Hip Hop has seemingly had a pseudo-obsession with secret societies since Prodigy infamously spit “Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body” on LL Cool J’s “I Shot Ya” remix. Various conspiracy theories abound, with a significant number of them focusing on Jay-Z and what some interpret to be his cryptic imagery. Perhaps due to being signed to a joint venture with Bad Boy and Rick Ross (the latter teamed with Jay-Z on the 2010 track “Free Mason”), French Montana found himself in a comical exchange about the topic.

“Me and [Rick] Ross had the same conversation,” French Montana told Tim Westwood during an interview for BBC’s Radio 1. “I told him if the Illuminati come to my house, I’m letting them in. And I’ma sign right there…I’ll bring them in so they can meet my mother, my son and the whole fam. How can we get a family plan?”

While the pair joked about ongoing secret society rumors regarding Sean Combs and Jay-Z, French Montana said it all boils down to the issue of wealth.

“The secret societies is the people that’s rich,” Montana offered. “They hang around with each other. That’s the bottom line…they’re people that have the same thing to lose. I feel like that’s the Illuminati. Even if the Illuminati is real, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of something that’s controlling more money? You gave your soul to the streets already, and the streets ain’t give you nothing but bullet wounds and stab wounds. You lost your homies already. So why wouldn’t you want to be part of an organization that would make you millions and billions?”

The full Tim Westwood interview, which also features French Montana explaining why he and Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’” verses sound so different from Drake’s, can be found below.

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