50 Cent Names Both Wiz Khalifa & Young Jeezy As Two Of His Current Favorites

50 Cent speaks on his new film with Robert De Niro, says he enjoys sitting back and being a fan of music.

During an interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106 (which was posted on HipHop-n-More via DiverseHipHop), Queens rapper 50 Cent spoke on his numerous endeavors which include everything from his recently released, Dr. Dre-produced record "New Day" to a new film that features both Fifty and famed actor Robert De Niro.

The rapper tapped into his sarcastic side as he spoke on "New Day" collaborator Dr. Dre after the Power 106 deejays jokingly referred to the producer and Alicia Keys as “up and comers.”

“You know I only work with new artists,” said 50 Cent. “I wanna make sure everybody get they start out the gate. So this new guy comes to the studio, Dr. Dre, tells me he’s got a couple of beats. I said, ‘Let me check you out kid.’”

When asked about the artists he’s currently looking out for 50 Cent named both Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa and Atlanta wordsmith Young Jeezy. Fifty also revealed that he plans on working with Jeezy in the near future.

“I like Wiz, you know I worked with him on that 'Telescope' joint. I been listening to some of the stuff Jeezy been putting out. I’mma work with him soon. We gonna get together and do something. I like a lot of the music. It’s fun when you take a chance to step back and appreciate it from an actual fans perspective. It’s cool,” the rapper explained.

While the rapper seems quite focused on his music career and his upcoming album Street King Immortal, he’s still very much intent on maintaining his acting career as well. 50 Cent’s most recent flick, Freelancers, stars Robert De Niro and will be released in theaters this Friday (August 10).

“It’s cool. I had an opportunity to meet him on a project that we never actually did together called Streets Of Blood,” said 50 Cent when asked about meeting Robert De Niro. “We didn’t end up doing that project. He passed on it cause he had some other things come up, more exciting for him at the time. And I ended up doing that project with Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone. And then it came full circle and we actually worked on Righteous Kill. You see during that project I got him to do the cover of Vibe. He don’t have to do press, he’ don’t have to do none of that. And he looked out and went and did that so we had fun there doing that and now it’s Freelancers.”

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  • 805'r

    why is this fucking news???

  • med souhni

    i like thes one he is the best in the world ok alll .....ich vermisse die deutschen madschen ok ich warte euch ok

  • Anonox

    It's official folks, 50 Cent's hearing is about as good as Rush Limbaugh's.

  • YEBO

    wiz is goat, I wonder why he made a song with 50, lol should've been on Tyga album, wiz and tyga together, dreamteam taylorgang ymcmb all day!

    • killah_casp

      both you fools dont know a thing young money is garbage and will only float the boat off 14 year old white kids who think life is great if they find someone willing to go into the shop and buy a crate of cheap cider for them to share they have no power what so ever on this website and no one takes them seriously so please fuck off as for aftermath or shady records or what ever you want to call it the rely on eminem for all there sales and commercialise rappers that are known for theyre abilities which in a way is good and bad the fact is eminem is making pop music now and the label will never be as strong as it once was as a snake without its head eventually will curl up and die. yes they have slaughterhouse yes they have yelawolf but no they dont have the loyalty at the camp to keep these artists as we have seen time and time again aftermath finds new toys to play with after they get bored of them they end up not giving a shit and dropping them (bishop lamont) so ppl who go around saying they love the label arent grown as they dont understand the problems with the label 50 cent is a rapper i respect more for his personality rather than his music first 2 albums were raw and 50 is genrally a down to earth rapper thats why he gets respect he may be a snitch but the dude has personality unlike most these new school bitches who are acting in there music tbh im fed up off coming on this HIP HOP website and hearing all you little drake faggots talking ur shit when you dont know a thing about hip hop so please piss off onto bitch hop dx uve got the wrong site no one cares that you pleasure yourself to homo rappers

    • MOD

      Shady records >>>>> ymcmb shit

  • Young Buck


  • Anonymous

    Translation..HELP ME WIZ IM DROWNING OUT HERE!! I have so many muscels and the kids like skinny skaters now..

  • Anonymous

    lol Whiz and Jeezy are his favourites.

  • foursix

    I'm tryna decide which of the 3 is worst...

  • So Icy Boi!

    Wiz dope but Jeezy was ehtered by Rick Ross... juss like u 5.0... lmao. diz old ass nigga dont know shit bout real muzik. Rozay and Weezy are da real gangstas/skaters/musicians. swag

  • Anonymous

    I don't know the whole story or all the facts about who produced "New Day", but if Dre added his own drums or even just mixed the track, it's probably his because he goes a long way to do what you think is the smallest thing - longer than probably any producer. He has ears for sounds dogs can't even hear. It may be Swizz's song before given to Dre but even with that Kush song that DJ Khalil did, he said in an interview he and Dre did separate mixes of it, and Dre's was extremely different from his and obviously a hundred times better, and Dre didn't take credit as the producer for it either. I know 50's camp wants to put Dre's name on anything to get people thinking about "In da Club" and associating the days when 50 dominated, but then again, Dre doesn't do much musically these days except take other people's music and make it his own by adding, mixing, and engineering exactly what he wants. You can argue it all day long but IMO that makes it Dre's since more often than not, that same joint would just not be the same had it not been given to Dre in the first place.





  • Tarik

    There's room for 50 to comeback..believe it or not, ALOT of people still have respect for him..and i know he's capable of making some nice music..it's not like he was Master P, pimping the game, he could flow..for those of you that doubt..go listen to "Many Men"

  • Tarik

    You can hate on 50 all you want. He has one of the best albums of all time "Get Rich or Die Trying"...still a classic..i admit, he messed up when he was on top, being too arrogant, but it's the rap game, who isn't arrogant...i don't feel Jay Z anymore..his lyrics are still tight, but i just don't feel him

    • God Of Hip Hop

      You Anonymous niggas just mad 50 did Jay-Z's career in 4 years LOL. By the way, GRODT is certified a classic by many hip hop heads and the hip hop community. Just like Reasonable Doubt & The Blueprint for Jay-Z, don't take credit away from respected Forbez Top 5 rappers. 50 AND Jay have classics so stop the BICKERING! They are both talented respected hip hop artists.

    • Anonymous

      Even putting Jay and 50 in the same sentence, completely aside from their business acumen, is an unreal insult to Jay.

    • Anonymous

      Get Rich aint a classic you dumbass. its dope and nothing more. ready to die from big is a classic and no one can do it better from the doc are classics. 50 cent cant fuck with those albums. goddamn listen to some real hiphop you youngstas

  • ETK

    This is why I hate 50 Cent. He loves shitty niggers and disrespect real people (Jay-Z).

    • Anonymous

      not really my if u know wat jayz and 50 have...has always been friendly competition...he said that countless time evn to Oprah and FYI(for those hu focusing on beef) him and Kanye has neva been beef...coz they said that they wanted to make the biggest week for rap sales....and they did that!!!

  • Anonymous

    The day after Buck goes to jail 50 says that he wants to work with Jeezy

  • Sco*

    Dude, just retire already....this nigga basically shunned everybody in the industry when he was 'on'....now that he couldn't sell a record to save his life he wants to collaborate....Jeezy dropped Trap or Die in 2004.....eight years and 4 albums later, you realize the nigga is dope...you're reaching playboy.Dude just burned so many bridges when he was actually relevant (Nas, Wayne, T.I., Jay Z, Kanye, Rick Ross and countless others)...all the above are laughing at this nigga right now.......

  • Anonymous

    even j cole sold more records first week than rick ross the so called hottest rapper in the game, thats a fail for officer ricky and his team

  • Punjabi Mc

    only new dudes im feelin right now is j cole, kendrick lamar, and lupe fiasco if you consider him new.

  • jr88

    everyone saying dre didnt produce new day is stupid...he added the drums which made the whole song...by your standereds kanye has never produced a track in his life...lol...jeezy runs the streets and is everything ross claims to be...as for wiz, dude has been spittin like the third verse in black and yellow for awhile....wiz sucks now

  • yoursruth

    right...right...he just KISSING ASS!!

  • ...

    i like jeezy and all but did this article really just call him a wordsmith?

  • Anonymous

    I don't get why 50 Cent and his camp is pretending Dre made that 'New Day' song...It was Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys who made it...Dre just added the extra bits and pieces, he didn't "produce" shit.

    • Jon

      Swizz could have sold the beat to Dre, who then added his touches. Similar to "No Diggity" which Dre originally produced but sold the beat to Teddy Riley, who was fully credited.

    • Anonymous

      Well, technically it should read "co-produced by dr dre" then.

    • Anonymous

      You're right but technically you're wrong. Him "adding the extra bits and peices" is something is part of the production too and is something you can crave getting credit for.

  • Anonymous

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  • Ricky Rozay

    Too bad out of the three of them the only relevant nigga is Wiz. 50 & Jeezy career been bodied by Ross, dont hear shit from either of them niggas. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if he would have had the same bullshit tastes in his GRODT era

  • Macberg

    Wack actor, average rapper, but great businessman

  • Not Rich And Still Trying

    Hope he dies.

  • Anonymous


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