Chief Keef Laughs At Death Of Fellow Rapper

Chief Keef seemingly laughs at the death of a rival rapper.

Following the death of fellow rapper Lil JoJo, Chief Keef took to Twitter to comment on his passing.

Sixteen-year-old JoJo died from gunshot wounds late last night, and had been involved in a rivalry with Keef associate Lil Reese.

After news broke that JoJo had been murdered, Keef tweeted about the incident, apparently laughing at the news.

“HahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhAAHAHAHAHA #RichNiggaShit,” he wrote. “Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigga Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.”

Fellow Chicagoan Lupe Fiasco commented last week that he was scared of the culture that Keef represents. “Chief Keef scares me. Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents,” he said. “Specifically in Chicago. And I don’t speak this about any other city because I’m not from there. But like my family lives in Chicago. So my nephews, my cousins, my friends, and my peoples they all in those hoods that he represents. When you drive through Chicago…The hoodlums, the gangsters, and the ones you see killing each other. And the murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it, they all look like Chief Keef.”

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  • LilJojo

    fuck a cheif keef nigga BDK chief keef bring yo faggot ass to harvey world and see what happens RIP JOJO fuck a chief keef

  • grumpycatspistol

    I might also add that Chief Keef is a faggot rapper with a queer name. He should do a duet with the west coast faggot rapper Lil B.



  • liljojo

    chief keefs a bitch nigga killin a kid tf ??? i got that 40 for you fam !!!

  • smh

    wow. all you niggas commenting are stupid as fuck. where are your fuckin morals? you defending a nigga that laughs at someones death??? SHM

  • sticksgoone$$$

    "Have we learn off Tupac N Biggie",Your words can get U KILL.Us as Black man need to learn how to use our words to show support n love.And go against those who are against us.The politcians not a poor Black Man from the same Block.But those who have neva seen the HOOD....Peace Out.

  • Anonymous

    Cheif keef a fuckin Gooon

  • Anonymous

    He was dickeating off Cheif Keef and talking shit bout his set he deserved to get murked 300 O-block bang bang

  • Anonymous

    fCk that shit cheif keef just reppinn his shit unlike dez otha fakee ahh rappers ! bANG - Bang !

  • Chief Keef

    you know what i think ? i think that yall should honesty get off his DICKKK ! Chief Keef is a regular bad ass, from Chicago i might add. When we were all at that age we were also into some type of " big trouble " atleast once, some more than others. and NO im not trying to say Chief Keef is RIGHT but i feel people shouldnt comment and try to put the young boy down as if we werent or knew someone with the same behavior. even if not at his extent. Plus he's new to living out a dream. why take that away from him ? #300

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Bitch iTs 3HunnahK All Day Fuck Bdk

  • Chi. b!scut

    I Love Rap So Dont Get Me Wrong. To Folks That Like To Up Jump Tha Boogie.. How The Fuck Is Chief Keef Anybody's 2Pac When He JUST Came Out And DONT Even Know How Long The Fire Will Last. Dont Be Stoopid!! I Live In Chicago And I Know About The Murder Rate And How Short Fused MOST Of Us Are. Rap These Days Sounds Like Sex Or Murder Music (Dont Mind The Sex)But We Hear Too Many Dooms Day Scenarios About Everything So I Guess Thats Why We Invite Death Like Nothin. It Might Sound A Lil' Lame.. But Aint Shit Cute About Dying Young KNOWING MOST Black People Do Not Have (Life) Insurance On Their Ass.. So Tryna Bury A Nigga During These Hard Times Might Get Someone Put Out Of Their Homes Tryna Pay For A Fuckin Funeral. Niggas!! Calm Down. P.S.. If You Aint Got Nothin Of Substance To Say, Just Let Your Shit Be Instrumental - Cause Most Shit Folks Talk About They Dont Like End Up Bein Exactly Who They Are.

  • Lahdough

    Cheif Keef Iz Our Generationz Tupac with out the nose ring haha.. may cheif keef Forever Live ,GBE OTF 300 !! You Got Albany New York With You!

  • Anonymous

    its obvious that keef knew what it was! Keef is a hood dude and he just knew. This is regular gangbang shyt America. Welcome to the hood. This is not censored in anyway. Hood nigga got his shine. Hes not changing either. Hes being himself but America is not ready for a reckless thug.

  • Just the Fact

    I think it's funny how this gang banging monkey has a shirt on that says "Lead Never Follow"...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cheif keef's the next one to get shot

    • Anonymous

      fuck dat someone kill chief keef im killin someone (real talk,bang,bang ,otf,beep,L's up im his biggest fan and im a dude and im noy gay fuckers

  • Kevo

    Record companies put a 1 million dollar insurance out on new artist all the time, so i can imagine with this ignorance they may want to triple that if the chickens come back home to roost. The Police and FBI will be on this young boy like white on rice until they find something- what a bad way to get attention, but we black men are to blame for him and how he thinks

    • Anonymous

      Suck A Dick then. Bang Bang !! stop hatin on cheif keef ,Bitch!!

    • Anonymous

      so every rapper in the 90's had a file with the FBI



  • kwilliams

    i find it so sad.cheif keef comment on twitter was wrong an ignorant. who says that even though yall dont get along when someone passes u still show your respect or keep yo mouth the comment he wanted to be just like yall...ummm who are yall..alot of rap now day is awful everybody wanna b a thug or sell drug an it sad..Cheif keef just lost alot of fans the ones he did have an alot of respect...

  • ?

    C.K. is one wicked dude, man. Laughing at another man's death...smh

  • irishbhai

    chief keef needs to fuck off back to the corner

  • The_Observer

    Kid is worse than Souljah Boy Fuck Kanye for co-signing such stinking garbage and fuck Dr Dre for the publishing deal and lastly fuck Jimmy Iovine for giving him a record deal fucking hip hop virus

    • Anonymous

      its fucking wrong and all these people just listen to be cool why they try and live the mainstream live

    • Anonymous

      if u really love rap u wouldnt listen to mainstream stuff every artist has gone wack or pull some shit like black hippy did if they were really hip hop they would of done an album already it would be history but there mainstream so it would suck anyways

    • Anonymous

      listen to devils knight it couldnt of been made if teen angst didnt exist imagine if eminem stayed underground for ever like ra the rugged man or moka only and have like 36 albums but no he gotta be rich and destroy the music he says he loved so much

    • Anonymous

      dres the virus he doesnt put out detox and now he playing a major part in cheif keefs career and if u think about it things might of been better with out eminem. 90% of his music is know by really privileged white kids... all of who have teen angst issues. and he stole like the best flow ever

    • Anonymous

      dr.dre always been like that he fuckin started gangsta shit

    • Anonymous

      learn the hip hop conspracy hes supposed be invoking violence ... i think

    • Anonymous

      modern day souljah boy he'll be gone in a couple years

  • Adam

    Cheif Keef got Aspergers

  • Anonymous

    Somebody art to tell this nigga what you put out come right back around again

  • gbladdr

    This guy truly is cancer. Not only does he have no lyrics, but he has no damn respect for his fellow man. What I generally perceived about gangsta rappers is that even if they rap about negative things, at least they know the difference between right and wrong, and in their right mind would never go back to that life; it's all to entertain yet stay true to their roots, being products of their environment. This retard seems like he hasn't left yet. He likely has a blurred perception of right and wrong. This guy outright glorifies violence with no remorse. I hope Interscope is feeling the burn of endorsing this shithead. Best drop him sooner than later. And it's scary to see that this might be the future of hip-hop. Interscope may have just opened up the floodgates to a new generation of dumb, truly disrespectful rappers. It's like the movie Idiocracy coming to life.

  • JuanEscoDidIt

    Is Chief Keef GAY? He looks it. Is this the new wave of "Gangsters"? I'm from LA, where you wear your set on your head clothes and back...these kids make me laugh. BTW, the death of another young man is nothing to laugh at.

    • alex

      fuck you bitch LA aint shit nowadays the nigga jojo was talking shit if HE kept his mouth shut he would proably still be here, but nope and thats why sosa is laughing.

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck deze niggaz. Chief Keef is a talentless, unintelligent white men's slave. Lupe is lyrical but hiz muzik iz too mainstream. fuck Lupe too! swag Im a real gangsta and true MC. check out ma new single LADIES soundcloud [DOT] com/so-icy-boi/so-icy-boi-ladies-feat-so-icy

  • John-Boy

    P.S. That pic look like shit from Epic Fail. He couldn't even put the tissue on roll first? Does he dry off with grandma's towel?

  • John-Boy

    I live on the South side and see this lack of respect for human life everyday. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and heartless our young black men are. Their is an entire generation of young black men who will amount to absolutely nothing! There is retirement from gang banging. No pension from drug dealing for twenty years. No high paying job for being ignorant. Their entire exist consists of doing everything possible to destroy their community and then landing in a prison where some rich fat white man will get a ton of money just for having you there. These dudes laugh at homeless people begging for change, but those homeless people spent their youth doing exactly what these fools are doing now. If you spend your entire youth trying to show the world how tough you are, what are you gonna do as an adult?? You teens need to really start thinking about your future.

    • Anonymous

      its not only the blacks...its the whole american society...yall grown to be a bunch of ignorant stupid cunts over the years...this is the truth...real talk

  • vest

    They are using him to do the devils work this is all a plan we are in serious trouble ignorance has taken over through music,tv,media,and everything else you put ur hands on.

  • Poohcaneasy

    Ignorance, "Now that's that Sh!t I don't like!!!" What's crazy is that he sounds exactly like the other knuckleheads that also posted disrespectful crap on twitter. Even though it should not be condoned by those other local street scrubs, someone needs to pull his coattail and let him know the influence that he has. Although I do not even like Lupe Fiasco or his music for that matter, I likewise agree that the culture that Keef represents is dangerous. One would think that with his new found fame and fortune that he would either "DO BETTER" or actually learn what the caption on his shirt above actually means. Matter of fact, tell this clown to take that shirt off!!! This idiot disgusts me!!! P.S.- If anyone with a mature mental state close to him reads this. Please use whatever influence you have and talk sense into him. It is obvious that he does not have a clue.

  • AngryOldMan

    This kid is a fucking disgrace. He probably doesn't even know how to wipe his ass yet.

  • jerry curl

    this niggas hot garbage

  • Trent

    If he died tomorrow.. would anyone notice? Probably long enough to celebrate.

  • d-nucks

    The current state of Chicago is the result of generation after generation of dyfunctional families and fatherless has now snowballed to epic porportions and is rearing its ugly head. Its bigger than hip hop..its bigger than chief keef...he is a product of hit....until our black communities face and embrace this ugly truth..this murderous cycle will continue and increase. I have family in Chicago..and you go to these neighborhoods and look up and down the streets and a FATHER IN NONE OF THEM HOMES....and if there is one..he ain't shit.

  • Anonymous

    If I see this nigga ima smack your ass you faggot

  • sam snead

    Is that rick james's retarded nephew??

  • Mays

    JoJo the guy who Chief Keef's laughing at is Ca$hout's brother who dissed Keef's mom, there's a video on worldstar showing Keef & Reese driving up to JoJo and telling him they're going to merk him. This all shows the ignorance of these guys, Chief Keef & Lil Reese just gave themselves life in jail!

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Fuck Interscope and the people who signed this guy with a hard on

  • to cool for school

    The curtain on the photo haha its a nice place to get shot, they can str8 wrap it up, no stains. Fucking muppet, he acts like he has an arm up his ass

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    ChiefKief is the dumbest homosexual that ever printed letters on twitter, he is a fuck nigga who stands 4 total self destruction of the culture. He represents frustrated neglected kids who never recieved love. Yall dumb fucks can thinks hes is tuff but he is nothing more than a dumb clown, no codes no moral. Its these loudmouth kids that get killed way to early in life! Damn shame

  • Swag

    I was just about to call him out on that too!lol

  • DoDo Byrd

    LMAO at this Tranny lookin ass nigga's pic. How you gon post up for a pic in front of your Mamas shower curtain. I swear, for all the ish this Medusa looking ass nigga talk, He's still a sweet lil cupcake ass nigga!

  • Anonymous

  • Drinkz

    Me personally I'm not a fan of chief keefe or his music but I am part of this chicago hip hop movement and will always be a supporter to hip hop itself, but just like you all I have my opinions too but one clear fact is that the lil dude aint a good rapper and I love gangsta rap shit I've been bout that life growing up in the projects on the southside(lowend) (Ida B Wells)and can totally relate but at least your rick ross, jezzy, meek mill, plies etc. can at least rap!! I mean since when did "constructive criticism" turn into "insult" he is yung and got a lot to learn in this music game at least if you gone be out here spittin dat shit it should at least sound like sumin its clear that kanye west turned his demo into a bonafide hit but its also clear that he was over shadowed with a group of dope MC"s and its seem like he still aint learn shit at least how to deliver dope bars... im just saying...

    • Anonymous

      you cant come to the rap scene not knowing how to rap you got to be literate, if he came out in the 95 mafioso rap era he couldn't compete with the purple tape, illmatic, az etc

  • Anonymous

    Interscope wants the next 50 Cent so bad.

  • Anonymous

    STOP GIVING INTERSCOPE A PASS! KEEF IS ONLY 16, and grown men are letting him wild out!

  • Anonymous

    The YOUTH are lost!

  • fuck Chief Keef

    i wouldn't be surprised if in the next few days we hear about this lil nigga getting caught up in some shit stemming from all this shit he's talking on twitter.

  • hate revolver

    Where is al sharpton? Where are all the black leaders to speak to these kids. It's only convient for them to speak when it's to the rich folks. This is definitely a lost generation. But please someone example to me what is really going on in chicago for these kids to be killing each other like this in 2012.

    • Anonymous

      @John-boy, Civil Rights Activists sat Common and Ice Cube down and talked them into squashing their beef many years ago! Do your homework!

    • John-Boy

      Whites peoples obsession with Al Sharpton is disturbing. Anytime a black person does something that is the first name y'all bring up. Sharpton is a civil rights activist. His job is to keep whites in check and judging by the many comments I see like yours he is doing a good job.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody knows his soul, so stop passing judgement.

  • Anonymous

    Karma comes around for people like this

  • ay

    someone needs to body this motherfucker

  • jg

    this nigga is evil foreel.

  • Osgood

    "Heres a toast to the dead for my enemies that are gone, Im not a coward so, celebrating that would be wrong, I pray to God that your soul will come back again, So I can see you in the next life and finish it then" Immortal Technique

  • based landlord

    fucking sad. truly

  • Dookiecalls

    and this is pure dookie

  • Anonymous

    What we're dealing with is a whole generation, so sad people....

    • 8uu9h

      yeah whodunit? your weak tuck-shirt-in-the-pants-accept-abuse-from-your-father-like-a-timid-bitch pussy ass generation. you never made people work for power and have no tools to deal w/ acquiring power for yourself. so wh. at u got is a generation of self taught motha fuckas getting it in any way they can. stepping up with balls that are not in check, cause y'all didn't know you had em. no lessons from you older fucks

  • Anonymous

    rap is starting to be scary

  • BigWo0orm45

    Seems like Chicago been tryna get on the map in all the wrong ways. Niggas wanna be all hard and shyt, then ya homies start dyin and yal wanna yell stop the violence now. Best way to stop some bullshit is to not start any. Break the cycle yal, everyone yellin about us havin a black president and yal still runnin around here actin like some damn fools. Smh we have to do better as a whole, our race is already looked down upon, why the fuck give them a reason to say "I told you so." smh I might have to write a note about this shit.

  • cow


  • ANNE

    This nigga is straight ignorant and proof that niggaz sell their soul to the devil in this music shit

  • Long Beach Ninja

    Chicago seems to have the most retarted niggas ever. Thank God I don't live there.

  • anon

    Biggie said he wouldnt have even wished death on pac and they shit was actual beef

    • lol

      lol i doubt biggie was happy to see pac go, right in the middle of their beef, he prolly figured niggas was gonna come after him next. He was probably scared when he heard pac passed forreal

    • Anonymous

      that's what Biggie SAID, who knows if he actually felt relieved and thought to himself 'good riddance' upon hearing the news of 2pac's passing.

  • Normal

    you ignorant fuck, Chief keef, or korn or whatever the fuck your names're so god damn stupid you couldn't even explain what your lyrics meant in an interview. you're the reason i can't defend hip-hop to intellectual people. fuck you.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? tupac wouldnt of ever made fun little rappers Death, are rappers becoming more and more igorant?

  • jrebel25

    I see why Lupe says what he did. Chi is a brutal place for young folk, and this supposedly grown ass man had a beef with a 16 year old? WHos the hoe ass nigga? The irony is that Chief Keef will prolly end up like jojo now instead, whether he likes it or not. shoulda kept his mouth shut with respect.

  • Anonymous

    i can only hope that this fools next. then jojo's crew can laugh too. plus he cant destroy hip hop then

  • FUCK NiggerJO

    After watching the JoJo- 3hunnak music video on youtube and thinking of that little nigger getting blasted made me happy as a clam. I can totally see where the other stupid ape was coming from.

  • Big Nutts

    This young niguh is stupid ass hell and this is the shit yall listen to. He is wack as hell his music is trash what does this lil niguh say that haven't already been said. This new wave of music is going to be the down fall of hip hop. If he could rap then okay then but this niguh is straight ass, he can't rap period! Stop giving the trash music so much light because it's a waste of time. He is ignorant and lost learn how to be a man boy!

  • mr_b

    he knows deep down inside he's sad about it. keef is clearly afraid to cry. his parents did not raise a respectable human.

  • Batman

    Usually i would say fuck you to a comment like that but after reading the story above....... smh

  • KicKinKNowLedge

    Wow, he's a sad individual. . The kid was only 16 years old. .Such a long life ahead of him. . What a shame. . I hope Lupe ends his fucking career and murders him . . .

  • Barbarians

    This younger generation is going to get left behind, like on some ancient Sumerians shit. lol. Grow up kid.

  • Anonymous

    if some of my enemies died i would laugh too. nothing wrong with that. laugh is good fo' ya health.

  • Anonymous

    everyday i thank the Lord for not being black

  • y.e

    nigga has bigger ego than kanye


    i wouldnt live in chicago if you paid me. them niggas still in the slave mentality

  • crazypee81

    Keef reminds me of the sociopath character lil Ze from the movie City Of Gods always laughing at somebody getting killed Smh

  • dumbasskeef

    This fool looks like Stevie Jo.lmao

  • SOSA

    @threal nigga keep takn that shit u gnna end up like JoJO

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    niggas in Chicago will kill you and then come to viewing and sit beside your mom.

  • WiiLD HUNiiN

    all i can say is, he is just doing what cowards do behind closed doors. jay z, puff daddy and dr dre all laugh at tupac being murdered, but in front of the public, they act like they care. i salute chief keef for keeping it real like elijah muhammad and louis farrakhan when el-hajj malik el-shabazz was assassinated.

  • Danny Brown


  • Anonymous

    Keef is a straight up bltch a$$

  • Anonymous

    This dude reminds me of 2pacs character in juice...he's a psycho..

  • Anonymous

    This the boy that they killed ... he looks 12, smh.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef representin'real hip-hop and struggle so i fucks with him!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is stupid, he got a deal but he still hangs out in his hood. Interscope is about to lose a lot of money they will never recuperate.

  • datnigga

    Chief Keef said his twitter was hacked, bout yall post that so this bullshit can end.

  • Reefer

    Comments here are funny. chief Keef is obviously too real for you guys. You wanted hood? You got hood.

  • Anonymous

    for that twit jojo's hood going put money on this head. and thats fo show

  • White Person

    Another nigger dead? We should all be laughing and celebrating!

  • I'm Ignant and I'm proud

    fuck lupe fiasco and anybody that love him.

  • JJ

    Why must we subject ourselves to such low standards. Just because you come from the bottom or even "humble" beginnings does not mean YOU have to be that. Grow from that your surroundings and the people that surround you. Success isn't just getting paid and stunting on your haters even those things give us gratification (we are human) but it's about working hard, having respect for yourself and others, and giving back. Lupe has garnered so much respect from me with his response to Chief Keef. Chief is like the boys I know or grew up around, ignorant. They want us to be this way... We have to grow and learn and not sucumb to what they want us to be. Flip the scrip like Tupac, Play or joke off of where you came from or what you been through like Eminem & use it for therapy, or give it to us the real way like Lupe and countless other MCs have been doing.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully someone offs Chief Keef so we can all sit back and laugh at his death

  • Anonymous video of lil jojo gang banging wit lil reese

  • JoJo

    Sum1 avenge my death n kill dis fucc nigga, niggaz got it cummin!

  • Anonymous

    this kid needs therapy books and a father figure

  • Da Street Pharmacist

    I think Hip-Hop needs more Chief Keefs.

  • Anonymous

    i think lupe was right haha this nigga is bring genocide. i aint all there myself but i wouldnt laugh because my enemy got killed. this kid is going be quite a role model haha

  • Bang Bang

    When we laugh on our enemies!

  • Anonymous

    facepalm, what an idiot

  • Anonymous

    to think he only got recognition cause Kanye remixed one of his songs

  • Anonymous

    FACT : gangbangers are sociopaths. If they were tested to be in mental wards, they'd pass with flying colors.

  • ace

    Do you think he gives a fuck about what a "emcee" will do, or how hip-hop "fans" feel about it? The funny thing about this whole situation, is Chief Keef is giving all you suburban hip-hop fans a small look at how the hood really is, and you guys are clutching your pearls like old white women. It's not a good thing, but that's reality of how the REAL hood is in a lot of major cities. A bunch of young sociopathic crash dummies running around catching bodies with no remorse, it's a game to niggas like that. Chief Keef probably doesn't even give a fuck if he dies tomorrow, it's how he was raised, it's the culture out there. You can tell who here is really from the hood and those who's only "experiences" with the hood and hood niggas is hip-hop and getting bullied by hood dudes in middle/high school, by how you react to this story. Shit like this happens multiple times every damn day in the slums of the United States, most people just never see it.

    • Ace

      It's whatever to me, I'm not trying to prove my self on a blog. But being born and raised in Forum Park, I saw that life I have friends that fell victims to that stuff. "No, Chief Keef is a BITCH and is always gon' be a bitch. Only a bitch would laugh at the death of his enemy. Especially when it was over some trivial ass shit." If this is what you want to believe then fine, I'm just telling you certain niggas laugh over murders when their is malice involved.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      You're acting like your some sort of thug or something. You're on a fucking blog.


      Ace, shut the fuck up, you dumbass nigga. You sitting here, talking all that good shit on your computer(Probably Windows 7? Flat screen?) in your nice ass room, talking about this "Man! This the thug life, this the gangsta life" but you probably aint for one day did anything that related to the "thug life' or "gangsta life", you pathetic nigga. No, Chief Keef is a BITCH and is always gon' be a bitch. Only a bitch would laugh at the death of his enemy. Especially when it was over some trivial ass shit. So eat your brand name Fruit Loops, sit the hell down, light a cigarette and shut the fuck up. Thank you.

    • kj

      this is where you are slightly wrong...he's not hood, he is just a young brotha who does not have it together. it was just luck on how fame and money came to him. millions of idiots rap like him, and have a similar background like him, they were just never "put on." kanye came in the picture and now he has blown the hell up. all the hype will die down eventually

    • Anonymous

      yeah you right man it a sad true. i aint where he from so i think this shit is funny, but he is really hood to him its laugh. he a cold heart nigga

  • Anonymous

    What an idiot! How can anyone can respect this fuckin idiot?!

  • Prodigal

    Looking forward to 2013... when NO one remembers the name Chief Keef. #ayebaybay

  • Anonymous

    Just to show how times in chicago is fucked up This is lil durks brother check out his video

  • william ryals

    if he was in a room with some real men that knew the streets as well as being a man and how to carry themselves he would humble himself real quick ......1 real emcee would tear his ass a new hole...nuff said

    • ace

      Do you think he gives a fuck about what a "emcee" will do? The funny thing about this whole situation, is Chief Keef is giving all you suburban hip-hop fans a small look at how the hood really is, and you guys are clutching your pearls like old white women. It's not a good thing, but that's reality of how the REAL hood is in a lot of major cities. A bunch of young sociopathic crash dummies running around catching bodies with no remorse, it's a game to niggas like that. Chief Keef probably doesn't even give a fuck if he dies tomorrow, it's how he was raised, it's the culture out there. You can tell who here is really from the hood and those who's only "experiences" with the hood and hood niggas is hip-hop and getting bullied by hood dudes in middle/high school, by how you react to this story. Shit like this happens multiple times every damn day in the slums of the United States, most people just never see it.

  • RC

    I think this says alot about our current society and the direction its going in. Whatever happened to having empathy & compassion for your fellow man?? We as a society are slowly turning into greedy, self-centered, egotistical maniacs. And people like this kid celebrate it...

  • Anonymous

    for those that are familiar to this situation something will happen to chief keef side whether direct to one of them or associates that hang with them the streets where jojo and keef are from are only a few blocks fro each other hint 069 o64 there going to retaliate and the violence becomes a never ending cycle but the ones who have record deals go in hiding due to financial capability the other are like ducks in duck hunting ######saaaad

  • Anonymous

    I feel him and laugh with him, JoJo acted like a bitch with all dem weapons in the video. #bangbang #300 #sluttyboyz4life

  • Anonymous

    there's african americans, africans, and NIGGERS. NIGGERS like chief keef need to die.


    Gangsters don't laugh at their enemies deaths. Even if you put the bullet in his head yourself, you still gotta show respect for the dead.

  • realtalk82

    Wow I don't think ANY website should even be posting this as it kinda promotes violence in HipHop.

  • Anonymous And niggas live it religously

  • zmz

    that's some ignorant shit

  • Bang Bang

    Chief Keef is da truth.

  • Anonymous

    Listen to this an inside look into gang life in chicago.

  • Anonymous

    Welp bye bye to Cheef Keef. I guess he thinks that JoJo's people won't get at him as soon as he lets his gaurd down. These young cats are crazy. When Cheef Keef gets killed we will be looking at DX, yaaawn and keep scrolling...

  • Long Live Chief Keef

    I love this guy.

  • Killem Dafoe

    Anyone named 'Chief Keef' already lost respect. Fuck you and ya crew. I'm gonna laugh when you die, bitch. Living the lifestyle you claiming, its virtually inevitable...

  • Anonymous

    chief keef = o dog. This bastard is deranged and needs to be dropped from interscope immediately.

  • RYAN


  • I'll Neva support this dude....NEVA!

    And this is the dude yall love! Dumbazzes!

  • D-Rose MVP

    man ... I'm from out here and its dumb cause these grown ass men are recruiting LITTLE ASS KIDS for their stupid ass gangs. We got 12 year olds repping GD74 and Vice Lords. Soooo corny.

  • Anonymous

    people from his own hood don't respect him man come on dawg just made a track with soulja boy another wack rapper so he needs to stop laughing or for real some ones gonna seriously come after him

  • fukthenewschol

    Why is this little piece of shit even relevant? His music sucks and sounds just like every other lil bullshit rapper out these days. Lupe said it right. And using dumb shit kids like this fool is just another form of control to keep the same circle of violence going.

  • Chris Newberry

    It really amazes me how 16yr olds are dying in the street, and folks is coming up on here talkin about some, "Well, he laughed cuz he really about that life!" Are you serious? THat is damn rediculous. What did this kid die for? What was this "beef" really all about at the end of the day? To try and justify another teenager laughing at someone's untimely death is just stupid. I mean for real, that's basically sociopathic behavior, and instead of looking at it as an issue and problem within our community, you heads are actually praising it on some "keeping it real" shit. This has to stop, ya'll. It really does. There is nothing else to say about it except that it has to stop, period.

  • Anonymous

    lmao @ #RichNiggaShit

  • Anonymous

    Wack ass Chief Keef.

  • Anonymous


  • lloydc

    stop endorsing this nigga...dude has no class

  • Anonymous

    lol he'll get clapped soon enough

  • Long Live Chief Keef

    This nigga just turned into my hero.

  • Anonymous

    Keef is on Twitter right now going at Lupe "Lupe Fiasco a hoe ass nigga and wen I see him imma smack him like da lil bitch he is #300" The fuck is this dude's deal.

  • Milk Dee

    The reason why you all think Keef and Reese is fucked up and crazy is all arent used to seeing REAL ASS GANGSTERS AND STREET NIGGAS rapping....its only a few true street dudes in rap a hand full but these kids are really about that life....they didnt come to the industry....the industry came to them...they some hood kids from Englewood some Black Disciples...but this aisnt really their fault, that JoJo kid was on some real real vulgar bullshit! He could have got popped by any random person because he was screamin BDK a little too hard. Chicago is gang crazy.

    • Anonymous

      yeah unfortunately the rappers or street dudes the world has grown to know or accept for real will be challenged because knowing where i live and the mentality of some of these dudes industry dudes had better beware these you see don't care and that's even more scarier

    • ignaty

      keef's a fuckin industry twisted juvenile delinquent. actin all cocky n shit. somebody betta smack tha kid back to reality w/ his one hit havin bitch ass

  • Anonymous

    Well when he dies we will laugh at his dumb ass. Little piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    Now to continue this is bigger than does not apart understands even though it equates to stupidity.The problem now is some of what you are hearing is being played on a mass scale from the ones that have inked record deals. This is real life for the individuals involved and sad to say this is the beginning of very gruesome times for chicago.

  • Gary

    A sad commentary on the state of America.

  • True2HipHop

    It's scary how Lupe's words have now proven to be true. Keef is an idiot & hopefully he'll learn from this cause he is only hurting his people more by laughing at this. Never have supported this dude & never will lost even more respect for him as a person & artist from reading this post. #KeefIsWack

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck in their right mind would endorse this idiot. not even BIG laughed when PAC died...someone should check this fucking kid

  • Anonymous

    Is it wrong? sure is. Do i agree with it at all? not one bit. But you gotta realize that this type of mentality is brought on by the environment hes had to live in. We as society gotta start looking at whats in our environments to give our youth such little compassion for life. Just be the responses you can tell that the average person here understands that laughing at the death of another person is just something you dont do. But this kid was raised around people with the same mentality as this. This type of shit isnt something kids just come up with, theyre taught and learn it from the streets.

    • Dolo

      Man am from that same environment and am not out here acting a ass that shit don't have nothing to do with his environment quit using that crutch this young man just choose to do stupid shit point blank period. Everyone wants to keep it 300 so this is what they do to keep u entertain and more people talk about it the more dumb shit he will do to show u he is 300 but when he is dead or in jail he will just be another memory and the next bored new soldier will come entertain everybody

  • Anonymous

    First off fuck ya'll that don't live here nor have any idea whats going on. The truth of the matter is that taking on this type of lifestyle jojo did caused him to be killed. Second this is not rap shit or fake trapping these kids are gang banging in real life and that's what he was killed for and sorry he wasn't innocent checkout his so called video That stand for the Black Disciple Nation and he says they will kill members that nation.

    • Mike Dee

      Im trying to explain this to them....check what I wrote...JoJo was going WAYYY too hard! It was eventually gonna happen! They dont realize how many BD's are in Chicago LMAO!!! He could have got popped by ANYBODY! They dont understand gang life and Chicago how shit works...the media twistin it to make it about Keef and Reese but shorty was a wild card check his Twitter!

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Iovine signed this kid to promote violence to the youth on a grand scale. The industry fucking evil.

  • Anonymous

    He's gonna get locked up with his other group members. They're obviously connected to the murder. Shoulda kept quite.

  • Clapback

    Why are yall acting like Reese didn't say something too @LilReese300 Damn I just wke up 2da jojo shit fuck Em

  • Nuff said....

    wait hold up, why am i even reading/care bout this shit again???? *reads 1st few sentences, write comment, closes page*.....

  • merk city

    count your blessings, chief keef

  • IDK

    Wow. This fuckin' kid....he's only 17 years old, yet embracing the violent, street life and even laughing at his competition being dead. Seriously, what is this fuckin' world coming to??? And it's sad to say that I'm only 4 years older than him. What a damn shame.

  • Lupe Fiasco

    See I told ya'll.

  • Milk Dee

    To the defense of Chief Keef and Reese, I dont really mess with this kind of rap but Im from Chicago and did my own little investigation...But That kid Jo Jo who got killed ....WAS actualy goin hard at them (GBE)...but Keef and Reese they didnt want any problems with him, but he made a bunch of videos comin at them, with guns and all kind of shit! If you read he kids twitter timeline he was threatening Lil Reese and even went to his block on Lamron St and was talkin shit about how they werent there. In the video you see JoJo in a car with a bunch of dudes APPROACHING Reese talking shit! Reese was obviously frustrated with this kids bullshit. This kid was going EXTRA hard at them...if they try to charge Reese this is easily a self-defense case,...this kid was no angel. Now Keef is laughing because this kid was out for them! They just trying to live out their dreams. Its always a crab trying to pull people down to advance himself, this kid was just jealous of their success and it literally killed him

    • Anonymous

      True but the block is NORMAL they spell it backwards for Lamron Second this GBE-Keef/Bricksquad[jojo] beef is Nothing More than GD and BD beef KEEF is a Black Discple And JoJO a Gangster Disciple Those names are lil cliques shorties came up with for their group of guys they hung with

    • Anonymous

      hope your kids get shot so I can laugh fuckin

    • WTF is you

      Are you kidding me par? You really defended the death of a teen. On all sides none of this nonsense should be defended at all. People laughing about death. Kids talking about mother's making funeral arrangements. This shit is bigger than just Lil Jojo or Lil Reese or Chief Keef. These shit has got to stop and Interscope should drop this dude.

  • avenging angel

    he's not going to survive his 20's anyway... might as well find humor in the inevitable... the next ignorant asshole can laugh at him... the real tragedy is that there is probably 100 rappers from chief queef's hood who's trying to do positive stuff and nobody gives a fuck about them

  • Anonymous

    wowwwwww dog this kid lil jojo is so fucking young look his music up hes a little kid. fuck this dude chief keef yo hes a punk ass bitch he would never fight one on one without his boys or a fucking gun. fucking pussy ass fake rapper fuck this dude yo if i ever see this lil skinny punk ima lay him out. period

  • Chiyatollah ^Thats why Chief Keef was laughing...still R.i.P Lil JoJo

  • ziploc

    I understand that hiphop is being kept hostage by this fascination with black stereotypes that we didn't even create but this is already beyond the music,these kids are gonna learn the hard way that rapping about something is not the same as going through it..too busy YOLO'ing I the end Interscope was the needle in Death Row' s arm too..they understand that you can hide behind money very well..

  • Jay

    Chief Keef if an idiot. A little boy. A child, a baby, an immature punk who doesn't understand the value of life. But really,what do you expect? This is how our youth is being brought up

    • Mike

      Ha of course you still miss my point. I'm not retarded, I've seen the effects of gang violence. I'm done here, said all I wanted to say. The point of my original reply was to clarify that not ALL youth is brought up like this since you seem to think they are. But you continue to be ignorant and close-minded causing me to realize that there is no point in arguing with a moron.

    • Jay

      The only fool is you. The numbers speak for themselves. This is happening all over the country and if you don't know the effects of gang violence, maybe you should do some research Mike. Check the FBI statistics...

    • jAY

      The difference is,for those of you who don't live in areas like this... Young boys like Chief Keef are called pop off dummies. The old heads use them as weapons. The old heads have been locked up before and know the law so they use kids like Chief Keef to do their bidding. Lil Wayne may talk all that but we all know it's fake. The real ones that pose danger to society is a 15-21 year old who thinks this is the way to earn respect. You can't stare at them wrong, or do anything that bothers them. The older cats know better and are more likely to be able to put stuff into perspective. That's why nobody takes Wayne serious.

    • Mike

      Never said Chief Keef was one of a kind, you said "this is how our youth is being brought up" as if every city in every state in the US has teens murdering each other. You obviously are dumb as shit if you think that is the case. Just because it happens in your area doesn't mean hit happens all over the country. Don't be so stupid

    • DC

      You got so many rappers promoting gang activity and they are hugely successful like Lil Wayne, Birdman, Jeezy, Wacka Flocka, The Game, I mean the list goes on. Im not saying Chief Keef is right but you got others doing it too. He's not alone

    • Anonymous

      Ok everybody is focused on Chief Keef but do you all not realize that he is not the only rapper in the hip hop industry that promotes gang activity? From Lil Wayne to Wacka Flocka. It's not just Chief Keef

    • Jay

      His area? Where do you live? I live in Brownsville Brooklyn. Our kids are just like this. Catching bodies every other day. Chief Keef is not one of a kind. He is just the first to make it to the public. Don't be naive..

    • Mike

      No, that's just how the youth in his area are brought up. Not all youth across the nation. Don't be ignorant

  • Anonymous

    I think we should call a Chief Keef ban. Lupe was right. This guy is a disgustingly horrible influence. At least Ice Cube and Dr. Dre settled their differences with Eazy E. This punk is laughing about some guy's death. I don't care if he is just 16. There are certain things you just don't do.

    • DC

      But let's not forget the early days of NWA. this stuff is a result of what has been promoted in hip hop for YEARS and it has been passed down from generation to generation. If you are going to ban Chief Keef then you should also consider banning other gang affiliates like Snoop Dogg (Lion), Young Jeezy, Wacka Flocka, The Game, Lil Wayne, and the others.

  • Miguel Tyndell

    Lupe was right .

  • Anonymous

    It's not like duke got beat up. He got killed. And you laughing? Yous a cold ass 16 year old. That's for sure

  • TruthBeTold

    this is straight fucked up, someone should put these wannabe trap faggots down.. i mean cmon, you don't laugh at someone who got clapped. to NORMAL PEOPLE that shits supposed to haunt you, that shits supposed to make you feel guilty.. these dudes get some kind of sick pleasure from it.. look into lil reeses twitter hes doin the same thing.. laughing.

  • aks

    Wow! Lupe called this one like MJ callin glass on a bank shot while playing Horse!! #CASE-IN-POINT!

  • Booby Miles

    I give this little nigga 6 months....

  • Anonymous

    These Chicago kids are fucking demons. Just drop a nuke on that city. How are you gonna laugh at somebody getting shot on a social network ??? even killers have more sense than that.

    • PROlific

      A nuke on the city? Chief Keef does not represent the city as a whole. How about this to show you that there's PLENTY of good in the CHI to be hopeful and proud of.

  • QdaRealest1

    he still a kidd himself. someone should have stopped him from tweeting that

  • Hopit

    FUCK Chief Keef! He doesn't deserve the fortune and fame. I hope he gets dropped by Interscope IMMEDIATELY!

  • Anonymous

    Something seems off about this dude...He scares me too. I think he may be a sociopath or something...He will probably end up dead or in jail before he turns 20...

  • The Wolf

    with him rocking that shirt in the pic would that make him ironic or oxymoronic?

  • jay

    When i saw the line "seemingly laughs at death" i was thinking that they were just exagerating or makin shit up or maybe it wasnt really clear, but then i saw "HahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhAAHAHAHAHA #RichNiggaShit," and nope, pretty fukin crystal clear

  • Anonymous

    What goes around comes around.

  • yikes

    Interscope signed all the winners these days... Azealia Banks and this twink. Huh.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha this fool is too down

  • Anonymous

    We'll see if he's laughing when the day comes he gets what's meant for him.

  • Idontlike QueefChief

    This nigga is mad retarded. Interscope loves guys like him. Keep feeding the masses ignorant dumb gutter nigga shit and well fatten your pockets.This is sad really.

  • redeyedjedi410

    no words yet huh???

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