Pusha T Discusses "New God Flow" & Collaboration With Chris Brown

Pusha T talks about the meaning behind "New God Flow" and shares more on his collaboration with Chris Brown.

Last night, G.O.O.D. Music emcees performed at the BET Awards and "New God Flow" was premiered. Before the show, Pusha T spoke with VIBE about the song and explained the title. He also spoke more about his collaboration with Chris Brown and their ties to Virginia. 

"It's just upper level hip-hop," he shared of "New God Flow." "It's just my way of saying that my level Hip Hop and level of lyricism is just Godly."

P also discussed his recent collaboration with Chris Brown, saying more will be announced about that track at a later time.

"Me and Chris, we're both from Virginia and we just made a banger. Y'all will hear about that soon," he said. "I just like to throw out records and wherever they land, they land." 

Pusha also shared that "New God Flow" will be the next single off Cruel Summer, the G.O.O.D. Music compilation disc which will be out in August. 

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  • dentaldamboy

    Pusha T so lyrical. I especially love it when he raps about his salmon colored suit from the VMAs. This guy is a totally joke. No one cares about him in the industry. He has NO MIXTAPE / ALBUM coming out. That's how little buzz he has. Everything he drops, flops with a huge thud. He's one level above French Montana lyrically. Lot's of people on here are very critical of Wayne cause he does drugs, doesn't donate to charity, and has kids out of wedlock. But you can't say anything about his creativity or lyricism.

    • Violator

      Agreed. Wayne one of the most creative rappers I heard in a while. These days he a bit annoying at best, but a few years ago, he had the whole world on his dick

    • @dentaldamboy

      How does Wayne's dick taste? Besides, everything you said has no truth behind it. Wayne has zero creativity and his lyricism sucks.

    • Anonymous

      Wayne creative??? So, do u like it when Wayne puts a dental dam in his anus?

  • Point Blank

    I lost all respect for this guy once he said he wasnt dissin drake in exodus when clearly he was. whats up with rappers diss tracks n then denying it when confronted about it.. pussy shit

    • kandonga

      he is not denying, he has just asked all who said he was refering to wayne/drake, where he specifically disses them. at the same time he is saying if the shoe fits.....

    • Anonymous

      Pusha and No Malice are politicians. Pusha Ton is playing this whole Drake and Wayne thing like a true politician.

    • GQ

      he didnt deny it, but he's jus toying wit it & thats dumb! but pusha will wreck on any of those ymcmb clowns, no doubt!

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