Machine Gun Kelly "Lace Up" Cover Art & Tracklist

Bun B, Waka Flocka Flame, DMX and more join Machine Gun Kelly on his major label debut.

It seems as though few expenses were spared for Machine Gun Kelly's major label debut, Lace Up.

The album, which drops October 9 on Bad Boy/Interscope Records, features a bevy of Hip Hop talent. Among the featured artists are Bun B, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Jon, DMX, Tech N9ne, Twista, and Young Jeezy.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Save Me (Feat. M. Shadows & Synyster Gates)
2. What I Do (Feat. Bun B & Dubo)
3. Wild Boy (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
4. Lace Up (Feat. Lil Jon)
5. Stereo (Feat. Alex Fitts)
6. All We Have (Feat. Anna Yvette)
7. See My Tears
8. D3mons (Feat. DMX)
9. Edge of Destruction (Feat. Tech N9ne & Twista)
10. Runnin’ (Feat. Planet VI)
11. Invincible (Feat. Ester Dean)
12. On My Way
13. End of the Road (Feat. Blackbear)
14. Half Naked & Almost Famous
15. La La La (The Floating Song)
16. Hold On (Shut Up) (Feat. Young Jeezy)
17. Warning Shot (Feat. Cassie)

MGK has released the album art, beginning with the standard edition:

Additionally, the deluxe edition's artwork is below:

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  • Anonymous

    Waiting for the future epic songs... "Check out Obama's New Anthem, Here [Link],"

  • Its Um

    Look at all those features.



  • jake_da_muss

    wild boy, stereo, half naked & almost famous and warning shots are all from his old mixtapes, come on Kels! Still, been diggin his music so far so will check this out. Gotta love sampling a band from NZ on half naked & almost famous as well.

    • jake_da_muss

      Calm down Brrreezy must be that time of the month huh, take MGK's cock outta your mouth for a second and have a breather.

    • Brrreezy

      I don't understand the complaint about recycled tracks. An album, especially a debut album, is supposed to be a single cohesive work that represents the artist. And if the artist thinks that some tracks that he has previously released belong on the album as a piece of that "whole," that should be the end of the story. Further, just because a lot of hard core fans have heard some of these tracks does not mean that many people have heard them. Finally -- yes, I already own 5 of these tracks -- but I don't give a sh** about buying them again. He put them on the album in a particular spot for a reason, and I look forward to listening to the whole thing, in the order he thinks they should be presented. There are 9 songs on here that nobody has ever heard -- that is enough. You peole need to get over it already.

  • youngsta

    can't wait for this. mgk rips shit up, dude is nice.

  • Soriano

    Way to many features for a debut, and I already see 5 tracks that he recycled. I have been waiting for this, but I am already disappointed.

  • jg

    Diddy is gonna lose a lot of money of this. Nobody is checkin for MGK

  • BTMoney

    Honestly, it's really looking like a good album to me. I know there's a lot of hate againt MGK, but I really think he's nice, I hope his shit doesn't flop.

  • Anonymous

    wow thats a lot of features I'll check it out

  • Anonymous

    shit is gonna flop so hard. hell be crying on youtube within months talking bout "he didnt sign up for this" and any rapper that featured on this shit is a money hungry sellout. dmx is broke. he gets a pass. but jeezy? bun b? bun b is a disgrace. pimp c would slap this old repetitive fuck right in his face. hes riding drakes dick, loving everybody on twitter, like hes some kinda authroity figure. you're nothing but a washed up feature artist ppl throw money at to fill out a tracklist. soon as pimp died bun b let the real bun b out. loving everyone especially gay rappers. pimp c woulda aired this chump out. notice the ugk album bun b dropped after pimp died was a complete piece of shit. bun b is a joke.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, your the definition of a typical internet hip hop douche. I don't like most the artists he fucks with either but when people come up to him, show respect and ask him for a feature, whats he suppose to do, be like you and act like a fuckin snob, sorry to break your heart but unlike you most people are assholes and they show respect back when its given to them.

  • Yelawolf

    This dude is a poser!

  • Anonymous

    Looks ok, and dx what happened to single sales??

  • Anonymous

    thank god no officer ricky mmg or young money

  • Anonymous

    looks like its gonna be a album to check out

  • Anonymous

    I don't know anyone who's waiting for this, he has zero buzz and from what I've heard very little talent.

  • Anonymous

    Debut album, 80% features, not a good look IMO, basically what it says to me is "I cant hold your interest by myself so I'm depending on my supporting cast to carry the record over"..... Its one thing to make that album a few years in but your debut should be about laying down the foundation of who your gonna be as an artist. This is a compilation record.

    • youngsta

      so the fuck what if he's got a lot of features? people are going to focus more on him than the appearances anyway. the features just add more to the track. drake's first album had a lot of features but look at how that turned out, and look where he's at now.

    • Anonymous

      He's also got a track on there that he came out and said he hated, smh at artists giving control of their music to the label.

  • Broke

    With all those features hell be lucky to have anything when his paycheck comes

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