Jay-Z Stars In Rocawear Advertisement "Marcy To Barclays"

Jay-Z reps for his brand Rocawear in a new ad.

Jay-Z has released a new advertisement for Rocawear Clothing titled "Marcy to Barclays."

In the clip, the rap entrepreneur discusses his evolution from a young emcee yearning for a gold plaque to becoming a businessman. He draws a parallel to his clothing company, and how the brand has become a creature of reinvention over the years.

"I don’t know if you’re ever done. It’s almost like climbing a mountain. You see another mountain and you go to the next one and the next one,” he says in the ad. “I wanted to show that artists can ascend to the executive ranks. Rocawear just keeps reinventing itself and redefining itself every single day.”

Watch the advertisement below.

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  • lol

    lol @ the 0:14 second mark

  • Huey Newton

    Jay's best album he ever put out was In My Life Time Vol 1.... I think that was his realest and most slept on album to date, cause it went over alot of peoples heads.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, glad that I'm not the only one who noticed it. The intro, 'Imaginary Player', 'Streets Is Watching' and especially 'Where I'm From' are ALL on Illmatic level of lyric.



  • scallywag

    Itd be nice if the occasional rapper, and I mean you Jay-Z put away the machismo, the fast cars, the status symbols and attempted to appropriate ones roots back to where you came from as opposed to where youre trying to run to http://scallywagandvagabond.com/2012/04/jay-z-stars-in-rocawear-ad-championing-his-rise-but-is-it-legit/

  • Anonymous

    lets keep it wavey track!!! http://soundcloud.com/3twenty3/keep-it-wavey

  • Anonymous

    all you niggas need to sellout when you in projects you can't help yourself or your people. that what you do be smart like jay z make money and help yourself and people around. dude gives back to differenct cause made sure memphis bleek was rich. made sure a lot artist got put on.

  • g

    Ask yourself one thing. Who are you negative suckers to judge someone successful.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this even news?!

  • Anonymous

    Jay's been a more complete artist than Nas, more consistent. Nas was right up there, but for some reason started making boring music that neither his fans or the casual hip hop fan wanted to hear. Of course Jay sold out, but if "selling out" means elevating yourself from being just a rapper to a businessman, then I'd say selling out was a smart option. If you don't sell out, you get left behind. Bottom line. Maybe Nas thought the music would last forever, but he never seemed to succesfully branch out the way others have, thus today he's having money problems, among other things.

    • yo

      No argument here, people will just stick to the one that impacted them more. The one you would listen to with friends in the summertime, for me, it was Nas, for you it was Jay, so cool, stop trying to be a fucking dick rider

  • Dsario

    This sell out argument is old and without logic. At what point was jay suppose to say " oh no this is too much money, let me stop before i get too rich." All your favorite rappers including Nas has spit about the idea of being a "boss" and being filthy rich , a guy who calls the shots. Just because Jay actually achieved this ideology he gets crucified for it. Even the holy grail of whats considered a "real" rapper tupac once said. "keep your mind on your riches baby keep your mind on your riches" -Hearts of men-. Jay came in the game with this mentality and followed through till the end while still delivering good music. Face it, if you say hes a sell out its because you prefer to see em on the corner saying some hood nonsense, instead of hanging with Warren Buffet doing something productive.

  • dkhasdfhs

    it makes in a lot sense to make it to the barclays and when you get there some george zimmerman will be waiting for you with a gun. haha i think he means the barclys mentally i dont know

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Only comment that makes sense here. Jay and Nas = Top 5, whose music you prefer is up to your taste.

  • Anonymous

    Haters working hard for Jay.

  • faj

    I just hate it when he does things where he tries to go back to "I'm from marcy I'm a hustler and a gangster" etc etc. He sold out.He knows it. We know it. Nas has sold nearly as many records and is still lyrically unreal. I dont mean to start controversy but we all know thats truth. Jay z admits it obviously in his talib kweli line. He didnt need to sell out like this..most of his money came from the clohting line and other things anyways. IF you increase sales by 50,000 records and completely change ur legacy its not worth it in my eyes(if you have a hundred million already from the clothing line). Im just upset because theres few good rappers left and i dont really listen to him anymore since he changed

    • Anonymous

      That's the reason they crucified Nas for IWW, huh? Fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      an't y'all, see that he's fake, the rap version of TD jakes Prophesizing on your CDs and tapes Won't break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes And this is with whom you want to place your faith? I put dollars on mine, ask Columbine When the Twin Towers dropped, I was the first in line Donating proceeds off every ticket sold When I was out on the road, that's how you judge Hov, no? Ain't I supposed to be absorbed myself? Every time there's a tragedy, I'm the first one to help They call me this misogynist, but they don't call me the dude To take his dollars to give gifts at the projects These dudes is all politics, depositing checks they put in they pocket, all you get in return is a lot of lip And y'all buy the shit, caught up in the hype Cause the nigga wear a coofie, it don't mean that he bright Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write Is it "Oochie Wally Wally" or is it "One Mic"? Is it "Black Girl Lost" or shorty owe you for ice? But rap fans always been too dumb to see the truth, they rather dedicate their whole hate to another man's success.

    • Anonymous

      Even Nas knows who the true GOAT is.

    • Anonymous

      Jay's witty flow stays untouchable even the hated Kingdom Come was a testament to that.

    • Anonymous

      These insecure bitches ALWAYS feel the need to bring up Nas, what do you want to prove, you fucking loser? You're so fucking dumb, Nas sold out over 10 years ago, you just to dumb to realize it because he won't admit it on a track. His success doesn't erase the past he experienced, I hate it when Nas jumps from the socially aware philosopher who talks about Africa on minimalistic beats to the flossing gangsta on poppy beats he never was. Nas does features with Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Tyga and countless others, but you fucks have other standards for him. Jay managed to make his music more mass appealing while he still dropped unmatched lyrical dexterity, crazy ass wordplay and ridiculous flows on fitting beats. Get the fuck outta here, because you're clearly to dumb to grasp the complexity of Jay's lyrics and flows.

    • Anonymous

      WTF does Nas have to do with a Rocawear commercial? Those people are cool with each other now, why you still carrying a torch for something years ago that had NOTHING to do with you?

    • good point

      dont forget oochie wally and you owe me. i was like nas what the fuck is this?

    • Anonymous

      Am I the only Nas fan that recalls "Nastradamus", one of the most obvious attempts to "cash in" in the 20th century? Am I the only Nas fan that remembers that "I Am" had so much filler and absolutely mindless songs like "Money is my Bitch" and "KISSING"? Even an exceptionally enjoyable song like "Dr. Knockboot" is, on the face of it, moronic. Am I the only one that recalls "Oochy Wally"? Sure, Jigga made commercial records but he didn't dumb it down, he didn't do so with no skill. Vol: 3 has unreal lyrical sharpness, especially on tracks like "There's Been a Murder" and "Come and Get Me". Even "Big Pimpin'" which is, admittedly, stupid has great lyrical dexterity and delivery. Dynasty is about as commercial as it gets but "Parkin' Lot Pimpin" is awesome. Furthermore, how can we forget the perfection that is The Blueprint? American Gangster? The Black Album? Yeah, HOVA made cash off his raps but he's hardly a total "sell out".

    • DaGnrl


  • Anonymous

    F*ck Marcy PJ'S...The Pink projects run New York ya heard.

    • ol wyz 1

      projecst are slave quaters free your mind young one why are you repping city property do they own you also? i think we already know the question to that

  • Louis

    thats a good look for hov Jay Z voted themoneylesson.com

  • dentaldamboy

    Too bad big pun isn't around anymore. He would have ended Jay's career and stole Beyonce.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Cool commercial. Garbage gear. What more can I say.

  • Yo

    From Marcy to Hollywood and back again....Congrats Hov

  • Anonymous

    God damn, this nigga always does the best commercials.

  • Anonymous

    whens the last time u seen someone wearing rocawear

  • Anonymous


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