Mystikal Announces Album Title For Cash Money Records Debut

Following the release of his single "Original," Mystikal gears up to release his comeback album.

Mystikal has revealed the title for his upcoming Cash Money Records debut - his first album since 2001's Tarantula.

During an appearance on BET's "106 & Park," the New Orleans, Louisiana native, who was on set to debut the video for his single "Original" featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman, announced that the LP's title will also be Original.

“I know y'all been waiting on that thing, and it’s gonna be titled Original,” he said. "Those six years I was gone, I never cried. I pouted and fussed, but during the making of this video, I was fighting back tears like Diana Ross."

Watch the clip below.

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  • Anonymous

    fuck all y'all N.o over everthing

  • Anonymous

    He's a sucker!! Got to Cash money & then have all the cash money fags all over your album. So it's gonna be garbage. His music wasn't that good anyway.

  • Anonymous

    always liked mystikal. he didn't rape no one, he was set up by a ghetto ass gold diggin bitch.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Where are all the stans who always jump on Jay-Z for being to old and out of touch when this dude is just as old. Hypocrites

    • Anonymous

      I feel like Mystikal, DMX and others offer something different in hip hop. We've heard enough of Jay-Z.

  • Fish

    I will NEVER support a rapist. Never. I won't even bootleg this shit. Fuck Mystikal and fuck all rapists.

  • Past Behind

    Congrats on Mystikal for the second chance, hope you've learned your lesson and will make good of it. I have no comment on the past as we wasn't there, anyway dude did his time and seems happy to be back so I'm happy for him.

  • Anonymous

    @shone Jones. He wasn't beefing with the lable, he was beefing with an artist name yellow boy who was a member of unlv on cash money. Get your facts in order. Besides that was over 15 years ago it's time to get back to the money. Congrats Mystikal!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shone Jones

    Why would Mystikal sign with a label that he was beefing with back in the 90s?

    • jesterxxl

      Because he's no longer beefin with em plus he's older now more mature he gotta make what he can get... How can anybody hate on Mystikal's voice he's like the hip hop James Brown & as for So Icy Boi how in the fuck you gonna claim DMX stole his style!

  • j

    ...raped a woman. "Did I do that?!!" apparently you did. hahahaha

  • Anonymous

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  • So Icy Boi!

    classic hip hop album on da way. fuck da haterz!YMCMB we run diz shit! Mystikal iz da mos original nigga in da game. DMX copied hiz style. swag

  • Cash Money Killaz

    This is the rapper who raped a woman and did time for it!!!!!!!!! Dont support hiphop made by rapist!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      He's a rapist. Go suck Mystikal dick bitch.

    • 504 Era

      u bitch azz nigga, she stole money $250,000 from because she was his accountant and hair stylist. He should've just got her arrested instead of making her perform sex acts on him and his 2 bodyguards, but we all make mistakes. He didn't even rape her azz, she just used the system against him to get away with her crime.

  • Anonymous

    man this cat is sick he got crazy flow im lookin forward to this album

  • My Name Is Devil

    Shit. Ain't nobody gonna buy this nigga album, even if he makes a thousand songs with Lil Wayne. He dropped his last one way back in 2001, nobody remember this nigga anymore.

  • My Name Is Devil

    I don't like this nigga Mystikal but he's got some cool songs

  • Anonymous

    With That Being Said, This Is A Must See

  • who cares

    Mystikal sux & so does his annoying ass voice. Im not even gonna say his albulm will flop cuz he wasnt gonna sell above 5k anyways lol He better feature Wayne,Busta & every1 else on his albulm or else his sales will be some of the worst in history lol

  • The Squish

    more garbage from cash money

  • Alf Capone

    who cares? mystical never did anything i wanted to listen to

    • Anonymous

      A lot of niggas listened to mystikal here in denver l always thought dude was wack.

    • Alf Capone

      ive lived in alotta places my nig. long island, colorado, alabama, mississippi, indiana, illinois, massachusets. niggas in mississippi listened to no limit back in the day and the shit sucked. then he did all that shake your ass bullshit. i dont fuck with the nigga. if u like thats cool but i havent heard anything from the nigga worth my time

    • Anonymous

      You can't be from the south because everybody listen to mystikal Down here

  • dockevoc

    another sexual deviant on cash money - fuck those faggots

    • RA

      lol rite tho... u cant redeem yaself after sodomizing somebody and video taping it...smh between him and officer ricky, the identity thief... smh

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