Kendrick Lamar Says Coachella Was The First Time He Saw Dr. Dre Perform

Kendrick Lamar says the festival was the first time he'd seen Dr. Dre perform live.

Kendrick Lamar performed one of his biggest shows as a guest during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's headlining set at Coachella. During an interview with VEVO, K. Dot said that the festival was the first time he had ever seen Dre perform a show and that he was caught up in the moment as a fan.

"My first time seeing Dre perform at Coachella, it was a weird experience because I’d never seen him perform before and I’m 10 feet away from him. This is a person I looked up to my whole life. Watching videos, playing his music in the house… I had to really sit in that moment and realize what I was doing," he said. "I get a call saying that I’m invited to Coachella with Dre. I’m on the phone and telling, there’s going to be 100,000 people at this show? I couldn’t fathom that. I could remember the moment where I’m watching Dre and Snoop perform, and I get so caught up watching them as a fan that I totally forgot I gotta go out there. By the time I go out there, they tell me I got two minutes. I gotta snap back into artist mode, like whoa. I’m jittery now, like I almost forgot."

He also praised Dre for thinking of implementing technology like the Tupac hologram used at Coachella. "Me seeing Tupac perform on that hologram, I knew it was trippy because when he came out, nobody screamed or nothing. Complete silence, 100,000 people in complete silence. Mouths just dropped like, sick. I don’t know if they were scared or what. Technology is a beautiful thing. Dre is a genius for that. Me being on stage for Coachella peaks as one of the greatest moments in my life."

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    this is important get this message to k dot and an other new rappers out there. Learn to perform live in front of an audience before you go on tour or play infront of that many people. I am a huge lover of all things rap. I go to a lot of shows. Lateley i've been upset many times at a concert where a new up and comer fails to perform well. Alot of these cats get their cd's edited and put together and they can't even spit their own verses and sound like themselves. This is where they should take notes from dre and snoop and see what it's like to perform their song correctly and sound like it's supposed to. You guys are scaring away new fans because you sound like crap live. Your supposed to make new fans. For instance when i first heard Lupe Fiasco at coachella 2007 I had never even heard his name, HE came onstage and assaulted it and sounded good i became a fan. I hate to mention names but J. Cole you got the world handed to you, but damn they didn't teach you to play well live huh. You rappers play tracks and yap along with it to try to fool the audience. It ain't working. Don't put all that singing in your hooks on your record if you can't do it live. You ruined your own songs man. Very dissappointed. As a live performer myself I think you should calm down take a deep breath and try to put yourself where you were when you tracked it mentally. I know the faces in the crowd get you exited but your supposed to be a pro. Look at the BET awards recently when MMG came up. Wale gets out of the car and with no track calm and collectively spits his verse accurately. Nice. Then here comes meek mill who saves the copperfield song on tape but live is awful. Track playing in the back and he can not even keep up with it. HE yells and hollers like someone stepped on his toes. Sounds like shit and once again i find a fake in the mist. Doesn't even sound like himself at all. Disrespect for the game. Don't put a fire ass verse out there if you can't even pull it off in real life. please. As much as jigga is a commercial corruption these days he can still make your jaw drop at a show, take some notes. and Eminem, yep im going there. Woah seems like your running out of breath-alot. I came to see your set to see you spit-not your hype man plugging the last word of every damn line, that's b.s. maybe do songs you can do instead. Not fooling me. you really can't rap like that without back up. Studio rappers get taken to the crapper when someone with skill comes in and eat's all the crackers. that's the problem with people comin up the wrong way. Back in the good days an artist had to proove themselves and be good enough to merit all of his success. You didn't make it if you sucked. Nowadays any phony ass clown can lay some copy and pasted crap over a stolen beat and get little kids giney's tingling and that's enough to make that first easy dollar. Hey them dollars is gonna stop coming when you realize. bonus list.. good rapper performers i can personally attest to Lupe Fiasco Dr. Dre Jay Z Mos Def black thought Kid Cudi Ice Cube zach de la roca of ratm who is highly underrated as a lyricist saul williams Wale Big Boi Wiz even put it down cmon yall B real and Sin Dogg (cypress hill) Slug Big K.R.I.T. Gambino even put's it down curren$y 2 pac undeniable presence and energy bad shows i've seen that i wanted to be better k dot i was hopin, just doesn't cut it j. cole let down hooks to all songs butchered meek mill just plain crappy asap crew sucked so bad and many more don't be fooled

  • So Icy Boi!

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  • Andy

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  • Andy

    What a boring story...

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    we need a mixtape or something K.Dot.

  • Hmm

    That hologram was weird, notice how they cut out the Lilluminatimpart at the start...and how did Tupac say "wtf is up Coachella" when he'd never said that before

    • z7ra_Vv

      He didn't believe in Illuminati and wanted to kill the whole idea of it in general. He wondered how does some guy in jail know about it etc.

    • LJofSpades

      They cut it out to make it more convincing as a performance. It'd be too bait to have it EXACTLY how it is on your CD at home. You read far too much into things. And do you even know what Pac meant by "Killuminati"?

  • Anonymous

    i doubt it was dres idea for the pac hologram, dont give him so much credit

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    i'm waiting for some crack smoking jarule fanboy, to come say how kendick lamar needs to collab with ja.

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