Kendrick Lamar Recalls Battle Rapping At School, Calls Kim Kardashian "Worn Out"

Kendrick Lamar waxes nostalgic while opining on Kanye West's new lady friend.

In a recent interview with "Voice of the I.E." on 99.1 KGGI, Kendrick Lamar addressed his early beginnings freestyle battling.

"We used to be out there rapping, used to be fun. Right in the quiet area. Yup. Lunchtime."

"I first started rapping at school as soon as [The Clipse's] 'Grindin ' came out," revealed K-Dot. "That was the beat to do. Eighth grade. No, ninth grade."

"I stared off [freestyling]," he continued. "I mastered that. I stopped doing that when I was eighteen. I stopped doing it; I started writing all my thoughts down now, because I feel like it started to become a trend - everyone wanted to talk about they don't write."

Eventually the topic of Kim Kardashian came up, and Kendrick was asked whether he would get with Kanye West's newest love interest if given the opportunity. "Nah, that's worn out," he responded. "Kim K? Nah. I don't wanna go behind that. Kanye, he havin' fun with it that."

Watch the interview below:

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  • cosbysweater

    Ray J Reggie Bush The Knick Dude .........................Kanye lol yea thats too many BROLIC muh fuckas pokin one bitch. Those are some big dudes who was fucking one pussy. She proly had surgery on that shit to keep it tight hahaha lol

  • Robert Hayward

    You folks can talk bad about Kendrick but he went to south Houston and helped change the minds of thousands of drug dealers and gang members that were ruining our own comunity, so we apreciate brother Lamar

  • nasirjones

    Haha quit lying kendrick u midget muthufucker..they asked if youd go there,not if u would marry her..that bitch is hot.. Muthufuckers acting like shes worn out,that body stil bangin.. She'd be doing u a favour if u got with her..i step on u u fucking ant .ur just a little fucking nerd with faggot glasses on.. And all these other pussys saying they wouldnt do her like theyve fucked a millionaire socialite before.. They want balls on their chins

  • Real Talk

    "Voice of the IE" Hahaha Who Does This Guy Think He is?? Angel Baby is the "Real Voice of the IE" Kendrick Go Hard Tho.

  • Anonymous

    money going to dis nigga head ,, gotta piny ring now , gold watch..suspect shitk

  • Cris

    I agree with Kendrick (and if you havent noticed he didnt diss Kanye so calm down Kanye fans) Kim is worn out I'd rather have a woman then some hoe who has had probably every man in Hollywood (if you call em' men) but then again its preference so yeah cant wait for KDOT's new album and where did he get those sunglasses (been wanting a pair for myself awhile now but i'm detracting lol)

    • E

      Yeah and cross-dressing, too. Looks like he's got something to prove

    • ETK

      Of course you'd rather that, because you aint been fucking hoes as much as Kanye has. Kanye been surrounding himself with hoes since he got famous... ended up with a bald one with an ass the size of a boat. Honestly, Kim K is a step up from Amber Rose... cause with Kim, you mostly know what you get. Plus Kanye/Kim both got egos the size of Texas, they complement each other well

  • mang

    Yall stay posting irrelevant shit lol. Cool about Grindin' tho. I remember in school people would do that beat on the desks and shit

  • Anonymous

    dont ever say that ye will murder kdot because ye is more soft than lil b nigga are you playin shit kdot spits fire ye jus says ignorant shit and fans read between the lines thinkin its mastermind thinking

  • Yoni

    Im starting to not feel this dude so much. And its mostly DX fault. They keep reporting on him like they need to reintroduce him twice a week. Just drop the music.

  • Yo

    Alright now. Kanye will end Kendrick's career before it even starts. Thats the last thing you wanna do is go against a Giant. You already got a mild record out. You need heat before you start saying too much.

  • Rossdaboss313

    King Oduduwa: What are you talking about when you say all girls are worn out? You obviously only attract slutty girls. Your probley the type of person that tries to meet a female at the bar or the strip club. Then you complain when she is disgusting. Try meeting an intelligent girl through college or working out. You might have a lot more success that way. Most of the girls that I have been with have been with three guys or less. I would't call that worn out. Step your game up, cuz.

    • King Oduduwa

      And you believe those chics???????? Three or less......?? YEAH RIGHT!!!

    • King Oduduwa

      Thank you anonymous dude....This naive fool rossdaboss313, thinks schools girls are nice....hahahahahahahahhaha....they are the worst up in the dorms. Are you kidding me? That was a weak comparison and guess, rossdaboss.....plenty of college chics strip to pay for tuition. You have NO CLUE!! sad for you......

    • Anonymous

      nasty whores go to college and the gym, so shut up.

  • Nesta Raylard

    Me smoking bombudd, woyoyoy!!!

  • FuKKK KKKendriKKK & KKKardashian

    KKKendriKKK and KKKim KKKardashian are hos

  • Anonymous

    Kim is a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • King Oduduwa

    uuummmmmm.....I'd smash Kim K. in a heart beat. When you really think about it. What chic out there isn't worn out?? They mostly are. So why single out Kim, like you wouldn't smash?

    • Anonymous

      Cause shes fake. Your right what girl isn't at the end of the day but this bitch has had plastic surgery and everything the girls, face ain't even real everything is fake. If i wanna hoe at least she gotta look the way she does naturally and not plastic surgery.

  • iamhiphop

    This nigga speaks the truth. Kim K is just a sperm dumpster with no talent. The only reason this bitch is famous is because of that sextape with Ray J. Kanye, while I'm a fan, is a pussy-whipped sucker. That pussy must be good cause of how Kanye is going back for more.

  • Kandrick

    Damn, I guess that means that we probably won't be hearing Kendrick on a Kanye beat anytime soon. What a shame....

  • Anonymous

    Looking like a young master P. make um say unnhhhhh!

  • Anonymous

    Who writes these articles? Fucking terrible.

    • oliver

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  • Zeal

    Lol another out of context headline. hhdx never fails to bring the lols

  • Anonymous

    At least Kim has been with millionaires. Every groupie chick Kendrick gets with, has had sex with bums. Would you rather follow a bum or a millionaire?

  • Anonymous

    Now I feel old. Dude started freestylin when Grindin came out..LOL! Na, but much props to Kendrick...As well as sharing the same name as kim kardashians sisters beau...small world.

  • Anonymous

    Truth, there are non-famous bitches that look just as good as Kim, but haven't been run through by every other nigga in the entertainment and sports industry.

    • Indeed

      Too bad that's few and far in between. Those "everyday beautiful" non famous celebrity bitches have at least 3 dicks on the side and another 1 thats interchangable. Y'all gotta get over what they teach u in pre-k and elementary

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