Dr. Dre Makes Forbes' Highest-Paid Celebrities List

Dr. Dre comes in fifth on Forbes' prestigious list.

Dr. Dre is the only Hip Hop artist to make this year's Highest-Paid Celebrities list, according to Forbes (via HHNM).

With Oprah Winfrey coming in at number one, the West Coast veteran comes in fifth on the list with a staggering $110 million in earnings. Dre netted that amount when handset maker HTC paid $300 million for a 51 percent stake in his Beats by Dr. Dre company last August. He also made money from music and royalties, but that "pales" in comparison to the money made from his Beats deal.

Other celebs on the list include producer Jerry Bruckheimer at number four ($115 million), Steven spielberg at number three ($130 million) and Michael Bay ($160 million).

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  • Renzo rollin

    Damn that girl is hot!

  • Anonymous

    "Dre has to many rich white friends and doesnt care about music" Who cares what skin color they're. Dre is making millions without having to break a sweat. Yeah, people were expecting Detox, but who gives a shit if it never comes out? It probably would have sucked anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Never mind this shit where is detox you lying bastard

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you Dre! Time for headphones but not to make music. Dre has to many rich white friends and doesnt care about music. I mean do you really thing that this dude knows what is hot on the streets?

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn't care about music If I were him either, we all know everybody just gonna download it for free and nitpick and criticize it to death anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Dre, now what's the fucking excuse of you not helping Nate Dogg's family out huh??? You got so much money and yet can't even help the nigga who helped you throughout your career? That's just fucked up ANDRE YOUNG!

  • Anonymous

    yall are fucking loser, shit is hard to read. bottom of the food chain ass niggas. congratulations dre

  • Dale

    Are ya'll seriously hating on someone making 110 million? Calling Dre and Oprah slaves and shit? Ya'll know that talking shit aint gonna get you a share of that right?

    • Anonymous

      The Internet is full of bottom feeders man, dont act surprised Here's the basic rules of the internet: Failure = Good Success = Bad

  • The Game

    Game is the best rapper alive like He says on the city GAME BIGGIE (HOV) PROBABLY PAC NAS and EMINEM so all u lil wayne rick ross drake lovers eat a cock. Game is a fuckin g filthy rich and at his worst (the red album) is better than that carter 4, watch the throne, and tm103 and jeezy that nigga. red is the dopest rap album since Em's recovery. Red is stillclassic shit. all Games cds since 05, even if not better than the Documentary are better than theze other shit rappers albums doc advocate and lax are still the best rap albums to come out the years they dropped 06 and 09 and whoever disagrees is just a big fuckin hater he only features these wack fucks on his cd cause the record lable makes him Games mixtapes are killin these clown ass rappers albums Games mixtapes are real g lyrical shit and cali republic is the last of those features left from red. Game stay rich AND FUCK THESE DUMB ASS SUBURBAN NOT REALLY FROM THE HOOD ASS NIGGAZ WHO SAY A NIGGA WIT 25,000,000 is broke yall internet niggaz make me laugh. If game was a stripper in any of the years in the 2000s as much as game destroys niggaz and talks shit they would been had that shit on the summer jam screen, them bitch ass brick squad and 40 glocc and all them hoe ass niggaz still aint put the tape out of them knockin out a 6'5" nigga in a public mall. GAME is a G and u hoe ass niggaz just hate hate hate. When jesus really come back yall hoe ass niggaz gonna hate cause thats what yall do!!! That aint jesus fuck that nigga man!!!! To hell you go bitch game time!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Oprah how about you cure hunger in africa FOREVER! with Half of what you earned for the year

  • hhh

    funny how this gay monkey slave has all this money and talent and still lives in fear. jimmy iovine has this juice monkey by the balls and dre is scared to leave the house. this gay nigga dre made 100 mil last year and cant hook his fans up with a promised album cuz hes scared of flopping. dre is the biggest pussy in the history of rap. ran away from eazy-e and suge knight and now hes scared of little jimmy iovine. pussy. fuck dre.

    • Johnny-Le mart

      you are really a moron for getting butt hurt about the money he is making and calling him a slave and a monkey doesn't hurt him!

  • PETE


  • Anonymous

    the only think i hate is if he have so much cash why, please tell me why he gives rick "fat officer" ross a 100k rolex and kids in africa still have to die??? but even that fat mofucker has enough money!!! 100k can safe so much lifes!

    • Anonymous

      he gave it to Ross because HE DOESN'T NEED OR WANT IT...people like Dre get that for FREE...YOU put value on it....Ross gave his newest artist a Rolex...who here knows if it's the SAME ONE? A hundred thousand does NOTHING in AFRICA...taxes, materials, and workers eat that money up and 10-20 families get RATIONS...STFU

  • JohnnyACE GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}

    Too bad they're all still slaves. {{-_-}}

    • anon

      So ur soul is worthless to u then u dumb fuk

    • Protheus27

      i can see the jealousy in you and calling them slaves doesn't hurt since you are the one having emotions about the money they are getting whiles you sit behind your computer insulting them they are still making money whiles you are sitting on your fat ass behind your computer in your parents basement

    • Anonymous

      I will be a slave all day making $110 million, your retarded ass will try to be self employed and end up with -0.11111111

  • youngsta

    cool, grandpa dre can use that crappy headphone money to buy more steroids so he can continue to look young. xp

  • Anonymous

    100 million must be the going rate for your soul!!!

  • Jnr

    Jimmy is surely pimpin this fool. You guys made $300 million and he gave you only $110 million? Hahaha... Maybe they both got $110 million and paid the rest to lawyers etc... Hmmm

  • Jnr

    Funny how you don't hear Dre making noise about this $110 million deal he got but if it was 50cent, trust me we wouldn't hear the last of it. He got $100 million from the coca cola deal long time ago and he made so much noise about it that you would even think he was the richest rapper ever... SMH

  • murdock

    he put in so much time into the music its good to see something like this.I remeber having the 1st nwa tape I never thought Dre would be this far but its dope that he is.

  • firealarm

    the title should be more proof Detox is never coming.

  • Anonymous

    Dre should bring in Ant Banks to help finish detox. You youngsters don't know about true west coast legends.


    What did you say about Detox? Oh never mind...

  • Anonymous

    "He also made money from music and royalties, but that "pales" in comparison to the money made from his Beats deal." The reason why we won't see DETOX ever. And the same applies to a dope beat from him. The label "Produced by Dr. Dre" is just a brand, the real work behind it is _exclusively_ done by co-prods for years. And Kanye goes for the same direction ...

    • Anonymous

      Just like Microsoft, Apple, JP Morgan, Phillip Morris, McDonald's. All big corporations still going off of "co-prods". Stop being such an asshole and leave if you hate Blacks so bad.

  • @thefuture2050

    More motivation. Congrats Dre.

  • Anonymous

    And people wonder why he aint in a rush to drop a cd everyone just gonna download for free anyway As a fan it annoys me, as a man with common sense, I understand, lol

  • anon

    Ok so the illumknato broke him off nicely. Who gives a fuck. They want us to be all impressed withthis bullshit. I kno faggot dre been suckin dick to get these beats hss gay

  • Anonymous

    Does that mean he won 110 million this year or this is his total money?

    • Anonymous

      Well why dont you just get an idea, invest your hard earned money, put together a team of people, execute your plan, overcome obstacles, sell you idea to 1/3 of the house holds in America and around the world to where your company is worth 600 million dollars. Sell 50% of it and split the profit with your partner witch is 110 mil. Hell any ole body can win that! He EARNED THAT you win the lottery.

    • Anonymous

      he didnt earn shit he basically did win the lotto with those piece of shit overpriced headphones

    • Anonymous

      won? he earned it he didnt hit the lotto ahhahah

    • Anonymous

      the annually means yearly....

  • Anonymous

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ HP G-shock Ferrari beat by dre Aftermath Eminem...

  • hjk

    Diddy is the still richest man in hip-hop and Jay have more than Dre and it is not only about this year? I think it is

  • Big Boss

    Okay Jay-Z needs to stop talking about money now

    • Anonymous

      this has already been factored in to the overall list - "hiphop cash kings" Diddy 450mil Jay 400mil Dre 200 mil

    • Anonymous

      How do you know ttat Jay-Z has 500 mil? LMAO fucking idiot. Plus this 100 mil Dre got is this year. Not total earning.

    • Anonymous

      Jay -z has about 500mil dummy. thats still 200 mil more than Dr and thats in less time


    Where's 50? lol I doubt he even has a million left. I bet you by the time he turns 40 he'll be broke.

    • OoNo

      lol 50 caught a 100 mil after taxes the tax man aint come after Dre yet on that cheese bro

    • d

      Even Rick Ross doesn't think he's rich... The Bawse is just a persona. Same as Black Thought doing MMJB and shit.

    • Billy Bucks

      I'm not a 50 fan....but you're crazy if you think he doesn't have loot.

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot if you think 50 doesn't have cake left. You fail to remember that dude recently made that deal with Vitamin Water! He's a very smart business man. Not making the Forbes list doesn't mean he ain't got stacks you jackass!

    • Anonymous

      you cant read "Celebrities list" not rappers which the fat fuck ross couldnt make at all 250mil ross 25 mil banks 15 mil who the boss? haha

  • Dr. Dre

    you should listen to this website through my headphones

  • Anonymous

    And that's why Detox ain't gonna happen.

  • Suge Knight

    guess it really is Dre Day...smh

  • davie darko


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