2 Chainz Talks First Week Numbers For His Debut, Says He Sets High Expectations For Himself

2 Chainz comments on the predicted first week numbers for "Based On A T.R.U. Story," speaks on working with Kanye West.

Just days after the release of his Def Jam debut, Based On A T.R.U. Story, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to discuss album numbers, working with Kanye West, and a number of other topics during the live interview.

With first week numbers for Based On A T.R.U. Story to possibly top 130,000, the rapper didn’t seem terribly impressed when informed of the prediction.

“I’m looking at it like I worked my ass off,” 2 Chainz explained. “It’s not about the record. I’m not even in tune with what the charts are doing. When it first happens I get geeked and then I go back to work. I just know I’ve done, just this year alone, I’ve done two tours with two people I feel like are major artists with diverse fan bases…I’m just looking at what I did on my own prior to doing tours. Just going around kissing babies, shaking hands, and just really trying to figure out the connection with the fans. So will I be disappointed if I only do one-something? No, but at the same time I just got high expectations for myself.”

Though some may have been caught off guard by the pairing of 2 Chainz and Chicago rapper Kanye West, 2 Chainz explained that in actuality the two emcees have more in common than most people think. While they do boast several similarities, the rapper did reveal that when it came to strip club vernacular he and West weren’t quite on the same page.

“We have more things in common than a lot of people I think even realize,” said 2 Chainz in a video posted on RapRadar.com. “He comes from a more backpack kind of environment so to speak…And then you know me I try to keep it quality street music. I try to have something about the trap maybe one or two lines about a stripper. So even when doing the song Birthday Song it was like we was just trying to cross worlds because I was trying to explain to him the booty clubs and just some things.”

2 Chainz’ Based On A T.R.U. Story was released on Tuesday, August 14 via Def Jam Records. 

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  • Anonymous

    Yall niggaz some real haters how do u wake up in da mournen go back to sleep wit a trash bag ova ya face.The south run dis Game get use to it 2 Gun Gang Bitch niggaz.

  • Ryan

    Realest nigga ever. To hear a rapper sit and explain why he makes music is what the game needs. Kinda like a verification test so all these lame ass rappers can't get paid. Everything this man just said is a hundred percent true and real. I'm a fan of Chainz's work ethic. If only rappers could model theirs after this man here there wouldn't be any "hip hop is dead" claims.

  • martin

    i mean if all this guy is rapping about is the trap and the strip club then selling one something shouldn't be a surprise.



  • Anonymous

    Album was a TRU classic. Hip hop old heads trapped in the 90s (the deadbeats probably too old to walk) don't know real 2012 music. Maybe a time machine will be invented soon so you can go back to giving 2pac and Biggie head like old times.

    • Anonymous

      Damn you just str8 either'd that cornball.

    • really?

      And while we're coming up with a time machine to go back to the past, how bout you kill yourself in the present? 90s/early 2000s hip hop is just better than this trash 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Officer Ricky, Gucci, Waka (and the list goes on & on & on) put out, period. Of course, people like you that ain't even out of high school yet disagree, but that's to be expected. I bet you saved all your lunch money for weeks to get tickets to see 2 Chainz on the Short Bus Shorty tour.

  • Anonymous

    "there's a lot more people who work their butts off a lot more (not just talking about music) and get a lot less in return" That's a whole other debate. I can see your point, but there's no guarantee 2 Chainz will be around for a long time, so I'm sure he realizes that his fifteen minutes could be up soon.

  • Anonymous

    His working his ass off is the equivalent of having a 4.0 taking special ed courses.

  • Anonymous

    i love this cats work ethic! he is gonna end up goin gold and may hit platinum on the next album because he has higher goals for himself stop the hate everytime a rapper blows up in hiphop people start hating that is why hiphop is almost dead go out and support damn people!

  • Anonymous

    this guy thinks that selling 100,000 albums is BENEATH HIM ??? seriously ? did he forget that just 2 years ago he was a tax write off for Ludacris ???

    • learn something kids

      realz can't read and comprehend. $25,000 a year jobs=entry level basic skills required (mailroom, exp. cashier, retail sales) $75,000=$100,000 a year jobs=degree and certification required (engineer, architect, accountant, corporate mgmt) You're not going to make $75,000 working in a mailroom, ain't enough raises in the world going to get you there.

    • realz

      yall some effin lames! ohhh, he makes more money than u, hahahhahaha,get some lives

    • Anonymous

      ^^ If you have the skills to make 25K a year then you should be happy with anything over that. 100k + for 2 Chainz is GREAT!

    • Anonymous

      Would you settle for a 25k a year job or would you work harder to reach 75-100k a year?

  • Anonymous

    "Well in this case it kinda does" To deem something a complete failure, there has to be zero catchy songs. There are easily 4 or 5 that stand out. Not like it matters, but you sound like a hata lil man.

    • @CJonno90

      Most certainly not, in fact I have a bit of a soft spot for 2 Chainz I find his lyrics hilarious he's not taking himself to seriously with his shit unlike people like Meek Mill & Rick Ross. My problem is that he's complaining about shit I feel he has no right to complain about, there's a lot more people who work their asses off a lot more (not just talking about music) and get a lot less in return.

  • Anonymous

    "Just because someone is putting in work doesn't mean it is good quality work" Doesn't mean it's garbage either.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO he can't even give good answers fucking dumb nigga

  • Fuck Atlanta

    Everybody DON'T buy this nigga album please let's not contribute to his success

  • Anonymous

    Sets high expectations huh? His music certainly doesn't reflect that statement.

  • So Icy Boi!

    2 Chainz is da modern day 2 Pac. swag

    • Anonymous

      believe it or not, cocksucking 2 Chainz himself said "i'm Tupac without the nose ring"

    • tribecq7

      You're being sarcastic right?? Cause if ur serious you need to forever stop commenting on anything hip-hop. 2 Chainz should be happy he sold over 100,000 cause he's fuckin terrible. No rhyming skills whatsoever.... that's fuckin blasphemy comparing 2 Chainz to Tupac

  • Iyk

    he got high expectations.....which means high disappointment

  • Anonymous

    I want to know how the fuck America is gonna let this guy sell 100,000+ albums in a week ... that shouldn't be happening. I can handle guys like Jeezy or Ross doing those type of numbers BUT 2 CHAINZ ???

    • gbladdr

      Co-sign. Took the words right out of my mouth. This guy's a fucking cornball with mediocre rhymes, and had to resort to leeching onto Kanye and Nicki to get to get where he is.

  • The Truth

    2 Chainz sucks. However, I will give him credit. If he is gonna sell 130k and his music sucks, that is impressive. I mean, if you suck & you can sell that much, give the guy credit.

  • ETK

    it's funny cause I have low expectations whenever I click on your shit

  • OUCH!

    Album is terrible. im shocked is going to do 130k

  • Anonymous

    "Oh boo-hoo there's rappers that work a lot more harder than you and are a lot better" Like who? Don't hate cause the dude is signed to a major and clearly is putting in work even if the first week numbers aren't great.

    • DL Dub

      Correct CJonno90 Big Krit deserves that 100,000 mark, and 2 chainz deserves the 80,000. Nobody has worked harder than KRIT. He put out 3 album worthy mixtapes 2 of them very good, 1 of them borderline classic. Then he puts out a solid album, which admittedly are not as good as the mixtapes, but you can see where corporate meddling came into play for that. KRIT has features out the ass, as well as production credits everywhere as well Tity Boi changed his name to something simpler (yet family friendly) put out one good mix tape, learned to ride a beat and that somehow made him a mainstream monster? What is he like 36, just now getting his first solo break? Exactly what work has he really done? How much "griming" does it take? If he makes 100000 (which by the way is STILL a shitty number) he should thank the gods for finally shining some sun on his ass.

    • @CJonno90

      Well Big K.R.I.T. stands out for me, great lyrics and makes his own beats and 2 Chainz verses sound like they take 5 minutes to make at the most.

    • SMH

      Just because someone is putting in work doesn't mean it is good quality work.

  • really?

    This fool said he make quality street music? Really homeboy? He is so wack until its funny, but what's even funnier is that somebody is gonna get on this forum and ride his jock talking about how, just because he's not a conscious rapper, it doesn't mean he's trash. Not even 10 years ago, him, Waka Flocka, Gucci, Plies, etc would get laughed out of a record label with that slowbaby, retarded rapping, but now people can't get enough of it. Its a sad state of affairs that music is in now.

  • Anonymous

    Im looking at it like I worked my ass off, Oh boo-hoo there's rappers that work a lot more harder than you and are a lot better and put out a better quality of music so STFU!

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