Large Professor "Professor @ Large" Tracklist & Artwork

UPDATE: Large Professor released the artwork and announcement video for his LP next month.

On June 26, Large Profesor will release Professor @ Large. The latest work from the legendary Queens, New York emcee/producer/deejay features the likes of Busta Rhymes, Saigon and Grand Daddy I.U., among others. This is the early Nas mentor's first solo album since 2008's Main Source, taking its name from P's famed early '90s group. The album is Large Pro's first solo outing with Fat Beats / Distrolord Digital.

"The tree's still growing, still branching out," said Large Professor in a statement. "But it's been so long since we've heard these sounds. This is what we love and there's a lack of it right now...When I started out, it was just about talking slick on the mic in the vein of the old deejays," he continued. "Now when I write, it's in defense of real Hip Hop. Of the street and the slang. Once I get busy, it all comes pouring out."

Last year Extra P worked with longtime associate Neek The Exotic on Still On The Hustle.

The song "M.A.R.S." has already surfaced online. The tracklist to Professor @ Large is as follows:

1.  Key To The City


3. Straight From The Golden Ft: Busta Rhymes

4. Focused Up Ft: Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi

5. Happy Days R Here Ft: Fame M.O.P.

6. Professor @ Large

7. Light Years

8. Barber Shop Chop

9. Live Again

10. Mack Don Illz Ft: Mic Geronimo & Grand Daddy IU

11. Sun, Star & Crescents

12. Kick Da Habit

13. Lp Surprise

14. Back In Time

15. M.A.R.S. Ft: Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon

(May 4)

UPDATE: Today Large Professor and Distro Lord released the artwork for Professor @ Large, pictured above. Additionally, there is an announcement video:

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  • True2HipHop

    Just listened to Mars going to DL it. Thanks large professor for staying true to Hip Hop & the lyrical content. I love it can't wait to hear the rest of the songs.

  • Suger puffs

    When Large Pro and Nas walk in all ya'll ymcmb hip pop niggaz better sit the fuck down and let the real Gods of hip hop show ya'll how this is done. Some of the fuckin crap that comes out of lil waynes gob is an insult to all of his followers, he spits any old crap and ya'll go and buy it. I think the correct term for lil wayne and his posse of pop idols is 'fallen angels' cast out of the world of hip hop to never never land. In fact they should all star in a remake of lil wayne in wonderland. Fuck outta here!!

  • Anonymous

    i hope busta's rhymes make up for his YM signing

    • Hidden By Leaves

      I wonder if Busta ever gave Roc Marciano any acknowledgement for going from under his wing and crafting a classic on his own...

  • junMaf*ckn

    Wlll Be Coppin This Fo Sho. Main Source Had Joints!

  • Anonymous

    mic geronimo thats a guy you havent heard in a long time since mid 90''s

  • Brizz

    This gonna be crazy!! Cant wait!

  • Tenchi Brown

    damn this lookin like an album of the year candidate.. #3 and #15 guaranteed bangers.. Large Pro is the truth

  • blackula

    Large Pro always delivers!

  • Alf Capone

    i hope this shit is good. i need that

  • Jason

    this is gonna be hot!! i love the beat to keys of the city. real East Coast shit!!!

  • kevi kev

    this album is gonna be the illist album of 2012 its about time large pro went back to the gutter hip hop needs more dope shit like this because right now hip hop is in a fucking coma its so much wack shit out i wish more veteran mcs and producers would go back to the gutter and quit making watered down half ass bullshit just cuz wack artists like drake and waka flocka make bull shit dont mean the veterans gotta make wack shit too if it aint broke dont fix it word up

    • X

      Lool at the anon above getting his thong in a twist. Hating is a dumb term bitches/drake stans use for critical analysis these days.....

    • Anonymous

      STFU lil faggot. U never said anything positive on this site. ALways hating and thats a dick-in-a-booty-boy trait.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    YES! Yeah I wish Nas was on there as well but hey... this is beyond great news. Summer lineup seems like it's gonna be quite damn thoro: Roc Marc, Capital P, Nasir, Large Pro, ALC, Oh No... Who am I missing?

  • Anonymous

    wished nas would be on that


    This is the thesis for real...2012 is looking good

  • sam uk

    ahh yes! can't wait for this..

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