Mobb Deep Speaks On Chemistry, Praises Rick Ross

Mobb Deep's Prodigy and Havoc discuss what it was like to hit the studio after a few years apart.

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy and Havoc are currently in the middle of recording their eponymous ninth album, but the chemistry is still intact after a few years apart from one another. Speaking with Hard Knock TV, the pair spoke on how getting back into the studio after P’s release from prison was seamless and that the incarceration only enhanced their abilities.

“If you haven’t ridden a bike in however long, let’s say three years, when you get back on, you know how to ride,” said Havoc. “The chemistry’s always going to be there. We know each other inside out, so it’s not like we needed to get to know each other again.”

“I would say my time away made me focus more, even for the both of us,” added Prodigy. “Maybe just made me think more far ahead, like what can we do best to make sure we’ve got this longevity for good, like it’s not going nowhere?”

Prodigy, who said that he will drop H.N.I.C. 3 soon, also praised Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross. He claimed that the Maybach Music Group rapper has stepped his pen game up over the past few years and that he sees some of his work ethic in him.

“Rick Ross, Rick is one artist that I got to make this very clear. Rick is one artist who really impressed me within the past three years that I was gone. He stepped his game all the way the fuck up. I’m talking about his pen game. That boy is spitting right now. And we respect niggas like that, because we the type of niggas that’s on some longevity shit… That’s how people always look at us, and that’s how we look at our own careers. Like fuck that, we gotta keep doing that, we ain’t no one-hit wonders. So we respect other people when we see that in them, and I’ve seen that in him, recently.”



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  • Anonymous

    WTF? Rick Ross is a weak rapper, mobb deep is dead to me, fuck rick ross fat fuck!!!

  • KE

    Prodigy praises Rick Ross. LMFAO! I think the Mobb smoked one too many. These dudes have obviously lost their minds and the ability to make great music. If you really think about it, they haven't been able to create anything ill since the "Quiet Storm" joint. I think it's time to RETIRE.

  • blackula

    P's bars have fallen off so much that he thinks Ross has stepped up. SMH. What happened to this guy?

  • Anonymous

    Whats a one hit wonder? if you only make one type of hits, does that count? I didnt see this comin from P, i really didnt. Should i be surprised though? now if mega were to do some shit like this then thats it, we're going to defcon 5! I wont put up with it. but As the elderes of the culture you should be very critical and reserved with the initiates/future. esp with ross considering his background. Its true, It is way bigger than hip hop. but i could be wrong....

    • Anonymous

      As a huge cormega fan I'm sorry to inform you he's done worst than p when it comes to co-signs. He co-signed lil b. Even did a song with em. Alot of rappers feel like they gotta suck up to the youngsters its a shame.

  • Anonymous

    Mobb Deep haven't been good since Murda Muzik as soon as they signed with G-Unit it was over. These guys are from the streets and are praising a popo who got exposed then lied and took a real g's identity got exposed then lied about that smh. I'm not even checking for the Mobb Deep album after this interview.

  • Anonymous

    more talkn. prodigy and hav havent made any dope shit since p got out. done a whole lot of itnerviews, and a whole lot of wack shit though. find the alchemist, STFU, get focused, stop riding industry dick. mobb deep fans frustrated worldwide, get with it.

  • kyle

    mobb deep know each other inside and out fuck them homos. rap is going WWE you ever see how fucking fake and lame the acting is in the smackdown's and raw's youtube a rick ross interview and youll see the comparisons WWE is to MMA as rick ross is too eminem. But still people know WWE is fake as fuck they still watch and support just like the kids with their undropped balls do to rick ross

    • guerilla jones

      ,,,hmmm you really into that faggot shit dude

    • kyle

      BAWSE!! he should join the WWE i wouldnt mind youtubing the video of the biggest bawse in the biz dieing from a seizure at a live event

    • CM fu**in PUNK

      WWE always was like that. It's fake, but still fun. Pro wrestling even got to be fake, other way it'll be boring. But hip-hop gottabe true... and Rick Ross. May be he should be a wrestler. Another Mark Henry)

  • Anonymous

    Yall muthafuckas are stupid. If the music is good who the fuck cares!!

  • AZ

    artist shmartist... he is officer. "Fake thug - no love".

  • hiphopsince79

    I just lost all respect for Prodigy. To say Rick Ross is lyrical, gtfoh with that bullshit. I haven't heard one verse let alone one line he says that proves he's a true lyricist. Everybody's cosigning the former c.o., ex football scholarship turned Scarface rapper so I guess he's doing something right. I'm not hating, get your $$$ Officer Roberts. If these fools are willing to buy it, keep feeding them lies. I just hope the real Rick Ross, who's image you stole, wins his identity theft case against you when it goes to trial.


    Why does everyone hate...they obviously working with fake ass rappers for loot man...being real and street is all good...but thats not going to feed you or keep rolling in yea they were real and good back in the day ... and now they want some maybach money and vitamin water stocks...

  • Bo

    I don't get how you can say Rick Ross isn't a good rapper. He's one of the best mainstream rappers in the game right now. And all you talking this "CO" shit haven't even been in the streets yourselves, so why are you getting mad like you've lived that life? All rappers exaggerate. If you think ANY of these rappers are any more "real" then Rick Ross you're an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      hes not a good rapper. one flow. no jewels. no knowledge. no concepts. no storytelling. all fraudulent mateiral flossing bullshit. sucks live. he gets good beats.picks good beats. knows how to play the fat nigga. thats it. rap fans are very stupid and easily impressed.

    • JC

      Bo, his lyrics are wack. Simplistic, wack rhymes a shadow of the kings Isnt' that enough to say he is shit?! What do u want.

  • Alf Capone

    doesnt one of you niggas have scoliosis or something?

    • Alf Capone

      it is about the music. no one told them they had to rap like tough guys. they chose to do that. if they wanna rap like tough guys they should at least not be extra soft. if they were just regular niggas and rap about bein regular niggas that would be cool. niggas havent put out good music in years anyway

    • Anonymous

      Why cant it be about the music, and not about how tough you are. I couldn't give a fuck what you do in your personal life, just give me some good shit to listen to.

    • Anonymous

      sickle cell, scoliosis all equals bitch niggas that rap tough to me

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was sickle cell. Shut the fuck up. You probably wouldn't know real Hiphop if it bit you in the ass.

  • The B

    Yall can't front though, that HNIC 3 shit was fuckin hard. But they feel that they gotta fuck with who's relevant to gain their relevance back.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck mobb deep .

  • ETK

    to make this clear, I don't like Rick Ross either.. simplistic rhymes, spits about the same shit but can you blame all these emcees backing him? the fact is, like him or not, Ross is doin a wonderful job at staying relevant and stayin hot, he keeps grinding on the studio and making moves. he's like a shitty fat Tech n9ne. all I mean is MCs are always gonna respect artists like that, that's why you got niggas like Nas, Jay-Z, Dre fuckin with him and bigging him up. (Timbaland doesn't count, he's always been a fruit) all I'm sayin is don't lose respect on rappers for bigging him. he's lyrically abysmal but they're always gonna respect work ethic like he does it. niggas were bigging Lil Wayne all over the place too when he was a workhorse back in 07-08.

    • ETK

      alright, I guess he touted his lyricism too (smh) but "pen game" also has to do with work ethic. s'about picking up the pen constantly and dropping shit. all I'm saying is one thing rappers respect a lot - just like we respect lyricism - is work ethic. but you may be right, I'm guessing he has Triple Beam Dreams on repeat or somethin cause Ross hasn't improved in strides.. but he's still better than his early days (which doesn't say much)

    • room2roam

      did you read the interview. he said ross could spit. he didnt say he respect his hustle, he said his lyrics. wtf are you ppl saying? i get that you may not respect ross for his rhymes however those are the words that came out of prodigy's mouth according to this article. "He stepped his game all the way the fuck up. Im talking about his pen game"

  • Anonymous

    Other than Wayne, Ross is probably the most popular rapper out there now, so it only makes sense for MOBB to jump on his bandwagon and praise him. What's the big deal? If they survived G Unit, they can survive just about anything.

  • fernandop

    respect rick ross? i love mobb buh fuk is they doing?

    • bizzalls

      No fuckin shit, man. WTF is happening to this fuckin game right now? Mobb Deep is praising Rick Ross?? God help me...First of all, Mobb Deep was with G-Unit, second of all Mobb Deep is supposed to be street/real. This shit is a joke, that Prodigy has to try and work with people who are hot, like Wacka Flocka, WTF is Prodigy doin tracks with Wacka Flocka and Rick Ross?? That shit is sad, Mobb Deep is about to ruin their whole legacy and lose respect from a shitload of people.

  • wilderalt

    Ross is running the game right now bottom line God Forgives I Don't will be a classic

  • Anonymous

    Just because real cats fuck with FAKE niggas doesn't mean you should. Think for yourself.

  • So Icy Boi! (Chris Crooms)

    shotout to ma nigga YESSIR givin YMCMB OVOXO MMG deir credit. swag

  • Ricky Rozay

    Keep on hatin niggas. Rozay is the hottest rapper in teh game. Jay, Ye, Weezy, Kiss, Nas, and now Mobb Deep all cosigning. Where yall favorite rappers at huh? Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • JC

    What the hell has happened to Mobb Deep? Goddang they gone wack So sad to see. What eva happened to keeping it real?!?!! Rick ross prison guard homo

  • DungeonsOfRap

    Straight out the fuckin dungeons of rap. Just trying to get a backlink. Don't click if you don't want too. peace

  • DutchWeazel

    ''Praises Rick Ross'' So, Rick Ross is the new Buddha I see Everybody keeps prayin' for him, guess its swag.. Now, back to Hip Hop please.

  • Anonymous

    Ross doesn't spit shit. He is the releaxed version of Waka Flocka

  • So Icy Boi! (Chris Crooms)

    yah. Rozay iz like da 3rd best rappa alive... fuck u hip hop elitistz. fuck u Feminem & Gay-Z fanz. da Boss is da realest nigga alive snitchez. hez da next Christopher George Latore Wallace aka da Black Frank White aka Biggie Smalls aka da Notorious B.I.G. aka Big Poppa. Diddy knowz it. swag

    • Anonymous

      Can't you idiots recognise a troll??

    • ELjay

      SoIcyBoi, you don't know what hiphop means kid. RickR is one of the worst rappers alive. If he's on third place on your list, who's second? Drake? And first? lilwayne? get the fuck outta here kid.

    • anonymysss

      you are an idiot my friend im pretty sure rick ross is the opposite of real hes as fake as the name he raps under

    • Anonymous

      Rozay is wack little dude, try respecting mcs that can actually spit.

  • Anonymous

    What a surprise William gets yet another cosign All marketing for his album He has people behind the scenes putting in crazy work And it looks good for the artists doing it cause their trying to be relevant and fit in with the kids What a shame hip hop has come to this

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