Chuck D Explains How Bill Clinton Ruined Radio And Why You Have No Choice But To Re-Elect Barack Obama

Exclusive: P.E. #1 continues his powerful conversation with DX, breaking down a former President's "cancerous" blow to radio and a current President's "default" need to be re-elected.

In the first half of HipHopDX’s recent conversation with Chuck D, the legendary leader of Public Enemy took to task the corrupt corporate base of “The Throne” currently occupied by Jay-Z and Kanye West, explained why Elvis Presley may not have been the racist P.E. initially labeled him on the greatest protest song in Hip Hop history, “Fight The Power,” but that Presley still isn’t “The King” of Rock & Roll, and revealed just why he sued the estate of The Notorious B.I.G. for sampling his powerful baritone for the countdown to Big’s  “Ten Crack Commandments” and why that lawsuit had “Nothing to do with Biggie.”

Now in the second half of DX’s discussion with Chuck, the man who 20 years ago threatened Nike and other callous corporations with extinction on “Shut ‘Em Down” explained why he is now endorsing a line of $1,000 stain-resistant suits. And in typical unflinching fashion, arguably the most fearless emcee in Hip Hop history also explained why he likes but doesn’t respect the President of BET and why the current CEO of the Island Def Jam Music Group should be on blast, before proceeding to put a former U.S. President on blast for his legislation that essentially ended balanced radio programming. And lastly, the former Air America Radio host (alongside current MSNBC political pundit Rachel Maddow) who refers to the death threats he once received for his controversial stances as “light stuff” weighed in on why he believes President Obama must be re-elected.

HipHopDX: I recently did an interview with Too Short, in which he revealed that Jive Records explicitly told him to be explicit and to strip the social commentary from his music --

Chuck D: -- And you know what? He shoulda said who.

DX: He said [former Jive Records CEO and current Island Def Jam Records CEO] Barry Weiss. He said him by name.
Chuck D: Okay, Barry Weiss should be on blast then. Barry Weiss is the son of [former Stax Records executive] Hy Weiss. I mean, things is like - Forget a corporation, I think when you have a problem with somebody you should put that person on blast. You should put their family on blast. [Laughs] You know, the whole nine. If you feel like your family’s on blast, put their family on blast too. Forget Jive Records, [put] Barry Weiss [on blast]. And Barry Weiss should be the person that answers to the community, and if Barry Weiss comes out and says, “Well, yeah, I told him to do that, and fuck Black people,” then the next step is whatever, if anything at all. But at least you get right to the source, you get to the core of it.

For example, I saw Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen last night. I don’t have beef with Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen, I have beef with their structures. I might have a small complaint that, okay, you guys ended up being the same people that we started out rebelling against I thought - more so Lyor than Russell. But I have no beef towards them. I know who they are. It ain’t like I ever hung out with you and you’re my best of friends and all that. I mean, we had a relationship and that’s fine. But I’m gonna be opinionated, and I don’t expect my opinion to change you either. So I have nothing but love for Russell and Lyor.

Now, to me, love and respect is two different things. Even like and respect is two different things. I like a lot of people but I don’t necessarily respect them. And there’s people I respect that I might not necessarily like. So, to get that out of me, liking and respecting, is a hard thing to pull out of my mouth. There are plenty of people, I dig them, you’re cool, from person-to-person I like you. Like, Stephen Hill [President] of BET, I like him, but I don’t respect him. I don’t respect what he does, I don’t respect where he comes out of … but I like him.

DX: I wanna go back to one additional thing Too Short said. After he put Barry Weiss on blast he went on to say that he believes there was a meeting of the minds amongst the major labels to shut down conscious Hip Hop. Do you believe such a collusion happened, or was it more likely that Bill Clinton’s Telecommunications Act of 1996, that consolidated radio ownership, was the real nail in the coffin to message-driven music?    

Chuck D: Yeah, the latter was the real nail in the coffin – not so much to message-driven music but to local music being able to have a chance to independently breathe. The consolidation of radio stations was like the worst thing ever done to music.

And, look man, conscious record versus unconscious record, political record versus street record, that’s a bunch of bullshit really. [On an artist’s album pre-consolidation] there were always two to three songs for the hood, for your mom’s or whatever – by every artist. I think when it became formula to continue to just cut joints and you’re pressured to sell – Understand this, niggativity has always been popular and has always been a money-maker in America. Blacks [being degraded and] looked upon at our lowest has always sold – just like slavery itself – more than something that happens to be high standing on its own two feet … to this day. So we shouldn’t be surprised if somebody makes a conscious move to make a quote-unquote positive record and that doesn’t fly out of the record stores, and you make something that might just be talking about stripping or drug-dealing in the year 2012 and it happens to rise because it [works] in the club. I don’t think it’s unfair to measure the music by its quantity instead of its quality …. And too often Rap music and Hip Hop is weighed in bubblegum type standards.

Yeah, but Bill Clinton’s Telecommunications Act was cancerous to local, independent, room to breathe [music] so to speak.  

DX: Let me get a little bit of clarity about life before that, because I was younger, I don’t remember exactly – It was still extremely controversial in 1991, but didn’t a song like “By The Time I Get To Arizona” still get played on the radio 20 years ago?

Chuck D: If it had a clean version. Everything that Public Enemy made seriously wasn’t meant to be on the radio. But if a kid happened to get to the music, there wouldn’t be anything that would twist their head backwards to hate themselves. That was the whole key, it’s like, “This is really like over your head,” but there are some things that’s gonna be down there, some things that can be on the radio. And if it had to be on the radio it had to be clean. So “By The Time I Get To Arizona,” yeah, it got cleaned to the point it could be played, but that wasn’t the thrust. We, at our best, only had a record that hit the Black, R&B charts I think as high as [#11 for “Can’t Truss It”].

We sold concept albums …. And also, we were performance headliners. So we were judged by our concerts and our albums, we wasn’t judged by what single we had, what freestyle we busted or no shit like that. We were almost [judged by] Rock & Roll type standards. And [with radio playlists] or mixtapes, you couldn’t mix Public Enemy records with everybody else’s records, they were different speeds, different textures and sounds. This was a different thing. You had to play P.E. records with P.E. records - that’s it. So that was our whole thing: striving to be different and not trying to fit in.

DX: And that was risky business. For my recent editorial for HipHopDX, “The 10 Most Powerful Videos In Hip Hop History,” I put “Arizona” at number one. And in the comments to the piece the director of that controversial clip, Eric Meza, wrote, “Everybody was against the idea that Chuck, Hank [Shocklee] and I came up with … But Russell Simmons held his ground and told people that P.E. is just saying that they want an Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday by any means necessary …” I understand you also got death threats after that video, is that true?

Chuck D: I ain’t never paid no attention to death threats. You’ve always got those coming through, but I mean, what the fuck? We were going all over the world, mail’s gonna always come in, so … that was light stuff.

“Arizona” was a record that was sorta like planned as I was writing it, so the video was kinda like an afterthought. And all of the aftermath – The whole key was like, “Hey, MTV’s gonna show it once. If we can get ‘em to show it once, we’re fine with that.” Knowing that it probably would be banned, so what?

DX: Wow, that’s just - I mean, that mentality just doesn’t exist today where you’re gonna go through all of that effort to get it shown once.

Chuck D: Yeah, but it gotta have some kind of impact. And then you didn’t have traction – traction was like, okay, once it was shown on T.V. unless you taped it you wasn’t gonna see it again. Today, you have YouTube. Matter fact, you have YouTube to see every little thing. So back then it was a risky throw into the end zone. … But the whole key was like, like Bob Marley or Bob Dylan or Bobby Womack, we can make a statement with a Rap record, and a Rap record could change the world just like these other records can [spur] change.

And there was a lot of hemming and hawing about [the video], but why every Rap [video] gotta come at you like a pool party? You safe with that, and that’s cool and all, but it can do this too. This is a hard pill to swallow, so we’re gonna see you try to gulp this one down.

DX: I have a couple more loose questions. First, did I read correctly that Chuck D is a suit model now?

Chuck D: Yeah. Naked Suits, which is a special wear suit [maker] out of Asia, they make these suits where you can spill something on it and still it’s like stain and water resistant. So I said, “Why not?” I wear suits sometimes. I wouldn’t wear it on stage, but … I’m a grown man. I’m 52-years-old. I mean, I could advertise vodka if I want to. I’m old enough to, but I just don’t drink.

DX: Is this the first endorsement you’ve ever really had?

Chuck D: I’ve endorsed speakers and stuff like that – equipment here and there. I’ve done more P.S.A. and public service type of things than I’ve done like endorsements of products, so … why not? I think it’s a good look.

DX: And, my last loose question for you is a much, much heavier one, but one I feel compelled to ask you. You’ve been a longtime supporter of President Obama – I voted for the President in 2008, but after the Osama Bin Laden murder fantasy and some other questionable moves I’m finding it hard to be motivated to vote at all in 2012. What would you say to somebody like me should be our motivation to re-elect the President?  

Chuck D: To not let that other dude get in, because most of the masses around us are not equipped to respond when you have somebody who’s in favor of eliminating you off the face of the earth. That’s usually what the Republican Party deep down kind of feels, that young people with a sort of Democratic sense of thinking, Black people, people of color, people they deem as being immigrants who get here illegally and undocumented, they really want us people to kind of like not be here. And that’s the element that would be coming in if Obama is not President.  

So it’s almost like a default type of thing. … I’m just saying that if you don’t and the other guy gets in, you’ll be surrounded by a constituency, who fell asleep when Obama was in, who will be unequipped to deal with life from 2013 to 2016 in an area of desperation.

We went from a recession state – Black folks in this country went from recession into depression. The rest of the country is in recession. When the rest of the country eases into the depression, when all kinds of things start happening like the currency doesn’t seem to work anymore [and prices] go sky-high, people are losing their homes at even an accelerated rate – especially in the hood – when America eases into a depression, Black folks and people of color are in desperation.

So, yeah, it’s definitely unsettling what happened in North Africa where NATO says to the world it was giving Africa a haircut but really gave it a decapitation. And, President Obama is sandwiched between a whole bunch of agendas that will propel him further and further away from the needs of the people. And when he first comes to the aid of the people it’s gonna come to the people who are ready and who are equipped, and people of color are not ready and we are not equipped to handle what comes down.

We got to sometimes get out of the emotional handling of the matter and try to figure out what’s gonna actually be the realistic handling of the matter.

DX: Just playing devil’s advocate, what if President Obama never comes to the aid of the disenfranchised in a second term?

Chuck D: He ain’t Jesus. Black folks waiting for Jesus. Look, when President Obama got in there I had no expectations, zero. As a Black man in America, none. But what President Obama did bought me some time … to prepare in the wilderness of North America and the United States Of America on how do you see yourself on this planet, as opposed to how do you view yourself within the confines of the United States.

So, my thing is like this, if Black folks here don’t connect into the [conditions] of the rest of the planet, people of the world, people of color, different ethnicities, cultures and whatever … then we’ll be a slave in America forever. And we are. We’re children in America. We have no power. Black people have no power in America. None. Zero. Don’t own enough property – economically we’re at the same level that we were 40 years ago, and worse than 45 years ago. Statistics don’t lie. Yeah, you can name some ballplayers that got a lot of money ... But power? What the fuck does that mean? We’re worse off in many ways than times of our past, so …

DX: Does President Obama have any power though?

Chuck D: He’s the President of The United States, he has some power. But also, he has less power than some of the areas around him that have been in position. See, he’s only in position for four to eight years. You’ve got power positions where people have been sitting in those positions for like 25 to 40 years.

You can’t deny that General Motors is still a power. You can’t deny that McDonalds and Coca-Cola are still powers, right? They don’t move people in and out of those positions in four years.

DX: I’m just concerned that – especially right now with this sort of slow drumbeat to war with Iran - at some point there’s gonna have to be more open challenging [of the President’s decisions].

Chuck D: I’m just saying that having the tools to overstand what’s going on are important. And it’s not enough of us that have the tools to overstand what would happen if Obama didn’t get in and you saw a wave of animosity towards certain demographics. It’s like, “Yeah nigga, what you gonna do?” Go to Paris. [Laughs]

A lot of times when people say, “Well, Chuck, man, you getting deep.” I ain’t getting deep. Matter fact, I’m not getting deep, that’s the problem. 35 years ago this would of just been written off as common sense. Today it might get written off like, “Aw dog, you hatin’, you’re bitter.” I’m like, “No, not bitter.” It could be hatin’, but how could you not hate certain things that are smacking you in the face? What are you gonna be like, “Okay, I’m getting smacked on the left side, smacked to the right, but I shouldn’t hate it”? And like I said earlier, I’m privileged but I recognize my privilege and at the same time I think it’s disgraceful to see the rest of the people thrown under the bus.

We’re watching the throne, but who’s gonna catch the thrown: thrown under, thrown at, thrown to the side, thrown down …? Catching the thrown, T-H-R-O-W-N, is very important. And the masses of people are being thrown around, or thrown for a loop, thrown a bone, so … I didn’t fully come out at Jay-Z and Kanye [West’s] Watch The Throne, but is that or is it not some kind of king shit? It’s like it’s some Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Louis XVI type shit. Man, fuck a king – unless it’s Martin Luther.

So it was one of those things like, no, I admire you guys as rappers but I could never, ever, ever salute that base of cake and greed. Nah, I ain’t never gonna do that.

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  • Isaac

    As a Public Enemy fan, I'm baffled by his derailed train of logic that Obama had to be re-elected because he fears illegal immigrants that hate Black people. Open immigration is the only answer to the immigration controversy. And Gary Johnson was the only candidate in that election that wasn't bought off by huge corporations like Obama and Romney were. The top two contributors to Obama's campaign in 2012 were the same corporations that were the top contributors of Romney's campaign. If you actually want real change, please vote for libertarian candidates.

  • AmanNamedDan

    I was really hyped for PE getting props being inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2013! Seeing and hearing the crew together again and doing a mix of their top jams! Man, I was outta my damn seat!One thing still bugs tho "Fight The Power", one of my fave jams since i saw 'Do The Right Thing" - with my late comic hero ROBIN HARRIS -taught Dave Chapel all he knew has that one funky line about Elvis being a racist SO, I go to look it up.... and many sources say it was a just a white racist publication that actually started that rumor to vilify Elvis because he was making popular a new style of music associated with black folks.There are many pics of Elvis with little junior, Jackie Wilson, Mohamed Ali, and even Sammy Davis & James Brown wrote about Elvis as a friend and "Brother" I hope Chuck does right by this because now I gots ta go and fn look up John Wayne too! Whats up Chuck? You ganna make this right? Your punk Rock Pal Dan

  • Spliftout

    Big Chuck D fan... super bummed he's not talking about NDAA and NDRP... where is that PE shit at ? I hope he's not just endorsing him because of race...

  • yabbadabbadoo

    Hey Chuck, Is hiphop good for black people?

  • Anonymous

    REal muthafuckin talk! Damn Chuck D just took it there!

  • GBtha G

    Chuck D did well to look after Ice Cube (when muthafuckaz were ditching him) thats 1 thang I respect him 4. All in all I can rate dis interview as no Gangsta---- dat muthafuckin journalist asked some silly questions like dat political one which should've never been answered. fuck it..Dont confuse dirty politics with Hip Hop bcoz @ the start n end of the day who gives a fuck if the current stateside president gets reelected or not?????? Not Me! Now fuck any imbecile dat disagrees.

  • Dee Lo

    Chuck D lost alot of credibility with me. Obama is Bush on steroids. He has luanched more "wars for peace" and taken away more rights than anyone before not to mention trippling the deficit. Open you eyes people..... How is the first black President related to Bush and Cheney and all other Presidents? He was elected.... he was GROOOMED since the very beginning fore the position he's in. First job out of college was with Kissinger and Associates.

  • Brian

    Chuck D should be always looked upon as a man who changed hip hop, and put rapper's on check. He never sold out, and stuck with what he believed in. I can't remember a mc that came at Chuck in all these years and that's saying a hell of a lot. The respect is there from all his peers and underlings. One day I e-mailed Chuck D to see if I would actually get a response from a rapper and he sent me a very detailed response claiming what his next three albums would be called and how they would make changes to the digital age of hip hop. All three of those albums came out with the exact titles when he said he was going to release them. Never had I heard of not just a rapper, but anyone having a plan on paper and actually sticking with it over that amount of time. He speaks from the heart and is a true mc, something that doesn't come around everyday anymore. This is coming from a caucasian man, who could have just cut him down from the very start, but I remember me saying to my mom years and years ago while she was listening to an Elvis record, "Elvis was a hero to most, but he never meant shit to me, you see straight up racist that sucker was simple and plain".

  • Anonymous

    Interviewer: Waaahhhhh Obama didn't help me. Chuck D: You stupid.

  • 100

    I respect Chuck D, I respect Jay Z, I respect any brother who goes to a 9 to 5 and earns a paycheck. I don't respect people who blame the illuminate, or Obama, or the white man for why they are losers. LEARN FROM THE PAST DON'T LET IT HOLD YOU DOWN.

  • Anonymous

    Retard, go find the nearest loaded gun. Put it to your head and hope the blast improves something. The point was, it doesn't matter who originated R&R. It matters who made it famous. Elvis has sold over 200 million albums. That means millions of people associate Elvis with creating it even if some dusty old book somewhere says otherwise. For Chuck D. to point this out means he has to much time on his hands, and/or is very butt hurt than James Brown holds the record for most charted singles never to reach #1. Do try harder next time.

    • Anonymous

      Brothers and sisters, for CENTURIES the Caucasian man has tried to rewrite history so that it benefits him. These comments like the first anonymous above should not surprise you. Why no mention of John Wayne? He was mentioned in the song as well.

    • Anonymous

      Another STUPID comment. Millions of people thought the Earth was flat at one time. But Columbus fucked that up. Now you have people sailing all over the world. Fucking Columbus. And by the way smart guy the song was ostensibly about self empowerment and not falling victim to media propaganda NOT fucking Elvis.

  • 100

    Obama, Obama, Obama. All you fools crying about what Obama did or didn't do FOR YOU. The ONLY President in history that people feel should change their fucking diapers. Yawl WEAK AS FUCK is why you don't have a job.

  • Again

    Typical butt hurt white boys commenting on black affairs with the usual condescending remarks. A black man says anything that remotely mentions the slavery or the past atrocities of America and you guys act as if it's directed at you personally. As if people should just start making of history to avoid the truth.

    • Anonymous

      do you ever hear asian people bitching about being thrown in internment camps during ww2? you can actually go and find people who had this done to them. You cant go find a black guy who had to plow the fields for the master. No greater injury can be done to any youth than to let him feel that because he belongs to this or that race he will be advanced in life regardless of his own merits or efforts. Booker T. Washington that also mean being given hand outs based on their race...

    • MESSAGE!

      ^THIS COMMENT RIGHT HERE Do you do the same thing on Asian & Latino music sites? When they speak of social subjects amongst each other do you interrupt by injecting your thoughts on the MINORITIES white person? Or are you still HELLBENT on "putting BLACKS IN THEIR PLACE"?

  • BC

    It shocks me to read the level of uneducated "hip hop" fans we have on here. You people need to wake the fuck up! Chuck D is absolutely right. He is coming from a pro black perspective. The war is socioeconomic, so the "thrown" are people of all races, ethnicities and nationalities in this country, including white.

  • Anonymous

    Elvis's influence has long lasted after his death, with Graceland alone attracting millions of people a year. What Chucky doesn't understand is that to alot of people Elvis did invent rock and roll. Even if he didn't, his legacy would suggest that he made it popular, hence if you ask people who were around when Elvis was popular, naturally they're going to cite him as being the primary influence of that genre. Plus the dude starred in over 30 something movies. Talk about having a lifetime ghetto pass.

    • Str82dapoint

      You're missing the point completely. The only reason that Elvis made Rock and Roll popular is because he was white in a racist time. He emulated the best Rock performers to create his identity. Chuck is simply pointing out that those who began the Rock culture were not put on a pedestal like Elvis even though Elvis copied them. It's the same with Chuck Berry being jacked for his sound by the Beach Boys. The Beach Boys became legends and Chuck Berry is only remembered for a couple of hits.

    • Anonymous

      ^^Is datchu FRANK THE BIGOT?

    • Anonymous

      LOLOLOLOLO!!!!! Serious dude? Chuck D doesn't understand? So when he made a song SPECIFICALLY pointing out that most people think Elvis invented R&R when he didn't, he didn't understand? LOL! Man stop commenting.

  • beez

    more racist dumb shit from Hip Hops greatest racist, not too surprised really dude acts like there isnt literally billions of white people below the poverty line struggling just as much as Black people he speaks about Black unity instead of Human Unity which is also sad to me, youd think someone with his intellectual potential and global travels would be more aware of the true state of affairs

    • used to

      He got old, stuck in his ways

    • Pleeze

      Beez- That was a foolish uninformed comment you made. What do you expect Chuck D to do, not be effected by yesterday? Cause and effect is how today's realities are made. In other words YES YES YES slavery, Jim Crow, hangings, lynchings, and other LEGAL walls blocking the blacks in America from climbing the social latter created the mess we have today. It doesn't matter if you want us to move on and get over it because it doesn't change the facts on the ground. As far as whites being poor there is a reason for that too, capitalism MUST have a winner and a loser. Except it or don't it's reality and Chuck D can support his own people because they are in a crisis state. How about YOU help the cause instead of crying about someone not holding your hand.

  • Anonymous

    Try telling Oprah that she doesn't have any power.

  • Anonymous

    screw all these big government fuckz how about erybody vote for ron paul! HE wantz to dismantle the slave owner corporation (GOVERNMENT)and set us free again.. race is unimportant and should quickly be forgotten and looked over in order for humans to move on az a specie and harness technological power.. Obama iz Not black. he and his family are now Slave Owners. the queen of England, the Zionist Jewz, an the Vatican keep sucking american wealth dry. while you debate if the Slave Owner should whip us again lol. Australia, Canada the Caribbean and so many other countries we don't even care to know about pay the Queen Zionistz the French and the Pope to live on this earth..wake up humanz

    • Tired

      Fucking thank you, chuck D on some bullshit. Government is the problem, stay the fuck out of the way and watch blacks flourish. He doesn't understand the system he's telling us to keep in power is the SOULLESS MOTHERFUCKERS KEEPING THE BLACK RACE DOWN

  • Anonymous

    Reader's comments > the article. lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I know a lot of people commenting on here are just fans but anyone thats a local rapper and dosent agree with chuck on the radio scene or think he's a old bitter hating ass nigga your stupid as fuck. Why would you bash someone defending you and other mcs like you.

  • Mike T


  • Mike T


  • Anonymous

    This reporter is the biggest schmuck ever. The reasons NOT to vote for Obama are his horrible job managing the economy, the all time highs in unemployment, all time highs in fuel and food costs. But this guy is hurt by getting rid of Bin Laden? Honestly? Really? How can that be possible? He perfered a world with the biggest enemy to freedom in HISTORY. And thats the reason why you have questions about voting for Obama? What a stupid question its obvious a question aimed to get a poltical motive out there. If those are your concerns about this president there is no way in hell you would've voted for the GOP canidate anyways because you're obviouslly satisified with the poor things this president and adiminstration have done but you question his methods in defending his country. So the HipHopDX Obama re-election campaign has begun. The truely sad thing about that is they feel they're being unbiasd with what they're putting out there about this election and anyone with half a brain can clearly see they're not.

    • Anonymous

      I find it funny that the guy who claims to tell someone to think idependently, clearly doesnt think for himself. he's just repeating the same mainstream media retohirc. Obama had the gateway for possible greatness set for him but setting his own agenda and ego ruined it. When the country needed jobs the most ahd Obama had the best chance to pass his supposed wonderful jobs plan he spent the whole time trying to convince his own party to pass Obamacare. Democrats had all three branches of government for the first two and half years of his presidency and all that was done to supposedly better the country was pass Obamacare. Name one single thing thats been passed thats done good for the country and hasnt harmed it? When they had the opportunity to to create 500,000 jobs with the Keystone pipeline they voted against claiming they needed to do more research on it. Ok that sounds like a fair reason, until... this is the same administration that hurried the Obamacare bill through telling the people that they'll findout whats in AFTER they vote for it and later on down the line. This administration is full of contradictions and hipocrisy thats never pointed out by the MSM. First thing he said was that Gitmo was going to be closed in less than a year. Now they're builing a million dollar activity field for the prisoners and terrorists. You want to know what Obama's done for you? Thats what he's done for you, he's taken your tax money and made life more comfortable for people who want you to die. He's gotten more people than ever on foodstamps... he's had the most rapid increase ever in history of people getting government assitance. He's presided of the highest unemplyment rates in the country. he's presided over the highest unemployment rates in youth, blacks and black youths. You kids need to get off the Democrat plantation and start to think for yourselves. When intelligent free thinking black men like Col. Alan West and Herman Cain speak out. They're betrayed by their own people calling them uncle toms and traitors instead of applauding their free thinking and listening to what they have to say. This country can not have another 4 years of someone who doesnt even know how many states there are.

    • Anonymous

      Pardon me but I would like to inform you both that as of 1964 the peoples' vote for the position of POTUS does not count. The only votes that do count are the 538 ELECTORAL votes. Before you jump to judge me be advised that I will submit the US CONSTITUTION as evidence to back my claim. I am not advocating not to vote, I am stating to make sure those votes matter in the right place by researching who will be the ELECTORAL DELEGATE in your DISTRICT and vote accordingly.

    • Mr. West

      yeah cuz the last republican prez did such a bang up job....pull your head out ya azz SuN! this aint fox news...Obama was elected to get us through the tuff time that was coming and that we are living in, the dye was already cast when Obama took office. And if people used their heads instead of letting other things (church) affect your voting, no one would vote for a Republican why would you? Only 1 percent of the American population actually should vote that way, cuz they got bank. Why would a person living in the south vote REP or some any family making below 1000,000 a yr.

  • peterok

    FIGHT DA POWER........


    my man CHUCK D nothing but respect for the brother

  • Mack

    Chuck D hurtin em....

  • Anonymous

    i wish black ppl would consider ron paul.. serioulsy.. he is the only one to end the war on drugs, amongst alot of other things

    • Anonymous

      legalizing all drugs isn't ending the war. Granted it is a huge waste of money to jail and prosecute people caught with weed. But I dont want cocaine, heroine & meth available to everyone.

  • $p|!ff90

    Stop blaming the white man, the white man has given back more than enough to you whining muthafukers. Now maybe if you started getting off that ego talk and bury your arrogance, stop acting like a kaffir and an "abused" niqqer then you could start making some progress with your life. Fuck it, call me ignorant

  • Anonymous

    Omg ok this was the last straw..I am SICK AND TIRED of this "feel bad for me because I am black" and "America hates us, we are still slaves " bullshit. I love hip hop and with 98% of rappers being black I do not hate black people and in fact am quite fond of all races, we are all HUMANS. But the fact is that my blood just boils when black people use their sob stories to excuse their behavior. I know way too many people with the mentality of " oh I sell drugs, commit crimes, am not a father to my kids, have no job, and can walk around like if the world owes me something because what? Cuz we were slaves man. WAKE THE FUCK UP, slavery did not affect YOU, your parents of even your grandparents, stop using that as an excuse to justify your bum and criminal shit. So typical. We live in a day and age when a black man can make MILLIONS of dollars by throwing a fuckin ball around, or talking into a microphone. And blacks having no power? THE FUCKIN PRESIDENT IS BLACK!! There are black cops, black judges, I mean shit black people have their own channel on cable!! Jesus, stop with the inequality bullshit, if you were really that fuckin supportive of the "native" state of mind you would be packing your bags and moving back to the mother land of Africa. But of course you aren't going to do that because you wouldn't be able to fucntion 2 fuckin days over there without crying and begging to come back home. If you don't want people that aren't black using the word "nigga" then stop using it yourselves and flooding the radio and music with it, with shit you created yourself!! And can we all please just cut the bullshit with the "cops arresting me and taking me to jail cuz I'm black" hey news flash, cops won't take u to jail if u arent breaking the law, yay!! Now if they catch u with a mother fucking bag of rocks in your pocket then u probably are feeding into the fuckin stereotype. And by the way I am not white I am Hispanic, I know damn well how it feels to be looked down by the white man, Mexicans are considered trash in this country. And I can understand why people hate and make fun of us, cuz most of our people are too busy jumping over the fucking border fence and leeching off this economy, that's why i believe If we want respect in this country we must educate ourselves, get good jobs and prove that we are productive beings able to reach out goals, not sit around grieving over shit that happened before our lifetime and expecting the government to hand us a paycheck for it. All races should have this mentality. The white man came into our country, raped our woman, destroyed our kingdoms and burned all of our ancient history books, yet when have u ever heard of a Mexican complaining about it and using it as an excuse to being a bum?? NEVER. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!! Injustice is always gonna be a part of this country, instead of complaining and bitching, gain knowledge of self, find god, set your life goals and pursue them. PEACE

    • Anonymous

      Aye dude idk what race you are, but I just want to highlight to you that although our grandparents and parents weren't slaves they were raised by people who were, or were born slightly after. The effects of it are still felt because the attitudes and stereotypes are still there. Second, SEGREGATION was very real and pretty much ALL of our grandparents went through that shit, and some of our parents too. That shit was just as fucked up as any other crime committed against blacks. A lot of shit that's going on now is a result of shit that happened during that time. 40-50 years wasn't that long ago. Most of the old heads still got that anger in their hearts and they pass that shit on to younger street dudes. Third, you talking about dribbling basketballs, and making music as forms of success, but I would argue that the success you speak is some slave type shit. All those things you mentioned above leaves you at the mercy of a decision maker. There has never been a majority black owner of a fortune 500 company. There have only been a handful of black CEOs. The only places black have been able to operate is the entertainment industry (sports, music), and the public arena (politics, government jobs). Neither of which really creates wealth that is reciprocal. There's still a long way to go in the private sector. Lastly, crime is going to happen in an urban environment regardless of race. That's more of a class thing. The fact that you're projecting it to blacks as an argument highlights your racial perspective. The reason blacks are disproportionately over represented in crimes is due largely to the fact that blacks are disproportionately over represented in poverty as well. They go hand and hand. White boys, Latinos, Asians, etc. all commit crimes and shit when they from the gutter. I committed because I think you view yourself as a sympathizer. There's nothing wrong with that, but grab a little more info on some of the issues before saying random shit on a post bro. Those rants don't cause any progressive dialogue.

  • Anonymous

    he's stupid, youtube fuck it up....

  • illone

    "Osama Bin Laden murder fantasy"? WTF does that even mean? Are you suggesting it was some 'fake landing on the moon' skit?

    • segway

      we had to see the towers fall. WHERE'S THE BODY? shipped to sea before anybody could snap a photo for the press? the american ppl can't handle seeing a dead bin laden, but we were all forced to watch the towers fall. the way it went down, that shit is a conspiracy and only an idiot that accepts everything the govt. and media tells them accept that as the full story and honest truth. read around the globe, it's not just conspiracy theorists on the net questioning the validity of the osama bin laden assassination story. there's real evidence supporting the moon landing. there's zero evidence osama bin laden was killed the way it was reported.

  • toots

    Chuck D bringin the noise.

  • greatread

    chuck d and professor griff for president and VP. 2 of the realest brothas alive. potent speakers. public enemy music is just as relevant today as it was when it came out. america is a mess, school system is a joke, government is killing the bottom, getting tangled in wars for cash at the peoples expense as the rich get richer. and anybody on the website dissing chuck d, you got some god damn nerve. this man is still trying to wake the zombies up and change the world, you're talking shit online. i know the industry really did everything they could to stop public enemy. albums started getting negatvie write ups, cut the budgets, thier catalog is incredible. with all respect obama is just as bad as bush if not worse. no matter who wins the presidency we the people, are fucked. stay tight in these times everybody. don't be a loser talking shit on the net, try to be a man and help your family and friends.

  • jae 1

    oh god haa chuck d needs to fall back some where "yes folks" bill clinton" messed up radio wtfff. its the you tube era u can listen to what u want now um haa

  • Anonymous

    Look at all the hate chuck and e. sermon get for speaking the truth about hip hop now these days. I don't think their jealous their just sick of seeing dope niggas get shut out the game due to fucked up politics, greedy corporate muthafuckas and like e double said an unequal balance.

    • Anonymous

      The SOPA/PIPA changes will ultimately take AWAY all of the independent music out there because the fan will NO LONGER be able to share the music by uploading it to their account. You must have permission from the copyright holder to use it. There's a new ISP act that takes effect in July that will be scanning everyone's computer for illegal music and if found you will get written warnings and they will watch your moves or slow down your speed or block specific URLs. EMI has been sold and Sony owns the publishing catalog (old music) and Universal owns the recorded division (new music), there are only 3 major labels left.

    • The Company Man

      What I take from what Chuck/Paul are talking about is the lack of opportunity for non-major label acts to get major media exposure. If you're not on sony, universal, warner, or EMI (and I guess Live Nation, but they only really matter in hiphop because of Hov), then you have a very limited shot at landing on Clear Channel, CBS Radio, Radio One, or Emmis - which owns just about all of the terrestrial radio stations in the country. It's a major reason why Mac Miller for example can go gold with "Donald Trump," be one of only 17 artists in hiphop to have a gold record, and not be in heavy rotation around the country. The independent hustle is viable because of Youtube and the internet, but unless your a part of the consolidated machine, good luck getting on Viacom. Chuck/Paul discussing Clinton's 1996 telecommunications act is supremely timely now more than ever. It's a great reminder of how legislation can effect art and independence. It's important we think about that as Congress sits on SOPA/PIPA. In the internet era, those are like Clinton's act on crack.

    • Anonymous

      Well I'm in denver and our station down here plays the same shit over and over. Big sean, Tyga drake all that shit,you every half hour its gay as fuck. Nobody really ever heard of kendrick lamar he don't get no play on our station which is sad cause we ain't that far from cali. What I meant by niggas getting shut out is there is too much talent out there to limit the radio to just a handfull of superstars who just have club hits.

    • Anonymous

      +1 both anonymous'.

    • Anonymous

      everyone doesn't live in NYC jae, all don't have the access and opportunity you enjoy, it's 2012 and some people still don't have computers believe it or not. there's some kid out there right now who only knows what's on the FM dial.

    • jae 1

      thats the thing tho, like whats dope?? whats fresh?? everyone has dif taste hot 97 allways had the old school at noon where hot 97 allways had dj kay slay like theirs everything for everybody get used too it. i love nas wu tang redman i respect them but not everyones gonna like them just deal with that.doesnt make them evil bad u go online theirs something for everybody thats where its at.its 2012

  • Da Watcha

    I can't believe the negative comments by these simple minded fucks...Did you get the whole statements he made? Chuck is only a handful of rappers that can go on these white racist and ignorant tv, radio and other forums and intelligently put them all in check while making them look like dumb out of touch with society assholes and some of you motherfuckas are dissing him? For the record, he's a millionaire himself , but doesn't flaunt it...that last statement was for all you bling bling, racks on the flow, trap or die generation mufukkas!!

  • Anonymous

    I got no respect for the interviewer. Chuck D handled this well, but that clown asking the questions should grow a set and start pressing issues. Don't let Chuck matter-of-factly answer things, even if he's 100% right, challenge him. That's how you expand your mind, your readerships mind, young cats minds, not by sucking dudes off.

  • themighty

    Chuck spoke nothing but the utmost truth here and if you don't see that you are either too young, too brainwashed, or too unintelligent.

  • Anonymous

    Chuck D... another uneducated brotha trying to sound smart. Truly a know it all that knows nothing

  • Shone Jones

    Chuck had no problems with Def Jam until his shit started to look bad. He should have known that every artist goes through peaks and slumps, but instead of pointing the finger at Def Jam(and other record labels in general), he should have set up a PLAN B just in case Def Jam pulled some shit like this, which they always do. No artist should be stuck on a label for over ten years. Ask Red, Meth, and LL.

    • Hypestyle

      Why are you commenting at all? have you bought any PE albums since Apocalypse 91? Do you even know at all about their tenure at the label? did you read any of chuck's books at all? stop speaking stupidly.

  • Anonymous

    if that nigga is dissapointed with hip hop get in the studio and rap about whatever you want.It's a free country if hov,ye or anyone else likes money they should rap about money or whatever the fuck they want.All he said in both parts of the interview was fuck the way if obama is so bad who is chuck d goin to vote in a few months?i bet noone

  • anonymous

    tl;dr, like people gonna listen to this fool.. re-elect obama my ass. ronpaul ftw

  • Duke

    here's the thing. There is an Electoral College for a reason. so the gov't can put the person they want in office, in the fucking office. there is no reason to vote. it's just a Popular Vote to see who we like, but they dont care who we like its who they like. Dont even try to say im stupid for not voting. if our vote counted for shit then John Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Ben Harrison (lost by over 90,000 votes), and George W. would never have been president.

    • Anonymous

      They don't hear you. What is funny is that the election day programs tell people the electorate votes only count and people STILL ask each other who they voted for. But since they know people like to be ENTERTAINED, they have the debates, sound bites, polls, all leading up to election day when they show the old lady voting, the proud kid exercising their "freedom" and it's nothing but a FARCE.

  • milehighkid303

    "Black folks waiting on Jesus..." Really? How bout the WHOLE human race is waiting on The Son Of Man. How simple minded is Chuck D?? Oh, and yes I'm white. I get SO sick of the race talk in this country it's digusting!!! Let me start by saying this, yes Im white, I grew up inner city I understand and comprehend the struggle that SO many in this country face and I empathize with that, so I DARE a minority to tell me that "You dont get it white boy, you never will." Now, with that said, I totally see where Chuck is coming from with the "power" thing in refrence to black people, I couldnt agree more with him, there is NOT enough blacks in power, I am an advocate for that, if TRUTH be told what THIS country doesnt understand, is some of the GREATEST minds, teachers, disciples, prophets etc. were guess what..NOT WHITE, but again it shouldnt matter BUT, my race makes it, for whatever STUPID reason. BUT, is that every white boys fault or his parents, or grandparents? Doubt it. And as far as Presidency is concerned, WHAT PRESIDENT EVER DID ANYTHING FOR THIS COUNTRY WHITE BLACK GREEN ORANGE YELLOW WHO CARES!!!! This country needs ONE thing, JESUS CHRIST and Faith. This convo is BEYOND hip hop and into the realm OF ALL OF US WERE CREATED in HIS image and we are ALL brothers and sisters PERIOD. The brother has some EXCELLENT points and I feel he trying to communicate the right message, but ENOUGH with the "we aint got this, and we aint got that" let us UNITE, take care of EACH OTHER and live the way that GOD intended us to live.

    • Anonymous

      "I grew up inner city I understand and comprehend the struggle" then it goes to... "I DARE a minority to tell me" SMDH YOU DON'T GET IT WHITE BOY somebody stamp VOID on that comment.......

    • Anonymous

      You dont get it "white boy" and all "white boys" like you dont get it. So you grew up in the inner city???? You think you deserve some sort of pass for that? Please dont act like you skin is an asset in this country. You leave the inner city with the same education as a black or brown man and venture out to try and make it in this country. Guess who returning to the inner city? The black and brown man, because the affirmative action quotas have been filled. "Im from the inner city" = "Its cool for me to wear blackface"

    • 900k

      Doggs.. smh **"Black folks waiting on Jesus..." Really? How bout the WHOLE human race is waiting on The Son Of Man** its a Metaphor!!! He is the President not a SAVIOR. Damn man when you argue you must stay on point.. fuck!

  • jack

    Chuck D is politically retarded.

    • JC

      Why? Because he challenges status quo? Or because he dumbs it down so rap idiots can understand? You're a fking retard for making a dumb comment with no back up. Check yo self!

  • Anonymous

    He sounds like a grumpy old man lol You had your time and platform to make the type of music you wanted. Of course the majority of labels are out for money and are going to exploit the content of songs. They stand to make millions. Why wouldn't they? Doesn't change the fact that people demand a certain type of music. If they constantly wanted to be hit with "message music", you would still see Public Enemy albums in stores. Bottom line, Chuck D probably made some nice money over the years. If that's the case, shut the hell up, and be glad you don't have to run the rat race anymore.

  • illy

    chuck d a revolutionary mind..much respect

  • Anonymous

    are black people just blinded by Obama's color? he aint know different from every other white president ever and there will never be a president any different from the rest. no matter the color, he could be a fucking Indonesian and would still be the same. ya'll cant be that stupid. i know Chuck is a smart man but come on Obama aint shit and no president will be.

    • milehighkid303

      FINALLY!!! SOMEONE WITH SENSE!!! And odds are we two different colors. I been saying this for YEARS before Obama, it would have NEVER mattered, EVER.

  • Anonymous

    And as the West breaks down the door in North Africa, US Africa Command (AFRICOM) has been concurrently deploying military assets throughout Africa, from Nigeria, across Central and East Africa and southward toward Kenya and even as far as to menace the former British holding of Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe. It has been reported already that in Uganda British firms have participated in land grabsviolently displacing up to 30,000 people in single transactions in direct cooperation with Ugandan dictator-for-life Yoweri Museveni. In fact, it is troops under Musevenis command, who helped displace these people, and who stand to receive additional weapons and funds from Invisible Childrens KONY 2012 campaign.

  • Anonymous

    And as the West breaks down the door in North Africa, US Africa Command (AFRICOM) has been concurrently deploying military assets throughout Africa, from Nigeria, across Central and East Africa and southward toward Kenya and even as far as to menace the former British holding of Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe. It has been reported already that in Uganda British firms have participated in land grabsviolently displacing up to 30,000 people in single transactions in direct cooperation with Ugandan dictator-for-life Yoweri Museveni. In fact, it is troops under Musevenis command, who helped displace these people, and who stand to receive additional weapons and funds from Invisible Childrens KONY 2012 campaign.

  • Anonymous

    The overnight viral sensation KONY 2012 brought worldwide awareness to the African war criminal Joseph Kony. Beneath this commendable cause, lies however an elaborate agenda that is presented in the video in a very manipulative way. Well look at the agenda behind KONY 2012 and how it uses reverse psychology to not only justify a military operation in Africa, but to actually have people demand it. When the war on Iraq was declared, a great portion of young Americans opposed the war. How is it they are now begging the government to send troops to Africa? A simple video, specifically conceived for the Facebook generation did the trick. As it is the case in most campaigns to justify a war, the first goal was to identify a bad guy. I have absolutely no intention of defending Joseph Kony or to say hes not that bad. He, along with many other guerrilla factions across Africa, has committed despicable atrocities. However, the problem of child soldiers has existed for decades and there are literally hundreds of Joseph Konys across the African continent. In some cases, some of the armies are actually funded by Western countries. If we would truly go to the root of the issue, wed discover that Africa has been plagued with the problem of warring factions and rebel guerrillas ever since Western forces liberated their colonies and divided the continent of Africa according to Western interests. Indeed, instead of setting the boundaries of each country according to the geographic location of the ethnic groups and tribes that live there, countries were created according to the economic needs of colonizing forces such as Great Britain, France and others. The net result is: A bunch of artificial countries that each contain several tribes, ethnic groups, languages and religions. When one group takes power, the others are repressed, which leads to violence and rebellion. Add to the mix extreme poverty due to resources being siphoned out of Africa by Western countries and youve got a breeding ground for merciless warlords. As long as this problem exists, Joseph Konys will continue to emerge in Africa. But the video mentions none of this. All it says is that arresting Kony would make the world better. KONY 2012 is all about identifying a bad guy, making him famous and have people demand his death by U.S. forces. Fixing the true cause of problems in the third world has never been on the Agenda. But picking out a bad guy to justify military action has always been part of it. If in the case of Saddam Hussein, facts (that ultimately proved false) were given to justify the invasion of Iraq. A different technique is being used with Kony, one that originates from advertising.

  • Anonymous

    Kony 2012, hyped on the backs of celebrities and do-gooders, is revealed for what it is a propaganda salvo for a continent wide invasion of Africa. Yes, the mantra War is Peace is once again drumming U.S. soldiers into further conflict. Research makes clear that KONY is a sophisticated psy-op to muster popular support for what is, in reality, nothing more than a geostrategic positioning vis-a-vis China for oil and mineral resources, as well as an effort to legitimize the U.S. militarys AFRICOM unit in the region through newly-branded humanitarian interventions. It is not only War in the name of Peace, but an attempt to empower the International Criminal Court under the influence of NGOs and other related globalist corporate interests. Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama has already deployed 100 special forces troops to the central African region back in October 2011, and a resolution in Congress on the heels of KONY 2012s viral views of at lest 80 million seeks to send more forces there for an all out invasion on the pretext of hunting down a shadowy warlord with less blood on his hands than an average African despot.

  • Anonymous

    Kony 2012, hyped on the backs of celebrities and do-gooders, is revealed for what it is a propaganda salvo for a continent wide invasion of Africa. Yes, the mantra War is Peace is once again drumming U.S. soldiers into further conflict.

  • yusef

    That was a great interview. Much respect to Chuck D. Props to the interviewer, Paul Arnold. 20 years ago, Chuck could rap that and get it played on MTV and BET. Nowadays, he says the same thing and he's a hater. PE, ATCQ and BDP used to be mainstream. Hate him or love him, Obama is the best choice for this county. Those republicans have been going in on Latinos and Blacks. Now they are going after women's rights.

  • $p|iff90

    Its funny how he says cracka in his tracks, that's like preaching consciousness and then degrading women WTF niqqa LOL at this burn up French fry LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    With that being said,This a must see

  • So Icy Boi!

    LMFAO. niggaz goin on me like a bitch now. smh. Chuck D aint no Lil Wayne. Chuck D aint no Gucci Mane.... da nigga iz borin, hiz beatz are wack. It Will Take A... iz OOOOOOLD as fuck. I dont trust diz old man. neva!!!! swag 42 letterz: YMCMB BRICK SQUAD OVOXO MMG ODD FUTURE TAYLOR GANG

  • land lord

    Oh & props to Chuck D. I heavily admire ppl dat thrive on intelligence. Chuck got me wanting to go p/u a book for real.Paul Arnold U need to change ur line of work. As a journalist U suck man

  • land lord

    The person askin ?'s is a straight up idiot. Chuck was graceful in this interview. U can f#ck around if u choose,but if Prez Obama doesnt get dat 2nd term ur really gonna c what suffering is all about.He was dead on,blacks want da Prez to B Jesus but he's not.Name 1 prez who did EVERYTHING correct.Ur dumb as# has da nerve to spew some BS about ur not motivated to vote next time. SMH

  • Huey Newton

    Politricks and New Age Hip Hop all go hand in's all fake and misleading. A black people, have let society

  • Com

    He has some good points, but I'd really like to point out it's not just blacks. EVERYONE in this country is being targeted and manipulated. If you aren't the CEO of some shit, or in top public office positions, chances are you've got this country's dick in ya ass. Like Chuck said, the best thing you can do right now is educate yourselves, and others.

  • thought dog

    Gotta love the "vote for this guy cause hes not as evil" mentality that Americans have. How about dont vote for either of the two candidates and demand free/fair elections?

    • thought dog

      Im all for a civil war if thats what it takes to force people to educate theirselves. If it takes a civil war to force people to read the names on a ballot below the rep/dem candidates then theres something seriously wrong.

    • atl

      idiot..that would require another civil war,it much better to attempt solutions that can be attained peacefully

    • thought dog

      Let me make this easier for you to understand. You're driving down the street looking for fast food. You stop at Mcdonalds/Burger King but you dont like the choices. So you drive a block further down and grab Taco Bell instead. The presidential ballots are filled with more than just the two people they shove down your throat every 4 years. Americans talk about how evil both sides are but they never even think about checking out taco bell to see what kinda food is over there.

    • georgel

      not voting because you dont like both guys is dumb as shit. one will be president theres no other choice! so you should vote for the one is the best choice. and if your too dumb to see which one is worse than jump off a cliff cause your just taking up space.

    • land lord

      Yeah but if u don't vote & da most evil wins guess who loses?? DUMMY!! ALWAYS take advantage of options(choices).

  • Anonymous

    real talk spit by chuck

  • Anonymous

    Rappers seriously need to stop talking politics. They know absolutely jack shit. This guys views are so misguided.

    • land lord

      Yeah & I guess dat's Y ur on a blog because U know so much right??? GTFOH with dat backyard/backwards as# way of thinking

  • Anonymous

    I agree with chuck with the local scene and radio. There's a lot of dope niggas the local djs shit on. But local rappers who are fans of mainstream shit are dumb enough to call chuck a hater. The younger generation is lost

    • jay

      Roger that... the other outlets like Blogs, that you would expect to showcase new talent are in the same lane as the radio...

  • Anonymous

    Love how Chuck D paints Obama as some type of victim.

    • Alf Capone

      @ Anonymous "And the minute they speak up for Obama and against Bush they get kicked off air...ala Keith Olberman!!" thats not true my nigga. u ever watch msnbc or bill maher? they bash bush and speak up for obama all the time. there are tons of media outlets that blame bush and dont get cut off just as there are plenty that blame obama. it just depends on there agenda

    • Anonymous

      "Anonymous: So it's Bush's fault that Obama signed the NDAA? And invaded Libya unconstitutionally? You dumbass?" Oh my bad let me edit that other statement it's not about budgeting it's the same damn thing the Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security was brought about for.

    • Anonymous

      "Anonymous: Americans have been saying similar shit since the end of WW3....Oh, my president is doing what he can but he has to clean up for the last president...And the other side is blaming the current president for everything. Dont know how the public cant see how theyre being played." The first day Obama stepped in office he was blamed for the rising unemployment rates, the swan dive the economy did, and every other issue that was escalted by Bush. All Bush had to do was clean up the image of the White House after Bill Clint got caught with some tramp. They have yet to even uncover the TRUE culprit's behind 9/11 other than blaming someone across the world for something they had no proof he had anything to do with.

    • Anonymous

      "Alf Capone: my nigga dont play stupid tons of people blame bush.i hated bush as much as the next guy but dont try to act like bush doesnt get blamed by msnbc and the democrats. fox and the republicans blame obama. dont play stupid nigga. this is the world we live in" And the minute they speak up for Obama and against Bush they get kicked off air...ala Keith Olberman!! "Anonymous: So it's Bush's fault that Obama signed the NDAA? And invaded Libya unconstitutionally? You dumbass?" Do your research before you call someone a dumbass you think that the invasion of Libya was a call Obama could avoid that was something started back when Bush was in office. And WTF is wrong with Obama actually putting a BUDGET on the Military? When Bush excuse me Cheney used them as his personal police force? Don't worry I'll wait.

    • Anonymous

      So it's Bush's fault that Obama signed the NDAA? And invaded Libya unconstitutionally? You dumbass?

    • Anonymous

      Americans have been saying similar shit since the end of WW3....Oh, my president is doing what he can but he has to clean up for the last president...And the other side is blaming the current president for everything. Dont know how the public cant see how theyre being played.

    • Alf Capone

      my nigga dont play stupid tons of people blame bush.i hated bush as much as the next guy but dont try to act like bush doesnt get blamed by msnbc and the democrats. fox and the republicans blame obama. dont play stupid nigga. this is the world we live in

    • Anonymous

      He is a victim a victim of circumstance but he is our first black president and 85% of black people that voted for him used that as their only motivation!! Politician or not Obama has tried to make a change thanks to Republicans, some ignorant democrats, and a vast majority of dumbasses he has been unsuccessful. Obama was never given the chance any other president was given to make something happen. How many people do you see pointing the finger at Bush for all the shit he got us into? How many media outlets blame Bush for this fucked up economy?

  • So Icy Boi!

    nigga please.......! diz old azz nigga Chuck iz older den ma dad. LMFAO. young niggaz like me dont turst old niggaz like Chuck D. da nigga neva will make a classic hip hop album like Tha Carter III or Flockaveli. old hip hop iz wack. old carz are wack. old men are borin. itz all bout 42 lettert YMCMB BRICK SQUAD OVOXO MMG ODD FUTURE TAYLOR GANG swag

    • RIP7

      Ayoung dumb nigga full of cum. it will be a very cold day in hell which will never come that Lil Lame can be on the level of Cuhck D . That wack ass rapper has never had an album you can call classic that is a slap in the face to the Hip Hop culutre. Take your dumb young ass to school and get off them drug's.

    • Apocalypse-X

      You act like you and those wack ass "rappers" you named are going to stay young forever. One day your gonna be the old nigga. Think about that Before you start disrespecting Youe Elders. By the Way Stay In School so you can learn how to spell. "turst" For real, I Believe It's Trust.

    • Anonymous

      Chuck put the life into hip hop before certain elements managed to get their filthy mutts on it!

    • ignorance

      i laugh at your comment. "never make a classic hip hop album like tha carter 3 or flockaveli" lmfao aahahahahaha Public Enemy and N.W.A, the most influential and powerful groups of all time have plenty of classic albums. it's ignorant idiotic dumbasses like you that pushed artists to make this dumbed down shit you call music. By the way, tha carter 3 was radio pop at its best and it was ghost written and flockaveli has no lyrical prowess at all and neither of those 2 albums are classics.

    • Anonymous

      And I'm sure you never listened to your father either, stupid is as stupid does....Swag

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Dude was spitting knowledge and judging by your post it seems you lack it. If you are apart of the future may God have mercy on whoever is surrounded by you. One

    • Anonymous

      Young Nigga learn how to spell...

  • JohnnyACE GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}

    And don't fight for the illegal aliens: They hate us also. We have no friends. {{-_-}}

    • 900K

      Yo, its no question that ya statement crazy... but I gotta say it has some dead ass Truth to it. We all have to stop the bullshit and remember who the fuck we are. USA was built on bloodshed and more blood to keep it running anyone who thinks diff or says "man that was another time long ago" really? just go back to the 50's/ 60's and look what the gov't was doing to people who did Not look like uncle Sam or Brady bunch. We were fuckin crazy and if you take it back to the 20's we were damn near savages. I say to say this: Now these new funny looking muthafuckas come in and they dont do shit, they dont build shit they walk accross the rio grande pregnant and make us all pay for that childbirth and then we turnaround and put they kids thru school FREE. Fuck Uncle Same you turned the hose on my fam.. you kept my kids outta certain schools.. sicked the dogs on us. The Sherrifs and State Judges you allowed to be elected in because you denied My PEOPLE the right to vote put on sheets and hung Men from my block.. and that was just a little while ago... but Now its all good????!!! GTFOH! we gave our lives to build these streets from NY to Alaska and we gotta listen to these non pitchin in Muufukkas who dont pay no taxes talk shyt?! Where ya goons at now Sam?

    • revo

      retard..please read a book & study the history of the land you inhabit..those illegal aliens as you call them are native americans who were renamed,raped & enslaved by the spanish there more native to this land than you or me

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a TRUE dumbass!!

  • JohnnyACE GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}

    Forget Obama. He's just as bad as the Republicans and he's out to eliminate us off the face of the earth in favor of white women and homosexuals. Fuck all politics in general. The government is not going to save us. Only WE can save us. {{-_-}}

    • Anonymous

      @hoodgrown that was the truest comment on this site ever.

    • Hoodgrown

      You spout a lot of good shit that sounds really good in a post "only we can save us"... problem is.. anyone can say anything... the real question is "HOW"? How can WE save US? 1. Do we rise up against the government like they did in Egypt? Naw we don't have that kind of unity here. Brothers are still fighting each other over colors so THEY can't see the bigger picture. When people like Iggy make a comment like being a slave master... most of ya'll don't even care. No I don't believe she's a racist.. but yea she should be checked. These NEW niggas don't care too much about anything to rally behind anything. Maybe that was the whole issue with dumbing down the music. Because through music by artists like Public Enemy, Paris, Ice Cube (1st two albums), X-Clan, Brand Nubian etc.. people actually started to read and think about issues affecting black people. I could see the powers that be not wanting this to be the norm hence where we are now... all niggas care about are hoes, cars & clothes. Making it rain and other dumb shit. How do you rally a generation of idiots?

  • Anonymous

    Please school them Chuck...!!! And the only people that would say Chuck is deep are the one's with shallow minds..

  • Diego6!9

    I agree we need color in the "WhiteHouse" however lest get a petition for Obama to get a bigger set of ballz cause once he speaks to the house of representers and congress. Obama gets scared to speak up.

    • Anonymous

      I think black people think white people spend more time thinking about them then they do. White people don't use black people as a scapegoat. Maybe, black folks should stand up and take responsibility for themselves and not place the blame on others. Examples; high rate of HIV in the black community is somehow blamed on white people, high percentage of blacks in prison somehow this is looked at by black people as racist, high percentage of blacks on unemployment or welfare is also blamed on whites. Time to look in the mirror.

    • Anonymous

      word! black folks are always being used to be the scapegoat for things white people hate to take responsibility for. Everything we are accused of happens on bigger and larger scales with them. inner cities are always a microcosm of what is taking place nationally. because of the lack of concern for the area, the issues magnify on large scales, but are contained so they can be pointed at so that those that dont live there can feel better about themselves as they engage in the same issues less concentrated. As a country we do the same shit to other countries. point out who's doin what while fuckin over our own people in our own shit but keepin quiet about that. we got to get real and take responsibility for our mistakes and learn to understand and embrace each other because ignoring and blaming aint getting us nowhere. we both do the same shit, but if you put one in harsher conditions, that one may go harder because of the atmosphere he/she lives in. but all in all same shit just different levels yo. Americans are hustlin mutha fuckas who like to make money, fuck, do what makes them happy, and talk shit... black or white. period. like my nigga Prime say..."'till all are one!"

    • Anonymous

      What can he say that hasn't already been said...? He's not a dictator or a monarch he can only do what the rest of the government allows and agree's with him on. He has NEVER had the backing of Congress, since day one!! He was simply used as a scapegoat for Bush so no matter how much good he could,can, or would have done it fell on deaf ears..

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