GZA To Lecture At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell & More

Exclusive: Wu-Tang Clan's GZA is slated to speak at M.I.T., Cornell, New York University and University of Southern California this spring. The Genius says he's taking a "quantum leap of faith."

Founding Wu-Tang Clan emcee GZA (p/k/a) The Genius has recently lectured at the prestigious Oxford University and Harvard University. The 21-year veteran of releasing albums has announced that he will continue his academic public speaking at Cornell University, New York University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A spokesperson for GZA revealed, "GZA will return to M.I.T. March 21st to lecture there in partnership with the Civic Media Lab. While there he will meet with more physicists. He will additionally be lecturing at U.S.C., N.Y.U. and Cornell this spring. While at Cornell he is planning on meeting with scientists who recently created 'wrinkle in time' of sorts, which was once only the stuff of fantasy."

GZA provided HipHopDX with the following statement, "I will take a quantum leap and discuss the universe while taking us on a journey through deep space. Traveling at light-speed from the galactic center of one galaxy to the farthest corners of another. I hope my listeners will enjoy this cosmic adventure within a world of colossal planets, gas giants, meteorites, comets, and asteroids in the most extreme conditions."

GZA is also launching his new website  www.thegza.com, which will feature an interactive emcee battle called Duel of the Iron Mic, which is named after the classic track off his Liquid Swords release.

GZA's forthcoming solo album, Dark Matter, is planned for 2012 release on Babygrande Records.

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  • Rick Foy

    I'm a big [HUGE] fan of GZA and Wu but my question is what is his qualification to speaking on subjects like this. Does he have a PHD or something in that field? if not, then what does it matter if it is all an opinion. This is how knowledge gets lost. This is why ppl are screwed up today; everyone claiming to know the truth but don't know anything. Think for ourselves.

    • rick

      now if he was teaching or speaking on lyricism, writing and music then that is another thing.

    • rick

      ha ha my question is very much relevant. Like I said, I am a huge fan but I can't sit listening to ANYONE teach a subject matter they are not specialize in. That is like studying to become a doctor from someone who has not studied themselves. "brain hit with taser" that is funny. lol

    • Deezy

      why u get so deep into it. ur paragraph sounds like ur brain got hit with a taser years ago and never recovered

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    NIce-- I just hope Gary stops drinking (dude was damn near alcoholic a while) and smoking so he gets the full range of his voice back. SLEEPY FLOW is ok once in a while but not for whole albums, concerts.

  • Anonymous

    We need a book to really know how deep this brother is, his music can only give us a hint rather.

  • So Icy Boi!

    why is he respected? diz nigga is off beat mad hard. most of hiz lyrics mean nothin & hiz wack RZA beatz aint hot. genius? naw da nigga is a retard. lmao. Gucci da greatest. Lil Wayne da best rappa alive. YMCMB OVOXO MMG BRICK SQUAD. swag

    • Armando

      I was going to respond but I saw everyone else letting you have it. I'll just let your post drown in its own stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      He just seeks reactions,so stop giving it to him. So icy knows he's a Gza fan,and probably the biggest Wu-head on the site.

    • killa

      you're officially the biggest faggot ever. started listening to hip-hop last year probably. kill your parents and then yourself

  • nibs

    "The 21-year veteran of releasing albums..." Have you ever written anything?

  • nickrazor2000

    Wow. He really is a genius. I would have never thought when i was up in my room with my headphones on listening to enter the wu-tang all those years ago that the GZA would one day be giving speeches at Harvard. Amazing! Wu-Tang Forever!


    Looks like i know what ill be doing on the 21st, met chuck D last year at my school definitely going to have to meet the genius



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