A$AP Rocky Says He "Wasn't Too Pleased" With The A$AP Mob Mixtape, "Lords Never Worry"

A$AP Rocky reveals that if it weren't for demand from fans he'd still be working on A$AP Mob's "Lords Never Worry."

Prior to hitting the stage with Rihanna at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky briefly chopped it up with Bootleg Kev about the newly-released A$AP Mob mixtape, Lords Never Worry.

Rocky revealed that while the project has gone on to receive positive reception, he wasn’t fully pleased with the end result. The rapper went on to state that his need for perfection is likely the reason why he wasn’t fully satisfied with Lords Never Worry.

“I been getting a lot of love for it, but I really wasn’t too pleased the way it came out,” said Rocky in a video posted on XXLMag.com. “I didn’t have enough time to sit on it. It was mostly me and Yams who executive produced it, but I didn’t have enough time to really make the proper changes that I wanted. It’s an internal thing. I’m a perfectionist I guess and you know I’m my own worst critic, but for the most part I think it came out [well]. It had some good content on it and I think people wanted to see what we were capable of.”

According to Rocky, if there wasn’t such a huge demand for the project from fans he’d likely still be working on Lords Never Worry.

“I would have had skits in there. We didn’t have time. It’s because in the process of making that album we had the people waiting for so long - right now I would still be working on it,” Rocky explained. “Do you know how pissed people would be with me right now? They would be pissed, but that LongLiveA$AP is about to be epic.”

A$AP Rocky’s debut album, LongLiveA$AP, is slated for released on October 31.

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  • Anonymous

    I thought it was brilliant, brought me pack to oldschool 3 6 and ugk trill shit with a new sound, I fucks with it

  • mike

    yo i hear asap is suing beats from www.yucbeats.com for his album!!


    Den why did he release it??? The rapping was amature except A$AP Rocky and A$AP 12vy. Beats where all over the place too. still got high expectations for long.live.A$AP tho

  • Confucius Say

    Yeah, this tape sucked. Ferg is the worst. He sounds like the Bone Thugs baby that died in childbirth.

  • macdre

    the tape was REALLY wack. these niggas rushed it, and Rocky didnt show his posse how to rap quite yet. should not have released it, less than mediocre. compared to A$AP's first mixtape this MOB tape is GARBAGE.

  • Anonymous

    jim jones verse on that one track was turrrrrrible stop hatin on rocky you know he can flow over a beat better than most rappers today can

  • Anonymous

    whats with these idiots putting out material and then saying they dont like it, lupe, big sean, rocky, wiz

  • Anonymous

    dam put him on blast wit the condoms, he knew it too cuz his girl gnna be hearin this

  • Anonymous

    A$$WIPE double-talk now that he realizes sucking white industry cock only gets you so far... But that art work was marvelous!! And the fake white 'hipsters' who were patronizing his dumb black ass have the attention span of toddlers. Maybe A$$WIPE should start thinking about that GRE-- at least UPS?

  • CecilRhodez

    Positive reception? From who? I havent heard anyone say anything good about that Mob album, from the wack cover art to the majority of the tracks everything was ok at best. Personally I only liked a few tracks and Im an ASAP fan, so I dont know whose blowing air up this dudes ass because that tape was lackluster for the wait.

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