French Montana Says He's Taking His Time With His Album, Already Has Features With Kanye West & Rick Ross

While performing overseas French Montana speaks on his upcoming album "Excuse My French" and the various features on the project.

Although Morocco-born rapper French Montana is in no rush to complete his debut album Excuse My French according to the rapper the project is shaping up to be quite the feature-filled album.

During his interview with Puna Blog, a Website based out of The Netherlands, French rattled down the list of guest appearances currently in the works for Excuse My French which he referred to as being “the big one.”

“For the simple fact that it’s an album I’m taking my time,” the rapper explained. “My mixtapes I take my time, but I never treated it like [an album]. My album is the big one. You got The Weeknd, you got Max B, you got Coke Boys, you got Kanye, Big Sean, you got Wiz Khalifa. You got a lot of features, Puff, Ross.”

Later in the interview French was asked which artist he’s enjoyed working with most and almost immediately named Maybach Music founder Rick Ross.

“My favorite to work with is, I would have to say Ross because he’s the best in the game right now,” said French in a video posted on You Heard That New. “It’s just us making records that was meant to be for mixtapes and become the biggest records like ‘Stay Schemin,’ ‘Straight Off The Boat,’ and records like that. It’s a blessing to work with somebody like that.”

Although a specific date for Excuse My French has yet to be announced the album is expected to be released this fall.

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  • killacrossdadon

    #RT @meekmill ft @wale & @frenchmontana - actin up / They Stole, My Beat - KILLACROSS U still can hear my "KILLA" tagg at 3min 16 & at 3min 23

  • Anno

    I seriously can't understand the hype or interest in this guy? He makes terrible music and seems to be getting away with it. These fake idiots rapping about coke dealing, when the only key they've seen is the one for their front door! This guy just makes noises and raps bullshit, hip hop has become so shit, acting as if we care when his shitty album will be released, excuse my French.

  • Anonymous

    He's Taking His Time On Bad Boy, Cuz He Doesn't Know When His Album Is Going To Come Out, If At All. Everybody Knows When You An Artist On Bad Boy You Have A Long Shelf Life! Good Luck Frenchie . . . You Should Of Signed Wit Def Jam

  • Anonymous

    topics french album: coke, coke and coke. Oh i forgot money

  • Coolstory

    oh wow.. ross, kanye, big sean etc.. Really??? those are the obligatory features nowadays.. every recent release has had the same damn features so im guessing we're going to be subjected to the same damn content about the same damn topics..all they ever do now is repackage the same damn music with different faces on the cover.. i dont even know how one can look forward to release anymore. Plus French Montana is boring as hell! That is all

  • Anonymous

    too many features all you need is max

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i dont like french's delivery its so boring

  • Anonymous

    It's sad that French Montana can put in effort to get an album out, yet Dre can't get it together in 10 years to release Detox.

  • fernandog

    i luv french buh why da fuk he always shoutin out and workin with this cop nigga all da time

  • Anonymous

    Why is it necessary to report where he is from? Who cares.....he sucks anyway

  • Anonymous

    All these fucking wack rappers i can't believe what hip hop has become its like watching a bad comedy



  • Neon Voyce

    Can't wait for this wack album to flop...way too overrated he is. Nothing special just a number under so many rappers out there like 2 Chainz...

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