C-Bo Calls Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre "Vultures" For Using Tupac Hologram, Reveals 'Pac's Warning About Death Row

Exclusive: The Mob Father revisits his time with Tupac and explains his disgust with artists using his friend postmortem "to suck blood from a corpse."

While Afeni Shakur and a seeming majority of today’s Hip Hop notables have already praised the usage by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg of a hologram of Tupac at the Coachella festival this past Sunday (April 15th), not everyone is so thrilled with the late legend’s image being resurrected for profit. One voice in the Hip Hop community who has grown tired of the “parasites” feasting on his friend’s corpse is C-Bo.

The reality rapper from the wild, wild West (whose street name is not incidentally short for “Cowboy”) befriended Tupac during the mid-‘90s, after the then biggest rapper in the world seized every opportunity he could to hip everyone he interacted with to the Mobb Music of the “Birds In The Kitchen” chef. Subsequently, C-Bo appeared on ‘Pac’s diamond-certified double disc, All Eyez On Me, for the introduction of what was to become the Makaveli Records lineup, “Tradin’ War Stories,” as well as the Northern California posse cut, “Ain’t Hard 2 Find.”

Given his history with Hip Hop’s first hologrammed artist, HipHopDX asked C-Bo yesterday (April 17th) for his thoughts on the shocking resurrection of his friend. One of the formerly incarcerated emcees seen in the compelling Rhyme And Punishment documentary was additionally asked to take a quick stroll down memory lane and recall his most vivid memories of Tupac (which included C-Bo recounting how he was warned by ‘Pac not to sign to Death Row Records). The Sacramento native concluded his discussion with DX by explaining why the follow-up to his recently released street album, Cali Connection, is surprisingly being inspired by a b-movie horror flick from the 1970s about a killer whale.

HipHopDX: You know I gotta start off by getting C-Bo’s reaction to that Tupac hologram.

C-Bo: You know what, man? I been so caught up, bruh, I ain’t even get to see it yet. I been doing this music, getting this record ready. They ain’t giving me no breaks. My time is short out here right now.

DX: Just about that whole concept though, I know you haven’t seen it but what do you think about using his likeness after his death like that, especially alongside two cats he wasn’t even close to cool with at the time of his death?
C-Bo: These niggas is like vultures, man. Parasites. They trying to suck blood from a corpse.

[Tupac] wasn’t even fuckin’ with fake, phony-ass niggas. ‘Pac was a real nigga, man. And these niggas all coming out trying to use old verses and all this shit, man, I just think that’s some way out shit. I ain’t got no respect for a nigga like that.

DX: ‘Pac appeared to be not on the best of terms with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre when he passed but he was definitely down with C-Bo. Did he ever tell you why he was such a fan of the “Bald Head Nut”

C-Bo: Man, it was like ‘Pac was just on me! I had been to Seattle and I had came back to California [in 1994] for a Summer Jam. And he was out there doing the Summer Jam, and my partners called me like, “Nigga! Tupac on stage screaming your name.” Like, “C-Bo, nigga, I know you out there, where you at?”

He was just fuckin’ with me ‘cause I guess he loved the way I put my smash down. The shit that I was talking about in my music, it was all real life. And, him being from the Bay, and me going to jail, going to [the California Youth Authority], locked up with all these different cats and they probably was speaking on me, telling niggas how real I was. But, you know, ‘Pac just had a love for me, man.

When he got The Outlawz, first thing he did was gave them a C-Bo CD like, “Y’all need to listen to this nigga!”

DX: He did all this before y’all had even met, right?

C-Bo: Exactly, before we even met, bruh.

DX: I just did an interview with Mac Mall in which he explained how ‘Pac “was so Bay Area” and was loyal to the artists there, but he also looked out for a Sac-Town native such as yourself by letting you rock on the biggest album of his career. What was that experience like? You remember just what that felt like?

C-Bo: Man! Shit, that was like the biggest thing probably in my life right there when they called me and said ‘Pac needs you.

Then I go down there [to Los Angeles]. I’m at the Le Montrose Hotel checking into my room and I hear somebody saying, “Nigga, is that the bald head nut?!” I turned around and it’s Tupac. He was standing between two big bodyguards. He had a brim on, a tank top, some 501’s [Levi jeans] and some [Converse] Chuck Taylor’s. [Laughs] And he was like, “Nigga, you ridin’ with me.” Whoever was riding with him in that new [Mercedes Benz] 500 he had got he kicked them to the side like, “Nigga, you ridin’ with me!” E-40, everybody, we all standing in the lobby. And I got in the car with him and he started playing that new shit, that [“2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted”] and all of the shit that he was doing on his new album. It was just like crazy, man. It was like a new wave of music. Niggas wasn’t on that type of shit.  

DX: Did y’all get to kick it much after that, before he passed?

C-Bo: Not really. I went on tour like right after that. And I had moved to Atlanta. But I used to call; we used to chop it up on the phone. Even when I had got locked up I would just call him collect and talk to him and The Outlawz, and put muthafuckas on the phone that didn’t believe I was talking to him. [Laughs] ‘Pac was a real dude, man, straight up. That’s like one of the realest niggas I done met in this game – him and Pimp C.    

DX: Yeah I heard Pimp C, DJ Screw, they were all C-Bo fans.

C-Bo: They say I was they favorite rapper.

DX: One last ‘Pac-related question: You tweeted [@CboTheMobFather] on March 27th, “I’m still hurt when I think about ‘Pac till this day! R.I.P.” Is that hurt from missing the person, the artist or both?

C-Bo: Both. [When Tupac was murdered] I was in Tracy State Prison. Me and X-Raided [were cellmates], and one of the guards was real cool with us – we used to always come to my cell and try to rap and shit – and one day he had come and bring me the newspaper and was like, “Man, you know they killed your boy last night.” And, I just broke down in tears, man.

He put me on both records: on Disc 1 and 2 [of All Eyez On Me]. And I was juiced up, I was like, “Man, I’m ready to sign with Death Row [Records]!” Everybody was juiced. I’m like, “Man, I wanna sign with Death Row,” but ‘Pac was like, “Nah, you don’t wanna sign to Death Row. You wanna sign to my label when I get my label running.” I was like, “Nigga, that’s what’s up!”

So I hit the road, went to Atlanta and started doing my promotions in the South. And then I wound up going to jail. And then all that shit happened.

DX: You know I gotta backtrack there a little bit and ask did ‘Pac elaborate on why he didn’t want you to sign to Death Row?

C-Bo: He really didn’t say why. But, he said he wanted me on his label. Suge [Knight] was juiced up though, talking about taking me to Japan like, “Man! You gotta go to Japan with us” and all this. And [so] I was like, “Nigga, I’m fin' to sign to the Row!” But ‘Pac was like, “Nah, you don’t wanna do that.”

DX: I think prison might’ve saved your life at that moment.

C-Bo: Man, for real.

DX: Now, given your history with ‘Pac, I gotta ask if there was any reservation at all about using that Notorious B.I.G. vocal sample for “All A Nigga Knows” on your new album?

C-Bo: Nah. I was working with J-Dub, which was a producer over there in P. Diddy’s camp. [Him] and Stevie J., they put that together for me.

I never had a hate for [The Notorious B.I.G.] - even though your enemy is my enemy. But as far as music, Big was nice. He was nice. I don’t know what woulda happened had I ran into him with ‘Pac though. But once they both [passed] it was just like, “Damn, was it worth it?” The beef was stupid.

DX: My final question for you is just do you have any additional words you wanna get out to the readers of HipHopDX about Cali Connection or anything else we did or didn’t talk about?

C-Bo: Cali Connection is the street album but the real album is gonna be Orca: The Killer Whale of the Hood.

DX: [Laughs]

C-Bo: That album will be out probably July 3rd. I got MC Eiht, B.G. Knocc Out, WC, Paul Wall, Young Buck, E-40, B-Legit. Me and WC shot a video [for “Murderer”]. Me and B-Legit just shot a video Sunday. So, it’s coming.

DX: I’m still trippin’ on the Orca shit. Like, you were just watching the movie and - ?

C-Bo: I watched that movie a long time ago when I was a kid. And I wouldn’t get out the bed after I watched that shit. I was thinking some sharks and shit were swimming around my bed. [Laughs] Orca pumped fear in a muthafucka. He was like the killer of the sea. And that’s pretty much how I feel in the hood. Like, I really don’t never have no problems and any problems that I have I come out victorious.

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  • World Dominator

    He's just JEALOUS no one has talked about him in over 10 years, constantly going to prison RATHER than making classic tracks & albums! They gave a lot of Pac fans a THRILL in an amazing tribute! HOW can that be a 'parasite'?! GTFOH - the ONLY way anyone would interview him is IF he's was making a 'shocking allegation' or dissing ALLTIME MVP ICONS like DRE & SNOOP! sad...............

  • mike

    what has he personally done to keep pacs legacy alive instead of just dissing others

  • Nas

    On the reals, all these crab niggas know the deal When we start the revolution all they probably do is squeal

  • Nas

    "On the reals, all these crab niggas know the deal When we start the revolution all they probably do is squeal"

  • Anonymous

    Doens't anaybody remember Makaveli The Don -Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory ??? C-Bo's the truth.

  • DroPain666

    C-bo a real dude for that just because nobody else was brave enough to say it so I take my hat off to him!!! A real Legend

  • Crate Mayne

    Preach! And all these years later, all Pac's disses towards Dre still hold true. Real story though is how Jay-Z wasn't the first to do the 2Pac hologram lol... 3/4ths his lyrics are lifted from others, but he's just "big uppin my brothers"

  • Shaolin style

    Ok all these niggas here debating on some illuminati shit, did y'all even notice that this nobody C-Bo is fucking gassed off his ass. He must have a sore rib cage from folding over and sucking his own dick. Talking bout how PAC was all on his nuts and he was Dj screws favorite rapper... Get the fuck out of here loser, ain't nobody wanna hear that shit. And regarding the whole 2pac hollagram... I don't find it disrespectful at all, think about it. When you or me die we will rot in the ground and that will be the last time were seen. Given the fact that people went through such an expense just to make a futuristic hollogram of PAC just shows how much he meant. People will pay tons of money to see it, and idk about u but when I first saw the video I couldn't believe how amazing it was to see PAC preform again. Just goes to show that we will always love him and remember him. Besides even if faggot ass dre is making a profit, people probably more excited to see a dead computer generated image of PAC rather than an alive old talent-less washed up nigga that been promising a album for over a decade, and when leaks drop they end up being lame uninspired bullshit like kush or I need a doctor

  • Huey Newton


  • Huey Newton

    Shout out to C-BO, Now that's a real OG!!!

  • Big R

    Its real fuckin simple. Fuck all the hatin, if the mans momma cosigned on this than noone has any right to talk shit. I dont understand why niggas cant get the simplest of things through their thick ass skulls.... If Afeni hadnt cosigned than that would be a complete diffent situation, but when the mans mom says yes who are u as fans to disagree with his kin.

  • Anonymous

    Cbo a legend sorry used to be a legend. Dude been mad since he fell off.

  • Jaychronic

    by him even speaking of the tupac hologram, and getting exposure like this.. especially with his new album, and what not he also is sucking blood from the corpse of pac. just sayin'. most people don't know who C-bo even is, but now with him being mentioned, and him responding the way that he did, which was him reminicsing of the times he had with pac, he's gonna have people that would have never stumbled upon his stuff listening to his shit. he deep down knows the hologram was an innovation brought to you by the hiphop world. I think he's just mad he didn't think of doing this.. real talk.

  • Don Poizzunn


  • joeblow

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  • texasboi778

    for a good time call crystal 832-339-7384

  • Anonymous

    "funny is you guys dont even know these n's personally" Their lives were practically on display every day on MTV, BET, in magazines, on the news, etc. People form opinions based on what they see and hear. Even if that doesn't tell the whole story, it tells more than you realize.

  • Anonymous

    you got funny style muthafuckers and then you got real muthafuckers and c-bo is a real muthafucker i was in y.a in 1990 while he was there and he still about the same shit just like me ... why does everybody got to change if you change that just means you were faking the funk in the first place ...i love pac music and c-bo's... us real muthafuckers can relate to that type of shit

  • Anonymous

    cbo retarded...dr dre had to pay money out his pocket to even do it..and pacs mom wanted it too...plus nobody knew the hologram was going to be there...earlier that week they said they made one with nate dogg...also this is great technology for all dead artists...to see a big L or proof or b.i.g one would be dope

  • So Icy Boil

    This nigga C-Bo needs the allmighty YMCMB to be heard. He's got some talent, but speaking about dead ho's like 2Pac or gay people like Dre or Snoop is not gonna help him. A song made by him and Lil Wayne together would be great. Swag

  • Tave

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  • Tave

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  • Tave

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  • Powerphi

    Dude sounds bitter. Bottom line, the hologram is an amazing method to bring a legend back to life, if only for a music set. Think of all the young hip-hop fans who never saw the man perform, not to mention his millions of fans who appreciate the memory.

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe so many people side with hating ass cbo. This nigga constantly has pacs name coming out of his mouth. Nigga mad because he ain't getting paid off pacs legacy. The west/east beef was how long ago. And this nigga still on that bullshit. Step ya bars up bo instead of hating on niggas. It's sad

  • $treetDon

    pac always spoke bout how he wanted to be remembered after he passes on....only fake ass fools gon trip over somebody tryng to pay homage to the hommie...i mean come on , i ain`t no Ross fan but it was pussy ass niggaz again who were trippin over him shouting out big meech on his chorus.....meech didn`t trip, he said he loved it regardless of Ross being a cop and shit and regardless the fact that Ross got hella chedda of that record...and i feel Pac would feel the same way if he were here...and i`m quite sure by now, pac and Dre would`ve been good cause pac wanted to leave deathrow too......the dude c-bo said it himself, i`m quite sure as soon as pac would`ve left the row...he would be back to fuckin with dre nd em juss like snoop did...so stop trippin over bullshit..assholes

  • anonymous

    I can see C-BO's point coming from someone who was cool with Pac when he died but Dre and Snoop were cool with him at one point. Just because they weren't on speaking terms when he died they shouldnt consider him their friend? People get into disagreements sometimes and who knows if they would have made up later if Pac was still alive. And let's be honest we all saw the Forbes list recently with Dre at number 3 and snoop has money too. I doubt they did it for Profit. They did it for the fans and because they probably wish Pac was still alive so that they could make up and make music. At the end of the day it was a tribute to an artist we all wish was still alive. This was one of my least liked interviews from hiphopdx, seemed like their question was instigation to me the way they asked it.

    • Anonymous

      Well put, I agree on all points made.....terribly leading questioning....not a bad interview, just one in which it seems as if the author attempted to fan flames....I been fucn with the Bald Headed Nut though....


    Dre and Snoop have more money than C-bo. Therefore Dre and Snoop are right and C-bo is wrong. If you criticise someone with money about anything you are jealous. Obama is hating with his tax the rich 30% shit. You shouldn't even be allowed an opinion unless you makin money..


    The point here is 2pac didn't like Dre and possibly didn't like Snoop. If Dre and Snoop had've used a Nate Dogg hologram as was originally rumoured it wouldn't be an issue at all. And this is coming from someone who listens to a lot more snoop and Dre than 2pac..

  • Hate hate

    I am now convinced that if you are underground and have a opinion,That the hiphopdx people will always side with you smh....I am a c-bo fan but i knew as soon as he said what he said that everyone would side with him smh... Why can't you people just give props and stop being one sided..... Can't someone pay homage to a legend without hate or greed being involved..... I commend Dre and snoop for what they did.... And real talk c-bo ain't said shot about pac til this came up..... Atleast Dre paid homage what did c-bo do? That is right nothing..... GTFOH

  • Mr Flamboyant

    And here's the other side of the Pac hologram debate... I have to agree with Bo Loc's side and perspective. It's no secret that Pac didn't care for either one of these cats. And it can be seen as a huge money grab past this first tribute. And it's not a secret that Afeni (God bless her heart and soul) is one that actually has ran rampant with past Pac works just off of money grabs where the music was compromised as far as not having the proper engineering and seemingly copy and paste nonsense to her son's works. It's a debate that can keep going on and on...especially if you have Dre open the door and speak of touring with hologram Pac. Wait, what? (sees article about Dre speaking on touring hologram Pac) And here comes the pain. (shaking my head in disgust)

  • SLM

    A lot of these young kids that went to the concert don't really know PAC I love PAC he is in the top five ever as a rapper dre & snoop did it for the money trust me go to Streetleaguemovement.com to see what I am talking about.

  • Tales from the Crypt

    C-Bo is a legend he's sold more than 3.5 million albums independently.

  • The Gas Chamber

    "fake, phony-ass niggas". Those are the perfect definitions of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

  • Anonymous

    Tupac didn't like Andre nor Calvin at the time of his death, so those two fake punks should not have been able to take the stage with him.

  • dark1

    im riding with c bo on this even though i thought the hologram was cool and all but i would of rather seen it at a pac tribute on the anniversary of his demise than at a dr dre concert. snoop is ok but i dont think dre had any love for pac he just using his image.if they was really doing a tribute out of love why not do it for their fallen friend nate dogg who sang on many of their hit records

  • IamLord

    Pac is physically dead. The use of his image was for profit rather it be financial or mind-share which ultimately becomes financial. Many of you are caught up in basic thinking and therefore cannot get beyond these illusions and distractions. I pray that the consequences you must suffer as result of your ignorance will bring you closer to understanding or death because you aren't worth the life you possess right now.

  • buckeyewu

    I just feel the hologram was a tribute to Pac. They were going to make the same amount of money of that concert regardless if Hologram Pac was there or not. The only thing I can def say is that this topic created one of the most intelligent debates/threads that I've ever seen on DX. The real readers came out with some intelligent thoughts, UNLIKE the album review threads.

  • killah_casp

    yer my boy c-bo keep it real i 2 feel like the whole aftermath click are leaching of pac feminem cant touch that shit

  • Anonymous

    These people saying Dre ain't profiting using this technology for pac's Hologram. What do you think he's been doing in the media for years with the socalled Detox. Programming is everything, but i guess YOU can't comprehend that! But on the defense of Dre it was amazing and original

  • Anonymous

    This guy was Tupac's friend and if he feels it's vulture-like, then that's his opinion. But how is it any more vulture-like than putting out posthumous albums? Or videos? It's not. If I were an artist who died before my time, I would've loved to know that I was still gonna be remembered like this. It's not like they misrepresented him.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      what's funny is that was pac's own wish in the first place. that's why he made so much music and left so much shit behind. so that people would remember him "remember me as an outcast outlaw, another album out that's what im about, more, buried as a g while the whole world remembers me until the end of time". all they are doing is fulfilling his dying wishes and his legacy. these dumbasses call it exploitation. but the funny thing is if they never did this shit those same assholes would complain that we aint done enough to fulfil his wishes. lose lose

  • fred

    they cut out the entire intro of hail mary, not just the word killuminati. they cut it so it didnt just seem like a recording. "Killuminati" doesnt even mean what these ignorant conspiracy morons want people to think. 2pac didnt even believe in the illuminati. that is why he made that phrase in the fisrt place. When I hear people misusing it and misrepresenting pac I just laugh. niggas on the internet are so pathetically ignorant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C996RnJVLRY

    • Anonymous

      LOL Illumanti is bullshit it's corporations and big government aka the elite who we've known about since Karl Marx told us several hundred years ago. As far as Pac watch the video and he states clearly that he doesn't believe in it. It's a excuse for niggas to not get shit done (Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished).

    • Anonymous

      @ nono who said they wanted us dead? every looney conspiricist says that shit. "they're going to wipe out the earth's population because there's too many of us"???? that's where the fear mongering comes from. claiming that this evil government end game is to destroy us. with zero proof and no basis for their claims. you say "something foul is going on"? what is going on now that hasnt been going on since the beginning of time? what foulness can you irrefutably attribute to the "illumaniti"? all i ever hear is theory and speculation. nothing tangible. just the same old "something is going on i just cant tell you what, how when or where". people like 2pac and other level headed human being deal within reality. not theory.

    • Mississippi

      He said he was adding to "K" to illuminti cause he was killing that shit. Example, if you BELIEVE in the Bible then you know how the story ends no matter what happens in between (God Wins). So why give a fuck about life. That's pretty much what the illuminati is. They have your mind and are telling you that no matter what you do...we have the power. And if you believe that then why give a fuck about life cause you feel you can't make a difference. Kill that thinking and take control of your life...THAT'S KILLUMINATI. "You so thinking about the money that you ain't getting the money" Makaveli

    • sissykiss77

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    • NONO

      Pac didn't know mush abut it, and was smart enough to hold it to truth like most people do, even when they don't have facts. He felt it didn't make sense. As to people wanting us dead, or wandering why people would let others know. Who said anyone wanted us dead, but you can clearly see population control. And you can let anyone know what your doing, as long a s you think you can get the majority. how many women know their man is cheating on them, and still put up with the benefits? LOL..Get the point...Maybe it's not the Illuminati respononsible, but something foul is clearly going on. I think we can all agree on that.

    • Anonymous

      ^that's why point dumbass. he denounced that shit in jail because if that shit was real how the fuck would they know about it and who told them. he never believed that shit. the same way he didnt believe in religion. listen to the vibe interview.

    • G-Bee

      Haha man are you guys retarded? I'm not saying Pac believed in it (I don't know), but he sure as hell did not deny the Illuminati's existence either. Let me break it down for you... Pac stated that he heard people in jail talk about the Illuminati and wondered why they were worried about something like that when people in the ghetto were killing each other every day.

    • Anonymous

      its funny when i hear these sheep misuse "killumanti" and act like pac was some spokesperson against the illuminati when pac didnt even believe in that shit like that audio clearly states. he even said it on they dont give a fuck about us. "before i fear computer chips i have to deal with brothers slippin, i dont see no devils, only black blood dripping". these deluded ass niggas never progressing because they blame their problems on some shit they cant even prove exists or control. these conspiricists falsly use pac's name for youtube to promote their fantasies. im glad this interview got released. these dumbasses will be in the same spot in 10 years still talk about the illuminati is going to kill us all. before you know it you're 40 years old and aint got shit to show for it.

    • Ory

      @g-bee youre in denial my brother. pac couldnt have been any more clear that he thought it was utter bullshit. this shit was plain as day. no room for interpretation. he said it was straight up bullshit. if the illuminati were so wanted to kill everybody why the fuck would you ants know about it? and if you did know about it, why the fuck would they stick with the plan anyway. shit dont even make sense. pac was way smarter than the niggas that follow him and dont even know what he's talking about half the time.

    • G-Bee

      No dude, you on the right track but missed the point. Pac meant people in the ghetto should get their own shit straight before worrying about the Illuminati. That's not the same as saying you don't believe they exist. Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    seeing eminem live would sell way more tickets than seeing a 2pac hologram. dre dont need to exploit pac

  • Clown

    And also the tickets were sold out well in advance of any murmurs of holograms so how much money was made off pac's image.... So far none...

  • ricky tan

    2pac always wanted to be remembered. The hologram no different from universal studios, wax museums, or video games where a voice and body actor mimmicks elvis' or michael jackson's or bruce lee's likeness to add authenticity to the experience. People will get offended by a hologram singer but they will go out and support 3D video games which simulate blowing niggas heads off for points. When we dont remember 2pac people complain that our hip hop generation doesn't respect its roots. Then when we do try to remember him the same people say we are exploiting him. you niggas are just never satisfied.

  • Clown

    What about the fake ass vulture "journalist" with no cheese talking shit to get some headlines. faggot ass bitch. Fuck C-Bo fucking nobody.

  • Randy

    What hats worse is that everyone knows pac was an angry dude and had alot bad people around him pulling his strings and making him angrier and less focused. thats why he wanted to quit rap and shit. it wasnt even about the music anymore. his life became a lame gangster movie. he was dissing niggas left and right including jay z over dumb shit like who they were affiliated with and who they were not affiliated with.. pac himself said he has a big mouth. not to dickride jay but jay knew that the shit was just mad trife. that's why pac ultimately took the "fuck jay z" line out of hitemup, cause he started to realize that shit was getting real petty and jay wasnt even tripping off that nigga and didnt even do shit to him. and that's why he was mad at snoop too. for not being as dedicated to the beef. he knew shit was out of hand. snoop just wanted peace. yet to some of you pac dickriders that translates as "he's fake" when really that makes him the bigger man. yet yall dickride everything pac said so hard and act like everything he did was justified. even though he was only 25, very talented, but very angry and immature and very paranoid and poorly influenced by the niggas around him. And you can tell his beef with dre was all some instigated bullshit because one week pac was bigging up dre and talking about how great he is and shooting videos with him. then the next week all of a sudden dre is all of a sudden a faggot and a lame nigga. so that faggot and that lame nigga is the same dude you were riding with just a week ago and talking about how great he is? and what's even more ironic is that pac ended up doing exactly what dre did and that's try to leave deathrow... the same shit he dissed dre for doing. pac was an insanely talented musician but dude was corrupted at deathrow and lost focus on dumb shit.

    • Anonymous

      Meh Pac's my favorite of all time but i try to be unbiased and fuck with many other artists. Pac was going at Jay, Mobb etc. because he took what they did as disrespect. Mobb talking shit at there concerts saying Pac got raped and Jay letting BIG say his subliminal shit on Brooklyn's finest. Do I think Pac should have calmed down a bit and approach the whole situation differently yeah do I blame him for what he did no fuck no. All of NY and his friends abandoned him plus he had just been charged for rape and got shot I don't blame Pac for being paranoid and saying fuck em and everyone who's down with BIG. Listen to All Out OG track was made 2 days before he died and he says "I told you punks that I was after Biggie now i'm about to bust on all y'all". He had niggas going at him for no reason so he said fuck em all and went at them. I agree though Pac was young he was only 25 when he died had he survived/not got shot im sure eventually he would have started to calm down and look at things more clearly.

    • you know?

      do you know that a lot of people hate Jay-Z not because of Pac, but because gay music is for faggots

    • Anonymous

      pac's beefs with snoop dre and even jay z were some OD scarface wannabe bullshit. yet you have some niggas who still hate jay z simply cause pac did. and whats sad is that jay still to this has the nicest things to say about pac. pac fans are the worst type of groupies. im sure if pac was still alive he would have admitted to how childish he was especially since he himself ended up doing exactly what snoop and dre were trying to do.

  • ricky tan

    i agree the journalist is an imbecile. he definitely goaded that nigga into reacting like that. So i guess if a close friend is mad at you, and he happens to die before you can reconcile.... then your history and and your love for them is erased and if you ever pay respects to them you're a vulture. So i guess pac went to hell angry, and look down at niggas in disgust to this day, writing diss hi em up tracks all day because he had a falling out with them 16 years ago. so i guess if he had a spat with afeni right before he died, she would be a a vulture for honoring her son. i swear some of you niggas still live in 1996. still riding on pac's enemies like some losers who cant let the past go. to this day i still see "fuck biggie" comments with 70 likes on 2pac youtube video. shit maks me feels sorry for these people and really shows me what kinds of pathetic lives these niggas must lead. all i know is that if my close friend happened to be angry with me when he died, whatever small disagreement we had died with him. im honoring that nigga like a real man. only bitch niggas with no sense of progress hold 16 year grudges after a nigga been dead. whats funny is you guys dont even know these niggas personally and still have the nerve to tell them how they should think and feel.

    • Anonymous

      ITS NOT THE BEEFING THING THAT CONCERNS ME as a huge Pac fan. It's the fact that a fake image and fake voice is representing Pac when Pac wanted to be remembered through his music. See now with them taking it on tour it's clear this is just another business venture. More niggas made money off Pac during his life and after his death then Pac ever did himself. That's some snake disrespectful shit on the reals. It's fine if you wanna pay respect but music is all thats needed and it's clear this is more then paying respect it's a business venture. CBO is a real nigga he didn't even wanna get into the topic but he's right this is some vulture shit.

    • Greg Focker

      nigga who are you lol. were you there with these niggas? who are you to try and tell everybody how close they were.

    • G-Bee

      Dre was never a "close friend" to begin with. Besides, this is not paying respect, it's business. Face the facts: Dre has a hologram of Tupac acting like they the best of friends while it's clear that was NOT the case. Call it what you will, just not paying respect hahah.

  • GBtha G

    fuck dat bitch cbo.he the real fuckin vulture. fuck dat dx journalist also.Pac was cool with Snoop.finally fuck yall imbeciles who will disagree. damn cockroaches.

  • Jobruvah

    Let the man rest in peace...Holograms and shit...Just because you can do something, doesn't man do it. Next we gonna have Martin Luther King speaking in churches...This is disrespectful..

    • la petite collette

      that's actually a pretty sweet idea. imma take that idea to mr. obama and suggest he run it as his next electoral campaign strategy. ease up. they did it for michael jackson only about a week or two after he died. no one said shit about that.

  • NONO

    Let the man rest in peace...Holograms and shit...Just because you can do something, doesn't man do it. Next we gonna have Martin Luther King speaking in churches...This is disrespectful...PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  • Anonymous

    cbo aka (wanna be famous) should now be celebrating that he got some attention. thats the reason why he made dat statement. Call them vultures or whateva bt all im saying is, the pac hologram was the best thing done for pac since his death. R.I.P to the King/Legend/visionary/activist

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck cares what this wannabe has to bitch about?

  • G-Bee

    C-Bo speaks the truth here and you know it. Dre didn't give a fuck about Pac back then so why the constant tributes? Because people love Pac and Dre wants to keep himself affiliated with him. It's all business and marketing.

    • Anonymous

      post a link and a source directly to where 2pac specifically says "dre doesnt give a fuck about me"... dumbass and even if you could (which you cant) even if he did say that, does that make it true. Havent you ever just said some shit about a close friend out of anger? since when is one argument and end-all-be-all. who the fuck are you nigga? pac's mother?

    • G-Bee

      My Source is Tupac himself dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      what basis do you have to speak on how much dre gave a fuck about pac. who the fuck are you and what the fuck is your source for speaking on behalf of niggas.

  • Anonymous

    "Technology has surpassed their mental capacity and they lashing out.." Realy Guy You wanna ya kidz Listen to Nikki Minaj or Souljah boyz or a Tupac Holograme???It's a blessing for us Nuff said !!

  • p00

    they made a cell phone that can see threw walls smh http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120418135306.htm

  • Anonymous

    Damn, reading C-Bo story makes me happy. He was Real and Pac was Real, C-BO and xraided were cell mates that shits funny man. Theres a reason why Pac Pimp C bumped C-BO

  • Sean

    Cbo sucks. Always has. Always will.

    • CJ

      Your crazy...C-Bo is a legend and is real. I been listining to his music since his 1st album. There is a reason the OG's and legends in this rap shit respect him.

    • ccwaterbound32

      so why are you commenting if you feel he sucks? if i didnt like an artist or an article about an artist i don't like or care for i wouldn't bother to click on it or comment if anything ill read what they have to say and keep it moving. to each there own... R.I.P Pimp Chad, Pac, and big shout out from the Dirty 3rd Gulf Coast all the way to the West!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Y'all know the other 4 on the rich rap top 5 put their bid in already. 50 probably perform with himself, Jay'll have all of Blue Ivy's toonies hologrammed, Diddy was probably on hold during the show, Birdman will make them oil fields and that Bugatti he never bought. Technology has surpassed n_ggas' mental capacity and they lashing out. C-Bo like f_ck it, promo for me.

  • Anonymous

    How are you a convicted felon and you taking pics with a gun on your hip...smart dumb niggas and shit...then they wanna say they being targeted for no reason...idiots

  • Anonymous

    Pac was real the hologram's fake and the voice is fake Pac wanted to be remembered through his music not no fake ass hologram. ^ holograms was on some Star Wars fantasy sh_t. Pac never saw an iPhone either. Let's keep this 100, Apple using Pac's music for a commercial for an iPhone and having ones with a laser picture of Pac for fans to buy is the same thing. Apple getting more money for product than a show ticket. People typing on a iPad and an iPhone that talks to them are weirded out about a hologram. And only the Coachella part was not Pac, you reaching.

  • Anonymous

    C-bo fell off long ago the nigga garbage now. And as usual he's hating. The nigga been a hater since the eastcoast/westcoast beef. As long as pacs mom is cool with it who gives a fuck. Especially c-bo who hasn't had a good album since till my casket drops. And that wasn't as good gas chamber or autopsy. This nigga still hating eastcoast niggas for what? Mad because he can't step his bars up. And now he hating on dre and snoop over this shit. Nigga just like dude said below me you a vulture too. Every interview and song he's been in hes got pacs name coming out of his mouth.

    • CJ

      Your crazy....people ask him bout pac and he responds to the question...go bk and read it. And as far as the east cost thing goes...again go bk and read the interview. And I head a few songs off that orca album and the song with him & b-legit is slappin. He got some shit coming watch

    • 1

      Should've stuck with Yuk and the Regime instead of Young Buck. W.C.M. Now Yuk and him are both forgotten. Should've kept it west coast.

  • ETK

    C-Bo got some nerve I tell ya People can talk all day long that Dre and Snoop weren't all that down with Tupac but seriously... THEY MADE THIS SHIT HAPPEN. Only Dre had the dough and the gamble of making this happen and none of Pac's butthurt friends. And to be honest with you, I bet you every single one of Pac's homies co-signed that shit, clappin hands when they saw it. Be grateful somebody got off his ass and made it happen... Fuck he been doing all this time... tellin stories

  • Junetta Dunn

    I watched the hologram concert with Tupac on stahe alone and with Snoop and I personally think that it was brillant!!!!....so what they made some nice money off of it?....isn't that the whole point?....they are not out here making music for free....and I think the idea was genius!!!...I think it is a great compliment to let him be the first deceased artist (if he is the first) to do this with....being a big fan of Tupacs music and legacy, I was completely in awe of seeing him perform on stage again...I can't wait to see Eazy-E, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley Biggie and whomever else they decide to do this with on stage too!!!!...it was a wonderful idea and whomever thought of it and made it happen is a genius....warnign or no warning, I think Pac would be happy and flattered that he is still able to perform for the world to see...I bet his family is eating good off his hologram image performing, right?....maybe C-bo is mad cuz he not getting paid like them....I always liked C-bo as an artist too but it sounds like he mad for all the wrong reasons.....I love Dre, Snoop and all of Death Row records....they always come with the heat!!!!....P.S. can whomever came up with the software, please put Tupac in my living room for me to stare at?.....lol!!!....

    • Anonymous

      "Fuk his moms, u think ppl want their moms to handle or squash their beef?? Da fuk is wrong with u??" LOl exactly. Just like how many mums have been persuaded by cops to rat on their own kids to "help" them. All the time...

    • 1

      This hologram shit is goin to be the next autotune, mark my words, wait and see. They gon milk this shit.

    • twoholla

      I totally co-sign with Junetta Dunn & to all you COCKSUCKERS saying C-BO is a VULTURE for mentioning Tupac in his rhymes or in regards to this interview. Now these dayz...what rapperes don't mention Tupac (everyone from Lupe Fiasco, Young Jeezy, & Jean Grae have mentioned the man...so SHUT THE FUCK UP. Number two...do your fucking homework...C-BO has been putting in work longer than most rappers & hasn't went all soft & commercial. At one time...many considered C-BO as the NorCal counterpart to ICE CUBE in regards to kicking that gangsta street knowledge. The only difference is C-BO never changed up or went to architecture school or starting doing wack movies like Cube. C-BO has been to prison numerous times...Tupac's first stint in prison was after he was 'famous!' If anyone has the 'authority' to spit that gangsta (not that it's required) it would be C-BO...not to mention...that he has his own record label (something Pac never had the chance to do). You all may not agree with him...BUT YOU MUST RESPECT HIS HUSTLE. He has lived a life that most of these gangsta rappers rap about or they write about from the life of a close associate who is actually putting in work. C-BO CONTINUES TO MAKE MUSIC FOR HIS LOYAL FANBASE...NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS...ALL YOU REAL VULTURE DOUCHEBAG COMMENTERS CAN SIT ON A HOT STOVE & TAKE A SHIT AT THE SAME TIME.

    • Anonymous

      They didn't dig him up from the grave or Dr Frankenstein him. It's a computer image of him. Y'all never watched the making of Star Wars? Special effects shows? But that was that nerd sh_t right? Real n_ggas don't watch that, we out in the streets... Y'all know they know how to clone right? People shook because they just got a wake up call. Yes world leaders will be using it for security, yes rich people will have holograms in memory of their people or whatever they want. They been trying to make holograms since "Weird Science" and "Max Headroom", y'all wasn't paying attention. Watch they push the snooze button though.

    • truthurts

      WTF?? "so what they make some nice money off of it"?? Watch muddafukaz, every single muddafuka come out with this hologram sh*t and make money off dead people, without their consent. The dead should never be played with in the first place. Pac's prolly rolling in his grave over dre makin money off him. Fuk his moms, u think ppl want their moms to handle or squash their beef?? Da fuk is wrong with u?? This hologram shit needs to stop, this dude right...bunch of parasites and leeches. You may see it as a tribute/dedication. It's not when money's involved. Didn't dre just pop up 3rd or somethin on that list of rich hip hop figures. That nicca wanna do somethin real....he should do that shit for free cuz he's dedicated and sincere bout it, and not to leech off some cash. It isn't right to have this hologram shit everywhere. What's next??? Yall gon dig up yo dead sisters and grandmothers and deceased realations so you can have em over for christmas??? SMH, let the dead rest in peace. hope this shit stops here....but knowing the society of today, no one gives a fuk. nicca, bury yo morals with yo soul u sellin for dollars.

  • Anonymous

    C-Bo is the real vulture here, trying to garner attention off of a dead man's legacy and a situation he has nothing to do with. Nobody was checking for his ass until this interview so he needs a dose of SHUT THE FUCK UP. It was a HOLOGRAM. It's not like they put out a goddamn album. And if anyone should be bothered by it, it should be Pac's mother. She said it was okay and loved it so there is no problem. This nigga can have a seat now.

    • Anonymous

      LOL the nigga didn't even wanna answer the question. He asked him again and he answered and didn't go into any further or into any detail. C-Bo a real nigga yall don't know shit. Instead of hating on Snoop or Pac for trying to make money off Pac especially now that there taking it on tour and Pac didn't even fuck with them/had tensions with them by the end of his life not that that part is such a big issue but as a whole pretty disrespectful to pac's legacy and who he was. Pac was real the hologram's fake and the voice is fake Pac wanted to be remembered through his music not no fake ass hologram. I swear the nigga Pac struggled so much in life hell he died poor when he was in the middle of building a empire more niggas after his death have made money off him then Pac himself did in his life and these niggas using his name fuck outta here disgrace to Pac. I didn't watch Coachella I don't support this bs.

  • Anonymous

    Cali Connection was pretty cool, but I'd re-think the title to that new album. What's next? China White and The Seven D-Boyz?


    WRONG just to get things RIGHT pac did have beef with snoop. see the last time snoop even seen pac was right after they came from new york in which snoop came off an interview where he said that the whole feud between bad boy and deathrow was pacs thing and not his but pac felt betrayed cuz people shot at snoop and the dogg pound on the new york, new york video set thats why they went to green screen kicking down buildings. snoop is a coward and left him hanging in the situation. snoop admits that when they got off the plane he said ill see you later in which pac doesnt saty anything going his way and snoop going his way and that was the last time dude seen pac. now there is a track where pac is dissing snoop for that so no pac wasnt cool with him either. havent heard the track myself but suge admits to it being outthere as well as many other people who were on deathrow at the time. its rumored to be the hitem up part 2 but iheard that track and thats not the one but its in the world somewhere cuz they said he did it right when he got back. so again no pac wasnt cool with either snoop or dre just TO stay correct on this if we gone celebrate his music everything he was about then we need to acknoledge the fact the he didnt like these two clowns

    • Anonymous


  • C.Bo WHO??

    This nigga mad cause he wasnt invited. They didnt have to spend hella money to do that, it woulda been a great show without it, but it made it perfect. And im sure it brought back memories for the niggas that actuallt saw him in concert. Tell that nigga to shut the fuck up.

  • Absolute

    Please explain to me how Dre is going to make 400 stacks off this?

    • Anonymous

      You can't be serious with that question, but I do know we have the no child left behind crowd here, so I will answer it. DO SHOWS. If Nas paid back a sum of $300,000 for one show, Dre can get the same or even more per show, within a minimum 5 shows done.

  • CAliActiVE

    for the viewer its pretty cool yet odd to see pac look so real on stage cuz we kno hes dead. dope. however on the buisness aspect bringing his hologram on stage in a money making way yeah dre and snoop is kinda fucked up about that n all this suge knight is a crooked buisness man talk they complain about, well there doing the same shit themselves and dont even realize it. no wonder dre paid 400,000 dollars of his own money to do this because he knew that if he further invested it would look even more like hes making a scheme.

  • Absolute

    For real man vultures?? They paid a lot of money to make that shit happen. More like paying homage to their fallen friend. It was a great idea and seeing the show was pretty amazing honestly. Get the fuck outta here you attention craving fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Yo fuck u cbo PAC ain't from the bay

  • new 4000

    i dont know if u ask me bringing back 2pac who everyone loves only seems the rite thing too do..why hate on that? damn the homie cbo why u haten on dead ppl low life.smh

  • GBtha G

    Pac wasnt dat perfect bitch he didnt realize Biggie wasnt his enemy at all. fuck ur cousin cbo.Ok???

  • Anonymous

    he is right a lot of them niggas wasnt enough to run with pac. but if pac had of survived which i dont think he would of he probably would out grown all his bullshit beefs.

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  • guerilla jones

    who is Cbo that i would give a shit?stop suckin pacs dick

  • GBtha G

    shit fuck dis garbage interview n fuck dat bitch ass cbo. Why call real niggaz vultures??? imbecile son of bitch!!!!! Dre n Snoop were having fun after all they not the ones dat killed Makaveli.

  • hu77

    2pacs mom said it was ok.hes just haten cause wait who the fuck is "cbo" lmaoo

  • Fat Black One

    C-Bo iz ryte...It's jus az bitchmade az jay z bitin' offa Pac 4 me & my girlfriend. how u gone bite a dude song when he call'd u a million bitchs?!? so u prove u r tha bitch he said u waz! if u were a rapper, would u bite sumbody song who waz constantly clownin' u? then u a chump... if Pac's mom agreed wit it, it waz prob'ly so her son could get more love & recognition. i doubt she trip'n off that old beef. but where iz Dre's pride?? Pac waz call'n him gay. come on now...he did that hologram 4 money, not 4 respect he had 4 Pac

    • guerilla jones

      what are you talking about?how did he BITE Pac? didnt he just sample a song and took the title and made a song that was a minor hit about a pistol and made it a MAJOR hit about his chic?Do you know what biting means?

  • who cares

    get over it......pac was good,but you motherfuckers act like he was the greatest motherfucker to walk the face of the earth......gtfoh!!!!!!! dre was and is a legend with or without pac,fuck em!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pac called Dr Dre "gay" and Snoop "disloyal", so it was funny to them that they're still living and he was a hologram like Jem (the cartoon).

  • Anonymous

    Let's address something here: Pac had NO problems with Snoop. Remember that Snoop was the only nigga left on Deathrow after Pac died, Dre left, and Suge got locked up. He had beef with Suge, but he was always cool with Pac. As far as Dre goes, Pac's only problem with Dre was that Dre wasn't as diligent a producer as Pac was a writer; he LEFT the team; and Suge prolly instigated the heat between them. It's not like their heat was anything like Biggie v. Pac; who nobody has any problems with being coupled with Pac. I just hate the hologram. What's this George Jetson, Star Wars bullshit? Play the niggaz music, show footage of his ACTUAL SELF; not an artificial representation....

  • jake

    you could sort of argue the fake phony shit with tupac if you wanted also but its irrelevant and beyond the point. they paid homage to a legend. whether you like the format they chose to pay homage is your choice. but to call those guys fake and shit while tupac put on some thug shit for hollywood and act west coast while his entire life he grew up on the east coast and was in fucking ballet for gods sake. come on guys tupac was a faggy fuckin kid but who cares. has nothing to do with his music. dre was in that boy band looking shit, who cares though. as far as dre being gay?? he's never demonstrated anything gay to the public....fuck all of this who cares. i woulda given my left nut to be at coachella for the music, not to trip over some shit thats almost 20 years old.

  • Anonymous

    Meh I think the outrage over the Hologram is right but for the wrong reason. I don't think it's a big deal that Dre or Snoop did it what's a big deal is that a FAKE IMAGE AND FAKE VOICE is supposed to somehow pay homage to Pac. Pac said he made all the music he did so his music could live on forever so i'm sure that Pac would want to be remembered through his music and not some fake image and fake voice. What makes it even worse is rather then this being a one time it's really just another money making scheme and off a dead legend like Pac to. Let the fucking man rip nigga went through so much struggle in his life and helped out so many niggas and now 16 years after his death people still are trying to make money off him plus they were people Pac didn't even like. What are they going to do now a BIG and Pac squashing beef holograms pathetic the guy below nailed it 15 years from now flesh won't even matter anymore people going to be watching fake images and fake voices and even people who are alive will chill at home or do some other shit and get there hologram to appear at whatever tour/concert they want. Disgrace to Pac and rap/hip-hop

    • Anonymous

      talktalkreal I know where your coming from but a hologram wasn't needed to do that all that was needed was his music.

    • deadboy90

      Here's the thing, that WAS his voice. With the technology they have today if you have enough voice samples of a person you can say anything in their voice. Pac's voice graced this earth once more the other night and I for one support it wholeheartedly.

    • talktalkreal

      But brutha Anonymous don't you think that is honoring his legacy by introducing his music to a whole new generation? Remember alot of those kids weren't born yet and need someting cool to reintroduce his art we getting old, and after seeing that are gonna go out and buy Pac music. That cools that those fools helped out his legacy and Pac was DEATHROW and on BOTH of those fools songs. AND by the way DIDN'T Pac use fake impersontors like Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye in his I Ain't mad at you Video? I went out and bought Lets get it on after seeing that.

  • talktalkreal

    You know Pac passed when he was like 22 years. Can't he grow up like the rest of us, and like an adult would see it when something becomes BIGGA than a knocking 25 year old beef its ok to honor a legend. CHeck out classic Underground hip hop James Exsel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huH5YpDc1Zc

  • Anonymous

    I hope when I die my ex wife doesnt bring me back as a hologram to appear at one of her buisness dinners I wouldnt have a problem with this if someone else did it but I dont feel Dre has the right, he didnt like him, he called him gay over and over and right before he died he was threatening to find Dre's boyfriend and pull him out the closet by force, not that I agree but he hated the man But this is par for the course for Dre, he always does scumbag shit. Stealing credit from other producers, signing artists and letting them sit on the shelf for 5 years and then sending them on their way broke, trying to do an NWA reunion by replacing Eazy with Snoop

  • jaceshadoe

    you can look at it where c-bo is coming from where if it was still '94,'95,'96 would 2Pac be fucking with dre & snoop??? Or............look at it as legends of hiphop giving respect where it's due. I would rather watch all the legends on the westcoast give respect to 2Pac then diss 2Pac B/C of some dumbshit that happened like 20 years ago.

  • GoReadABook

    Y'all are fucking morons. Everybody wants to fucking hate. It annoys the fuck outta me. Here you all are, reacting to this hologram in a manner consistent with the reaction of someone who was close friends with Pac on a personal level, and doing so negatively based off of half true conjectures. How the FUCK can you, in the same interview, say 'The beef was stupid', then argue that Dre and Snoop had no right to use the hologram because they percievably disrespected Pac by attempting to reconcile said beef?? That shit is OUTRAGEOUS! If he thinks the beef was stupid, then he should judge any situation that arose from the beef as stupid as well. HE'S the fucking leech. Trying to big himself up and shit. Fucking A - shit is ridiculous.

    • GoReadABook

      @Anonymous you completely ignored my argument, and acted like you were incontravertibly correct. Fucking child

    • deadboy90

      in case you forgot all of this was done with the blessing of pac's mother and after seeing it she really appreciated it. Had they done it behind everyones back and maybe made the hologram act all gay and shit then that would have been fucked up. Dre did this out of respect and he knew Pac didn't like him when he died, THAT'S why Dre wasn't onstage with the Pac hologram.

    • Anonymous

      Argue with it any way you want but the fact remains Pac didnt like Dre and dude is using a hologram of him at his concerts like everything was gravy between them. a 10,000 word reply wont change that

  • Anonymous

    why not let the world know that his music is still here good job dre and snoop this guy is tripin

  • Anonymous

    why not let world know that his music is still here good job dre and snoop this guy is tripin

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU Finally somebody calls this for what it is, Pac aint even like Dre and dude is using a hologram of him on his concerts, Fuck outta here with that shit

  • Dre Day Only Meant Eazy's Payday

    "...fake, phony-ass niggas." those are perfect descriptions for Dre and Snoop.

  • C-Bo is right, fuck Dre for exploiting 2Pac

    I'm with you C-Bo. C'mon y'all, let 2Pac rest in peace. How would you feel if a nigga you had beef with rocked a show with your hologram!?

  • Anonymous

    "You know I neva was no choirboiiii..." CLASSIC.....

    • Fat Black One

      ya folks got a GANG of priors!! folks, i'm from the bay. C-Bo come from when a tyme when northern cali niggaz wazn't even allowed 2 rap unless u waz real!!

  • val

    Werd. Snoop and Dre been dickridig Pac ever since he left. RIP

  • Anonymous

    wish he didn't say this,

  • Anonymous

    I got mixed feelings about the hologram shit . It was really impressive, I must have watched it about 10 times now. At the same time, it does seem like Dre n Snoop milking it a bit, even if Afeni gave the ok. Plus, this hologram shit is madd deceiving. Some people were crying after he 'vanished'. What's next with this hologram shit? You gonna see Jesus Christ walking down the street with people behind him crying when it's only a hologram.

    • Axiom

      Just another person??? Pac was one of the most influential people to ever walk on this earth

    • jaceshadoe

      @ capone, Pac wasn't just another person. if Pac was then he wouldn't have influenced as much people as he did. Pac inspired people within hip hop and outside of hip hop.

    • Alf Capone

      niggas need to get a life if they were crying cuz a pac hologram disapeared. its pac its not like its a religious figure or something. pac was just another person

  • ChuckD

    I don't get it at all. Was this not in a lot of ways a tribute to Pac? Now people can't honour one of the greatest, and arguably the most influential rap artist of all time?

  • cbo

    theres still an unreleased song that CBO and PAC recorded called Homicide

  • Celi

    If Tupac's mom didnt mind that Dre and Snoop did that who cares what every other rapper or person thinks really its her opinion that matters more shes the one who made him and had him inside her for 9 months and raised him so its what she says that matters. What a oarent says matters more than what a person from the steeet says

    • real talk doe

      Real talk doe, everyone wants to put their opinion in this shit while ignoring what his mom said. If she approves of it and everything then it's done. How you going to be on the outside criticizing them using his likeness like you personally knew him or something. How do you think she felt seeing that? I'm sure it wasn't easy for her to see something like that, but she signed off on it and approved it so people could embrace her son, relive his music, and for a moment recapture that magic he had. And for all the dudes saying that they made money off of using the hologram, how exactly did they do that? No one in the crowd knew they were doing this at all. It's not like anyone tuning in or attending had any idea this was going to happen so it didn't influence their decision to attend or watch it. If anything this COST them money to bring yall something unique and amazing. Ungrateful ass motherfuckers

  • Anonymous

    C Bo is fuckin right. Pac didnt even like dr dre and his relationship with was also not that good at the end.

  • dslimm70802

    there gonna be alot of dummasses saying who is c bo, he hating and cant recite a damn word of his songs. if he wasnt relevent pac would'nt have put him on aeom. c bo IS a legend.

    • JPipe

      Just b/c he was on AEOM don't mean his ass was a legend. That feature is the highlight of his career. He don't have the money or impact to pull this off. Dude crying and shit.

  • Fish

    The only 'vulture' is this never-has-been mentioning Pac, Dre and Snoop to get some attention, because no one would be giving a fuck what he had to say if the other 3 people werent in the title.

    • Fat Black One

      i jus laugh!! i love when ppl run they mouf not know'n wtf they talk'n bout...fool! C-Bo iz classic northern cali material! learn about it!

    • Anonymous

      Well for people who know hip especially west coast hip hop this guy is not a has been. He was carrying the flag for the West in the 90's. If you a real nigga you know who C-bo is and thats real.

  • Anonymous

    dis nigga mad as hell

  • Anonymous

    Prepare for the hate... Before everyone starts calling C-bo a bitter, has been, washed up hater read the interview again. At first he avoided saying anything critical but when the reporter bugged him about he gave a short but honest answer and left it at that..

  • Da fuck?

    who the fuck is c-bo? oh wait isnt he that one guy who... oh never mind..

  • Anonymous

    C-bo the ball head nut!!! I still bump that song IM A FOOL!


    DAMN. Somebody had to say it. I love it. Bigs up to C-BO!

  • Almar

    Haha, fuckin C-Bo aint no joke.

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