Wu-Tang Clan Discusses Return To Music, Longevity

The Wu-Tang Clan waxes nostalgic, and explains why they reunited.

With 20 years in the game, Wu-Tang Clan has experienced Hip Hop's highs with critical and commercial success, as well as it lows, with infighting and the death of member Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Ultimately, the crew has persevered and remained a force in Hip Hop, a fact that the group discussed in a recent interview with ThisIs50.com. "This is my foundation," explained RZA. "If my brothers is ready to rock and roll, I'm ready to rock and roll. Music? Man. It's magical, baby."

"We reached the people, yo. I don't care what nobody say," offered Inspectah Deck. "A lot of motherfuckers'll tell you Wu-Tang's irrelevant, out of date, or whatever the case. I'm just more or less...the movement that's behind us, is bigger than us now."

Watch the interview below:


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  • Anonymous

    hahah ugod fking bad ass

  • Anonymous

    u god is real as fuck

  • Sunspect

    I don't understand this interview. Are they reuniting to make music or was it just a concert?


    The wu are the coolest group handz down, I mean how can you rip on them, afta all they replaced the letter "S" wit da letter "Z" how many car number plates adopted this, they set the movement

  • ANF

    Ive listed to ALOT of hip-hop different styles, different artists, different perspectives but the WU really stand out, they have a certain presence and their music is filled with the groups different egos and personalitities which comes together to make one good album, theres been no other group that has thier style or music, speak to any hip hop producer etc and they will say that the WU were one in a million

  • bells of war

    "bet u niggaz aint gonna figure it out till the year 2g" the kid was wrong on that one

  • dooge

    I dont even listen to "music" today and I refuse to call it hip hop because 99% of shit is pop or rnb now. wu tang and all the other ny artists of the 90's will always be relevant in hiphop because they started the shit. Young money and allthese other niggas is just a bunch of singers and performers they could never even enter a cypher on any corner in ny so stop the nonsense and lets keep pop rnb and hiphop separate please

  • Fish

    This is the reason hip hop can never die - Wu Tang is forever...

  • micah dancy

    Wu-tang Clan is great

  • youngsta

    da wu tang clan is a bunch of old farts who put people to sleep with there music. fuck outta here wit dat shit. wu tang needs to leave and let new groups like odd future and young money do there thing. da rap game got no place for these old lame ass niggaz. just like tyler the creator said "there old as fuck!" young niggaz stand up! we takin over! hate us now!

    • NY

      I don't really care that you don't listen to them, I'll admit their music is not for everyone but you have to respect Wu-Tang's impact on hip hop culture and if you can't see that then fuck you. I'll rather listen to my music from the 90's, take quality over quantity.

    • killa

      you are an idiot

    • Tylerthedestroyer

      Thats your opinion even if it is fucking ridiculous.. there a 50 cent solja boy song around i hear go listen to that youngin.. go do your homework son...

  • beingunderfire

    relevance is always what is questioned when an artist or group gets older and is no longer mainstream. But Wu changed hip hop. Yes people were sampling old classics but the way WU did it was different. Each artist sounded different and added a unique sound that allowed them to stand out but still remain a group. And as for the albums. The W is the clans most underrated album. Ghost's line alone sold me "Its just a hobby that I picked up in the lobby." Dudes made a lot of cake off that hobby.

  • Anonymous

    Besides you and your mom, who still bumps Wu Tang Forever? It got panned much the same way It Was Written did, even though as I brilliantly pointed out before, Written was Nas's biggest hit to date. 36 Chambers was the only Wu album that people can all agree is still their best.

    • Anonymous

      you sir are on dumb mf

    • Anonymous

      Wu-Tang Forever isn't as great as 36 Chambers. A lot of fillers on there. But also some great tracks that I still bump on the regular: Reunited Triumph Heaterz It's Yourz Bells of War

  • Anonymous

    Best group EVER in Hip Hop.


    Cappadonna is spitting his classic Winter Warz verse over the Who Shot Ya instrumental and RZA is reciting the 12 Jewelz accapella on this tour, shit is crazy!

  • Milehighkid303

    I WAS PUT ON BY THE OLDER GODS!!! WU Tang WILL always be relevant. My favorite NYC group next to the Unit/LOX, gritty music with a message. Meth coming to Denver n my white ass will be in attendance!

  • Anonymous

    I was referring to Wu Tang as a whole. They were never able to recapture the magic after 36 Chambers, but if you want to get technical, nobody remembers those other albums either, much like nobody remembers Big Pun's first album, or much of what 2pac did before Death Row.

    • murdock

      I dont want to tell you how dumb you are but im gonna have to.It was number one on the charts with the life after death album.wu tang double cd...your telling me nobody remembers it?Despite limited radio/TV airplay, and a lead single that famously clocked at nearly six minutes with no chorus, Wu-Tang Forever debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with 612,000 in its first week...wow and nobody remembers it?haha your nuts

    • Anonymous

      WU TANG was the first to put out the million dollar videos. TRIUMPH!!!

    • Anonymous

      No remembers Wu Tang Forever? The craziest Hip Hop video called Triumph? You keep believing that. And no one checked this comment because you don't know the music. Scrubs.

  • Anonymous

    every body posting YMCMB needs to hop off that bubblegum bullshit, this article is about pioneers who originated most of your favorite rappers styles(after watering it down with some bs pretty boy swag)wu-tang will always have a place in hiphop. you really think people will be talking about drake and tyga 20 years from now(in a positive way)? smh some of you niggas to soft to comprehend

  • 187 on y'all

    I've been waiting for a Wu album for so fucking long I can't wait anymore they better drop an album right mothafuckin now

  • Hater

    All this niggaz have gay ass stage names what the fuck is a "Raekwon" or "RZA" I should rape and kill them all I don't give a shit about them rap music is garbage

    • Anonymous

      Well Lil Wayne is a good name....disregarding the fact that the name "wayne" itself is probably in the top ten gayest names ever.

    • bennmetht

      rza= Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah, muslim name Raekwon the chef, cooking up shit to far past your obviious comprension..its ok all you youngens will look back some time on some "man I was a damn ass" shit....Knowledge is wisdom and wisdom seems to come with age

    • m

      why would u wanna rape a nigger they have hairy assholes

  • Fuck the Wu-Tang Brothel

    I fucked everyone of this bitches in their asses yesterday and I know they ain't gonna do shit so fuck rap fuck rappers and fuck y'all I'm outta here peace

  • Anonymous

    Their influence spanned maybe two albums. Then all one hundred of them branched off and made one forgettable album after another. Looking back, maybe only Meth, Rae and Ghost should have carried the movement. They had the most talent, but even today, they seem on auto pilot. Still making money, but barely a blip on the radar of the hip hop scene.

    • Yeaaa

      you're a fucking idiot... influence spanned two albums? 36 chambers, wu-tang forever, ironman, supreme clientele, fishscale, purple tape, liquid swords, tical, no said date, return to the 36 chambers, 4:21... the day after lol wu tang forever realer than any rapper in the game today and ghost is realest of them all, christ has risen.

    • murdock

      ill have to air this guy out too ill have to teach you something...in philly a few years back maybe 2006 they had a show and so many people came that night it sold out..they said lets do it again the next night it sold out again.thats 6000 people in a weekend in one city almost 15 years after the first album dropped.they did pretty well if you ask me

    • Anonymous

      you have no hip hop knowledge if you think they had 2 influential albums. 36 chambers, wu-forever, cuban linx, liquid swords, supreme clientele...

  • Anonymous

    Who cares.....Rae and Meth can still make music that the people MIGHT give a listen.....the rest should retire already.....

  • J Deezy

    This was a very well conducted and edited group interview, they should have asked about new music though. Lots of jewels dropped from the clansmen and a couple serious questions thrown at the Abbot that he deflected with his positivity shield. It was wise of him to side step the racial question, those white boys are his bread and butter. As for Rae&Ghost, it is obvious there is a financial conflict hindering their participation in this tour. Has anyone else noticed the tour bus is a giant advertisement for the RZA's new headphone line? It's the Meth & RZA show, everyone else there is grinding to feed their children and keep their P.O.s happy.


    Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga.


    RIP ODB! Tha Wu ain't the same without you OG.

  • 36 WUUUUU


  • steels

    They are legends no matter what..and shut up with YMCMB, this is article about Wu-Tang and their fans, who cares about them here?

  • Anonymous

    Wu-Tang's irrelevant, only Ghostface is relevant.

    • Genius

      The Wu-Tang isn't about commercial success... GZA is arguably one of the greatest storytellers of all time, while Inspectah Deck at his prime, on collaborations and 36 Chambers and Forever, is one of the most underated MC in history... His verse on Triumph might just be one of the greatest one ever written... Simple facts son Wu-Tang Forever, Peace

    • koth561

      Ghost and Rae and maybe Method Man are the only ones that receive mainstream attention as of this date. RZA is stuck doing movies and the rest of Wu-Tang is more active on an underground level. Get your facts right... SMH...

    • fuck ya swag

      what about raekwon? GZA? RZA? Method man? Those dudes are still some of the most relevant in the game nigguh

  • Anonymous

    Wu Tang is for the children

  • dj nemesis

    i dont remember wutang ever breaking up?

  • Anonymous

    INSpectah DECK!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • wu4lyf

    I like Uey. Golden Arms is an underrated member of the Wu, his voice is SICK

  • So Icy Boi!

    Wu-Tang Clan was Ol Dirty Bastard... these niggaz aint tha same since ODB left. RZA tryna copy Bangladesh, Lexy Luger & Boi-1da.... Method Man, GZA & Ghostface Killag cant be lyrical no more. but these generation aint depressive bcuz our new legendz Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane are tha G.O.A.T. YMCMB BRICK SQUAD swag

    • Anonymous

      If you are the same guy that used to be SuperGucciRap, what happened to you? You used to be funny as hell. You aren't even close with the So Icy Boi character.

    • 36 chambers

      WTF are you talking about? making up shit as you go along WU TANG FOREVER

    • Anonymous

      dont reply to him attention fuels his existence

    • nickrazor2000

      Wow Dude, Everyone hates you. you are a hater creator. I am by no means a hater but you make me become one. you have a sad existence. go hide back under your bridge, Troll. fag

    • bennmetht

      1st off Left = died..I assume..that being said i know your a troll the biggest fuckin troll..good job on being the biggest loser...Rza is a pioneer pretty sure he isn't copying anyones style...and lastly Gucci mane get the fuk out..Lil Wayne isn't all that either but he has sales on top of sales so he gots that at least...But I am going to say at least 5 if not all 8 of the remaining members can lyarical kill anyone from Young Money...save maybe busta in his prime..But thats not young money era so...Have a nice life enjoying what appear to be a shithole life...and good luck on that growing up thing

    • toima

      You really are an unbearable faggot.

  • nickrazor2000

    The Wu-Tang are my childhood heros. thanks for checking in on them but on the real DX, this isnt really saying anything we dont already know so its not really "news". Hit us up with some real info like when the new album is dropping. close to finished? how many tracks? guest appearences? come on DX!

  • R2die

    Its Wu Forever!!!! btw, Where was the Genius?

  • Miles

    i love when people write comments like "YMCMB Fovever" or "YMCMB >>>>> _____artist name". its so funny because everyone jumps on them without realizing that these people are only saying those things to get ppl worked up

  • bongbong

    God I hate these bullshit interviewers who do nothing but suck up to the artists. Nobody's coming up to fucking U-God and treating him like he's Pac reincarnated. Fuck off with that. It's cool to be a fan and all, but do your job, ask some real questions, because you don't get anything interesting out of artists by blowing sunshine up their ass the entire time.

  • Right On


  • hex

    this ain't no fucking news... and i'm a fan of wu-tang. step it up, dx

  • aswayyy


  • Swag

    Fuck the Wu-Tang! YMCMB forever!

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