Ricky Hil "SYLDD" Album Stream

UPDATE: Ricky Hil, the artist formerly known as Rich Hil, drops his debut studio album "SYLDD."

Rich Hil has announced the dates for his upcoming tour with Dom Kennedy, kicking off tonight in Dallas, Texas.

Additionally, the Warner Bros. rapper has revealed that his upcoming EP Support Your Local Drug Dealer, due in May. The rapper enlists The Weeknd for the project, as well as Kennedy, who appears on the cut "It Aint Really Nuthin."

Check the tour dates below.

THU 3/22: Dallas, TX - Trees
SAT 3/24: Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
SUN 3/25: Atlanta, GA - The Loft
TUE 3/27: Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
THU 3/29: New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
FRI 3/30: Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
SUN 4/1: Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
TUE 4/3: Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig
WED 4/4: Chicago, IL @ Reggies
THU 4/5: Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
FRI 4/6: Madison, WI @ Majestic Theatre
SAT 4/7: Minneapolis, MN @ Fineline
WED 4/11: Denver, CO @ The Bluebird
THU 4/12: Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
SAT 4/14: Seattle, WA @ Showbox Market
SUN 4/15: Portland, OR @ Peter's Room
MON 4/16: San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
TUE 4/17: San Jose, CA @ Avalon
WED 4/18: Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory
THU 4/19: Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
FRI 4/20: San Diego, CA @ Porter's Pub
SAT 4/21: Tempe, AZ @ Club Red

[March 22]

UPDATE: Ricky Hil, formerly known as Rich Hil, has released his debut album SYLDD via Noisey. Stream the full LP below.

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  • Anonymous

    This whole mixtape was dope. Too bad he aint coming to Vegas.

  • Anonymous

    drake isn't really rap

  • d

    This isnt really rap... but nontheless its good. very different

  • c.r.e.a.m.

    these bitches want a snow blow and they just give me head while the haters give me promo !!!!!

  • Jerry Linefield

    The production isn't bad but his monotone voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

  • dude

    hey richie remember when we use to make ur cry in mavs

  • Anonymous

    Polo fuck that hilfiger....this lame motherfuker will barely get an audience of 10 people unless dom kennedy is there...sick tatts too mane lmao

  • Anonymous

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  • dentaldamboy

    I listen to the radio every day and I've never heard of this guy before. He must be wack.

  • norm

    most people hating in here haven't heard the music.

  • G code

    Support your local drug dealer wow this one lame azz dude

  • Sik1

    I'm not a fan of his music but can't hate the kid for doing what he does.

  • Anonymous

    stans of this kid are the worst.

  • Anonymous

    i dont care what background you come from. If you got bars that are hot. spit'em. End of story. But the thing with this guy is...i HATE his fucking voice. hes probably a cool guy but the sound of his voice ruins any beat hes on for me. seriously his voice sounds like if an asian chick in porn was rappin while she was gettin fucked. in all seriousness i cant even tell if his bars are good or not because his voice is terrible. but its whatever. stick to whatever your doin. if its workin its workin i guess

  • Anonymous

    not comin to Cleveland for that tour!?!?!?!?LAME!! but that album fina be dope

    • TRUTH is back

      i was refering to MGK.if he was refering to Rich Hil then like i said who fuckin cares if he got caught with some weed?shit happens.that still doesn't justify how Rich or MGK try to act gangster.so nice try on attempting son me, ya dumb ass.

    • Anonymous

      truth prepare to get sonned "Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Richard Hilfiger -- who recently cut a track with Kid Cudi -- was pulled over last weekend in West Hollywood by Sheriff's deputies who allegedly found the weed in his car. Hilfiger -- who goes by Rich Hil on stage -- was arrested and booked on one felony count of possession of marijuana for sale, according to sources. His $20,000 bail was posted the next night. Calls to Tommy's people have not been returned."

    • TRUTH

      he never got caught tryin to do that!!LMAO!!!WHAT PART OF YOUR IMAGINATION DID YOU FIND THAT?!?!?!HAHAHAHA and even if he did that still doesn't display trying to be gangster, it just shows homeboy smokes weed or sells the shit on the side. you think he cant rap worth a damn but his flow is vicious and i can already tell you only herd Wild Boy. a suckass emcee? MC=Master of Ceremonies which is someone who rocks crowds,gives people what they want,entertains. last time i checked he sells out shows all the fuckin time,has loyal fans and is 1 of the only rappers worth seeing live.face it son, your a fan in denial

    • Alf Capone

      not chex mix but if i saw dat nigga with a bag of funyuns......i swear to god my nigga

    • Anonymous

      the kid is a wanna be gangsta. he got busted trying to run a pound of weed. he tries to act hard as fuck. he cannot rap worth a damn. face it son. the kid is a suckass emcee.

    • fuck trolls

      so because you 3 dont like him then i can't be a fan of the music?? "Decapitate yourself." "castrate yourself." bitch ass niggaz need to take they own advice because if you didn't like Rich Hil then why the fuck would you bums click on the article?thats some suckanigga shit ya'll be on.do you also walk into a grocery store and call someone a faggot cuz you hate chex mix and that person bought 2 bags. i bet your the king of corny son since your quoting "corny ass white boy trying to act gangster" like you pulled from somewhere on this page?why you gotta say "white boy" like that wasn't obvious enough?yeah he is a white guy, you wana cookie for pointing that out dude? and he doesn't try to act gangster,he never said he was or trying to be or rap about gangster shit so idk what part of ur twat u pulled that from.he does what most of the artists in the game dont do and thats be yourself.but if you see him in that light then ok, lamer.

    • Anonymous

      don't worry you still have MGK to rep cleveland for the "corny ass white boy trying to act gangster" fix you'll be fiending for.

    • Alf Capone

      castrate yourself.

    • ??

      Decapitate yourself.

  • thought dog

    If you dont believe karma exists then look at what Tommy Hilfiger said about black people, then look at his son above.

    • Anonymous

      you guys are ignorant as fuck.he doesn't get a cent from his pops and hatin on someone just because they aren't as poor as you is fuckin stupid

    • Anonymous


    • thought dog

      OH SHIT! HE GOT COSIGNED BY ALL OF THEM?!!!!! I love his music now.

    • Anonymous

      have you actually listened to the kid?

    • Anonymous

      dude got co-sign's from The Weeknd,Curt@!n$,Dom Kennedy,Casey Veggies,Lex Luger,Swizz Beats etc. he obviously isn't as bad as you guys are tryin to make him seem

    • Anonymous

      Aaliyah was a spokeperson for Hilfiger around the time that those comments were supposedly made. It was all one big urban myth.

    • Anonymous

      it is a myth.

    • Alf Capone

      the thing about hilfiger saying he doesnt want black people to wear his clothes has never been proven. it is prolly just a myth. i just tried to look it up and everything i saw said it was most likely a myth

  • Alf Capone

    rich kid rap. anyone like this guy? ill admit at first i was like fuck him hes the tommy hilfinger kid. then i thought about it and decided id listen to him and see if he can rap. well i discovered i was completely justified in not likin him cuz the guy is just another shitty rapper. well just another shitty rapper but he was born rich

    • Anonymous

      the amount of money someone has shouldnt be reason not to like him. Granted i dont like him either. i only clicked on it to hear the track he has with the Weeknd. And also his dad cut him off years ago. He doesnt geta dime from his dad

    • Anonymous

      so what?that was still the first thought that crossed his mind

    • Anonymous

      if you read alf's first comment he said he hated on him at first but then gave it a listen and realized he was right to begin with. rich hil is a sucka.

    • Anonymous

      hating on someone's music just because they have rich parent's is lame as fuck.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      I completely agree with the guy two comments above. alf you may piss me off sometimes but you are completely right about this wack as piece of shit rich boy motherfucker.

    • Alf Capone

      i call it how i see it my nigs

    • Anonymous

      Damnit Alf, you are the most reasonable troll this site has

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