MGK To Release "Half Naked & Almost Famous" EP & DVD, Features Cassie, Waka Flocka Flame

MGK plans to drop an EP and DVD combo on March 20th.

MGK Has announced the upcoming release of his Half Naked & Almost Famous EP and DVD, set to drop on March 20th through EST 19XX/Bad Boy/Interscope Records.

The five-track offering features guest appearances from Cassie on “Warning Shot” and Waka Flocka Flame on “Wild Boy,” as well as Dubo and DJ Xplosive on “EST 4 Life.”

MGK will discuss the release during a live chat on UStream tonight (March 13th) at 8 p.m. EST. Information for the UStream can be found at his Facebook page.

Check the official cover art and tracklist below.



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  • Naomi

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  • Anonymous

    cant wait to hear some new shit.his mixtapes were dope as fuck and i saw a promo vid for his Half Naked And Almost Famous movie and it looked funny &

  • thechange

    Who Cares? I Certainly Don't. MGK isn't that great ya'll. He is boring & his lyrics are so so, sounds like a sped up Tech N9ne but white & worse. This mixtape will be garbage especially if he is putting on act like Wacka Wacka & Cassie who hasn't done ish since diddy decided to play her & just hold her like a diamond but not let her shine.

    • TRU

      how typical 12 year old wana-be hip-hop head but really a fuck boi troll type shit of you to say -___- only a lame ass stan just compares a "fast" rapper to another "fast" rapper. its an EP not mixtape dont judge him off this shit.100 Words And Runnin,Lace Up & Rage Pack are all great mixtapes, more like albums. Wacka aint hurtin nobody if you dont like him then dont listen to him, flat out. Cassie aint been doin good cuz niggas like you!

  • Burmy

    Where's "Invincible"? Isn't that his biggest single yet?

  • Alf Capone

    cant wait till this punk rock phase in rap is over with. mohawks = gay, body covered in tats = gay, incredibly tight jeans = gay, sleeveless shirts or runnin around shirtless = gay. the whole trend is gay as fuck. im sure i missed some of the things that these gay punk rock rappers do.

    • TRU

      Nobody cares what YOU think is GAY! fuck looks, i bet you go out and do gay shit all the time "alf".lol.alf.thats funny. who said it was punk rock??hip-hop is about the art not the clothes son. i actually listen to MGK's music and honestly it's not for everybody, and when i say not for everybody i mean his shit is for real muhfuckas,non-pussy,diamond in the rough,dont give a fuck type people. STOP HATIN

    • ANTI-ALF

      alf is a sweet bitch :)

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