Chief Keef Threatens To Smack Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Announces Retirement

UPDATE #2: Lupe Fiasco continues and claims that a "broken heart" will likely make this upcoming album his last.

Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef has continued a strong day in the headlines. Earlier the rapper was believed to have laughed at the death of a Rap rival, Lil JoJo via Twitter. The Interscope Records artist tweeted this evening (September 5) that he will "smack" fellow Windy City artist, Lupe Fiasco. Keef also referred to Lu as "a hoe ass nigga" and "lil bitch."

These comments come after last week, when Lupe, a veteran star rapper signed to Atlantic Records, publicly criticized the youth movement in Chicago, and included Chief Keef by name. In an interview with Baltimore, Maryland radio station 92Q, Lupe said, "Chief Keef scares me. Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents,” said Lupe in a video posted on “Specifically in Chicago. And I don’t speak this about any other city because I’m not from there. But like my family lives in Chicago. So my nephews, my cousins, my friends, and my peoples they all in those hoods that he represents. When you drive through Chicago…The hoodlums, the gangsters, and the ones you see killing each other. And the murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it, they all look like Chief Keef.”

As of 6:20 pm, Lupe Fiasco has yet to respond on Twitter to Chief Keef's remarks.

UPDATE: Lupe Fiasco has tweeted what is believed to be a response to Chief Keef.

The 1st & 15th Records vet included in a series of tweets, "I have spoken peace only to receive vitriol and malice in return. My brother seeks destruction my sister seeks attention paths to nothingness."

The three-part tweet is embedded below:

This comes after Lupe reached out to Chief Keef on the social media platform previously, an exchange that Keef tonight retweeted to his followers.

UPDATE #2: Lupe Fiasco continued on Twitter this evening (September 5), now alluding to his Rap retirement following his upcoming album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album. Lu tweeted, "my heart is broken and i see no comfort further along this path only more pain. I cannot participate any longer in this."

He mentioned literature as his potential next career. Previously, Lupe Fiasco has considered retiring from making albums. In early 2008, less than two years after the release of his debut album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor, Lupe told HipHopDX about his plans to prematurely exit the industry.

The series of tonight's tweets are below:



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  • adam

    Lupe is one of the greatest of all time and spits the realest most relavent shit ive ever heard. he covers a wide variety of topics from politics, to war, and problems all over the globe so anybody thats claiming that hes mainstream sit down and stfu right now. with how awful rap is getting and how many terrible rappers are getting signed and putting shit out i can understand why he wants to retire. his work isnt getting the appreciation it deserves, his words and statements arent being understood, and everything hes trying to do to help todays youth and society through his raps and fame are being largely ignored. go ahead and claim hes a pussy or a coward but hes smarter 99% of the rap game, one of the realest out, and will go down as top 20 all time. I hope cheif Keef gets fucking shot, that man is just another plague on the rap game.

  • D-VADE

    Lupe Fiasco a bitch nigga for this, it was his choice to be a pussy and quit rapping. He should'nt have said shit to Chief Keef, and there would not have been any retaliation. Cheif Keef isnt leading a movement, theres been gang violence for years, especially in Chicago.

    • You-Mind-Is-So-Little

      wow are you for real oh you must be one of those who just run they mouth with no realistic state of mind...... sucks being you I guess there are still people like u alive so simple minded

  • Kself909

    Damn Lupe!!!!!!! Don't quit G!!! Your voice is a much needed one in the culture, and if yours isn't there, others with substantially and substantively less to say will fill the void. Don't do what Lauryn did bro!

  • The MH

    I present... the death... of the cool...

  • TruthBeTold

    what a fuckin sad day when lupe fiasco can't take hip hop no more.. all these fucking wannabe trap faggots are fucked in the head. they cant just be themselves, they do whatever everyone else thinks is fuckin real an lose themselves. no fucking originality , everyones just turning into a violent sociopathic fuck. i hope straight up someone pumps a bullet in this kids head twice, theres no hope for people like that.

  • astroali21

    I can't believe what's happening to my black people... To think this giant record label would give this young lost soul millions so that he can glorify the destruction of our young black men in Chicago over drugs, gangs, and nonsense and bs is a testament to the fact that our peole are a lost one without a soul or any kind of honor or self respect... We deserve better than this my people... And DX why didn't you put what Lupe tweeted to Keith about us black people being "Kings" as opposed to "Savages and goons" ... And that he shouldn't be acting like a fool...? Ya'll some suckas... Our black people make me wanna retire from life... Acting like savages... Kids.. Younger than me and you... Destroying themselves... And what does the world do...? What do our people do...? We wait till that kid's album to drop and give Interscope more money to promote our destruction... Way to go... Martin and Malcolm would cry... I know I do...

  • JDilla

    Just build a wall around "Jinglewood Hood" and let the trash extinguish itself. Skyrocketing violence due to these ignorant, mislead pieces of biological waste are ruining the once great city of Chicago. #Historymerrygoround.....

  • peace love unity

    Don't hate keef or lupe, hate the reality that exists and why it has come to be like that Jojo dies = his crew will retaliate and more blood will be shed Keef makes this public = more people will hate another black male Lupe retires = another bright light extinguished also know that if anyones comment on this board upsets you it is most likely inentionally, do not respond to them.

  • YucBeats

    word around town chief keef is using beats from

  • Ben

    Don't blame chief keef for this

  • mish

    he looks like the Evil version of lupe fiasco

  • M

    I think the joke in this whole debacle is that Lupe could end Chief Keefs short career within a week if he was that way inclined. Through music, of course.

  • FuKKK Chief KKKeef

    This shows how full of shit Interscope is. They're moved by controversy. Look at their history, it's full of beef and shock value. I never saw any artist coming from that label that wasn't talking about violence.

    • Anonymous

      You're either white or just retarted. For real. Are you aware that this is business?? Everybody will do what they have to do for money, and I applaud Interscope for that, cause they found a smart way to sell records.

  • Anonymous

    "I laughed at deaths when I was a teenager" You do know Faces of Death was fake?

  • Wow..

    Fucking Ignorant Piece Of Shit, I Hope This Stupid NIGGER Gets A Fuckin Bullet To The Head, Laughin At Peoples Deaths, Making HORRIBLE music, What The Fuck Is This Piece Of Shit Good For, Go To School And Learn How To Spell Chief Queef

  • Lol Keef dont want it!

    "Watch yourself seniors dangerous whether givin a whole or break in half if i bring the danger shake it fast trunk full holes like jason mask"...Lupe fiascos , "you me him her" freestyle

  • Anonymous

    Lupe retiring might be good for rap if he actually goes through with it. Especially if he can be successful at whatever he does next (if it isn't acting).

  • Anonymous

    DX trying to make it look like Lupe is quitting cause he was threatened. Stop promoting this faggot DX!

  • milehighkid303

    Lupe taking God's route, bruh done had enough. With that said, I think he need to write a hot lil 16 air Keef out, and then retire. Don't mean family is weak, just means he LITERALLY has exasperated what he FEELS is everything he can GIVE to the genre to try and change it. I listen to guys like Banks, Lox, Rakim, Big L, etc (violent stories and music) BUT with that said, Lupe got GREAT POINTS and plus BESIDES TALIB KWELI who in the hell giving us concrete REAL topics on a "mainstream" level??? I hope Lupe find that STRENGTH and sticks wit it.....

  • Anonymous

    Fuck u chief keif u a bitch ass nigga bro, if u made one of my favorite rappers retire with yr ignorance than I'm forced to find my bliss in fuckin u up.. Pussy boy

  • Anonymous

    The last thing this world needs is 'Chief Keef'. When this nigga ends up dead or in prison the world will be a better place. With that said, Lupe is kinda actin' like a bitch. Not because of what he said about 'Chief Keef', because all that shit was true. But all these dramatic tweets are bitchlike. GET OFF TWITTER AND ACT LIKE MEN.

  • hiphophead9

    Fuck Chief Keef, he aint half the rapper Lupe is

  • real life

    this is a straight joke first off this dude got popping because other people jumped on his beat, second this is most ignorant shit going what a real bad ass over here anyone thats with this is a ignorant piece of shit too, idc what kind of music they do lupes doin his thing tryin better people like cheiffaggot fuck him

  • Anonymous

    "If he grew up in the environment. Then he understands the mindset" Much like how you watched Expendables 2 then told all of your friends that you were an expert on guns lol Alot of people grow up in bad neighborhoods. Doesn't mean they kill, sell drugs, or understand the mentality that makes others violent.

  • Anonymous

    "You cant fight ignorance" True. All you can do is dress it up and send it to public school.

  • Anonymous

    "Chief Keef is a non-hit wonder" Bet he outsells Slaughterhouse first week.

  • Anonymous

    "Chief Keef is a Talentless, Unintelligent White Man's Slave

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Chief Queef kind of looks like an alternate reality Downsyndrome version of Lupe, like twins where one got all the brains and the other is a mongoloid

  • The_Observer

    If Lupe is not mentally strong enuf to survive the harsh realities of the hip hop realm, then let him retire Only the strong Survive! Every sport, profession, job, hobby etc has it hardships, challenges, and so on Lupe is lyrically talented but personality wise, he can be a little b!tch Stop crying and be man Lupe, as there are bigger problems in the world .... look at Africa, and Middle East and tell us if your whining really needs any of our attention?

  • The_Observer

    "Chief Keef is a Talentless, Unintelligent White Man's Slave" "Chief Keef is a Talentless, Unintelligent White Man's Slave" "Chief Keef is a Talentless, Unintelligent White Man's Slave" "Chief Keef is a Talentless, Unintelligent White Man's Slave" Nuff Said!!!

  • The_Observer

    Chief Keef is a talentless, unintelligent white men's slave Chief Keef is a talentless, unintelligent white men's slave Chief Keef is a talentless, unintelligent white men's slave Chief Keef is a talentless, unintelligent white men's slave #Amen

  • Tha Truth

    Man fuck Lupe...Chief Keef's brain is still developing he's only 16. I laughed at deaths when I was a teenager. man Lupe needs to stop crying and kick, push, coast out the industry.

    • Rodney

      He's 16 so his brain developing has nothing to do with the ignorant shit he talking about. At his age he should know the difference between right and wrong he's just fucking stupid. I'm the same age and i can tell you dudes like chief keef are the reason my peers running around playing "thug" like they ain't got no sense

    • johnny

      boy, it's not about age or being adult or what, I'm 21 now and I never laughed at deaths, not even when I was a teenager

    • What?

      Brain still developing? That man is probably on so many drugs that his brain was lost a long time ago. That can't be your argument. Point is, Chief COON doesn't know how to respect those that he came after. Oh and lets not forget this FOOL laughed at the death of another teenager.....

    • The Lie:

      Ignorant black adults ... Got to love it

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef is not going to smack, or indeed even touch, Lupe. It would not do him any good popularity-wise (and Kanye - who basically cosigned him and got him where he is - is best friends with Lupe), and he can't do shit if he's banged up. This little spat is similar to when 50 started taking shots at Ye, where a lyrically (and musically) inferior street gangsta started taking shots at the social, intelligent, intellectual, street-wise rapper who was totally outplaying them. If Lupe actually retires over this shit then he is stupid and cowardly. Chief Keef already was.


    What Chief Keef and his people don't know is that the violence is getting the wrong type of press because of the way things are happening at the crib (Chicago). If the corporate forces start feeling the heat because they signed this dude they will drop his ass SUPERFAST and then blackball the shit out of him!!!!!! Take control of this dude's twitter ASAP!

  • Phil A

    Who's Chief Keef? Lupe Fiasco was simply speaking the truth. Maybe if Chief Keef actually took the time to understand what Lupe was saying, maybe he would be thanking Lupe. But these rappers nowadays are too dumb and ignorant to understand what they're doing to society.

  • Jake_da_muss

    damn chief keef is a ugly cunt, looks like a walking halloween costume

  • LOLZ

    L.O.L ...You blacks are really dumb . All you want to do is kill each other and spend money on white owned luxury products ... I don't see any other races promoting black products for free in music songs/videos Your music videos make 99.9 % of women who look like your sisters/moms look like money hungry hoes ... These are the reasons why it will always be a white mans world , and you will always just be puppets !

  • kush administration

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is the only cat in the mainstream that will stand for the real. "Athletes today are scared to make Muhammad Ali statements" - Nas. Apparently, that goes for all successful black entertainers riding the money train. Nobody backed Lupe on what he was saying. Talib could've but he was too busy defending coon ass Nicki Minaj.

  • mbvalen

    Chief Keef is just another one of the ignorant ass kids that is shown on WSHH jumping random people in Chicago streets for fun. Ignorance.

  • Al-B

    It's time for rappers who take their craft serious and respect the art to take a stand. Interscope Records and Cheif Keef need to be boycotted by radio, tv, etc. because all that they are doing is promoting his bullshit and encouraging him to spread more violence and non-sense to teenagers whom many of them will say to hell with school, to hell with the law, to hell with respecting their parents and their community and in the end they will end up in jail or dead. He's 16 years old and he has nothing but disrespect, violence, and damn-near anything negative to add to rap. It's time that people take a stand and show some level of responsibility!

  • HOHO


  • gig


  • truth

    Chief Keef is a non-hit wonder.

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck deze niggaz. Chief Keef is a talentless, unintelligent white men's slave. Lupe is lyrical but hiz muzik iz too mainstream. fuck Lupe too! swag check out ma new single LADIES soundcloud [DOT] com/so-icy-boi/so-icy-boi-ladies-feat-so-icy

  • nickrazor2000

    Chief keef is truley a tool of the Devil

  • Anonymous

    I am completely disappointed with this article both writer and editor should be fired on the spot for leaving out crucial facts. Here's a link to a more reputable source. I encourage bloggers on here to do their research on this before posting some one sided garbage that I've been reading on here. My first and last time visiting this site! Here's the link: research on this before posting some one sided garbage that I've been reading on here. My first and last time visiting this site! Here's the link:

    • Anonymous

      dx care more about views than accuracy and integrity. if you want credible information uve come to the wrong place, the writers a fucking idiots

  • YEBO


    • bneasy

      I was wit ya till the last paragraph, and fyi ken lamar is dope

    • john

      I will never understand why YEBO compare Slaughterhouse rapper to Chief Keef, Ortiz is trash just like Keef, I know Ortiz is better in lyrical way and he never laughed at somebody's death, but in terms of making good music he just sucks, only because he has good lyrics doesn't mean he makes good music and new Slaughterhouse album proves it. - Ortiz sucks as a rapper, but he has good lyrics and don't act like an idiot - Keef sucks as a rapper, has no lyrics, he laughs at somebody's death and act like a washed-up retarded wannabe gangster so I still prefer Ortiz over Keef, anyway Lupe wins and his wackest album (Lasers) shit on both Chief Keef's and Slaughterhouse discographies

    • YOU're reTARDED

      Do you listen to Ortiz? I've listened to both, and there isn't even a comparison. Keef is a step above Soulja Boy, and Ortiz is a lyrical beast. The only thing Keef has going for him is a catchy hook on one song. I hope Interscope drops his retarded ass. I tried to find the good in his music, but there wasn't much there. Like I wrote, one catchy hook. This kids going to catch an L. I watched, and interview with him, and you can't even understand stand half the shit this mumbling focker says.

    • MusaShi

      i was with u until the 3rd paragraph.. then i guess ur meds stoppped working.

    • What?

      WTF are you talking about how are you comparing J-Ortiz to Chief Keef ? That dude is a monster on the mic plus he shows serious respect to hip hop . I know the nigga personally and i can tell you homie got is mind right

    • Anonymous

      nigga... just shut the fuck up...

  • Rechee Jozil

    "If you put crabs in a barrel to ensure your survival, you gon' end up pulling down n*ggas that look just like you."

  • ill C

    Being a fellow Chicagoean, although I no longer reside there this saddens me.....I like Keef and WANTED to support Keef, however I can't ride with my man no longer.. If I were the head of Interscope Records I would buy his deal out ASAP...(I hope I'm wrong) But Keef I'm afraid is beginning what will be a long line of destructive behavior 1.) You should never wish death or laugh at the death of someone, espec in this day and age Keef might come to regret that..2.) Now he seems to have targeted Lupe witht hem both being from the Chi he could expose Lupe to some random act of violence whoever deals with Keef as far as Managment better check this dude.

    • Al-B

      Interscope Records is notorious for promoting rap beefs and negative shit so they have a history of being involved with some of the most violent people in rap. They hunt for gang members, thugs, etc. and send them out to encourage bullshit out of the people who listen to their artists. It's long overdue for rappers and people who love rap to boycott Interscope, but it wouldn't look "kool" for rappers to come out against this company so they'd rather allow Interscope to continue fucking up raps name with stupid niggaz like Cheif Keef!

  • badaboom

    chief is a one hit wonder, lupe i feel you tho, ignorant youth these days.

  • Anonymous

    only reason why chief keef is famous is cause of a co-sign. you aint shit


    Obviously Chief Keef is going to need his goons to pull that off....cause what many people don't Lupe is damn near a black belt in some shit....keef would get his ass demolished in a fair one

    • Anonymous

      Ya Dig ...Grow up Ass Wipe !

    • d-nucks

      duh nigga...we all know that...Keef said he would "smack" not "shoot" if he smacks lupe he is going to need goons..becuase if its a one on one he gonna get shooting of course is a different ball game...which would still make him look like a bithc...cause that just means he can't fight......why did i even have to clarify myself?

    • Anonymous

      black belt aint gonna stop no bullets ya dig

  • Anonymous

    Lupe has turned into a media wh*re. I'm not a big fan of Keef, but Lupe talked about dude like he was the police racially profiling.

  • billy oh realy

    fuck lupe fiasco

  • Get A Life

    The sad part is none of this matters your your meaningless lives, get back to working at walmart and begging family members for money until payday. Damn internet rap losers. Hip Hop twitter beef is for suckas.

    • Low IQ Blacks

      Peasants always going to be Peasants .. Dirty Pigeons

    • Ahsan

      That's a pretty ignorant perspective. Look at the bigger picture aka crime rates skyrocketing in Chicago, Keef is a motivating factor. The next generation of youth is being completely corrupted by the likes of him, OFWGKTA, Nicki (had to throw that last one in there)

  • abc

    hahahhaha, fuck yes, fuck lupe!

  • Real Talk 100

    Justin Beeber got better spit game than Chief Keef.

  • Real Talk 100

    Chief Keef can't rap. I thought I never see the day but dude Soldier Boy is actually better lyrically than another a rapper on this earth, and here you go, Chief Keef, I know, who would of thought.


    Chief Keef managed to retire one of Chicago's last hopes of a true emcee. This world is going insane.

  • Anonymous

    real gangstas dont tweet what they gonna do to ppl, as a matter of fact gangstas dont tweet. how quickly ppl forget keef has a mixtape coming out and is building momentum for his album to release soon after. ya'll white boys act like you dont know how todays rap game operates when it comes to record promotion.

    • Anonymous

      YOu wrong bro a real gangsta will tweet it you know why because he basically saying I dont give a fuck. Thats what you call a gangster. They dont give a fuck. No different than Mr Untouchable Nicky Barnes. He bragged about never been caught and was on the front of a magazine. A real G dont give a fuck. Especially the new generation. Look how he laughed at the rapper getting killed. Guys like that will kill you with out hesitation.

  • Anonymous

    This guys a fucking liar. Shut up Lupe, I know u like driving that expensive ass lambo. Ain't no way you gonna let go of the industry at this point just when you are getting popular recognition. You just as greedy as the rest of us except you hide behind your music. And if you are, what kind of weakling are you to quit the game cause of a nigga that calls himself Chief Keef. Fuck outta here with that nonsense and drop that album, I'm tired of your bullshit. I'd rather just listen to your music without hearing about your whiny ass complaining all the time on the radio.

    • Anonymous

      Or go start your shift in Walmart ...Dumb ass loser... !! Grown ass man acting like he is 15 - village idiot.

    • Ebu Blackitude

      You sound stupid bru. No intelligent person will give you props for the stupidness you posted here. Stay out of big peoples conversation and go play somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe, pls ether tha lil Bitch ass Nigga

  • Anonymous

    Wow! U bitch ass fakester, my Nubian king lupe ain't leaving the game cuz of that lost soul. It's time to retired when a kid like Chief korney wants to slap the legend. Lol. What's wrong with this American kids this days?. Ya 'll can't never be on lupe level biaaaaaaaaaaaaaach.

  • roachd

    this shit is soo retarded what is it with twitter beefs - they are more homo than homo lol, and as for keef this lil 16 year old needs to get beat down hard and learn his place in this world the lil young prick cannot even break down his lyrics and yet he's coming at lupe....hopefully lupe will just twist this fool down and show him what lyrical prowess is and if he doesn't then you have to wonder at why he's not putting this kid in his place

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef got ReTweeted on Twitter and wrote this " @ChiefKeef my twitter been hacked I think I'm making a new one dumb hating ass people #DontWannaSeeAYougNiggaShine" What a fucking dipshit!

  • rideonemgixxer

    #Twitter is gay.....

  • Yamz

    What the fuck, Lupe? Chief Keef is a fucking herb, why are you retiring for because this untalented clown says he's going to smack you. Dude needs a lesson in thick skin from Nas, shake it off and continue prospering. Bang Bang! lol

    • Prang Green

      His Gang Green poor thing knows no better .Lolz

    • Yamz

      So you don't think that the fact he tried to speak on the music industry using rappers like Chief Keef as a pawn to promote violence only to receive threats of violence has anything to do with him thinking "Fuck this, why do I bother?" I would say you need to read a little deeper

    • Ebu Blackitude

      Your reading comprehension and general common sense needs to develop some. I don't think his retiring is anything to do with lil Cheef buttboy. Try learn something from your elders instead of shouting foolishness.

    • gang green

      "Niggas got emotions like bitches"

  • Anonymous

    Lupe should make music because he talks to much bullshit nowadays

  • Anonymous

    Whoopie Goldberg V's Whoopie Goldberg.

  • youngsta

    hahaha! chief keef just killed old ass lupe fiasco's career. keef threatens to smack lupe and lupe gets all scared and wants to retire. what a bitch lupe is. "a sneak disser, that's the shit i don't like!" tell em keef.

  • GGH

    Keef is a bitch ass nigga. NO TALENT. But at the same time, he's not doing anything other rappers haven't done. Just cuz he comes from chicago doesn't mean he has to tone shit down. Itd be awesome if he'd be a good role model and try to influence kids in a positive way, but he's not required to do that just cuz of his origin. Again, I think he's a sucka nigga and I like Lupe, but I don't think you should single him out, escpecially this early in his career.

  • NRG

    This article is retarded. This is how lupe really responded to Keef.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe a blackbelt, keef dont want it fareal... not on the melee side

  • Anonymous

    Cheif is a douche and lupe is an over reacting baby.....

  • Anonymous

    he looks like the bad version of lupe fiasco lol

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      If his twitter page was hacked, he'd apologise to Lupe and the rapper who died family. If he was man enough to do this we would accept his story. Anything less is just some dumb n*gga hiding behind some lame excuse for being high and tweeting.

    • Anonymous

      Everybody's page is hacked...when they get called the fuck out on some bullshit they said.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously it wasn't.

  • dockevoc

    isn't this just hip hop? don't you threaten to smack someone who's talking shit about you? i don't like either of these dudes, especially chef queef, but that's how this shit's worked since day one

    • dockevoc

      what do you do when someone talks shit about you?

    • Anonymous

      you retarded? violence has absolutely nothing to do with what hip hop...maybe rap or something..rap and hip hop should never be put into the same sentence unless you are explaining the vast differences between the two.

  • hate revolver

    This kid sold his soul at a very young age. Interscope is selling black destruction in a city that has the highest crim rate. Lupe Fiasco tries to say something about it. Where is KANYE? ohh l forgot, he busy fucking a whore and being proud about it.

  • Reality Check

    You record advance is what got you your house, cars, alcohol, and yes the "bad bitches"............good luck paying it back.

  • isoelpololocohova

    Interscope give me a deal you stupid ass ceo's and shit. I bet my life I'll drop a harder tape then Keef. Lmao good job interscope. You shoulda signed the producer if anything. Dude has absolutely no mic skills. But these mark ass kids will buy it on itunes and shit about 20 thousand of em lol.

  • kiing sliim

    chief keef is a solid lil dude.

  • damn skippy

    chief keef basically proved lupe's point thats what lupe is saying

  • isoelpololoco_hova

    Somebody should kill this dude. Fuck him

  • Cross

    People should really check up on Lupe's history. He was raised by a black revolutionary who schooled him in martial arts and firearm use, he's open the fact that he's a good shot and has a gun collection. So I wouldn't think that testing him is a good idea.

  • Chief Steve

    I bet Lupe would murder a beat from here

  • ay

    i'm from chicago and chief keef is a fucking cancer on the city and the hip hop game in general. hes not a real artist, his music is shit, his crew is shit, and he has nothing positive to bring to the game. he needs to fall back like the nobody he is, cant be insulting a true representative of chicago like that. no one will know who chief keef is in 5 years because he'll either be dead or people will realize just how fucking terrible he is

  • Anonymous


  • Tariq Beats

    I don't think that Lupe wil retire just bcuz of a lil kid like that one...

    • Anonymous

      Its most likely from the people that like/associate with chief keef and not chief keef himself. I bet he has no less than 5000 death threats just from this stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    You cant fight ignorance

  • Anonymous

    I love how nobody except for THE PRETTY GOON is referencing the fact that Chief Keef said he was hacked. Report things accurately.

  • YucBeats

    but seriously if lupe went to my website he would be astounded by the beats

  • YucBeats


  • Anonymous

    "Watch his mouth for what?" Lupe basically said he's the downfall of the culture, so no way a thug teenager signed to a major label will take that the wrong way.

  • Anonymous

    "He grew up in the same streets that every rapper these days rap about" Growing up and actually doing the dirt are two different things. No doubt Lupe has first hand knowledge of what the streets are like, but I doubt he has or really understands the mindset of Chief Keef.

  • Jammit

    They're only beefin' because they both got the same hairstyle and they each think the other is stealing their swag.

  • Quez

    Diggy>>>>>>>>>Chief Keef

  • Kaz

    A terrible ass entertainer in Chief Keef thinks he's da shit making horrible records and attempting to call out Lupe and he knows he is no way in his league and yet people cheer for him. Then u got a REAL MC in Lupe Fiasco who speaks the truth and displays great lyricism but hate on him when he expresses his opinion and does not represent the negative like Keef. If Lupe retires due to the backlash it is only the dumb niggas to blame to encourage Keef but will never buys his records and only be out for at least 3 more months. Lupe = Longevity. Keef = one hit wonder.

  • chicagoan

    Im from Chicago & i like Lupe alot. He was dead on w/his critique of the culture dat Chief Keefe represents but I guess Chief Keefe is too young/immature to understand it which reasonable. Chi-town is deadly city dat needs more national attention & help from the NAACP/black activist groups all around America. It's been a heavily gang-populated city for too long & the ppl in power positions just arent doing enough...As for Lupe tho, if wat he tweeted was truly how he felt to be kind; THAT IS SOME EMO BULLSHIT. How can a rapper who's been hot for like 2 minutes have any power over an established rapper? Epecially, a rapper who's highly intelligent as Lupe who has displayed it in his music & interviews. Ur given up ur dream & fanbase for this? Lost alot of respect for Lupe if this is true. It isnt ur job to make Chief Keefe understand the horrible cycle of violence Chicago & how bad it is. He'll have to come to that understanding on his own

  • NRG

    I hate when rappers announce their retirements though...first of all you aint that important to be announcing that shit. Secondly, If you're done then just walk away and stop making music. Cuz it makes you look like an ass when you announce retirement and then come back on your words.

  • Biggie Crack

    I respect Lupe because I can see that he is intelligent and has strong ambitions in his life, even if I don't always agree with him. On the other hand, this Chief Keef is ignorant and sucks musically, morally and intellectually. Makes me sick. I refuse to follow this desecration of Hip-Hop and Humanity.

    • trues hit

      Thats why he's sayin he's gettin out. Cos he doesnt want to be in the same conversation as a nigga this stupid. The problem is THIS GUY ACTUALLY MAKES MONEY DOING THIS SHIT! There's a lot of very talented and gifted people in every hood and corner that will never get the chance. This clown is the shit we accept not only in hip hop, but in the black community as a whole. Its sad. The other day I was in a store and this dude in his late 20s was cussin at this old lady callin her a bitch cos she tried to go ahead of him on the line. Sad thing man.

  • Anonymous

    this breaks my heart. chief keef deserves to die, hes not even human. thanks to y'all lot out there(not the users on this site) who made him rich and famous. he is void of any intelligence or talent

  • NRG

    this is how lupe really responded to keef. This site just makes a bunch of drama out of noting. And Lupe isnt retiring because of Keef...hes just dont with the game.

  • Anonymous

    lupe loves and respects hip hop a Real mc A few his kind

  • Anonymous

    is chief keef dead yet

  • BOY

    Weezy F. Baby will merk this nigga! YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    I'm sick of this gang shit my brother was MS13 and he got killed it's time for us to wake up and realize we're doing exactly what the government wants which is kill ourselves

  • Anonymous

    No need to pick sides here...Not a fan of Chief Keef and only some of Lupe's music but this is a chance to show some sort of positivity between two drastically different hip hop artists. No need for the pointless violence and death.

  • Da Watcha

    Do yall Know Lupe is a Black belt in martial arts ???? Dumb asses

    • zillla

      While I agree that cowards rely on guns for one on one battles. It is actually more sensible to back down if you are facing an opponent armed with a gun. Real martial artists will tell you this, it is better to stay alive and get that sucker on another day but with a gun pointed at you, do not do anything foolish unless and I repeat UNLESS you are dead sure of disarming the sucker. Discretion is the better part of valour

    • Kaz

      Do u know that u bitch made if u try to use a firearm trying to fight a dude straight on.

    • jake

      lol a real black belt is on a whole 'nother level of athleticism and you probably wouldn't get a clear shot on his fast squabbling ass before he kicks your jaw off your face haha

    • Got Money In My Ghetto

      Do you know a black belt ain't worth shit when a 9 millimeter is pointed at your head???

  • Maybe Lupe is Right...

    Lupe has the right idea, why compete with hatred, you never win. Although he has a fanbase, the intellect in his music is only appreciated by his fanbase. Chief keef is trash, however his music is more influential on the youth of today than Lupe. Chief keef brings poison to the table and all the kids are rushing to get in line for it. Lupe knows how to pick his battles. I agree with Lupe one hundred percent. Evil and hatred are running circles around todays youth and todays youth dont want enlightenment or eductaion. They chase death, drugs, sex and CHOOSE to live in darkness.

  • Fuck Chicago

    Hope this nigga retires.



    • ComSense

      isoelpololocohova: I guess you are also stupid enough not to have seen the error he made, E wasn't saying anything bad about him just pointing out that if you are going to call people out on their use of syntax and grammar or whatever then make sure you are doing it right. The proper thing for him to have said was you are not your.... but he is right about that Yessir.

    • isoelpololocohova

      And how is that? @e you stupid ass mu fucka man. You better chill your young ass out before somebody smacks the fuck out you. I hat stupid ass people like you.

    • e

      The irony in Matthew's statement is hilarious. "Your a moron". LOL

    • Matthew

      What money are you making? The chi? Where is that? Can you make a sentence using proper syntax and grammar? Your a moron. You make no money compared to any millionaire or billionaire CEO. Your pocket change amounts to nothing. Just like your blatantly ignorant remarks. In your current condition you'll amount to absolutely nothing. Emo? You mean intelligence something apparently a few people from "the Chi" seriously lack. Take your sorry, pitiful, ill-informed, hood-ass off the internet and go read a book brother. Whats wrong with our black people? sigh...

  • jo

    he even dissed Obama boldly....but, he takes the high road with TK and Chief Keef.

  • jo

    He'd be so animated right now if it was a hip hop vet(via qtip or pete rock). but, he takes the high road agaist that young twerp...lupe is dope as a emcee but he comes off like a hypocrite.

  • Anonymous

    This comment was removed for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies....just kidding, FUCK CHIEF KEEF!

  • treet246

    This is not what lupe said in response to Chief Keef lol HiphopDx on that bs..this is what was said

  • East Side Rida

    Chief queef ain't shit, ugly little nigga. I'll slap the shit outta him and his whole neighbour hood, whle his momma watches!

  • Jake

    Lupe Fiasco is making himself look like a pussy... he's threatening to leave the rap game because of Chief Keef?? lmfao. Chief keef is a coward... hiding behind his computer screen going on twitter rants.. hes doing it all for publicity anyway

    • isoelpololocohova

      I ain't really a lupe fan, but I f'n don't like Chief Keef.. If Lupe quits the rap game behind CK I'll cut my nuts off. Clown asss nigga.

    • Daniel

      He is threatening to leave because of the stupidity that is in the market and the fact that its not going to change. That ignorant POS are on the radio feeding our youth... The children are our future? Not with them listening to this bs

  • Art-illery

    Chief Keef is sounding like the Marlo Stanfield of rap music right now.

  • Anonymous

    They should have to do a rap battle with fists like the ol days

  • Anonymous

    thank you chief keef. thank you very fucking much!

  • Anonymous

    im a big fan of lupe, but hes sounding like a bitch right now. i hope hes not living because of chief keef..lupe needs to comeback to reality.hes having a big breakdown.

    • k sizzle

      nah he just grown um on another level but sometimes u gotta go to war (read art of war) I say since the nigga threaten him when/if he see him its on but if not continue on his path for peace

    • yup

      I'm not 100% always with Lupe on his thoughts sometimes but this time he is dead on. He made a simple statement that is in your face truth and keef comes back on some dumb dumb ignorant ish. And the black community continues to follow in it.

  • Anonymous

    Whoopie Goldberg Vs Whoopie Goldberg.

  • Anonymous

    Keef is just dirty, take a bath nigga, nigga covered in ash and dirt

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX is fucking retarded. Did you not see the 5 tweets Lupe directly @'d to Chief Keef? smh noobs. Learn how to work twitter. fuck chief keef i hope he dies.

  • JMO


  • whodafuck?

    What the fuck, threatening people on fucken twitter haha, what happened to dissin a muthafucker thru a song like real muthafucken G's or king of the hill or ether

    • whodafuck

      fuck, just saw ur lol, being sarcastic? my bad

    • whodafuck?

      Yeah a twitter comment and a song are the same thing, I love cruising round banging the latest twitter comment, remember the twitter comment you lost ur virginity too? check out my latest twitter playlist, so dope! please go run head first into a brick wall. A song has way more of an impact then a gay fucken twitter comment

    • Anonymous

      what are you talking about? dissing on twitter or through a song is the same thing. it ain't nothing but some

  • Anonymous

    Chief Queef is the KKK's favorite rapper... good job Jimmy Iovine

    • b

      hes the KKK's favorite rapper because he promotes black on black violence slow pokes

    • Maybe Lupe is Right

      Black Power...thats was the dumbest shit i heard in a long time. and thats real. Thats was a comical statement though. You probably wave the Chief keef flag. What are you like 14 years old?

    • Airk

      a millionaire? where did you hear that crazy line of bullshit?? LMAO @ your dumbass! thanks for makin my day.

    • Black Power

      why is that? because he is a young black man providing for his family and a millionaire before the age of 18??

  • J7NG




  • Anonymous

    lupe just emotional. this is why they say "sleep on it". so your emotional ass can calm down before you overreact

  • GeeDigger

    who the fuck is chief keef? sounds like a homo typa weed. lupe would surely run circles round him on the mic, but if not let see it in the streets, lupe vs homo weed hahaha



  • LJofSpades

    Recently, I've been a bit against Lupe's constant preaching HOWEVER on this occasion, I'm with him. He's right.

  • @BrickBrickle

    lol i saw this when keef posted it

  • intel

    this is sad, all of the good MC's will retire leaving nothing but the wack rappers to represent hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef makes me lol so hard.

  • Batman

    wait so his nigga gonna retire from rap cause keef threating him?!?!?

  • static


    • R.I.P. LUPE FIASCO......

      Oh shit THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.... In real life........ GOODBYE LUPE :,( They will understand when your gone....

  • Anonymous

    to my knowledge Lupe like a fucken third degree black belt, and I would love to see the exchange when they finally meet!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe was in the streets just like Keef was. Do some research. He grew up in the same streets that every rapper these days rap about. That's why he said what he said about Chief Keef because he's promoting the same thing that Lupe was trying to get away from.

    • Airk

      you seem to know quite a bit about it. are you sure you weren't the lil coward nigga? never known real niggas to talk about the shit that didn't happen to them. #ChiefKeefISthatYOU?

    • Anonymous

      everybody who was raised in the ghetto aren't gangsters. just because you from the hood, it doesn't mean you were able to come outside, without getting picked on. i can tell that you ain't from the ghetto, because you would know that lupe, was one of those hood cowards, who got picked on.


    There's no need to retire. Step back, let thing calm down, let this other brat get what's coming to him (sadly). There is a whole generation of mislead children out there, and you want to retire to save the trouble for one rotten egg? Nah, hang in there Lupe. Take a vacation. Many more need you to continue rapping. See you again soon.

  • Anonymous

    dam first they killed greselda blanco chief keef u better wath out u next

  • bballslim42

    Who is Chief Keef? I'd front kick this midget nigga in the face.

  • Anonymous

    the worst thing the white man ever did to african americans was not slavery but to teach them to hate each other there they will kill each other so the big plan for the white man is to destroy a race without laying hands in it ... thanks chicago youth for keeping up their work ...smh

    • N/A

      The president is mixed. That would explain the light tone and white mother.

    • IDK

      @ 2nd Anonymous But Obama is still being controlled by the white corporate bankers. This may be irrelevant, though

    • Anonymous

      fucken idiot your president is black

    • Siyheto

      I agree with this, I have witnessed it here in Jersey myself and in NY. It is troubling the younger generation seriously loathe the very fabric of their own existence. The fact is the African-American is on a sharp decline and on a path to destruction as a group.

  • Thugz Cry Too

    I think this "confrontation" pretty much sums up the differences between Lupe's generation (my generation) and this new generation; instead of starting some sort of dialogue, even just to defend himself, Keef starts popping off with empty Twitter threats. I truly fear for where we are heading.

  • Anonymous

    Ace, u are a fucking faggot. Queef a gangstar? He doesnt stand a chance with my 15yr old lil bro in a fist and there is nothing gangsta about him. I would smack the dogshit out of him and his clique. And stop disrespecting 2pac. Let the man rest in peace you bitch ass nigga

  • Made in Hood

    I bet Lupe is scared walking by Chi streets right now.

    • IDK

      Of course he'll be scared, IF he, in fact, is. Why go back to a dangerous battleground if you was trying to get out from in the first place?? It's just like what Ice-T rapped about in his song, "Escape from the Killing Fields."

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef didn't expect Lupe to respond like that. He felt for going off so he said his twitter was hacked.

    • Chess Not Checkers

      Lupe played his cards right. Keef thought he would get some free promo from Lupe, but the best way to kill a negative spirit (Keef) is to pay it no attention, to not feed its hunger. KEEF TAKES AN L FOR THIS.



  • Anonymous


  • tvesrb

    Chief Keef is a joke. his career's not going anywhere. eventually he'll be back in the streets waiting to die or do time.

  • Anonymous

    These hip hop sites are quick to instigate and promote bullshit but really slow to promote anything positive.

  • NickDiaz21

    What's your take on Chief Keef saying his twitter was hacked?

    • Jay

      Excuse me... **Sometimes he doesn't think before he speaks

    • Jay

      He's a kid. Sometimes he thinks before he speaks. That's what kids do. Kids also make cheap excuses instead of manning up and taking responsibility, thus the weak lie that he was hacked. Lupe reacted with love and Keef didn't know how to respond. That's how you battle hate.

    • Bang Bang

      I believe him. Chief Keef is a honest dude.

  • FillyBoi

    Two things can be equally true: One, Keef is a clown for tweeting what he did.....Two, Lupe is a cornball; nobody is trippin' off you retiring. Make due on your promise and retire.....

  • Anonymous

    I hate how lupe acts like he was in the streets...

    • Anonymous

      He was in the streets though. Do some research. Lupe grew up in the same streets that every rapper these days rap about. That's why he said what he said about Chief Keef because he's promoting the same thing that Lupe was trying to get away from.

  • Strug

    All you little kids running around thinking you're thugs, just kill yourself. Just because you listen to rap music doesn't mean you have to act like an ignorant bitch.. acting reckless as fuck only causes more problems for us all. Grow up.

    • Anonymous

      yeah this all buster shit how a thirty yr old man gunna back down to someone seventeen yr old this is just ass backwards you need to assert yourself fuck out of here with that shit lil bitches get checked and thats the way its allways and is supposed to be fool aint 55 in a wheel chair gtfo

  • Yo

    What if Chief Keef dissed Eminem?

  • da hip hop specialist

    I can feel Common's influence on Chief Keef's statement about Lupe. Term "Hoe Ass Nigga" was used by Chicago's rapper Common during his beef with Canadian rapper Drake.

  • blacktonydanza

    Everybody claims they got hacked after they say some dumb shit. Keef is a dumb nigga and got verbally spanked on some grown man shit from a real nigga. Deal. Stop making excuses.

  • Anonymous

    second coming of soulja boy

  • Anonymous

    dam this nigga got hacked he getting a whole lot of publcity today

  • datnigga

    Chief Keef said his twitter was hacked, bout yall post that so this bullshit can end.

  • Lion

    this dude Chief Keith... if that was my kid I'd slap his stupid head up and down. Blame the parents for this stupid shit hes just the product of lazy ass parents

  • Anonymous

    damn keef ugly. on the real

  • kennyken

    hey, i agree with Lupe totally, but sometimes you gotta live and let live. #nohelp#

  • RealTalk

    Lupe did the right thing by bowing out. Like he said, he still has family in Chicago. And Chief Keef probably has the connects to send a word and target Lupe's kin. Smart move just to bow out.

    • Thugz Cry Too

      Some of y'all talk like you actually know these rappers, and can therefore vouch for their "Street Cred" (I'm talking to both of y'all). I love it! Entertainment at its finest! Who would Hulk Hogan have been without his idiotic Hulkamaniacs thinking he was a "Champion" wrestler (Yes, I was one of those idiots)? Hulk Hogan, Chief Keef, To-may-to, To-mah-to. And no, your cousin's cousin's best friend's homie who grew up down the street from Keef's gun supplier and went to high school with your sister's pimp who told you Keef was a G does not count.

    • Anonymous

      You're so wrong its sad.



  • Anonymous

    Keef is a lost soul hopefully he will find that out before its to late.. The system wants him to act like that wake up! Smart is the new dumb Homie...

  • Chief Keith

    Faggot pretending his twitter is hacked now haha I thought this dude was "ready to die"... he knows Lupe got goons

    • Thugz Cry Too

      Lupe's "Goons" should slap you in your peezy ass head. Comments like that would make Lupe shake his cotdamn head like Chief Keef in that one video. And I'm not saying Lupe doesn't have goons either. I'm saying you're an idiot for perpetuating these idiotic comments.

  • Anonymous

    Keef is a just an ignorant kid, but Lupe needs to watch his mouth as well. You start talking about people, expect them to take it the wrong way and possibly come at you.

    • Anonymous

      Watch his mouth for what? He didnt say anything negative about Chief Keef.. he was talking about the culture in Chicago

  • Guest

    "Young G's got these OG's horrified..cause young G's couldn't care if tomorrow dies" -K KOKEEE

  • Anonymous

    yo pac never did shit but talk, he wsnt in no gangs never sold drugs that nigga was a ballerina when he was chief keefs age true shit

    • Thugz Cry Too

      And I'm a Pac fan (fan, not Stan). But let's be realistic here; when theres videos of you from a few years back where you look and sound like you're a homosexual, then suddenly you are Super Thug Brolic Guy, something seems a little odd. I don't care one way or the other, because I don't enjoy Pac's music because he was "so G" or not, I enjoy it because he was a dope MC. But seriously, if these Pac Stans had the same facts but the guy wasn't named 2Pac, they'd scream "FAKE".

    • Thugz Cry Too

      "Tupac was smart. Smart and a real person is better than a gangbanger." I love how dudes (read: PAC STANS) say this, but every smart, non-thug rapper is a pussy/bitch/etc. Comedy gold!

    • k9925512

      "That gangster shit was learned behavior from him hanging around gangsters" So... like every gangster ever? You think gangbangers come out the womb with ak47s?

    • z7ra_Vv

      Tupac was smart. Smart and a real person is better than a gangbanger. There is a difference between a mindless gangbanger and a gangster as well. The top makes the orders while the gangbangers do all the work. etc

    • ace

      Stop getting emotional over Pac's legacy, he was a rapper not the messiah. Fact is Pac isn't a "gangster", Pac was a guy who managed to get affiliated with "gangsters" through the music industry. "more gangster then youll ever be" being a "gangster" isn't a measurable thing you're either one or you're not. I'm not a "gangster" but also Pac wasn't a "gangster", but trust me when I say "gangsters" aren't likable enough to become music icons. And Chief Keef is a fucking "gangster" BD in Chicago is no fucking joke. That place is a warzone.

    • Yup

      Ace shut up nigga you already said that... hes still more gangster then youll ever be

    • ace

      A lot of people have called Pac fake, dude went to an upper class art school in Baltimore and wanted to be a dancer/actor originally. That gangster shit was learned behavior from him hanging around gangsters, he used it to further his career.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Thats as real as it gets.

    • z7ra_Vv

      He shot two off duty cops in the ass to help a stranger out. REAL

    • Anonymous

      he was in a gang and he did dirty shit he claimed. His life was documented, nobody who knew him has ever called Pac a fake gangster.

  • Anonymous

    you know i take by what i said. he nothing but a 17 year old child he dont know how act yet. you got to remember he still a kid. dude probably heart his feelings you ever see kids break down on scared straight haha

  • Anonymous

    I come to Chicago next week, I finna find this lil pussy queef and put hands on him. I mean, is ANYBODY scared of a 17yr old retard? Might even put it on video.

  • Booby Miles

    This niggas look like twins...

  • Anonymous

    Pac would beef with Keef too. Pac was a gang affiliate but he wasn't with the ignorant shit.

  • the truth

    you think its a coincidence ignorant ass rappers like keef have the big $$$ deals at major labels like interscope? the slave masters still have you dumb mother fuckers in complete control and you don't even realize it. they push these violent rappers to the mainstream and then laugh all the way to the bank while yall kill each other.

  • Anonymous

    who is this little nigga going slap. i wish he go at me like that. i'm 6.6 and 18 years older them him i would like to see him at show he talk to me like that haha

  • Gary

    This BOY doesn't represent black Americans , white Americans or anyone with a brain. He is a punk. He will vanish in time. Sad thing is that the industry is so ridiculous that this guy can become a millionaire and have a FORUM to spread his cancerous nonsense.

    • acewonders0

      Of course he doesn't represent black American? He's a fucking rapper, does Marilyn Manson represent White America? Once niggas like you stop taking rap so damn seriously maybe then we can progress.

  • ACE

    Do you think he gives a fuck about what a "emcee" will do, or how hip-hop "fans" feel about it? The funny thing about this whole situation, is Chief Keef is giving all you suburban hip-hop fans a small look at how the hood really is, and you guys are clutching your pearls like old white women. It's not a good thing, but that's reality of how the REAL hood is in a lot of major cities. A bunch of young sociopathic crash dummies running around catching bodies with no remorse, it's a game to niggas like that. Chief Keef probably doesn't even give a fuck if he dies tomorrow, it's how he was raised, it's the culture out there. You can tell who here is really from the hood and those who's only "experiences" with the hood and hood niggas is hip-hop and getting bullied by hood dudes in middle/high school, by how you react to this story. Shit like this happens multiple times every damn day in the slums of the United States, most people just never see it.

    • Ace

      The thing is I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to change it, but most of the people on here aren't trying to change shit. They're pearl-clutching plain and simple. You see this shit daily and you start to become desensitized to it, honestly. That's not something I'm proud of but I'm just saying it's amusing to see people that don't know these things are going on, in their protected life. I went to college and got out my hood, I try to talk to my niggas, little dudes. Encouraging them to leave the pistols at home, watch their mouths when in public "cause you don't know who you're cursing at". But that'll never make a cultural difference. You have poor young dudes with poor schools, poor prospects, but lots of firearms. What do you expect to happen? When the most sucessful person they have actually seen in their whole life is their OG or YG you expect them to not join gangs? The problems in the hood are complicated, I'm just saying Chief Keef isn't the cause, he's just a symptom. A associate of mine was gunned down by a little "Chief Keef", I couldn't even be mad at the kid, I could only pity this 16 year old. When I see dudes like Keef in real life I don't get mad or scared, I get sad cause most of these little dudes never stood a chance. The most you can do to help these kids in the hood, is go and be successful yourself legitimately, then come back and let it be seen. Only then will they look at you seriously, Internet commenting and hating Chief Keef won't do shit.

    • Chris Newberry

      I'm having trouble understanding the point you are trying to make here. So, because people are actually frightened and worried by the mindless anger that this dude perpetrates, I mean what....., is that something to be ashamed of? I don't want my kids growing up in a society where teenagers laugh at the death of their classmates! I don't want to try and give a young man jewels only to have him flash heat in my face because he feels threatened by a mentality other than what he was raised on. And the sad part would be, apparently someone like you would claim that I had it coming because I dared to give a shit. Just like there are nuts in the hood, their are good people too, who wanna get out, and bring as many people with them as possible. But the crab mentality that either convinces people to fall into the trap and accept this madness, or lie on their back and take the abuse, or pull down anyone who dare try to escape the craziness of the hood won't let them out. It don't take rocket science to recognize this is what went down in his life and what he has grown to be, but what are you doing to change this? Apparently you have seen this life, and know what its about, so since you do know, what are you gonna do to end it? Do you even give a damn? Probably not, you just one of those bystanders who won't do shit, but know how to talk that talk so they'll get left alone. Kinda like that dude at the party that knows a girl is gettin raped in the next room but won't do shit b/c he don't wanna put himself out there like that. SO yeah, SO WHAT if some people have never seen this shit, does that mean they should not want for it to change? You wilin fam, real hard. If all your gonna do is stand by idle, just stay silent too.

    • ace

      Lupe already reached out to him.

    • OzdaGod

      Why should Lupe reach out to Queef after getting insulted? Lupe didnt even come at him like that, he was speakin truth..Keef on the other hand doesnt give a FUCK just more publicity for him



    • ace

      The thing is Lupe wasn't even dissing Chief Keef, Lupe understands the hood/Gangbanging culture. He was just letting it be known that is hurts him to see young niggas fall victim to it, and it shouldn't be embraced. He already reached out to Keef and let him know it wasn't personal.

    • OzdaGod

      Exactly right...and Lupe knowing this got shook and retired from hiphop..he proly still shaking ahaaha

  • anonymous

    lupe got more guns than the whole gbe

  • anonymous

    lupe got goons as well

  • anonymous

    why he even respond to the lame keef

  • anonymous

    keef stupid as fuck

  • anonymous

    lupe would lyrically destroy keef if he wanted to

  • loll

    lupe trna uplift the community, while niggas laughin at youngins dying

  • loll

    keef a stupid ass hoodlum

  • Anonymous

    Anyone seen thus kid interviewed? He's got a mental disability, can't handle his drugs and Is 16yo. Muff said.



    • ace

      Stop taking hip-hop so seriously and that's a problem as well. And 2Pac wasn't intelligent, he was a pseudo-intellectual, he rambled about nothing and people cheered because he was Pac.

  • Guest

    interscope prolly told his dumbass to do that

  • inspirmentalist

    who the f*** is chief keef anyway...n***a look like doug e doug when he was on cool runnings lmfao

  • loll

    Ha RT @ChiefKeef my twitter has been hacked I think I'm making a new one dumb hating ass people #DontWannaSeeAYougNiggaShine A bitch liar thats the shit i dont like lol

  • OzdaGod

    Chief Queefs twitter got hacked idiots..lmao lupe was rdy to die

  • Anonymous

    A lot of u pussies is tlkn big on the CPU, but wouldn't dare say nun if Keef was in your face

    • Anonymous

      actually i would...I'd walk up and say "you can't rhyme, you produce awful music with an awful message, you're a disgrace to hip hop and a disgrace to humanity." Then i'd walk away

  • James

    "i love u lil bruh @ChiefKeef...i really really do from the bottom of my fucking heart. I know that street shit like the back of my hand. ive seen it in every way you can possibly imagine and its nothing to be proud of @ChiefKeef it TAKES and TAKES till there is nothing left. i choose not to indulge becuz its lil guys that look up to me so i try and show them a better way @ChiefKeef i aint try to be BE better. I'm trying to DO better @ChiefKeef as we all should. We were born with no expectations to make it. born in the hood, live there die there..I cant go 4 that @ChiefKeef & i cant let the people i love, including you my nigga, go 4 that either. We kings not fucking savages and goons. my father i have spoken the truth to them yet it has only made my life in this world more troubled. i can bear this no longer...i have spoken peace only 2 receive vitriol and malice in return. My brother seeks destruction my sister seeks attention paths to nothingness. i'd die for them...but they'd probably spit on my grave...i still will die for them...just bury me in a place far from their reach...Amin" This is Lupe's full series of tweets

  • Anonymous

    Chief keef's lame ass just said someone hacked his twitter!! lmao FUCK ASS NIGGA!!

  • Anonymous

    you can't win in this world trying to maintain peace

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe there are morons on here that think Lupe is trying to "beef" with Keef. ARE YOU GUYS REALLY THAT STUPID ? this has nothing to do with rap, Lupe is not gonna battle Chief Keef. This is about uplifting his community, and yes that means calling out Chief Keef.

  • Minty Water

    I follow Lupe on Twitter and he also had a tweet that read "I can't go for that @Chief Keef & I can't let the people I love, including you my nigga, go 4 that either. We kings not fucking savages and goons". I hope Lupe lays waste to that waste of space, Chief Keef.

  • Anonymous

    Boycott Interscope.

  • Anonymous

    Why he talking suicidal for ?

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Obama drops a great uplifting speech and this fool like so many like him, INCLUDING other races, are stuck on stupid. I've long let go of trying to help people like Chief Keef. He's got to want it.

  • killah_casp

    well guess itsa murder up in this bitch keef is gunna make a lot off enimies if he smack lupe so think before you do but keep ur shit true.

  • mal617

    real gangsters don't tweet

  • Anonymous

    Lupe let the ignorant go. Those that want help will seek it.

  • J.E.G.V.L (James Loren)

    This nigga is stupid ans weak. I mean your gonna go for a rapper that is a lyrical genius, unlike yourself and go for the rapper that wont do anything. Wow this is shameful. Now say this to someone like, lets think.....SCHOOLBOY MOTHAFUCKIN Q or any other REAL thug like rapper and your ass is going to be laying on the street dead. Bitch nigga, you quick to grab the gun but wont use your hands. The real lead is in your fist stupid motherfucker. And if you read this Chief, come at me bro, with your bitch ass.....AND thank you Kanye West for making this Low life gun grabbing bitch famous, everyone from Chicago ISN'T has talented as you.......End of days is coming, be ready motherfuckers.....

    • Anonymous

      Actually Chief Keef lives that life, he busted at another "gangsta rapper" shy glizzy outta dc, chief Keef jus don't take shit, so I could believe he will pop on anybody

  • da1

    I was trying to give this kid the benifit of the doubt with that lil jojo guy, but now it's obvious this dude is a waste of life. He brings nothing to society and only infect it like cancer.