Copywrite To Release "God Save The King: Proper English Version," MHz Project

In less than a month, Copywrite will drop his alternate version to his 2012 album. He also has a MHz project coming, featuring Harry Fraud production, new recordings and unreleased Camu Tao material.

Columbus, Ohio emcee Copywrite will complete plans to re-release his February album, God Save The King with a remixed version. God Save The King: Proper English Version will release August 7, featuring guest emcees from the United Kingdom, on his partially British-inspired album. The notables include Context, Dru Blu, Mystro and longtime Diplomats affiliates S.A.S.

The Man Bites Dog Records album will still include production from RJD2, Khrysis, Stu Bangas, Vanderslice and Bronze Nazareth, among others.

A label press release also confirmed Copy's longtime plans to release a project from his MHz crew, which includes RJD2, Tage Future, Jakki Da Motamouth and the late Camu Tao. Still in completion, the work planned for late 2012 release features involement from Slug, Ill Bill, Slaine, along with production by Harry Fraud, !llmind, Marco Polo and RJD2. The project, billed as being by MHZ Legacy, will include previously unheard Camu Tao material.

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