Madlib To Release "Madlib Medicine Show #13: Black Tape" In March

Madlib announces that he's got one more "Madlib Medicine Show" left, due out this March.

For the past two years, the legendary Madlib has been bring fans a steady stream of music with his twelve-part album series Madlib Medicine Show. But apparently, the Loopdigga has more in store for fans as he plans to drop the thirteenth installment of the series this March 1.

According to a recent press release from Stones Throw, the latest addition to the series - dubbed Black Tape - will drop this March 1 on the Oxnard, CA native's own Madlib Invazion imprint. But the thirteenth project in the series - which is comprised of 35 mash-up remixes and an explicit eight-page booklet - didn't come into fruition without some controversy. 

"Months ago when we dropped a hint that one more Madlib Medicine Show was to come, little did we know that the Madlib Invazion label would find itself dealing with the problem of one printing press after the next refusing to run the artwork," explained Stones Throw in the press release. "Some who have seen this artwork describe it as 'mutant porn.' Others simply shake their heads, set it down, wash their hands. Now that an offshore press specializing in 'fringe adult publications' has taken the job, the 'secret Medicine Show' will finally be released on March 1."

A leak from Black Tape featuring a mash-up of DOOM and Jadakiss dropped earlier today and can be heard in full in DX's audio section.

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  • Brandon.pitts

    The good thing about madlib is when he finisheds a project he droips it right away! He is my fav~!

  • Madlib

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  • bieber

    Between 2010 and 2012, Madlib has released 12 Medicine CDs, done a whole SAS album,a whole Guilty Simpson album, contributed to Badu, MED, a Freddie Gibbs EP,a Blu piece of shit, a Blackstar single. In 2012 we expecting another MEdicine Show CD, Madvillainy 2, contributions to Kweli's Prisoner of Consciousness etc stc. Suffice to say he is the hardest working producer in the industry. He is the most prolific hip hop producer ever. Not even Pete Rock has more material than Madlib.

    • bieber

      Falcon: Not necessarily my G. Lets look at the period 2000 to date. I will just pick a few random albums that each producer has made at least 3 tracks for and you can see the way i see it. If i look at Madlib and ignore the other aliases, he has made Madvillain (classic), Champion Sound (dope), Shades of Blue (amazing), OJ Simpson (average), In search of stoney jackson (dope),Liberation (amazing), Ecstatic (dope), Eardrum (good),Beat Konducta Vol 5-6 (Dilla would have loved this). I will stop there and ignore The Unseen (Quasimoto), The other Beat Konducta series, the list goes on, i have listed quality albums and left out other quality ones including the forthcoming Seeds he has made for Georgia Anne Muldrow. On the red corner we have the legendary Pete Rock who has made classics like TROY. Since 2000 its been Petestrumentals (very good),Soul survivor 2 (ear candy), NY's Finest (fine indeed), Monumental (great production, average emceeing. I will stop there coz there is barely much else. In my own humble opinion, i think the 90s belonged to Premo in terms of being prolific, with Dilla and Pete Rock, RZA and Dre not being far behind. For the 2000s i give that medal to Madlib.

    • Falcon

      As long as we all acknowledge that e.g. 10 individual Pete Rock Songs/Classics equates to the work put into 10 madlib albums, I'm fine.

    • tresdemayo

      @Falcon : Madlib's releases are just the tip of the iceberg, for exemple he recorded the equivalent of more than 10 Quasimoto albums but only released 2. Madlib's been puting out music under Lootpack, Quasimoto, Yesterday's New Quintet (actually him playing all instruments), he released an album with Blue Note, the Stevie Wonder tribute, Madvillain, Jaylib, Liberation with Kweli, Strong Arm Steady LP, 12 inch with Freddie Gibbs, worked with Reflection Eternal, Erykah Badu, De La Soul produced joints on Mos Def's last LP, a whole Blu album, same with MED and Guilty Simpson, he also worked with Declaime, Percee P, Ghos Face, Planet Asia, and the list goes on. then you can add all the unofficial remixes, the Beat Conducta Series, the Medecine Show series, and I forget many things... Like it or not, he's the most productive, as some time dude was recording the equivalent of an LP each 2 or 3 days...

    • bieber

      Falcon, dont get me wrong son, Pete and Premo are Top 4 producers ever in any head's books. I cant compare PR's unreleased stuff to that of Madlib, coz we dont know how much unreleased material they each have, however we both know in terms of released material whther quality or not, Madlib has more, thats a fact. I forgot to mention that Seeds with Jah Jah Muldrow is also coming out in march 2012, remember Jah Jah is a quality producer in her own right who has produced for the likes of Mos Def (Ecstatic), but she let Madlib produce Seeds. He is also doing a project with his brother Oh No as well as another with Kariem Riggins. I am pretty sure Madvillainy 2 is done, i suppose he will release it at his own time. In any case, the nigga is prolific as fuck! I dare say that he is even more prolific than the late Dilla. He does have many aliases like 'Just a person' said. From the Loop Digga days to now, i think he was equal with Dilla while they were both still alive, he could sound a bit like Dilla (Beat Konducta Vol 5-6) and also sound like himself. Noone is biting his style. Pete Rock even said he is on the Top 5 of his personal list.

    • Just A Person

      Bieber, you forgot the fact that dude has 31 musical alter egos according to his wiki. people say his beats are crazy/weird...but they aren't mixed to perfection and are still when they are he shits on a goood many producers fucking with samples. Point blank period.

    • Falcon

      That isn't entirely true, when Pete Rock sits on huge body of unreleased material. Fans actually do not know how many remixes exist from his time during the Future Flava's radio sessions. That and quality precedes quantity.

  • sizakhoza

    Hell yeah motherfucker.

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