50 Cent Explains His Working Relationship With Lloyd Banks

50 Cent explains why he feels Lloyd Banks needs to take the reins of his own career.

Complex recently caught up with 50 Cent and DJ Drama to discuss their highly anticipated mixtape The Lost Tapes. During the interview, the Queens rapper discussed his working relationship with G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks and the struggles of developing an artist.

Fif reiterated his statement from a recent interview with Funkmaster Flex that the Punchline King has reached a point in his career where he needs to set out on his own business. He said that he's always wanted his G-Unit partners to succeed and make a brand for themselves. At the same time, however, Fif feels like he has been taking time away from cultivating his own brand in order to ensure that all of his proteges stay relevant.

"You know what’s really interesting? No matter how much you do for an artist, I don’t think you can prevent there from being a point that the artist wants it to be about them, regardless of who it is. I think when you’re not an artist, and you’re an executive, you never have that conflict," he explained. "I want [my artists] to be bigger. You want them to have their own record companies and everything else. But when people lose sight of how people actually get to the point that you’re at, it gets really uncomfortable...you want to offer them the opportunity to take your base and make it theirs...we’re all made of something different. Even though we all function the same, as humans, we’ve got different qualities and talents. I’d like for them all to establish themselves in their own right and the way to do it is to give them space. You can shit or get off the toilet. As far as I’m concerned, you can figure out how to move or you can sit there until nobody cares you’re there. It’s not going to make me any bigger or less than I am now. And that’s not towards Banks - that’s towards any artist at this point."

He added, "The question is, have you ever had people who work for you, that you work for? Because it gets interesting when you get to a point where this person’s under you - they work for you - and you’re working for them. They don’t respond to what you’re saying, they just wait around. You’re just sitting there like, 'Yo, you’re going to miss the fucking boat. You’ve got to do this like this, now.' You’re moving things in place, pretty much making it more convenient for them to execute it, and then they come when they feel like coming...but I’m not running around, jumping through hoops, making it super convenient for them. I’m going to let them work now. I’ve done enough for all of them."

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  • jaceshadoe

    what happened whant Game's 1st album dropped???? "I want [my artists] to be bigger

  • jaceshadoe

    "I want [my artists] to be bigger"

  • Who You Represent

    50 Cent GRODT: 8,000,000 Worldwide: 20,000,000 Massacre: 6,000,000 Worldwide: 15,000,000 You niggas 0 50 WINS!!!

  • KY

    Why doesn't 50 cent worry about his own musical failures instead of what's going on with Banks. The fact is 50 hasn't been relevant in hip hop in a few years now, and all of his features on hit songs are all just nostalgic. Lloyd Banks is a dope mc who had a couple bangers on his last album, which is more than you can say about 50.

    • Anonymous

      "Why doesn't 50 cent worry about his own musical failures instead of what's going on with Banks." Isnt that what he is saying in the article?

    • lol

      stfu if he was not relevant you would not have read the article you would have overlooked it put the fact that you read and post you opinion tells me his not as irrelevant as you claiming

  • Anonymous

    Banks will never be as big as Fif once was. It's just not practical to think that. That said, his last album did generate a monster single, so he's not dead in the water. He just needs to be consistent with the moves he makes now.

    • Matt

      He might not ever be "bigger" commercially, but I don't think many people would argue that Banks is a better pure rapper than 50, and this is coming from a huge 50 fan. There is a reason why there is always so much anticipation for Banks' mixtapes: because he puts out quality shit.

  • Milehighkid303

    You guys ARE ALL BROADS! Strait up! Banko is my favorite MC hands down, followed him since 97'. With that said THESE TWO GREW UP AROUND THE STREET FROM EACH OTHER, quit twisting EVERYTHING 50 says into your guys' lil G-UNOT HATERADE FANTASIES, these guys have made MORE $ than arguably any threesome or group ever. They've shared so much success and 50 is the OPTIME of what you should be as a boss, friend, etc. He put EVERYBODY on and made sure all were fed. The fact 90% of you homos wake up with a new idea of how to SPAM on this guys songs, stories and headlines is just so laugable at this point it really is a disgrace. G-Unit is the most hated on group ever and yet they had a following that at its peak was rivaled by non other than IMO Wu Tang. The hate is OLD, PlAYED, etc. Let the shit go 50 is here to stay, Banks aint going anywhere and if we wanna get TECHNICAL, the ORIGINAL 3, are still intacted. Besides, Bang Em Smurf had more cred with 50 than Game and Buck could ever dream of, next time you homos question 50's legitness, peep that DVD back in the day of Bang Em and Domination talking about 50.....you herbs of today dont know shit but GOSSIP.....ONE.

    • milehighkid303

      @WHAT, you'll prolly call me a groupie but I could care less.Yes I said since 97'round that time 50 was coming up in Queens and IF you know, JMJ got ahold of him. AT THAT TIME banks was around 19, and I had a friend who lived in NY at that time, he got ahold of some Banks material when he ran with a group called 134 ALL STARS, so yes, I've had some material of theres that's not EVEN ON THE STREET, so, when you try to tell me about a group that I've followed since before the "community" knew about them check your facts. Banks was too young at the time 50 was really getting it popping. Like I said they literrally grew up down the street from each other. AND, God's plan wasnt even 50's first mixtape homeboy, Banks can be found on 5O Cent is the Future. Appreciate your two cents tho.

    • what?

      followed him since 97 lmao nigga shut up Banks got in the scene when he was feature on 50 cents mixtape "gods plan" and that was in late 2000 early 01....if you had said i followed fif since 97 that would have made some sense

    • Anonymous

      tru dat when your enimies say you get it in you CERTIFIED

  • Anonymous

    Mixtape is dope.Feels good to listen to something different that doesn't feature Officer Ricky, Drake, Lil wayne, etc... G-Unit stand on it's own don't need industry help!

  • Fabo

    So Basically Llyod Banks is getting the boot for talking with Meek Millz i heard and fif is catching feels like a female again, soon G-unit is going to be Fifty and Tony Gayo

    • Koollie

      You stupid man. 50 has nothing against Meek Mill. 50 has always been saying that Meek Mill is one of the best new guys that he likes. Listen to his last interview where 50 is praising Meek Mills grind. 50 is just saying that those artist need to start to do more by them self. In my opinion its not good though. They should always be close together, Like Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Wale. They should appear on eachothers mixtapes, clips shows.

    • Anonymous

      you cant read for shit

  • Fat Joe

    Lloyd Blanks Hunger For More: Platinum Rotten Apple: Gold Hunger For More 2: Wood (50,000 sold) Game The Documentary: 5x Platinum Doctor's Advocate: 4x Platinum LAX: Gold (800,000 sold) R.E.D: 300,000 sold

    • Anonymous

      50 cent Get Rich or Die Tryin'US: 8,086,000 Worldwide: 15,000,000 The MassacreUS: 5,286,000 Worldwide: 11,000,000 CurtisUS: 1,300,000 Worldwide: 2,000,000 Before I Self Destruct 650,000 1.2 mil world wide

    • Anonymous

      why you didnt put game numbers up next to 50 numbers? you big pussy

    • Anonymous

      we all know why the documentry sold knock it off game cant do shit for himself

    • Anonymous

      yeah but banks is worth 20 mil

  • Anonymous


  • Come on

    I love how ppl cut up the Game constantley when he was easily the most succesful person out of G-unit period his first two albums went platinum and his 3rd sold more than gold and his lastest which was completley slept still sold over 300 hundred thousand!!!! what has buck done banks or yayo, better yet hot rod?? haters you guys he still lives well tours and is still rich so give up on hating on the Game he made it already

  • banks the best in g-unit ever

    50 would be really dumb to let banks leave the camp completly cause that new guy hes got kidd kidd and that paris bitch aint gon do shit average at best. Banks has been the best mc outta the whole g-unit thing by a mile

  • bandwagon

    Best hip-hop is from Poland, American hip-hop sucks these days, sorry folks

  • huh

    Ever since Game left G-unit, that label slowly faded away, and when Buck left it seem to really hit bottom. Say what you want about Game, but he could have been 50 cents ace in the hole or gold mine, the same way 50 was for Eminem,Eminem for Dre, Drake is for Wayne now etc. Game was the biggest named artist to come out of that label and was the most marketable and talented,unfortunatley it didn't work out well and Game had a nice couple of years of no 50 and doing good but now has seemed to bottom out . I honestly feel 50 and Game could have taen the Hip Hop game over, because Banks is a talented rapper but he has not marketable value and just doesn't have the same mic presence or charisma/bravado that 50 and Game had, he was never gonna be anymore then a dope artist who makes a little noise here and there.

  • hardwhite

    Check my boy yung Saran out http://www.datpiff.com/Yung-Saran-Swagg-Swagg-The-Mixtape.265784.html Check out the new single http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmPa-kSOq4o&feature=youtube_gdata_player Twitter@yungsaran Facebook.com/yungsaranfan

  • Anonymous


  • General

    Of course the obvious thing you can take away is that 50 is trying to blame everyone else that he can for him not being hot anymore...He went after Dre, and now he is pointing the finger at Banks....the fact is that 50 made one hot CD and that is it, and the main reason that CD was hot was because of all the drama at the time and Dre and Em's backing

  • General

    The funny thing is that 50 is crying about his artists not being able to stand on their own, but when Game started to do that, he made a huge media stunt out of it...The fact is that with Game and Young Buck gone from G Unit, there is nobody that creates any buzz on their own, which is why they have flopped over and over again... However, what you are seeing out of 50 is the exact reason why Game and Buck left...He is only interested and only wants to take credit while you are hot, but when he see's that you are not, then he will throw you under the bus as quick as he can

    • ddd

      Game was never 50 cent artist Dre and Jimmy Iovine (fif bosses) put him in G-unit...Game was not standing on his own he was turning his back on the person who made him successful

    • In fairness

      50 Never wanted Game on G-Unit. Interscope paired Game with 50 cause they figuered 50 could a)help finish the album and b) the gunit grand would help market the album...and both of those assumptions were correct. The way 50 views Banks and Yayo is totally different then he would any of the outsiders like Game or Buck.

  • Anonymous

    youtube green nation MaFi G2

  • 1love

    i hope this explains why he has been so shitty since get rich or die trying.

  • Anonymous

    Gggggggg- U NOT. Banks is next to get the boot!

  • Anonymous

    I peep Game...50 seen that banks keep getting drawn into his ish, so that reason Banks can't work with certain people...so by disassociating himself, banks can go work with artist who necessarily wouldn't work with fif

  • Anonymous

    Banks been tweeting Meek Millz and Meek been tweeting him back so 50 is on his female shit again.

  • Anonymous

    Game & Buck had the best chance in succeeding, Buck fucked up, buy Game made it out on his own. Yayo ... nvm. Banks doing a little on his own now I guess...50..is taking baby steps back into the right direction with his mixtape with drama..

  • Anonymous

    Lloydbanks @Lloydbanks @MeekMill my nigga View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite Meek Mill @MeekMill S/o 2 my nigga @Lloydbanks just sent me case of rozayyyy #greenhouse Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

    • slav

      ahaha your funny GUNOTTTTTT

    • johndeathsentence

      BRO its 2012... game lost....game is a broke dude and dying in a gutter somewhere .. you sound so fucking lame man... don't hate cuz 50 is your nightmare...just take in the ass and be quiet...

  • Anonymous

    What's a better fantasy "label" at this point, G-Unit, DTP (Ludacris) or Roc-A-Fella alumni? Go Memphis Bleek!

  • Anonymous

    If you want the artist to work for himself, then you should release him from his contract.

    • Anonymous

      Banks doesn't have a label of his own. He is still signed to G Unit. His last album was on G Unit/EMI and that was a major label, so he was never independent.

    • Anonymous

      y would yayo have a problem? I wouldn't even know who Danny Brown was if it wasn't for a yayo mixtape. let you all tell it, U God never sold over a million copies and no one on the planet listens to him.

    • Solomon

      wow this country really raises dumb asses.. No wonder my state dumbing down the test scores.... Fif is just saying the know what to do.... Banks last album was done by himself and he can do it again... He just eating overseas right now... Same move fif did when he got big.... Banks caking..Only person that might and will have a problem with this is Yayo... How is he gonna eat? He needs to start a label... Thats his only out, but don't rap too much.. I like Yayo... He got his lane... But Banks is straight... If he is smart he will stay indie and cake of Fame... Fuck the labels...

    • YESSIR


  • Anonymous


  • da1

    Why doesn't he ever talk about Yayo haha.

  • Anonymous

    here goes fifty spreading his feelings out there again about his camp to the public like a bitch.now he see how master p may feel cause he went thru the same Shit gave niggas a shot at careers and a better life and niggas drugged his name in the dirt after it was all done.every bodys companys are ran different but if they look between the lines they'll see fifty getin tired of carryin them but he does Shit like a bitch and goes public with everything nothing sacurite no hunches no tongue control.fifty feel off music wise cause he doesn't have substance.



    • Anonymous

      huh? Nigga, Drake was bubbling out there all over the place b. He had radio mainstream play before YM. His buzz got him his deal. Just like 50 before Shady

    • Anonymous

      @yessir dude seriously, shut tha fuck up

  • Anonymous

    50 talking sideways out his mouth about the last talented artist in his crew, lol, I hope banks stops returing his calls, aint like 50 helps him sell records no more anyway, there's no legitimate reason he should stand there and let his "friend" disrespect him for no reason

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ Quit your babbling bitch , 50 basically found a nice way to say "I'm sick of carrying him" , the rest of you might be fooled but I can tell when somebody is talking slick

    • Anonymous

      He isn't talking sideways u dumbass he is saying that he has done everything for them and it got to a point where they thought he would keep doing it so he stopped so they can do it on there own, the nigga is like family to Lloyd banks but he isn't his father and he is a grown man 50 shouldn't have to put everything together for them all the time!!! U think dr dre holds em's hand for everything in order for them to grow as artist and take there careers to the next legal they have to make there own space. U hear him speaking from the big brother point of view and u think he is shitting on him but he isn't pay attention to what he is saying before u open your mouth

  • Anonymous

    His metaphors and the way he compares things blows. He thinks that he talks smart but hes really talking nonsense. This has nothing to do with him being an artist or his music. He just literally sounds like an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem seemed to do al right when he was working closely with Dr. Dre?

  • Anonymous

    At this point I'd much rather hear from Banks then 50

  • Lord Meth

    Okay, nigga, get off your high horse. Lloyd Bank's material has been shitting on your's for about two years now, Fif. Let's not pretend Banks isn't more well liked than you. Yeah, you dropped two solid mixtapes recently, but Banks's discogrophy surpasses yours by a long shot. Get off the nigga's neck. Yayo's the weak link of G-Unit.

    • Lord Meth

      ^^^ Real shit, man. I aint even think of it like that. He rushed into the CEO spot before he had a good legacy behind him.

    • Anonymous

      True. But 50's mistake was he got into the mogul shit to earlier instead f concentrating on the music to solidify his foundation. Like Jay-Z. 50, you can't do everything nigga, and still expect to make another GRODT. He needs someone else to concentrate on the business so he can work! Music that is..

  • Fish

    Cannot wait to see how Gayo gets on now he has to stand on his own two feet, LOL!!! G-Unot!!

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