Busta Rhymes & Trina Offer Support To Frank Ocean After Open Letter

Busta Rhymes and Trina each offer words of encouragement to Frank Ocean.

When Frank Ocean posted an open letter to his Tumblr account earlier this week stating that his first love was a man, the Internet quickly erupted with commentary, both positive and negative.

Among the supporters of Ocean after he apparently came out as a gay man are rappers Trina and Busta Rhymes, who offered words of encouragement.

"He's extremely talented and that's what matters," said Trina to TMZ.

Trina continued, stating that the Odd Future member's career should not be affected whatsoever by the letter. "I don't think [Frank's] music or the level of support his music obtains should be judged based on his sexual preference."

"If he's happy and comfortable with his sexuality then so be it," she added. "I feel his decision to come forward was bold and honest. It's his life. Let him enjoy and live it. I wish him much success and happiness."

Busta Rhymes also addressed Frank Ocean in an interview with MTV News.

"Whatever that man does in his personal space is that man's choice and that man's business," said Busta. "I am an extremely huge fan of Frank Ocean. His music is impeccable to me, and as far as I'm concerned, I respect the dude completely."

"From Hip Hop all the way down to the common man...we're at a place in life where we gotta respect and accept what people choose as their path that they wanna walk in life, because ultimately you want people to respect what you choose as your path and your journey in life," he added.

Watch Busta's interview below:

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  • Ttito

    Hip Hop music is full of hypocrites. Most of the mc's that are supporting Frank Ocean have at least one homophobic line on each one of their albums. If they are really support Frank Ocean for admitting he's gay, thay also should appologize to the gay community for his homophobic lyrics.

  • illuminat8i

    Nothing wrong with gays nigga, but dont be forcing it on niggas dog, thats the argument here.... if you really have an issue with gays you probably gay too... fact... but the niggas like me who have a problem with the agenda is separating your personal choice and the industry pushing this shit on us... why cant yall see this shit.... everyone saying, this is important cause a lot of people suffer from the depression of being gay.... nigga please... a lot more people suffer from not having food to eat or a place to sleep everyday, but we dont hear and see tv shwos and songs collectively making sure everyone gets behind that movement... so what makes the gay issue take precedence? AGENDA.. in the industry, you gonna work with gay people, and 99% of the time they aint trying to fuck with you, they know there role, most aren't flamers, so it aint nothing.... but that is DIFFERENT than making this gay issue bigger than other issues that effect ALL PEOPLE, not just gay people. we dont need to know you suck dick... the fuck my opinion got to do with you sucking dick? NOTHING... so why is it an issue for the masses to debate?.. AGENDA..

  • John VI

    There is nothing wrong with gay people. You all need to get your facts straight. Sexuality is just another way for us to discriminate each other. You would think we would know that as people that have been oppressed and put down through out history. And as black people we can't support a member of our own community because he is gay?? Come on y'all. SMH



  • Fuck YMCMB

    Fuck you Busta tryna get some attention by talking about that faggot, nigga you ain't getting shit stop rapping and die.

  • illuminat8i

    THE GATES ARE CLOSED NIGGGA. Your music or movies aint getting in this industry unless you make a pact for a few people. And you real gangsta niggas, stop shootin these niggas in the hood, and start plotting on these tax men, cause its yall dont give a fuck niggas that actually have the heart of a TRUE american, but your guns is aimed the wrong way...

  • illuminat8i

    agenda my nigga professor griff exposes the gay music industry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LCybsLhVY8&feature=related fact is, everyone running this world is gay, because sex with a man produces male energy, and it is a type of control over the mind when a male fucks you in the ass.... its energy transfer... thats why there's sex involved in dark rituals, not for pleasure, but to channel energy... when you're with a woman, the balance happens, it completes the energy cycle... and that will promote harmony, it'll make a man LOVE... so you cant be in this dark circle and be about love, cause YOU WILL TURN ON THEM.... SO THEY MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT IN THE ASS... There is tons of research on this... The family is the #1 target here... see how these niggas wanna be all sympathetic to gays, but a black man is still hated on and cant find a job... for real? and we aint got no tv shows to make black people like good, or look like hard workers... but they got 101 shows of showing the life of gay people and how we supposed to accept that shit.. the NATI uses jay, and ye, which used frank and more to come, as tools to reenforce this world wide agenda to the black community... the white community got other media public figures doing this shit.. niggas on DX need to wake the fuck up... it aint about not being tolerable to gay people, there's some people who's gay, if you have half a brain, it wont bother you... what should bother you is how their gay issues are more important than PEOPLE issues that effect you, like jobs, clean water... why yo money is printed by a private banking cartel and you are basically a slave without chains learning how to be based off what you see on the media... like niggas on DX be riding for Officer Ross, fake ass niggas... like there is no other niggas in the hood who can't spit... niggas is washed nigga.. Again, if you gay, be gay nigga, but don't try to turn everyone who doesn't accept homosexuality into some type of homophobic shit... that's like a gangsta nigga being a gangsta, he aint out here trying to recruit on tv and making a whole movement... not the niggas who ACTUALLY do it.... its the gay jew muthafuckas that promote that gangster shit... they got the keys to show the masses what they want them to see to influence a chain of events... cause they know you niggas is dumb.. niggas aint trippin off gay niggas, we trippin off how much attention this shit gets and why people who are clearly smart enough to realize your private life is NO ONES business but you are YOURS, so when you make it OURS, we know there's an agenda... especially when frank is now representing 2 groups of people who CLEARLY WITHOUT DOUBT support illuminati shit... they know you niggas is dumb.... fuck ass all day nigga, but don't try to get us to accept it... that's the beef here, nothing else... keep it to yourself.... we aint got nothing to do with you doing that... so why you making it our business... AGENDA

    • illuminat8

      what you mean trying to sound educated? I have hit singles... yall should be happy someone on the inside letting yall know how it really go down.... they pushing the gay agenda my nigga, did you see googles "gay movement" today that trended on twitter.... hmmmmmmmmmm why you think only the same niggas get coverage and publicity? hmmmmmm including me... im in dog... but im not really in if you know what i mean... If I told you who I was you'd lose your shit, but so would I... lose it all.. the fuck I got to lie about.. i aint getting paid off telling you this... im just trying to wake you the fuck up... p.s. that nigga sound a bit like bobby valentino and a hand full of r and b niggas who use the same type of melodic styling, pseudo deep lyrics, about men and when you deal with the dark side, the music got to be dark... you cant tell me you heard a straight up delphonics type jam in a long time, I dont mean no throw back shit, but a no brainer well produced love song that a nigga is pouring into it.... dog, dont sit here and act like hes hard... thats just shitting on all the greats.... .... all this new shit (which im involved with) is on some tainted shit... speaking of tainted... slum and dilla shit on all these niggas.... i fucks with those niggas

    • Anonymous

      You tried so very hard to come off as being educated, but you spent about 45 minutes talking shit. None of what you said made any sense. You sound as if you just read up on some shit and typed it out.

  • illuminat8i

    watch my nigga http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1zaSRHtK3E&feature=related agenda

  • owyeah

    hell yeah busta! spoken like a true G.

  • wishworks

    Damn no church in the wild huh ? lol

  • DrBold

    You homophobic douchebags are acting like you all have dicks up your ass. Oh and god is dead. 666

    • uhhhh

      @NONO i think he/she was joking and i dont think he/she was gay. you just assume people standing up for gays are gay.. .which is why you make sure to keep your bias homophobic opinion

    • NONO

      God can only be dead if you see the Creator as just a physical being..Mind that you could be speaking on wider variety than you think..You gays better find better ways to stick up for yourself other than attacking people that mean you no harm...Be smarter against your enemy..You will lose this way..

    • NONO

      God can only be dead if you see the Creator as just a physical being..Mind that you could be speaking on wider variety than you think..You gays better find better ways to stick of for yourself other than attacking people that mean you no harm...Be smarter against your enemy..You will lose this way..

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    Never realized that hiphop was really that homophobic I thought it was about freedom of expression... y'all are some ignorant ass fucks

  • Cudder

    "the race card is overused try something else to back up your argument for christ sake" listen you bitch nigga ass-crack dumb motherfucka. the reason it's overused is because it's TRUE, like ETK said. if it weren't, we wouldn't be sayin it. and y'all are the ones usin the same insults towards gay people day in day out. that's some hypocritical bullshit if I've ever seen it. so shut your excusing ass mouth up. or whatever, keep hiding behind these comment sections lashin at gay people cause y'all dick too small to even get a girl yourselves. no-life punk bitches

    • antsmith2450

      Sick of hearing the word "homophobic". Im not afraid of fags I just dont like them. I punch a gay man in the face just as quick as a straight one.

    • Cudder

      Lmao I'm making you homophobic ashamed of your selves, of your community? HOW WILL I EVER LIVE Just shut the fuck up, if I'm a black sheep then you're an inbred retarded circumcised goat. You have no legal to stand on, you're a bigot and you are a sad sad man. Good day nigga.

    • Anonymous

      just shut the fuck up nigga stupid niggas like yourself are makin us ashamed of our community. you just proved how ignorant you are with your post. discrimination is everywhere. some white folks are racists and some black cats are too. it goes both way ! I'm just tired of pussy ass niggas like you pulling some shitty arguments to prove your point. i quote your bitch ass : " (...) if it weren't, we wouldn't be saying it". so if i go further in your non sense bullshit you establish something as the truth since you saw it "everywhere" huh ? ok then so i can say gay people are nothin but some hungry cocks mothafuckas since i "saw it" everywhere ! i bet an idiot like you must call everywhere your backyard, the street corner of your neighborhood, or even the hallway of your apartment. and i bet you never lived what you "saw" either. you're just another fuckin black sheep milking the public's ignorance by intoxicating the network with your ignorant ass comment. and what's the difference with an "anonymous" nickname and "Cudder" ? Cudder is just a fictional name you gave therefore you're also "hiding" behind these comment sections lashing at people who don't share your opinions. fuckin hypocrit

  • spike373

    ... smh! Man, this gay agenda is stronger than any black/civil rights movement/agenda ever was. Busta went off on Afrika Baby Bam as a batty boy, when Baby Bam put on make-up. And now, he's all supportive of Frank Ocean. Personally, if the music like that who cares, but what's with all the tripping over ourselves to co-sign all the batty boy-ness in society? That ish is totally unnecessary. Live and let live but damn not everything has to be accepted. Not everything is for everyone. This world is on some other ish for real.

  • illumin8i

    you see how much everyone is "supporting" frank... dx is putting any article up every minute when a nigga accepting him, but how about put an article up of niggas talkin the other side... this nigga frank aint that sick.. donny hathaway, that nigga was nice, al green, that nigga was nice, this nigga is only impressing niggas who forgot music pre 2010 this nigga made a 10 minute songs... and it was a looped beat, with 2 movements... LOOPS NIGGA? Nigga please, listen to lenny williams on the 10 minute joints yo, with the musicians ripping... no loops, no repeating your vocal melodies.. the game today graded on the curve, the secret society give attention to all this shitty fucking music, then they throw frank ocean in the mix.... niggas is gullible... put any of his songs to any TRUE R&B singer, and his album is trash... this is some real godless shit... i dont feel it my nigga... and yoi bitch niggas think you see something the rest of us dont... nah nigga, we smoking good to them classics my nigga....

  • illumin8i

    This is on some agenda Illuminati shit 1. He associated with OF, clearly 666 re-presenters, and arguably why they made so much noise last year (along with asap rocky), and why hes riding with Ye (who is gay without a doubt), and Jay Z (who has clearly taken it in the ass to get or maintain his hold) 2. This is on some agenda shit. why? who frank fucks is his business. Him telling everyone is not liberating, because none of anyones opinions matters. He is clearly smart enough to know this.. so why tell everyone before your album drops?? 3. There ARE some gay people who cant help it, its all good, but there are a lot more people who are experimenting with gay.. And if all these people are pushing the gay / jewish agenda which has tons of other ties to shit i wont go into... what is this really all about? ITs about population control, its about male energy. You see, women are the key to peace on earth, so rap is being used to demean women, and now, make being gay OK. again, if you are REAAAALY gay, it IS OK, but thats not what this is about... understand this Frank, ye, jay, ross, drake, puff, baby, all the bullshit on the radio, all them niggas take it in the butt, real talk... simple youtube search on professor griff (who was kicked out of public enemy for calling out the zionist jew agenda) will break it down, along with tons of other videos. Dont be a stupid fuckin nigga..

    • Anonymous

      They don't have enough money to be illuminati you dumb porch monkey. Just coz they're big in your eyes, they aren't big in the grand scheme of things. You're also being hella ignorant about the whole "gay" situation.

  • last real nigga alive

    the awkward moment...when frank ocean makes a move on busta rhymes.

  • war22

    u know whats funny...Tyler the Creator calling Bruno a fag when all of this time Frank Ocean was hanging out with Odd Future and Tyler knew about him being gay...fuckin hypocrite...another thing co signing gay ppl in hiphop not cool ...i said it before and ill say it again the minute a rapper comes out and say he's a fag im done with rap...real talk

    • Big Liss

      You should go ahead and be done with hip hop then because it's my understanding that there are A LOT of gay rappers that just haven't come out. They play up the whole "macho" thing for image when it's not them at all. Think about it...it's cool for a rapper to be flamboyant as hell but if a dude that works at a hair salon is flamboyant, people look at him funny....put two and two together. I don't know TOO MANY straight men that are flamboyant like that...but look at hip hop. They're ALL OVER THE place. I'm just saying....

    • Anonymous

      No he used the word fag as in "wow this dudes a fag he makes shit music" Tyler wasn't calling him gay

  • brian

    honestly who cares one way or the other? it's not like frank's gonna come knocking on all your doors and try to seduce you, so why get worked up about it? i don't know about y'all, but i'm gonna go on living my own life because this doesn't affect me in the slightest. and i'm still gonna listen to nostalgia/ultra.

  • Anonymous

    I like dude music....BUUUUT.....if he is being clear and descriptive in a song that he is singing to a another man....I can't listen to that...just can't vibe. I can NOT AND I MEAN CAN NOT...RIDE AROUND LISTENING TO A MAN SINGING ABOUT TAKING IT BALLS DEEP FROM ANOTHER DUDE.....just can't. As long as he is not gender specific in his songs...i'm cool. DON'T HATE ON MY OPINION....

    • Immortal On My Grind

      But you still can't fuck a girl, can't get a job, can't get out of your mom's house. Admit it, nigga, you're trash, you're nothing.

    • court_jester

      Frank has been making music for years now, and has been gay this whole time. If he hasn't made a song about fuckin a dude yet then why would he start now

    • yea

      dawg I was just sayin the SAME shh to my girl a minute ago! Agree with everything u said man

    • yea

      dawg I was just sayin the SAME SH.iT to my girl a minute ago! Agree with everything u said man

    • yea

      dawg I was just sayin the SAME SHIT to my girl a minute ago! Agree with everything u said man

  • Nigga From San Diego

    Whatever Busta give up on rapping talking about Frank Ocean ain't gonna help you sell records

  • ETK

    you know what the sad thing is? if the Internet existed 50 years ago, and they had these bitch ass comment sections by then, I don't even need to tell you how many white people with hoodies on their heads would be on a site like this callin' rappers and breakout black musicians good for nothin niggers. food for thought to y'all homophobes posting the stupidest shit

    • ETK

      If I'm putting you on the same basket as everyone else, why you catchin feelings? Cause you're an idiot. I'LL USE THE RACE CARD ANYDAY over being a bitch ass bigot. So suck my dick. It'll teach you some tolerance. Lmao

    • Anonymous

      i never came with a "homo homo ass ass faggot faggot" line bitch ass nigga so don't put everybody in the same basket otherwise you would act like the same racist mothafuckas you just pointed out in your first comment : making assumptions bout people without any strong basis and then establishing generalities about them just because you saw a few other mothafuckas acting the wrong way fuckin asshole you really don't know what you talkin bout do you ? still puling the same race card over and over again over nothin. that's why at the end of the day some people don't believe this discrimination thing anymore cause bitches like you are overusing it ! and it's my last comment i've better shit to do than replying to a pussy ass nigga like you stupid ignorant fuck !

    • ETK

      and you're one to talk about using another argument, y'all spout the same shit about gay people. "homo homo ass ass faggot faggot ewww eww" 24/7, and you're tellin ME to use a different argument? fuckin nerve

    • ETK

      it's overused because it's true you inbred moron

    • Anonymous

      both of yall are nothin but dickheads the race card is overused try something else to back up your argument for christ sake



  • Anonymous

    hating gay people is no different than hating black people

  • Wow

    Isn't Busta homophobic??

  • Damn

    Smh even Busta a homo too.

  • Anonymous

    Busta's a real dude. See, only the insecure and ignorant really give a damn about Frankie O's revelation, most adults just don't give a fuck because he's an entertainer, so the only thing that matters is if he entertains. That leaves those who are unhappy with themselves and those who are simply unaware of the world.

  • Anonymous

    alot of you typing gay thoughts haha a bunch of fags

  • dmkbasdsd

    well said bruh dont let these father children run the world haha with their insecure attitude and lost idea on what manhood is. they probably headed to jail any way haha stand on corner trying to be a baller to fuck bitches thats what man is. and pull out your gun and blow a nigga head off. write me letter from jail fatherless child.

  • oasis

    Does this mean HIP HOP IS CO SIGNING HOMSEXUALITY. As far as his musical ability, he's still a good singer, but it doesnt changed the fact that he's gay. billions of artists are gay or were gay. They say Langston Hughes and James Baldwin were gay, but they were still gay. I dont think it should affect his career, but I surely dont think that the Hip HOp community should start co signing and making it seem okay to be gay.

  • Anonymous

    all evidence points to obama being a fag. welcome to america. home of the first gay ngger president

  • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER

    I know half the niggers on here closet gays hiding in there own insecurities. I respect and support him, maybe get your narrow minded head out your arse, or the one of the man your fcking. How does this change his music? He still makes good shit. But go on make your homophobic statements aint got time for niggers like you in 2012. Drake gay too & ya'll know it but yet you sgtill bump to him -.- YMCMB MMG SOLDIERS

  • murdock

    he is a good artist and i dont give a fuck who the man fucks...BUT im not gonna listen to his shit anymore when his love songs or whatever else is talking about another man i just dont relate.whatdo I look like vibing to a song about another man???nah son ill pass

  • Gmix

    On behalf on MMG: "We don't fucks with gay love music. Period. *No Homo*

  • beef beef

    couldnt really give a fuck if he's gay bi or whatever as least he aint hiding it behind a fake gangster image claiming blood gang in his late 20's and skateboarding around like a fucking 9 year old retard What-Up WEEZY!!!

  • milehighkid303

    God looking down on this world shakin' His head. Do I hate gay people? NOPE. Sure don't, SIN is SIN, PERIOD. BUT what I'm NOT ok with, is how OUR SOCIEY HAS PAINTED THIS PICTURE AS RIGHT: From Hip Hop all the way down to the common man...we're at a place in life where we gotta respect and accept what people choose as their path that they wanna walk in life, because ultimately you want people to respect what you choose as your path and your journey in life," WRONG!!! It is STATED in the Bible that there is a CLEAR way to live, and YOUR OWN PATH is NOT RIGHT, no matter what it is. Could be gang banging, cursing when you want, pre-marital sex, gambling, etc. and saying to someone, "It's MY life, I'll choose to live how I want...." I CAUTION all of us on this idea, YOUR LIFE WAS GIVEN TO YOU BY A CREATOR and SALVAGED by CHRIST JESUS, from Hip Hop on down, this world needs to really smarten up.......fast. One love yall.....

    • chillin

      Look I respect your beliefs-as long as their manifestation isn't discrimination against gays. People used the scripture to justify slavery, eugenics and discrimination against people of color. I don't subscribe to any religion. If you don't dig the gay lifestyle, don't engage in it. But also understand that one's identity or one's lifestyle doesn't make a person. People happen to be comprised of many things and as long as those things aren't harming others than that's okay and they should be respected.

    • Lol

      It's a sin to pass judgement on fellow man. All sins are equally as bad, from stealing to being a homosexual. By your own logic, you're just as bad as the people you are persecuting. By the way, I am atheist.

    • ASEE

      If LOVE is a sin then we're all sinners

    • Anonymous


    • Miles

      I bet you your favorite rapper/singer has commited just as much or more sin than Frank Ocean.

    • Colder

      Religion should have NOTHING to do with what society does and doesn't accept.

    • cos

      I agree but the sad fact is that a lot of people in our society don't believe in GOD, religion, the bible and Jesus. They believe GOD doesn't exist and that were the wackos.

  • Homophobic Cunts

    bastards the lot of you

  • Anonymous

    cool man... this is what these dumbfucks who comment need to understand and JUST NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHO FRANK OCEAN FUCKS, it's a bit suspect that they care so much but it's whatever...

    • Anonymous

      ahah Lol backing himself up on some anonymous nickname typical bitch move my god there are only kids on the HHDX

    • Anonymous

      well said "Lol" you ethered him for me...

    • @Lol

      just finished readin this fuckin "novel" of yours your comment is pointless just move out of the way

    • Lol

      He assumed that shit because why does it matter who he has had feelings for? In what way does that bother you, or affect your life in any way? Why would you get so butthurt over someone else's sexuality? All signs point to the fact that you're insecure with yourself to the point that you feel uncomfortable with another person's preference. Why is that? If you're a straight male, you'd be fine. It's not up to you whether you cosign homosexuality, because it happens. Guarantee there are some dudes in your own family who are on the down low. Why have bigoted point of views in 2012? There was a point in time where African Americans were persecuted for being born a certain way, now that that's done, you think it's cool to persecute someone else for the way they were born? I bet you're going to feel really bad when you realize your girl is singing his songs. You're going to feel even worse when you realize that you like the songs. You probably feel terrible that you used to sing his songs while you were scrubbin' your balls in the shower. Leave the bigoted, narrow-minded shit aside and stop hating and stop trying to take away from someone's pursuit of happiness just because you don't "cosign". You idiots amaze me with what you are afraid of LOL

    • Anonymous

      so when i say "i don't co sign homosexuality" it's nothin but bullshit to you huh ? let me guess we don't have the right to read an article and give an opinion about its content unless we agree with what it is said. plus it is not like i came here and curses at frank ocean because he is gay. i just give my thought just like everyone else here bout how society is making this shit looking like the new coolness of our modern times. starting with assholes of your kind trying to sound clever when you pretend to know what people really feel bout this situation just to make them looking like a bunch of close minded fucks still living in Middle Ages. you even might call this the truth i call it INTOXICATION. you just trivializing things by ignoring at least half of people's opinion on this matter. and since i lose my time replying to your bullshit comments i won't respond to you anymore fuckin dickhead !

    • Anonymous

      ACTUALLY the whole reason I can't stand people coming on Frank Ocean's posts and giving him abuse is because when I found out he was gay I was grossed out then I felt guilty for feeling like that, so it goes to prove that because you like the fact that there are dudes fucking other dudes you don't have to go on his posts and just spawt bullshit... "fuckin dick !"

    • Anonymous

      i guess you feel like you sound clever with this kind of "it's a bit suspect that they care so much but it's whatever" line huh ? just because people don't dig this homosexual thing does not mean they care who frank ocean is gettin laid with. how did you presume that shit anyway you dumb fuck ?? people like you trying to twist shit up make me sick. SINCE YALL CRITICIZING PEOPLE FOR BEING SO INTOLERANT WITH GAY PEOPLE JUST START GETTING TOLERANT YOURSELVES WITH THE ONES WO DON'T SHARE YOUR VIEWS. OTHERWISE IT WOULD MEAN YOU AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A MOTHAFUCKIN HYPOCRIT BEGGIN FOR MORE TOLERANCE IN THIS WORLD WHILE YOU CAN'T ACCEPT OTHER PEOPLE 'S REJECTION TOWARDS CERTAIN THINGS fuckin dick !

  • Busta Rhymes is gay

    I betcha Busta Rhymes like it up the ass. After his last album flopped, he was desperate to be successful. He probably let Birdman hit it before signing to Cash Money, the gayest record label around.

  • count melancholy

    busta is being diplomatic there and notice how he says it was his choice rather than his nature. busta is a known homophobe. he may have said he respects frank's choice, but he don't approve of it. in fact, he explicitly said in a documentary years back that homosexuals have no place in hiphop. there was a backlash and chuck d was asked about the situation. he said that busta had no authority to say what he said. the funny part was that chuck d has regularly exalted farrakhan and told people to follow him. farrakhan follows the scriptures and condemned homosexuality as a sin like the bible says and talks in scathing terms about people who accept homosexuality as nature rather than choice. there's alot of two facedness going on here, people with double standards. people are scared to say what they really feel. speak up busta and tell us how you feel about his homosexuality. he never said he supported frank ocean's sexuality, hiphopdx, he said he respected his choice. there is a difference if you look closely.

    • Lol

      Just like all organisms on earth, ideals and stances can evolve as well. I bet you used to say the toothfairy was real, now you probably have a different viewpoint and different stance on the matter. Since when are people barred to what they said YEARS ago, as though you are allowed to have one thought and one thought only on a subject. You should think before you start typing shit.

  • vegas_hiphop

    want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch http://youtu.be/ZdGxOluRE_8 its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch http://youtu.be/ZdGxOluRE_8 its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch http://youtu.be/ZdGxOluRE_8 its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch http://youtu.be/ZdGxOluRE_8 its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch http://youtu.be/ZdGxOluRE_8 its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch http://youtu.be/ZdGxOluRE_8 its some fire!!!

  • Anonymous

    faggotery is takin this world over fuck busta rhymes and yall fuckin weirdos fucked up mind of yours tryna make homosexuality a cool thing this shit is really turning into a big mothafuckin joke since i see a lot of yall bitch ass co signin this shit what's next ?? fucking your pet ?? fuck outta here ...

    • YESSIR

      Finally someone who knows what hes talking about These people make me sick...fucking gay lovers go choke on a dick

    • count melancholy

      busta rhymes is not cosigning it. he said he respects his choice and likes his music, but he never said he supported frank's sexuality. busta rhymes is a known homophobe and has said he was against homosexuality publicly before, and if they asked him, he would say it again too, im sure of it. hiphopdx is trying to paint a picture of support for frank, but most rappers will say that they think homosexuality is wrong on levels, even if they respect the homosexual's 'choice' to have homosexual relations, they never say they agree or support that lifestyle.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I Respect Busta Even More For Sayin' This...


    im getting sick and tired of these gay supportin ass niggas fuck yall.....yall a big shame to the rap community, accepting shit like this not that it matters, but aint busta a muslim? and now he out supportin this shit? ahahahaha fuck that nigga too then we aint hatin dawg, we just doing whats normal....having dicks by dudes up your ass, now that aint normal

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  • word up

    Busta...Trina...i want to shake your hands. if this keeps up.Music really can change the world.im not sayin everything is guna be str8 up world peace but i know its guna open some doors as far as peace and maturity and growth in music and possibly the world. Frank Ocean is the shit yo stop hatin faggots.

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