYK WEEZY THAT DIS A STATE AND STILL WANT TO PERFOM THER...BULLSHIT FUCK YMCMB AND THEIR MOTHERS TOO

    • Unanimous

      You can hate America for what it stands for, that does not mean you cannot sympathize with the people actually living there. I myself am not particularly fond of America's (past and present) position in the world, nor am I pleased with how most black people are being treated in America. Does that mean I automatically don't like Americans?

    • Anonymous



    and what you need a gun for,,,you in a fed state basically,,,doing a show at the beacon,,hahaha!!! you aint doing a show in the hood,,,da fuck!!!!,,,,,,,,,,niggas need to learn how to use the c cipher punks they are servants you know,,,, lil kids dont follow these dopes,,,hahahaaaa!!!


    ok i see it,, wack rapper niggas is speaking on it,,,to sound politicly correct,,,,,but fuck that,,,,he flat out dont like new york,,because he got popped for a john,,,,is that new yorks fault or his,,,,,this is the problem lame niggas,,dont get it,,,,niggas get locked every day,,,a new york nigga aint put the john in your hand,,,,you had the heat cause you know what time it is,,,,,dont blame the state blame your fate nigga,,,if he was built like that he would of had hired armed security,,,,,whats wrong nigga you scared,,,,lolol,,,niggas is soft,,,hahaaaa!!!1

  • nickrazor2000

    One dumbass co-signing another Dumbass. good for them (who cares)

  • Anonymous

    French Lame you stink anyway so your opinion is void. An lil wayne is too overrated these days.

  • Anonymous

    I woulda smacked Lil Wayne in a New York Minute

  • Anonymous


  • Africana esq

    Real people understand that Lil Wayne meant he didn't like law enforcement in New York. He couldn't say it directly, because it would violate the terms of his probation.

  • Anonymous

    french montana is on the souths dick. of course he gonna say that. that nigga ain't new york hip hop. HE IS INDUSTRY RAP

  • lod

    damn..this ;lil nigga got these fake azz niggaz shook...busta was the biggest clown...bitch azz niggaz..stop making excuses for this nigga..he dont like your town,,,fuck him too... bottom line....

  • Single Fuck

    No one gives me, gave me, or has given me in regards of this today. Thank you. I'm still at their cribs.

  • Anonymous

    some people are going to look for a reason to be mad are wayne regardless of the situation. They know good and damn well wayne didnt mean anything like not liking the people but theyd rather have another reason to like him.

  • Anonymous

    So tell me if i got this right" Lil wayne says he doesnt like new york. that he doesnt like a particular state. And there is a huge backlash and people call him stupid for it. But when Havoc was all on the radio dissing the south, not just one state he was dissing an entire region, and there was no backlash. Saigon as well as Sean Price (all new york artists) have openly dissed the south have dissed the south (once again not just a state, an ENTIRE REGION) and theres no backlash. ok

  • problemz/problema

    Another lame co-signing this bullshit.Fuck you French for putting Money over your city you fuck boy.Nobody rep anymore.These lames are all on the south dick when they should be chin checking these muhfuckas for talking reckless..

  • fabolous

    i'm so new york weezy probably dont like me i'm so new york weezy probably dont like me i'm so new york weezy probably dont like me i'm so new york weezy probably dont like me

  • Anonymous

    no one gives a fuck.

  • Jacc

    Is a fuck supposed to be given here or something???

    • Unanimous

      Obviously you clicked on the story. Not only did you click on the story, you also read the story. After this you decided to react to the story. But yeah, other than that you didn't care...

  • Anonymous

    It was a random comment. The backlash is from stupid people getting sensitive.

  • Lol

    And not a single fuck was given on this day.

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