Mr. Porter Leaves D12, Says Kon Artis Is "Dead"

Like Bizarre before him, Mr. Porter calls it quits with D12.

Mr. Porter has followed in Bizarre's footsteps, announcing his departure from D12.

Shortly after it was revealed he would be releasing his debut solo album, Mr. Porter, also known as D12's Kon Artis, took to Twitter to reveal that he would be splitting with the Dirty Dozen.

"I love every moment I have shared on this planet and with the people I shared it with I will always love the legacy I was apart off#D12," he Tweeted. "I got nothing but love for my crew I am growing and excelling as u should as an artist i hope you all support that!"

Mr. Porter, who clarified that he would maintain his role as Eminem's hypeman, wished his partners-in-rhyme the best in the future. "I want nothing but the best for @McVayD12 @kuniva and @Bizarresworld what proof created was beautiful and we had a great ride! Love N light"

Mr. Porter indicated that his "Kon Artis" persona had "died," perhaps symbolic of his departure from the multi-platinum collective.

D12's last album was 2004's D12 World.

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  • wballz187

    dam eminem has like completely left D12, Cashis, Bobby Creek and Stat Quo in the dust ever since proof died it seems like em doesnt give a fuk about D-Twizzy no more and only focuses on Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf (who isnt even tht good)

  • Lil Loc

    I think they're going to put Slaughterhouse with them and just call it D12

  • Anonymous

    I'm gonna say it like the other nigga said earlier, there's no D12 without Proof

  • Chitowns Finest

    I cant believe yall evevn givin this lame bitch made credit taken homo pub...This Nigga is a Devil bitch he stole to get in his position and he did it to goood people like my cousin..U GONE GET YOURS GOD DONT LIKE U..

  • MrSpitzNasty


  • Reepacheep

    Damn. I'm not the biggest D12 fan, but I do know how it feels when your favorite group loses members or breaks up completely. Nothing but love for Mr. Porter and his new ventures. I guess people just grow. Who knows, maybe years down the line everyone in the group might want to do one more Hoorah!

  • Anonymous

    I don't need to tell them. They're fully aware of their situation.

  • war22

    i donno what they are doing or why are they breaking up but i think Eminem doesnt want to put another D12 album out...thats why Bizarre and Porter left...after Slaughterhouse's album drops Eminem should focus on D12 period...u got Kuniva,Swifty,Fuzz Scoota and Eminem...add Trick Trick and Eye-Kyu and u got a new D12

    • Anonymous

      Guilty simpson is more in d12 then any of the dudes yall mentioning..hes fam with all of them and i remember when they wrre still hot they even talked about bringing in guilty.

    • fjdkal;

      This is EXACTLY what I think. Except I'm pretty sure Bizzy said that Em wanted to do a D12 album at one point. Could be wrong though. Also, Swifty said that the only loyal ones at one point were Eminem, Kuniva, himself, and Proof, and that Mr. Porter left 6 years ago. I feel like if they added Eye-Kyu back, and added someone like Trick Trick (like you said) or maybe someone like Marv Won or something, it could be a better group than before. In any case, apart from Proof, my favorite members have always been Eminem, Swift and Kuniva. If Mr. Porter still produces for D12 it could still make a good album. I haven't heard enough of Fuzz Scoota's more recent music to make judgement about his rapping.

  • Dont worry, I just know what im talkin about

    What D12 Needs to do is Put Calico on the team & Turn it to a Shady battle Group get back to Relevance of its existence

  • kevin

    D12 been the game for a while Check out

  • Anonymous

    D-12 was never taken seriously, so none of this matters. Fact is, they made some money, and now should either take some of that and branch off, or go do something else. Rap stardom isn't for everybody. Especially Bizarre and Kon Artis, two of the most unlikely rappers you're gonna find trying to make a name for themselves.

  • Jacc

    It ain't no D mothafuckin 12 without Proof.

  • Anonymous

    who cares he sucks matter a fact all dem niggaz suck except proof n when he died so did the group n plus how u gon leave a group when the group aint put out shit n years lol but smdh

    • D90

      return of the dozen 2 was put out less than a year ago, Einstein

    • Anonymous

      all of them sucked except proof? Eminem is probably the GOAT, Kuniva & Swifty are insanely underrated, Kon Artist was decent enough.. Eye-Kyu was incredible... Bugz and Fuzz Scoota were great... come on now.. Only one you can argue was Bizarre but he served his purpose (some of the time..)

  • Anonymous

    d12 died with proof

  • DrewDown91

    Mr. Porter is not a very good rapper, even as part of D12. He produces and writes hooks so he will be missed from D12. But if Em gets back on board with Swift & Kuniva add 3 new MCs they will be OK. I could see it happening in a few years. PROOF's "Searching for Jerry Garcia" was slept on. People need to go cop that. Em should remaster and re-release on Shady on PROOF's would be 40th birthday, October 2 2013. I'm sure there are dozens of PROOF tracks in the vaults. That's what real D12 fans want to hear. RIP.

  • yomommaanddaddyaintshit

    Dope producer.. whack person

  • joem

    After all these years these dudes just NOW decided to get off their ass and get their careers moving?.. What happened? that D12 royalty check dried up?.. It's too late for you. Been riding Em this whole time.. the rides over.

  • Anonymous

    Lol........he still is Em's hypeman though. News flash, all of them have and always will be known as hypemen for Em........never been a real

  • Nuff said....

    Ayo SoicyBoi, Youz a faggot. and i say that with no ate in my heart at all. Im jus being real... nuff said...

  • Anonymous

    You gotta ask yourself (if you a detroit artist or producer) Why aint no acts gettin sign from the D to Shady?? and why aint none of the hot up and comming producers eatin at Shady? (Black Milk, Nick Speed, etc) it Management...or ..

    • Anonymous

      there's rappers out in the D...Boldy James doing it ...why don't y'all get your money up and go to NYC...major label money sitting over there...instead of waiting for someone to come to the D...and then bring the money BACK THERE...

    • Anonymous

      Obie... Royce... D12... besides why does it matter so much what city you are from... your telling me that even if there are great rappers from other cities u wouldnt sign them?

    • Anonymous

      Whatever.We all know Shady records is based out of New York...not DETROIT..Paul showed us what he thought of the D when he threw his party in NEW YORK..if he threw it in the D it could have generated a lil $ for the people in Detroit who really need it ...yall devils willl have yalll day soon enough what goes up always has to come down..

    • turftalka

      3 flaws with your comment: 1. Royce Da 5'9" is from the D and signed to Shady, I also believe Mr. Porter is a producer there. 2. Black Milk & Nick Speed aren't "hot up & comng producers" they've been around for a while. Popular Demand was released in 2007, they aren't new at all. 3. Shady Records is still developing it's 2.0 status so that could mean Em might sign new people if he wants. Probably not right now because he's focusing on Slaughterhouse, but maybe soon after.

  • Black Raven

    That gay ass nigga stole my beat..

  • jesterxxl


  • Anonymous

    One of the sketchiest Fakest brothaz on the planet..insecure and emotional Broad that has no loyalty to know one..only people that fucc with him are real life Dicksukkas who think they gone work with ..

  • So Icy Boi!

    Mr. Porter gonna sign to YMCMB. this nigga gonna be a rapsupertar wit Drake hook, Weezy verse, Bangladesh beat. swag

  • Anonymous

    i still rate kuniva.

  • Anonymous

    I guess this is how they honour proof completly destroy the legacy he build

    • Anonymous

      I think D12 been over for awhile now. I mean they havent released an album since 2004.

    • Anonymous

      Its more of an honor to end it with dignity then to carry on making subpar music cause there heart aint in it.

    • Anonymous

      Not at all. D12 wasn't a very good group, kind of like an early 2000's odd future. Proof had some ill music in the 90's though.

  • Karen

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  • Karen

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  • Anonymous


  • RiversLeroy10446168

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  • ItsTheTruth

    Those 2 D12 albums is another reminder of what Em is capable of as a producer. What he produced for 50 and Obie was classic shit as well. I guess we'll see if Em's still got it once this next Slaughterhouse album drops.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Porter is better off getting that production money, and Bizzare is better off solo trying to get his money in the Horrorcore/Juggalo world The other 3 I feel bad for, Swift, Kuniva & Fuzz, because outside of there Eminem connection there's really nothing that sets them apart from 100 other detroit battle rappers "Devils Night" was still a great record tho

    • well,..

      thats true, but swift and kuniva can still spit so maybe they can get their shine via guest appearances or as a duo. i think the former's most likely tho.

    • Anonymous

      i think thats the first first normal comment i read in here in years...

  • TylertheDestroyer

    Only decent one left was this dude. everyone else pretty much blowed...

  • alfred newman

    i didnt even know mr porter was in d12 lol

  • Anonymous

    For the best, that group is going nowhere anyway

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