2 Chainz Lists His Top Five Most Influential Rappers

2 Chainz names Kanye West, E-40 and others in his list of the top five most influential rappers.

Between G.O.O.D. Music features and his own solo career taking off, 2 Chainz has been making the most of his 2012. Now, the Atlanta rapper took over the reins at VIBE today as a guest editor.

In 2 Chainz's segment for VIBE, the Def Jam rapper listed his personal top five most influential rappers in the game. Making appearances on the list are the likes of E-40, Birdman, Too Short, Scarface and Chainz's "Mercy" collaborator Kanye West.

"I got this far from not listening to other niggas. But with that said these are the people in the game that I do pay attention to when they’re speaking. They always got some game to put me on to," he explained. "[E-40 is an] innovator. Always fun talking to E-40...I always listen when [Birdman] is talking. Weezy too for that matter...[Too Short] is game personified...[Kanye West], this guy is a musical genius...[Scarface is a] wise man. He’s seen a lot."

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  • ilikevideo


  • HUH?

    WTF is wrong with this clown? He changes his name from "Man Titties" to "2 Chainz." Come the fuck on son!

  • Grim DeLarge

    i find it funny how hip-hop fans get so emotional about every fucking thing, you can't even have your own opinions without someone elses opinion being forced on you smh

  • Anonymous

    juxxx: He's referring to game (music business)not rap or lyrically influenced. Catch up youngins!!! ^ "no child left behind" done f_cked their heads up, they can't comprehend simple sentences and paragraphs. Scarface was president of Def Jam South, Birdman, regardless if you like him or not, runs a successful record label, Wayne has been around long enough to know the business and who pushes paper the best at the office, Forty Water has side businesses and just dropped 3CDs independently that should have made him over half a million already, and Too Short the same. But of course you scrubs can only concentrate on 2Chainz' name and how gay he is.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck do these rappers think they should be kissing Birdman's ass just to get some respect from him? Like he is worth getting respect from? I mean, I can understand trying to get respect from Jay like that. Same for 50 and even Puffy. But Birdman?

    • Anonymous

      You are crazy if u didnt think Birdman is a legend. He been around since 89 and he is about his business which he is strictly doing.

  • 2 Chainz Ain't Shit

    You cannot ever expect me to respect a faggot with such a ridiculous name like "2 Chainz". What the fuck does that mean!?

  • 2 Chainz Ain't Shit

    The thing is, niggas don't wanna hear nothing but bitch made bullshit, so of course rappers today like this lil faggot are making bitch made bullshit!

  • Swag

    Thatz it 2 Chainz tell these niggaz what's up even tho they diss us we still give propz to there bullshit like Scarface Too Shorty E-40 let em know its YMCMB time now fuck the rest WHUT UP BIRDMAN!

  • 2 Chainz

    This shit actually make sense. I mean, look at what this lil faggot listen to: shitty music like Birdman and Kanye, so consequently, he makes shitty music!

  • bizzalls

    Dude, nice name. "2 Chainz." WTF is that? Who the fuck is gonnna take you seriously? Don't you have a watch too? And a necklace? Y didn't you name yourself "2 Chainz, 1 Watch, and a Necklace?"

  • guerilla jones

    makes sense.He needs to listen to more rappers!His skills aren't in question,i think its unanimous that dude is garbage in a box,but its this new group of consumers that dont expect much from today's rappers that's in question. I've tried to listen to dude,hes so awful its amazing.

  • Anonymous

    He once was a thug from around the wayy.. EAZY! Wh- BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • jp

    I guess in the end of the day, its all dude's opinion. If Birdman, E40, etc. inspire him, then its all good. Personally, I'm not a E40, Birdman, or 2 Short fan, I think 2 Chainz is garbage, but that's just me. I will say this: I think when people talk about the hottest rappers in the game, they should talk about their lyrical skills, and if you want to talk about business, talk about business. For example, if I want to talk about the top 5 ballers in the NBA, I wouldn't say Lebron because of how much money he has or how many endorsements he gets. I would talk about his skill, strength, etc. That's a distinction that needs to be made sometimes.

  • Almar

    Gotta Respect Dudes opinion, got some west coast and south shit in there. People hate on this cat but i think dude has shined on some of his features i.e Money on the Floor, Neighborhood Hoes and Mercy.

  • What

    E40 and Too short is a much them niggas have been put it down form day one and scarface for sure that nigga always got something to say that is real but for the rest of them niggas he mention, i think that nigga 2 chainz is on crack and need to stop for real

  • AYO!

    YOU FUCKERS DONT READ. HE SAID "INFLUENTIAL" as in game, business and marketing not lyrical influence. Hes talking about game given not lyrics dumb asses

    • ayo

      see the post right below this one for more facts on forty

    • AYO

      Please explain to me how E-40 is Trash lyrically? His delivery some folks may not like and I get that but how in any way in what this man generally talks about trash? I just dont get why people hate on a dude that is one of the best in the game

    • bboy

      Lyrical influence is a part of game; its the 1st way we're introduced to an artist. After that, then we see their hustle, marketing skills, etc. Lyrically E-40, Birdman, and Too Short are trash, and so is 2 Chainz. Hopefully he'll make Birdman business moves because if he relies on his rhyming skills, he'll be asking you Paper or Plastic in a couple of years.

  • WestLAFinest

    E-40 Catalog: In A Major Way, Element of Surprise, Charlie Hustle, My Ghetto Report Card = ALL CLASSIC ALBUMS. I dont know 1 person on the west coast who came up in the 90's who does not fuck with forty, now if you are not from the West (LA/BAY) I expect you to not fuck with forty cus you aint from the culture and therefore dont get it. Bottom line is that dude has been around since the 80's and is still selling records, buyin real estate and owns fat burgers franchises and a record label. Name me 3 east coast dudes who r in the same position today...

  • tha_real

    With a list of rappers like that as influences (other then Scarface) no wonder dude sucks

  • truth

    No wonder he's as wack as he is; E-40, Birdman, and Too Short are who he looks up to. But I can't be mad at him; retarded rappers are taking over the game right now.

  • Anonymous

    I don't see a list getting any more weird than that....scarface and birdman in the same list. Maybe saying your top 5 is nas, pun, waka flocka flame, lil B and canibus would be slightly more weird actually.

  • Anonymous

    birdman has only 1 classic song: what happened to that boy, and he got murdered by the clipse on that song lol

  • Anonymous

    he will always be the tity boy who cant rap to me

    • 2 Chainz Aint Shit

      Nah I'll always remeber this little faggot as the nigga who got raped on that hotel by DJ Khaled's entourage

  • Anonymous

    Andre 3k>>>>>>>>>>> Scarface

    • Fuck You Nigga

      I ain't scared of you little bitch come here then I'm waiting for you with my dick hard motherfucker.

    • Anonymous

      U mean to tell me Scarface is better than 3stacks? Not much argument to do but I am praying for u right now to get a loaded gun, kill ur family and ur friends then jump off the bridge. U bitch ass nigga

    • Fuck You Nigga

      My dick>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>your pussy

  • juxxx

    He's referring to game (music business)not rap or lyrically influenced. Catch up youngins!!!

    • luke

      Thank you, these lil niggas on here dont know the first thing about soakin game. To all you 90's babies on here, 99.9% of all these mainstream rappers yall listen to are NOT lacin you with game. All their showing you is how to imitate their "swag" The 5 rappers he named all rain game, fuck the lyrics, dum ass little kids.

  • vdfebduderocks

    I'm surprised 2 Chainz didn't put Luda there as an influential rapper... think of it this way, Luda put him on the map.

  • Anonymous

    Birdman is a legend not as a rapper but a rap business man. He come up in a time when they wasnt fucking with the south. Just like Master P. Master P is a legend regardless if you like it or not. Not as a rapper but what he did for southern music from a business aspect. He got all his money and didnt let the labels take all his money or change his style. You got to respect it. The man hustle his way to the top. When someone says that some people are a legend it doesnt always mean the best rapper. Pimp C is not the greatest rapper ever but he is a legend because of what he stood for.

    • FuKKK the KKK South

      SMH at your stupid retarded gay comments. You really should not be glamorizing the Confederate South. Fuck the South, nigger. Fuck the South and everybody that's in it.

  • Yessir!

    How can Birdman be a legend. When he's incest and kiss his son.. gay shit.. their grown man..

    • ETK

      I don't think the word 'legend' was uttered anywhere. cause if he did, someone would have to slap his mama for sayin such shit

  • Anonymous

    Look at his influences its pretty easy to see why he sucks as much as he does

  • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

    Lil B! I cant B-Lve dis fool left out Lil B! hahahahhahahah

    • Jacc

      Nigga fucc you for spellin the cc. Hoo the fucc you think you are, faggot. You just a bkitch nigga. You ain't no cuz, stop acting crip then or bkreak your goddamn self. Peel your cap and shit. Slob killa nigga.

  • for real?

    Birdman? LMAO now I really can't take this nigga seriously

    • Anonymous

      stop hatin bro birdman= better business man than you're whole family tree stop that shit about "baby sold out" or "if i was rapping i would never take that route" cus thats plain bs

  • dentaldamboy

    What about Action Bronson? Why isn't he on the list?

  • Anonymous

    Lets hear some real shit like crooked i, nas,Slaughterhouse for that matter. Lets hear some Red & Meth,Chino XL, canibus (back in the day freestyles)lol

  • Anonymous

    What a wack list.. "Bridman and weezy" ? haha. Kanye West? It is no wonder why 2 Chainz cant rap..

  • ETK

    Birdman? Birdman??? even if he said Lil Wayne I woulda gave him a pass cause Weezy sometimes has good delivery/flow but Birdman, what the fuck...

  • Anonymous

    Remember when Raekwon told him to bow down to him?

  • The don




    • Anonymous

      Exactly...how the fuck is Jay elec a legend. He was hot when exhibit A and C released but the guy is slowly dwindling away to nothing because he releases a song once a year.

    • Anonymous

      how the fuck is jay elec a legend

    • NOSIR

      HELL NOOOOOO!!! cousin YESSIR FUCK BIRDMAN, Kanye West and Jay Electronica now they are LEGENDS ROC NATION for LIFE!!

  • trooth

    im gonna go ahead and say influential is the key word here...cuz if this nigga thinks birdman is a top 5 MC he is truly lost

  • Anonymous

    who. fucking. cares. did this clown really just not name 1 undeniably legendary artist... big pac nas jay rakim kane az pun L none of those dudes influenced you. oh wait. that makes sense, you cant rap.

  • murdock

    2 chainz is a joke quit please you suck dick

  • Anonymous

    For his skill level, that makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    Isn't Brad Jordan (Scarface) on Federal Snitch?

    • Anonymous

      Thats little Troy and why do white people always act like they know whats going on in the hood. Like most of us black people live this everyday its not something we research off of youtube or gangland. They only tell you one side of the story. Like Treach said if you not from the hood then dont talk about the hood. Point blank period.

    • Nope

      That's Lil' Troy, my nig.

  • BwS

    haha wow only time we will see scarface and birdman in the same top 5 list

    • The Assassin

      I think that's what he's trying to say. Scarface deserves to be in the top 5, he's the greatest Southern rapper of all time. Birdman, not so much

    • Anonymous

      FACE A LEGEND HOMIE U betta go picc up some CD's or something

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