2 Chainz Wants To Do More Songs Like Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend," But Also Wants Less Features

In a recent interview, 2 Chainz explained why he'd like to do more songs like Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" and added that he wants to do less features now that his name is well known.

For awhile, 2 Chainz was a featured guest on many songs by various artists. His catchphrase caught on. His guest verses were welcomed by many. Recently, Chainz talked about why he decided to be on so many tracks to begin with and why he's deciding to make less featured appearances now.

“My whole theory behind doing guest features was to remain hot in the streets,” he explained to CBS Local, ”actually being a part of everyone’s google. When you google them, my name would pop up."  

One of the songs he did that he's proud of is the Justin Bieber song "Boyfriend," which he says was a challenge. 

“The Justin Bieber verse was something I could do,” he noted. “The challenge was doing a clean witty verse without cursing, and to know the fan base and the crowd I was catering to. It was fun. I would love to do more records like that.” 

Don't expect 2 Chainz to completely stop working on guest spots. Chainz added that he just wants to make songs that help him now.

“Now it’s about doing features that matter or can help catapult my campaign or doesn’t make sense any more,” he added. “A feature that’s worth me doing would be something that’s outside my genre, something outside my comfort level, outside my box. Pop rock, R&B. Something that’s not a normal 16 [lines] that I feel like I can do ion my sleep.”

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  • Kingpin Killin Em

    Niggas are too close-minded. Pac did a song with Madonna, Run DMC with Aerosmith, Jay-Z and Kanye with Coldplay, Eminem with Pink. I don't listen to Bieber, lol and I don't like his music whatsoever but as an artist you gotta appreciate other music. I'm not saying you gotta like it. That's how you broaden your career and shit. Niggas don't understand success. Close-minded fucks.

  • jazmeenjoni

    Justin is my favorite he is the best im going to buy his concert ticket from Ticketfront.com you guys can also get it from here

  • Ignant Shortstroke

    If a song doesn't mention any killing of black people, worshiping of currency and or fornication with multiple morally loose women it AIN'T hiphop. god dammit. i don't care how creative and witty the lyrics are yo.


    how the fuck do niggaz go from trap houses and killin eachother to doin features on justin bieber and becoming to 'love doing songs like that' ?? i mean hip hop has changed but what the fuck I like 2 chainz, still can someone picture pac or biggie doin some feature like that? WHAT.THE.FUCK. rappers aint got no values no more, they just have prices.

  • Anonymous

    This guy wakes up and thanks god EVERYDAY he changed his name from tity boy

  • Anonymous

    fuckin stupid stick 2 trap muzik tity boi!

  • ummm

    Bruh, How could he keep the street element If he desires to be like Bieber? Better yet why would you want a person who desires to be like Bieber in hip-hop?


    Hip Hop is turning into some faggot shit, first Wiz's album cover now this?

  • Anonymous

    This guy wont be around for much longer, his nearly 40 and on his 1 major album lol.

  • nickrazor2000

    So this is what hip hop has came to. What if back in the day Eazy-E did a song with new kids on the block. it would have ruined his career probably, but he was not that stupid. Its sad that this is the norm now. Oh well, all of you robots out there can keep supporting the destruction of the worlds greatest culture, I will have no part of it. time to dig my hole back into the underground.

    • ^

      Areosmith was a rock group, so they get a pass. Rock has always been a part of hip-hop since the 80s. Doing songs with pop artists is another thing.

    • Anonymous

      run dmc did a song with aerosmith, did that destroy their career? what the fuck you talking about?

  • @CJonno90

    Well you better get on it quick 2 Chainz because if there's one thing I don't see in your career it's longevity... Actually 2 things I don't see quality & longevity.

  • GoGo Gadget

    Please, 2Chainz! Don't go the Pop route and sell out like many other rappers! Please keep the street element in hip hop pure!

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