Ski Beatz Says Mos Def, Curren$y And Jay Electronica Super Group Not Likely

Ski Beatz says that the trio's long-touted Center Edge Theory project may not happen due to scheduling issues.

Back in 2009, Hip Hop heads were elated to learn that Curren$y, Jay Electronica and Mos Def - now Yasiin Bey - were tossing around the idea of forming a super-group called Center Edge Theory. Now, three years later and only a handful of collaborations between the three emcees, fans are wondering whether the DD172-associated project will ever take flight or just stay put on the tarmac.

Now, in a recent interview with Vibe, DD172 producer and frequent collaborator with all three members Ski Beatz weighs in on the future of Center Edge Theory. Ski explained that given Spitta, Jay Elec and Bey's hectic schedules and different label situations, he doesn't foresee the project going any further than the initial announcement.

"I don’t know if the Center Edge territory is going to happen. But the combination came across because of all the cats being in the Dojo at the same time," he recalled. "I was working with Currensy at the time. Mos Def was always around. Jay Electronica would come through a lot. They just kind of sat down and said they wanted to do a group. But now with all the political stuff going on, it may be kind of hard to do that. I know Jay Electronica is in London. Mos Def is Mos Def. Currensy’s all over the place."

Despite this, Curren$y Tweeted last August that a Center Edge Theory project was very much still in the works. DX will keep you updated as more news comes to light.

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  • Anonymous

    NOOOO mos release some material with the 'villain', that would make my year. And if some one could get Jay to release some shit that would make my century.

  • Anonymous

    Jay's schedule. You mean being holed up with Badu. I swear that chick pussy than ruined the opportunity for so much classic music it's not even funny.

  • Anonymous

    really man,. jay-elec been around for like 2 years and hasnt released nothing,, how he gon be in a super group,, i swear man,...rumor spreaders

  • Go See The Doctor

    Jay Elec-- do nothing 40 year never was who eats Jay's ass and I hope Badu too. ZERO credibility on any issue, cultural or musical. Mos Def-- formerly excellent rapper who can't remember his kids' names but changes his own barely eats but oooh the drugs taste good. ONLY reason he did Black Star reunion is to feed the jones (he thinks one of his baby mama's had that name, isn't sure). CurrenSy-- hard working, respectable dude though not a fave.

  • Ski Beatz

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  • R.Pgh

    I'd rather see a new Black Star album first.

    • Anonymous

      Hell even if its an mix tape,just someone please get that dude to release some thing.

    • mos

      right? being that the follow up to the debut has been "rumored" for a decade or so now, i think following through with that should be top on mos def's priority list. and jay elec's top priority should be putting out his solo album.

  • Bram

    What kind of a hectic schedule can a (Jay Electronica) almost 40 year old rapper with no album out have?

    • Anonymous

      Jay lies about his age, retards. He's ALREADY 43!!

    • mos

      lol... I wonder if you'll consider yourself "almost 40" when you are 35. 35... almost 40, and also by the same logic almost 30.

    • GoReadABook

      How is someone who is 35 an 'almost 40 year old rapper'. Fucking douche, you should be asking yourself 'How much better of a rapper can a 35 year old Jay Electronica be than anyone I will ever enjoy listening to, regardless of age.?' Dumb bitch

  • ConleyRichard

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  • So Icy Boi!

    thankz God!! dese niggaz are wack az hell. Jay Electropitecus? Mos Def? fuck dem niggaz. Currensy suckz too. Stunna dropped him off da label cuz he aint creative. swag ma dream supergroupz: 1. - Lil Wayne - Tyler, The Creator - 2 Chainz 2. - Rick Ross - Drake - Waka Flocka 3. - Raekwon, The Chef - Lil B - Nicki Minaj swag

    • Anonymous

      correction stunna did not drop currensy he got tired of ghost writing for wayne gay ass if u must know why u think they sign cory gunz ?????? Gillie ???? busta and mystikal these people serve more purpose than u think

  • Anonymous

    Nothing except not producing is likely with this lazy ass fraud, Jay Electronica. As for Mos, he's got eight kids with eight different women and a heroin habit to feed, this shit won't fly without BIG MONEY which ain't happening. Q: Did Dante think condoms are made out of pork skin? Dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Curren$y on the other hand drops consistently. Besides, supergroups rarely happen. The trio are better off by themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Electronica and Mos Def are notorious for not letting shit happen. They drop shit as they wish even if it means 3 fucking years.

    • Anonymous

      lol mos has albums though. elec's dropped a mixtape in his 5 year career. shit, currensy dropped more when he was signed to YM than elec has ever released

  • Its Um

    Bump that! they don't need no supergroup, let slaughterhouse do their thang.

    • Anonymous

      laughterhouse have done their 'thang' as you say it's proven dogshit. not that this imaginary 'supergroup' would be any better but Mos Def was once a great rapper.

  • Q461

    It's Center Edge Territory not Theory. Spitta still fucks with Dame. Mos Def not so much. Jay Electronica never drops music and Mos not very often either. Knew this was never gonna happen the minute it was announced.

  • Anonymous

    Supergroup lol Wtf mos def nice, jay electronica is aight, currensy is a hard worker but he's still ya average south rapper. This would've been a shitty group

  • ETK

    Lord, why have you smitten us bet it's all Jay's fault. Curren$y constantly workin' and puttin out shit.

  • Anonymous

    curren$y dont fuck with dame no more

  • Anonymous

    As in most things Jay electronica related...we will never see it.

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