50 Cent Announces Album Release Date

50 Cent finally eyes the summer for release of his oft-delayed fifth solo album.

50 Cent has announced the release date for his untitled fifth solo album.

Breaking the news on Twitter, Fif revealed that the oft-delayed LP is scheduled to drop on July 2nd. "My album is coming out july 2. I got some heat trust me I'm ready," he wrote. "My birthdays july 6 so that's a cool date for ME. Its gonna be july2 album, july4 independence day, then july6 my birthday."

The G-Unit general has been down this road before. He originally revealed that he had begun work on the album, formerly titled Black Magic, in March 2010. He then nixed the project and hit the studio to record the LP once more. He then said that the album would be released in November 2011, followed by December 2011, but the album failed to materialize.

My album is coming out july 2. I got some heat trust me I'm ready
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My birthdays july 6 so that's a cool date for ME. Its gonna be july2 album, july4 independence day, then july6 my birthday.
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  • Gunot

    Fuck 50 cent no1 gives a shit whn his wack album drops he had 1 classic album his first everthing after that was wack as fuck Got Rich and Stoped Trying

    • bizzalls

      You're fuckin stupid, kid. All of his albums are good. The production on his albums is always incredible. You don't know shit, you just say what you hear everyone else saying...

  • xlxdipsetxlx

    CURTTISSS ~~ can't wait till cam'ron new album drops this year also, he finally got some good features with TI and WIZ and MAC MIller and more to come im sure. DR Dre beats with some araabmuzik also im hearing heatmakers will be on the album. cam'ron has everyone talking right now wanting to work with him. keep it 100 killa

  • Anonymous

    Mike Tyson had over $300 million and lost it, so it's not like Fiddy's the first person to ever make alot of money fast.

  • rise and shine

    prob a 15 track album with 3 good tracks on it. hopefully he has some dre throw-aways. not herd a decent dre beat since i listened to that 'hey young world' snippet

  • hitsaw

    Hell yeah, 50 Is back, finally some real hip hop we got 50, obie, dmx, SH, nas.

  • Sco*

    I mean honestly, does anyone really care anymore? I never cared for the guy or his music......but it has to be evident to all that this dude's career has been over for quite awhile now....plus he acted sucka-like behind an average looking pink toe..lol.....Niiiiceee......

  • 50

    Yo 50 you better drop some shit like Get Rich or Die Tryin' because I'm tired of listening to that bitch made shit you did after that you bitch ass nigga fuck you and your crew and your family too

  • Anonymous

    this and Detox coming out WOW fock em both

  • bawse

    50 i have some good news & some bad news, the good news is your albums never coming out & the Bad news is Rozay MADE MORE $$$$ THAN U LAST YR DAMN HOMIE #THEBAWSEBACK!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody wants to hear 50 no more

    • Anonymous

      The Big 10 was cool because the NCAA conference is the best, oldest, and just flat out dominates (except football of course)

    • Anonymous

      really? thats not what the magazines and views on you tube tell me when he dropped the big 10 didnt he do a track on national tv?isnt his mixtape all over the radio?

  • Anonymous

    first of all ross didnt do shit to 50...when talk abt beef's only 1 nigga gave 50 word to word and killed him too...The Game...50 came down bcuz of his own ego nt beefs and bullshit

    • Anonymous

      300 Bars and that's it. Every other mixtape he made with G-Unot just had it because 50 had white fans. So people thought it was cool to say G-Unot.

  • UltimateMegadon

    Fans need to stop being A%R's and support the artist they like yall niggas aint getting paid to predict artist sales so sit your ass down...

  • Drake

    Like Wayne said in his post, we gon keep the shine off 50, if he get a small buzz we gon try to keep the attention off him, maybe have nicki do a video shaking her ass. Then I will finally come out and release a rap song that yall aint heard from in 2 years so i'm sure you all will eat it up. yeah we save the good shlt for times like this. cuz if 50 get back in the spotlight we might not be around.........

  • Lil Wayne

    I have the perfect counter to keep his shine down, first Nicki will release a track prob. feat. me or drake or Ross. Then few weeks from there Drake will release a track off his album. Then finally I will release a new song from I'm not a human being 2. so yea I'm going to make sure I keep the tention off 50, if he get's hot like he once was I don't think I can battle him..........

  • jaceshadoe

    Good year for Hip Hop. 1. DMX 2. Slaughterhouse 3. Obie Trice 4. 50 Cent 5. Nas?

    • xlxdipsetxlx

      can't wait till cam'ron new album drops this year also, he finally got some good features with TI and WIZ and MAC MIller and more to come im sure. DR Dre beats with some araabmuzik also im hearing heatmakers will be on the album. cam'ron has everyone talking right now wanting to work with him. keep it 100 killa

    • Chimdale

      it'd be better if 2012 was their year detox dropped

  • S.HA.D.Y.

    Another Shady records release fuck YMCMB this is shady records year bitch

  • lol

    tell birdman to buy all ur albums like lil wang

  • Chi

    All I have to say is The Big Ten was just a tease.... I know fif can bring that heat that we be missing...

  • sensei

    i like when ross raps about cars he cant fit in hahaah

  • Ricky Rozay

    Nigga better be on the grind aint heard a hot single at all, wheres the heat there aint no spins here in ATL of any his shit. Face it 50 dickriders the snitch aint relevant no more. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dareal

      i have to admit big 10 killed rozay mixtape he had joints gettin spins like hit singles.did a track on national tv had a big 10 mini tour the shit had niggas checkin for yayo then you throw in the videos its a easy classic.we all know ross doing his album over that mixtape ws the album and it was a 3 at best.

    • Anonymous

      big 10!!!>>>>FAT FOREVER

  • SRR

    A million copies, or one copy sold. Doesn't matter. Everybody should give it a listen, and if they like it, cop it. 50 of all people should realize that record sales, especially in a recession, don't really add up when comparing to the quality of the music. I loved Yelawolf's Radioactive. That album entered the Billboard chart at #27...come on...TWENTY SEVEN. Some people thought it wasn't that great, but TWENTY SEVEN is really low for that caliber of music. But who cares? If it's good, go out and buy it! 50's best material is put out for free on the internet anyway (i.e. War Angel, Big 10). I just hope for his case that it's quality material. Too much soft, punk R&B shit out nowadays.

  • Little X

    How much do you think this will sell first week? His last one sold just over 100,000...I'm guessing the new one will sell somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000. lol

    • Anonymous

      dude sold 160k first week even though the entire album was leaked a month ago.

    • Anonymous

      Lol @ you anonymous. What they say at halftime doesn't determine the result of the game. Poor analogy. 50 to 70 thousand times $10=half a million dollars plus some. That flop you all call BISD made the label 5 million plus some. 50's "washed up money">>>>>your life hating in a website's comment section When is the last time you generated a half a million dollars in a week little x and anonymous for you to laugh at someone who's actually doing it?

    • Anonymous

      that was wack thats like tellin a sports reporter that watching a game n talkin bout it at halftime what they say aint the truth smdh fact is 50 washed the fuck up lol u rite Little X

    • Chi!

      Anonymous came at you hard with that one lmfao "50-70 thousand more then you ever sold" That was niceeeeee

    • Anonymous

      And even if it does sell 50 to 70 thousand first week, it will be 50 to 70 thousand more than what you have sold.

  • jr88

    50 does have his own lane....you have to respect 50 even the most gunit hater has to respect that he isnt wearing skinny jeans to appeal to white kids,,,lol

  • Dariel

    cant wait for this shit to drop!

  • Anonymous

    he gonna go plat after the big 10 buzz and all the gay music out now the summer is his

  • Anonymous

    so i guess he got his way again he didnt back that shit intersccope dropped instead he blew up the big 10!! i cant wait for this album to drop.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you and your weakass lyrics about money, bitches and guns. How many times you gonna rap about this bullshit? Retire you average punk with one good album.

  • Sensaye252

    Fifty is dope. All that tabloid bullshit aside, he's one of the last MCs out of NY still making good rap music. Curtis and Before I Self Destruct were weak, but everything he's put out in the last year and half has been fire. 50 is a MC from the golden age, don't get it twisted.

  • Anonymous

    I'll wait and see what 50 brings, could be some heat foreal, or like wise, utter fail...

  • E

    the music industry is fed up with YMCMB and theyre not making money for em anymore

  • E

    Why do you think theres trolls like SoIcy?

  • Anonymous


  • E

    Young Money's time is up and they know it, poor Busta

  • E

    SoIcy is freaking out cos 2012 is the Fall of YMCMB

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • So Icy Boi!

    50 Cent has no platinum albums u liars. bitch niggaz tryna clown me. lmao.... Weezy iz tha best sellin rapper of all time. swag

  • Anonymous

    Ima out sell this nigga

  • Anonymous

    50 go kill yourself

  • Anonymous

    the haters just had to his hype. the truth is 50 cent is more relevant than ever and its his time again.

  • Fossie

    @So Icy Boi......kill yourself!!!!!!

  • land lord

    50 pls don't!! Keep the album to yourself lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    wtf? 50 Cent iz irrelevant. Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III sold 1 milli first week. Tha Carter IV sold 1 milli too. 50 Cent cant do it. swag

    • S.H.A.D.Y.

      hey yo icy boy ur fucking pathetic bitch...shut the fuck off you fucking retard you dont shit about music you fucking punk you dont know about hip hop all you ride is lil waynes cock you fuckng pussy.. its obvious you dont know shit about rap music because you where styll sucking on your mothers nipples when NWA, tupac Biggie, Nas was spitting fire.. you bitch ass was styll hanging in ur mothers cunt u fucking bitch now shut the fuck off .

    • HAGE

      Lol the massacre from 50 sold 1.14 million copies in the first week. So icy you may just leave these sites you're always dickriding basing shit on your own brains which clearly you haven't got..

    • John-Boy

      Hell, The Massacre sold more than both those albums combined. 11 Mil.

    • Anonymous

      get rich die and die trying sold more then then the 2 albums combined (15 million)

  • TonyViera

    best fuckin news ever!!!!!

  • Chris

    it is well discussed and agreed upon that lil wayne and rappers alike have contributed to the decline of hip hop thus its current state/status. lil wayne has plenty of fans and thats fine but they are fans of a softer style of hip hop and most of us want that hard stuff brought back.. 50 cent is the man to do it.. lets gooo...

  • S.H.AD.Y

    SHady records running the rap game in 2012 Obie trice "Bottoms Up" April 2012 Slaughterhouse "Welcome to our house" May 15 2012 50 cent" Fifth Album" July 2nd 2012 D12 "Third Studio Album" Fall 2012 Shady Records bitchh

  • Anonymous

    i remember when hip hop was hard and less poppish.... lil wayne ruined hip hop.. let 50 bring it back..

  • Anonymous

    cant wait! real music!

  • blah

    dnt think it's gonna really drop in July, im smellin another delay

  • Ricky Rozay

    Nigga better be on the grind aint heard a hot single at all, wheres the heat there aint no spins here in ATL of any his shit. Face it 50 dickriders the snitch aint relevant no more. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Anonymous

      His last album went gold after it leaked a month early, I repeat '' a month early''. Niggas shouldn't be going gold with dat and yet his worst blunder is other peoples Greatest Success!!!

    • JohnBoy

      His last album went Gold which is exactly what your last album did except you didnt have a platinum single. So if he isn't relevant than what does that make you Mr. Rozay? False!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beanie Sigel

      Waddup Bawse ? Ricky Ross N da Buildin

  • Anonymous

    i fuck wit 50 heavy but is this cat relevant anymore

    • Young King

      smh.. that's the problem with you rap fans now days "is he even relevant anymore" blah blah blah... who gives a fuck if their relevant or not.. rakim ain't "relevant" but you can bet yo bitch ass he will smash 95% of the artists in the rap game now.. foh b

  • PSYCHO412

    if he sells less than ja rule, which is very likely, i will probably literally die of laughter

  • jay

    The guy just needs to find artistic folks to work with that he will listen to. He can make hits... he has in the past. But they were as a result of Dre or Storch.

    • Anonymous

      50 always been pretty much on the same level. but without em and dre producin and rappin on every other cut, it wont be as popular

  • Anonymous

    this is going to be crazy insane, insane crazy.. best clique in rap going back at it... 50 is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Not so looking forward, but still looking forward to hear it

  • Chris

    this is going to be the hottest album out in the last 2 years. 50 cent is going to make people remember what true hip hop sounds like. 50 cents big 10 mixtape was the hottest mixtape of the year and no one and i mean no one has been able to produce a mixtape that can compare. no more bubble gum hip hop and lil wayne garbage.

  • Anonymous

    this album will flop hard it wont even go gold 50 is done hate it or love it 50 is no longer on top and never will be his badboy plan played out when everybody seen he is all mouth and a studio gangster

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever seen the vibe awards video were Dre gets punched. G-Unit and like 20 of their soldiers are there, and its not the goons smashing people its, 50, buck and banks. 50 smashes him first then buck stabbed him. they are riding for Dre and They are more gangster than Gayme

  • Arjun

    I frankly think that his performance here in Austin's South by Southwest festival inspired him to put out new material in stores and finally drop a full new studio album! He realized that his relevancy his almost gone if not completely already judging from the fans that were not completely receptive to his show in Austin...the fact is not that what he performed was not hot music (or classic) but that only about half of the audience actually recalled all the songs that he performed (most people that attend concerts tend to be non-heavily devoted rap fans who only remember the chart-topping hits)...leaving him probably yearning to put out new music for the current time frame and the young generation who remembers 50 Cent as more than just a couple of years ago's hotness...

    • Anonymous

      50 can shit on austin, he has millions of fans

    • chris

      50 has the best performance and reaction from the fans out of any other artist at SXSW. Now with that said the crowd at SXSW was horrible. Most artist have said the crowd was dull and disrespectful. The crowd had people having side conversations during live sets and it just wasnt a crowd favorable to hip hops biggest stars. So with those circumstances 50 cent still managed to rock the crowd and hes as relevant as ever. G-UNIT. lets stick to facts people.

    • thought dog

      Thats how most rap shows are in America. There was an article with Phonte or somebody else talking about how hype the people in Europe/Asia get compared to American audiences. Americans mostly stand around and try to look cool while audiences in other parts of the world dance and get wild at the shows.

    • Koollie

      That doesnt make any sense, Your head is full of shit if you really thought that. 50 has said few months ago that his album was mostly done and would drop in 2012. You think that that festival changed something? And he went back to the studio to make the album? By the way, Those were just some lame ass audience, boring teenagers...I have watched different performances also by the YMCMB peeple. Same boring lame audience who just stood there like they shitted in their pants and couldnt move. At least 50's performance is the most watched and talked about...now think again.

  • 50 Cent

    yo wassup it's the kid 5-0. yo this going to be a hot album i know i said this last time but it is. i'm tryn to change what's being played on the radio(pop-fruitart rap music) so when I come out with some real rap hit em up shoot em up shlt dont get scared...besides yall would be all over me if em/dre got on a track with me. ol bandwagon nggas




    I hope 50 comes on some good shit this time. He hasn't had a BIG record in a minute. He needs some energetic street shit like B.M.F. to capture everyone's attention.

  • Hurricane Game


    • chris

      u kno whats funny, 50 cent actually owns the "G-UNOT" brand that Game tried to create against him. 50 cent uses his brain and destroys his enemies through the % game rather than shooting them like a boy.

  • Anonymous


  • chris

    the lord and savior of real hip hop has returned. sxsw showed everyone how hot he still is and now its time to destroy bubble gum hip pop that lil gayne brought about. GGGGGG-UNIT! plenty of hate will follow this comment but the facts are the facts and G-Unit is still hot is the only fact that matters!

    • Anonymous

      if you`re a 50 fan, you dont jump on other rappers because you dont like what is he doin

    • chris

      lol you must be real mature like a child using race to try to offend me... haha lets get it str8 im a puerto rican from the bronx now living in jersey... get wit it kid. your just another "Troll" passing through the site.. us regulars hate that sh*t

    • Fiddy needs to retire

      Some white boy from Idaho thinks Fiddy is the savior of Hip Hop...unbelievable...You do realize your an idiot right?

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