President Barack Obama Performs With The Roots & Jimmy Fallon For "Slow Jam The News"

Obama gave a spoken word speech during their "Slow Jam the News" segment.

President Barack Obama performed with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as part of their "Slow Jam the News" segment.

During the performance, Obama gave a spoken word speech over backing music from The Roots. He talked about the student loan crisis, while Fallon chimed in with quips like "the Barackness monster ain't buying it" and Black Thought sang jokes like "He's the POTUS with the mosta."

Earlier this year, Obama stirred up media attention with his rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," sung at the Apollo Theater in January.

Watch the performance below.

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  • ilikevideo


  • Anonymous

    Dem Rep. Admits Party Expects Votes in Exchange for Gov. Handouts When Democrats are actually honest with the American people, they usually say things they wish they hadnt. Like the time Michelle Obama told a Wisconsin crowd in 2008 that she was really proud of her countryfor the first time in [her] adult life, or when John Kerry (D-Mass.) equated our military with terrorists, or more recently, when Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-Penn.) admitted that Democrats expect votes in exchange for all the free stuff that pass out to people via the government dole. Talking with Al Sharpton on April 24, and addressing hopes that Democrats will be able to turn out voters this November, Fattah unabashedly claimed that people who are unemployed, [are] not going to be voting for the party who wants to cut their benefitscut access to food stamps, cut job training. In other words, Fattah believes Americans whove been conditioned to live on Democrat handouts will certainly continue to vote for the Democrats. The last thing theyd do is vote for those rascally Republicans who want to rein in spending and encourage people to strive, once more, for some semblance of personal responsibility. Yet for good measure, in case some Democrat voters are beginning to be swayed by the Republican criticisms of the 70% rise in Food Stamp usage under Obama, Fattah added: The idea that Republicans are trying to help those who are unemployed is nonsense.

  • FuKKK BaraKKK Obama

    BaraKKK Obama needs to be lynched for doing such a gay show like this

  • VivaLaRevolucion!!!

    I am voting for Immortal Technique as president this coming election!!! Technique4President 2012

  • chuck

    obama is a joke. I hope the blind faith people put in him in 2008 is changed to some sort of educated decision. not that romney is a great choice either.

  • Anonymous

    WATER is what "LIBYA" was largely about. The almost totally untold story of Libya's MASSIVE undergound Aquifer program to LITERALLY "IRRIGATE THE DESERT" and NOPE! Look into it if your interested. It is incredible. Moammar was building an H2O System to Irrigate most of Northern Africa and Vivendi and others (recall if you will that the entire "Western Response" BEGAN in the back rooms of FRANCE home turf of Vivendi..the same PURE EVIL corporate fascists that tried to FORCE people in Colombia to PAY for "Rain Water" which led to RIOTS and the Government BACKING OUT of their deal with Vivendi because they tried to have Colombian Police/military REMOVE peoples RAIN BARRELS..etc...etc...endless etc...).. Anyway..the bottom line is that ol Qadaffi was about to become an ACTUAL "Savior" of HALF of Africa. And get this..he ALSO was the ONLY African Leader to REFUSE to "Sign The AfriCom deal. Water and Refusal to allow TOTAL CONTROL of resources to the US Military and...OOPS...DEAD! Terror and Fear and Murder and Coercion ARE the "Governing Principles" of "America" now. A CRIMINAL SYNDICATE using TERROR to RULE. Nice.

    • Anonymous

      noam chomsky is not the end all be all.. he has SOME good points, but on others remains woefully ignorant.. and you, by refusing to even think about what was posted above, are also woefully ignorant..

    • Swordz

      Read a book. I suggest anything by Noam Chomsky.... Expand your mind bro.

  • Anonymous

    When is the president going to address those black Libyans in cages, being force fed flags by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)(aka Al Qaeda) he helped put in power in Libya???? I ask because he was just on TV yesterday bragging about how he helped liberate Libya from a tyrant!!! I really could decide whether or not to even show up at the voting booth for either one of those frauds off of just that issue alone!!! WHAT IS AFRICOM??????

    • HHH

      Most Americans have a real-world IQ of -5. They'll b voting on guns, gays, god and race. I hope your boycott of voting over the Libya issue works out. I really do.

  • Oboema

    Dear voters, If you keep me in office I promise to spend 80% of my time cooning for the white man.

  • falhas

    people come in dx to tell shit, iam from mozambique, for those who dont know its in africa, i wish we had president like Obama, he got style and swagger , he know time to play and time to have funny.


    hello dear citizens of the United States. I know you think I dont know how to run America, but the truth is, I know what is right for every white man and every black child. (and i say that because they all get shot before they reach teen!) oops sorry. that was my white half. anyways. I am here to tell you to vote for me. I will make a hit single thanking every black man who voted for me...I think I will call it: "thank a nigga" and i can say that cuz i got the black half of me in charge now. @SWAG

    • G-Bee

      Haha that shit is pretty close to the truth actually. Black people vote for Obama and in return they get a song and a dance :D

  • MP

    I have never seen a president not on the job more than Obama. The economy [along with many other things] is fucked up & this dude is singing, doing final 4 brackets, vacationing, telling jokes & shit. Obama IS a joke...but honestly, so is the US government.

    • Anonymous

      houston- you are an idiot... you talk about the people on wall street being the cause of whats wrong with the economy right?? well guess what?? obamas ENTIRE financial team is made up of the people who were in charge of wall street during the economic collapse..

    • HoustonTX

      The economy? Really? The snakes in wall street were the ones that fucked up the economy since before Obama took office. They had been spending money that really wasn't there. The economic bubble just happened to burst when Obama was in charge.

    • Anonymous

      You must not have been alive during the Bush administration...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: unless you're one of the 538 delegates your popular vote is more entertaining than this video clip. ^ the THREAD KILLER

  • Anonymous

    LOLOL! That was dope!!!! And who knew Black Thought could blow like that?? Sounded good.

  • Anonymous

    What is he doing? YOUR THE PRESIDENT! Had you wantd to be a famous rapper or actor you should have gone that way,,No wonder America is in crisis one shit president after an other.

    • Anonymous

      You are a sad uninformed pathetic person. Hope for Obama? btfu dumbass nigga

    • Anonymous

      Actually I think he does it because people enjoy these down to earth presidents. And besides speaking of actually bad presidents you better hope for Obama this election and not Romney.

  • Anonymous

    Obama never been to Isreal once. Why not?

    • Anonymous

      he's never been to Iraq or Afghanistan to see the troops in person. The only president ever to do something like that. But he's been there several times to bow to other leaders of state and appologize to terrorists, insult his own country infront of other world leaders.

    • JK Rowling

      Plus - Obama said he was willing to "talk" the terrorists .. not visit their countries!

    • Bigg Homi Locc Dogg

      They dont have late-nite TV in Isreal...and the Zionists down there are sick bastards...

    • brian

      Well that could be because Isreal isn't a country. Now Israel on the other hand...

    • Morocc@n King

      Fuck isreal



  • Anonymous

    I love Obama!!! I used to have to work a parttime job get government assistance. Now I dont have to do anything, and my benefits increased!

    • Ignorance breeds Stupidity which is Dumb

      Yeah because Obama voted for those cuts to your support??? (^^sarcastic voice) The Rep have pretty blocked everything they could even stuff they came up with - educate yourself bro. C-SPAN

    • Anonymous

      Unless you're in the 1%, you're still fucked under Romney

    • Anonymous

      I live in a home on it's 2nd mortgage and I use food stamps to buy the kids soda, potato chips and candy bars and Sunday pizza while we have 2 gas guzzling trucks and credit card debt over 80 thousand dollars. Obama needs to get off of his butt and work to keep gas prices low and find an extra 15 trillion dollars somewhere so I can keep living my in-over-my-head lifestyle! I'm voting for Romney, him putting an elevator in his home tells me he cares and knows the interests of a home owner. ROFL LMAO LOL

  • Anonymous

    This dudes swag is on 1000000000

  • RDJC

    Obama is the man ignorant peeps don't know how hard he has had it his first four years.

    • Anonymous

      obama spent more money in his first three years in office than all the other presidents (excluding bush) COMBINED... what the fuck does that tell you??

    • Anonymous

      Our friend not only thinks Bush left country in a good state - he also seems to believe that yiddish proverbs have relevance to the millions of people looking for work that can't find any down the policies of the tax-cut bush administration. I suppose he advocates the burning of homeless people tooo.

    • Anonymous

      We dipped into one of the worst financial crises ever right before he took office and the job came with two unfunded wars(the first in American history) paired with policies that skyrocketed the deficit; Bush had it bad (and was plenty shitty on his own merit) but let's not pretend that Obama inherited a country in good shape.

    • hahaha to rdjc

      yea he had it so hard, i mean 9/11 then two wars then katrina....wait that was BUSH......yea obama has had it roughhhhhhhhhh lol i mean that oil spill and getting an unconstitutional medicare program started, having bin laden murdered......people just because you like barack(solely because he is 1/2 black usually) that doesnt mean you support everything he does or says. this is not a celebrity, this is not the representative for black people-this is OUR PRESIDENT. FYI-I am 100% not racist-just sick of lazy people who feel they are "too good" to work and pull their own weight. "if you dont want to do something, one excuse is as good as another" yiddish proverb

  • sefwf

    lol 4:29 voice crack

  • Shocked

    we all know its the same dumbass making all these anti-obama comments. im not a big fan of him but no way is he the worst president of all time. call me when he gets down to hardings level. oh and get a life you loser

    • Anonymous

      lol, i am sure that more than one personal dislikes the job obama is doing.. as a matter of fact, he is a liar, and a puppet.. hes a joke who got thrown in front of the masses looking for "change" after 8 horrible years under bush... now we are stuck with 8 horrible years of obama... its all relative.. what people dont realize is that the two party system of govt we have here in the US is KILLING us.. we get bogged down in two viewpoints, when people should just take the issues as they come, not jump in a party line and vote according to the wishes of others...

  • Anonymous

    unless you're one of the 538 delegates your popular vote is more entertaining than this video clip.

  • Anonymous


  • nickrazor2000

    All Of yall haters suck. its just so sad. When did this become a political debate website? we should be happy that the leader of the free world is mildly embracing hip hop, instead you call him the worst president ever. this is why the rest of the world hates us, most Americans are pissy brats who are never happy with anything or anyone. Sad........

    • idiots

      and its only white insecure males and lame ass black dudes???? so women love obama apparently hahahaahahahahahahaaha you are so racist-people cant disagree with his policies and actions without being racist? i guess when people say racism should die-they actually mean white people should stop being racist and everyone else can be racist

    • idiots

      why should we be happy our president is embracing hip hop????? should jfk embraced hippy shit????? think before you speak, this is the PRESIDENT, not a kardashian

    • Anonymous

      it's only white insecure males and lame ass black dudes looking for an excuse to fail that are hating.

  • Alf Capone

    i dont get all that into politics cuz it seems like nothing ever changes no matter who u vote for to me and they all seem to be on the same "get nothing accomplished" team but it does get annoying constantly see this guy on espn filling out his ncaa bracket or on jimmy fallon or on mtv hosting trl or whatever bullshit he is on

  • Ruben

    Obama is a stud. Enough said.

  • Anonymous

    this is hip hop dx. not the political blog so shut up. by the way republican to the grave!

    • Anonymous

      I think you mean Dixiecrats, who subsequently joined the Republicans, were against Civil Rights. The Republican Party of Nixon and Eisenhower wouldn't stand a chance of getting elected by today's Tea Party base. And before you go off on some "Lincoln was a Republican" bullshit, remember that Lincoln was the greatest asserter of Federal Power over States' Rights that this country has ever had. Other than Lincoln not being a corporate-owned spineless bitch, he'd be a modern Democrat.

    • Anonymous

      its funny how democrats voted against every single piece of civil rights legislation but black people continue to vote for them and treat demos like they're their saviours. if it wasnt for republicans black people would still be servants drinking from a different water fountain. republicans pushed every single piece of legislation that gave blacks any rights in this country and somehow they're the bad guys. like hermain cain and colnel west said you need to stop living on the democrats plantation and free yourselves.

    • Anonymous

      fuck the environment and the liberals. vote republican. keep the wealthy strong and the poor weak. obama sucksssss

    • Anonymous

      "Republican to grave" You don't know how true those words are. Fortunately Obama will even save your dumb ass from yourself.

  • STAN

    Further proof that politicians will do whatever to protect their sham. Obama still has us fighting in bullshit wars, just like Bush. Obama still continues to use legislation to monitor Americans, just like Bush. Obama still uses Drones to kill innocent civilians, even more than Bush. Still uses Gitmo to hold people without trial, just like Bush. All this bullshit still keeps us thinking Red vs Blue, like everything in the world is split in two. Than cause all these racist crackers hate him for the wrong reason, people still continue to ignore that he is exactly the same as Bush. So what he gets up with the Roots, proves his "blackness" to you and its all good? Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didnt say shit. Thats why I aint vote for him and next one either--Lupe

    • Anonymous

      you do know Nobama has taken more money from WallStreet than any other president in history... and you act like he's no corrupt. Gitmo is still open. And being improved, they just built them a new soccer field and out door workout facility. Way to go! two letters to your supposed excuse of using the enviroment as a point... BP. What oil company was the biggest contributor to Nobama and gave more than any other oil company to any canidate? BP Who wants to raise the tax level for most americans from 10% to 15%? Nobama Who had the largest increase of gas prices on their watch in history? You guessed it Nobama. This guy is awesome!!! four more years! four more years!

    • Nopeeedope

      Gitmo is not closed. Also Lupe is one of my favorite rappers, but is politically ignorant.

    • e

      actually stan unlike bush- Obama has been started bring troop home not deploying more He did close Gitmo Not to mention the fact that Bush was THE WORST environmental president ever (including Reagan) while Obama has actually made strides to protect the health of the american people instead of selling public health out to economic gains of the 1% who funded him and Cheney (Halliburton)

    • luke

      write a grievance......file a complaint.....loser

  • Anonymous

    Obama makes me smile.

  • Anonymous

    Has time to go on show but no time to fix the economy and stop murdering people and poisoning his nation and try to censor the internet. Fuck mainstream, fuck Obama, and fuck Jimmy!

  • Anonymous


  • L

    ALL you SO CALLED political commentors are LAME and have NOTHING to say. Join FOX for a TV show - they'll pay you $$

  • yes

    American does not deserve the affluence that made it America any more. We have squandered everything, and we are left with this. It wont be long until this country is gone.

  • Mac

    Never thought we'd see a cooler President than Clinton.

  • Propaganda

    Remember, Obama's cool, that's all that matters.

  • Rick Oster

    I can't believe this fucking clown. Get the hell of talk shows and do your damn job. This guy is the worst president in the history of the United States. His spending sprees make Bush look like a money saver. Hopefully this dumbass country doesn't vote for him again.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ the guy above me, "Not to mention the trips to spain, italy,[...]europe"

    • Anonymous

      Bush's vacations were to his own property where most of the time he was still doing work. Obama sends his wife and kids on a seperate airfore 1 to hawaii before he flies over later, wasting tax payer money, fuel, poluting the enviroment by taking two planes. and its not to their own property its to a resort costing the tax payers millions of collars. Not to mention the trips to spain, italy, africa, europe, hawaii, japan and china that his wife and kids took costing the tax payers millions of dollars. I hope they're having a great time going on safaris that I'm paying for! and its obvious to anyone who isnt brainwashed by the MSM knows this guy has spent more money than anyother president in history. In feburary alone they spent more money than anyother month in the history of the country. You wouldn't know this because NBC won't tell you. But they'll blatantly edit a recording to incite a race riot and claim innocence. people like you are pathetic. everyone is entitled to their opinion but atleast do some research to come up with one instead of being told what your opinion is.

    • Anonymous

      Ya that's some ignorant shit too say. Not to mention the previous president, Bush, set the record for vacation days during his presidency. so whats wrong with Obama being on a late night show for a few hours?

    • mindrelated

      No maybe you should check spending from the last 20 years and see who has spent the most money. Talk with facts not delusions.

    • Rick Oster

      Just look it up dumbass

    • Is That Right

      Is that right? May you please provide facts, data, and sources to match that statement, please?

  • A Conservative Hip Hop Fan

    Barack's a cool dude, but Rakim voice scratch at the end..."drop the mic, you shouldn't be holdin it"

  • Anonymous

    aww I wanted him to sing again

  • Anonymous

    Can you imagine Mitt Romney's tight ass trying to be this cool? I mean c'mon... with a name like "Mitt" there aint an ounce of cool in you. Who the hell looks at their newborn baby and says "Ya know.. I think we should call his ass Mitt". LMAO

    • hoe

      I could imagine Mitt doing his job instead of spending every waking minute making excuses for his poor performance, playing golf, going on talk shows, and pandering to ignorant morons like you who think the presidents job is to walk around acting like he's the shit. Grow up. By the time your'e there the country will be ruined but you'll be able to say you had a "cool" president once.

  • senuti

    He will go down as the worst president in history. If Americans vote him in again in Nov. this country is fucked.

    • Anonymous

      Gee you wonder why you never see Obama's fuck ups? Its not because he doesnt make any its because the media is too busy sucking him off. Obama said there were 57 states. Obama said he'll get another 5 years if he's re-elected. get your head out of your ass and stop beliving what the MSM tells you to think

    • 490717

      Southpark said it best: Docuhebag vs Turd Sandwich. We all lose.

    • georgel

      lol worst president in history thats a good one. you can find tons of youtube videos showing all the idiotic things bush did and said yet we never see any of obama. he got osama, stopped the recession from going into deep depression, had no katrinia like incidents and is well spoken. so how is hethe worst lol. propaganda from republicans is all it is.

    • moron

      Do you live in Mass? How do you know he will be worse? Cause the media told you so?

    • Please

      Yeah, cause voting for Romney would be better for the country? Please, these are the bullshit cards we have been dealt. I'd rather go with "bad" than with "worse".

    • Anonymous

      that bush u asshole

  • fucka

    This why america broke

    • georgel

      america broke? you mean america is broke? no bush broke it you dumbass. this is why u stupid. or you is stupid lol i would say you are stupid but u wouldnt understand the non ebonics way of speech

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