Ras Kass Announces Departure From The Four Horsemen

The West Coast rapper explains why he's parting ways with his super group.

Ras Kass has announced that he is no longer part of The Four Horsemen, a super group that also consists of Killah Priest, Canibus and Kurupt.

In a video announcement, Ras explained his departure from the group, stating that the situation got “a little too complicated and out of hand” and “some things I don’t agree with.” He did not elaborate on the particulars of his leaving the quartet, but said that it’s “not worth the drama that’s constantly popping up.”

The foursome, also known as The HRSMN, first appeared together on the 1998 white label 12-inch single “Abide By.” In May 2011, the group revealed that it would release its official album that summer, but the LP failed to surface. RZA was said to be producing the album, which was also rumored to have a collaborative track with Slaughterhouse.

Ras Kass is currently working on his projects F.I.L.A. and Spit No Evil. Read his full statement below.

It’s been weighing heavy on me for a minute, but I have to make an announcement. After discussing with some of the people in my group and some of my other friends, things have just gotten a little too complicated and out of hand, and some things, I don’t agree with. And so I’m officially resigning out of the Horsemen. It is what it is. I’m not going to make too many more comments about it, but the bottom line is, I’m no longer part of the Horsemen. I have relationships with certain people, but some things are just too complicated and not worth the drama that’s constantly popping up. I stand firmly with dope lyricism, dope people and I think everybody’s talented, but at this particular point, there’s a lot of shit I don’t agree with, so I have to step out of it. All respect to everybody. I’m going to continue doing what I do, making my music and fucking with who I fuck with. I wish everybody the best, but I think this is the best decision for me as an artist and as a man. So there it goes. I am no longer part of Horsemen. One love, that’s it.

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    This video player you use on this site fucking sucks.


    hope they sort this out we need them in current hip hop

  • Anonymous

    Did they ever hae their shit together, I did'nt see anything signiicant come to fruition

  • mgf

    I used to be a huge Ras fan. Huge... but the dude has let us all down so many times even hardcore fans like myself have gotten tired of it. 90% of the stuff he's put out since the "Golden" era is weak. Not many people care about him anymore and he's doing nothing to fix that. The Nature of the Threat is his own toxic personality more than the white man. LOL.


    yo for clairity type almightyM80 on YOUTUBE to get full grasp of the situation. money and bad deals,wu-tang vs slaughterhouse,canibus vs royce and buddens, ras being unloyal (in my opinion). check it out instead of just guessing like everyone is doing on here. peace!

  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to contact and interview the rest of the members for their sides of it. For all we know, they could work it out. Hip-Hop needs as many dope groups as it can get.

  • horizonhiphop

    the biggest misconception of canibus with unaware/people that don't follow him, is that he "disses people for no reason". please do some research before making those comments, he has more reason to diss em, royce, budden than joe budden has to diss all the people he has... and more reason than eminem has to diss all the people he does... it's such a double standard. it's like everyone looks at bis like the bad guy no matter what, most misunderstood rapper of all time. lol, shame. oh well, I'll go on enjoying what is one of my top 5 and probably always will be, and I'll be enjoying 10,000 bars of brilliance while the sheep keep making fun of him over that battle he had with ll cool j that one time over a mic on an arm.

  • The Connoisseur

    I don't know why there is any hate at all about either Canibus or Ras Kass, its music, few if any of the people here know them personally, so why all the attacks? They are both (STILL) two of the best lyricist of all time. Canibus has had shitty management and a weak ass team his whole career, and a lot of dumb ass moves and bad decisions. His best chance to blow was 98-99 and Ras best time was 2000. Same story for Ras, a habitual fuck up, but with that in mind its 2012. So Ras Kass has FILA and Spit No Evil and Canibus has new shit also...Oh well, no HRSMN album, maybe its better for Canibus and Ras Kass.

  • Anonymous

    how many of you niggas who are hating canibus listen to his material ? 2000BC Can-I-Bus (some tracks, such as Channel Zero) Mic Club Rip the jacker ( absolutely amazing, thanks to stoupe) Melatonin Magik etc

    • Fry

      Melatonin Magik, C of Tranquility, MicClub, Lyrical Law, For Whom the Beat Tolls, Rip the Jacker and others had dope beats. He's only had maybe 7-8 beats in his entire catalogue (10 + albums) that are weak. Have you even heard his catalogue?

    • ed-ski

      Dude...Cannibus can flow but the beats he picks are garbage man.

  • Anonymous

    this shit right here nigga, go def, not def nigga, DEF HRSMN no vowels, i don't give a shit no bowels.

  • Anonymous

    ras kass is a homo. literally likes men. and hes a drunk. chasing the dragon since 96, xzibit told him to get lost and went plat. ras kass has gotten sonned by every label hes signed to, and now he cant do it on his own. wrap your head and choke on a tooth pick you selfish midget fuck. ras would sell himself to hang out with eminems gay ass. good luck getting royce on the phone faggot

  • Anonymous

    I don't care if nobody is checking for hrsmn the game needs them, sh and as many lyrical niggas as we can to bury ymcmb and the whole swag movement. Then we can get back to hip hop as it was before these homos showed up. Fuck ras kass for this bitch move.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck u ras for giving the other side the upper hand.

  • Anonymous

    I know bis is one main reason for ras's departure. But yall about like the nigga don't be spitting or something. Yea sure he needs to grow up and drop the eminem shit. But he's a beast. And the nigga dissing killah priest fuck you kp is dope. I agree that kurupt needs to step it up but he killed that song with the katt williams sample. Ras just pulled some Bitches shit. Even though I haven't seen any post I know some ymcmb fans who are loving this shit. My brother and fans of swag rap nigga are happy that real hip hop took a blow like this. So fuck u ras for giving the other the upper hand.

  • G MON

    Weak, they never even released an LP. I always wanted to see what a full LP with these four guys could produce. Killa Priest for life.

  • Anonymous

    It's unfortunate that it had to come to this.I believe, like several others here, that it stems from Canibus and his battles with the Shady crew. I was very much looking forward to this. I waould like to see them work it out, but if not,it is what it is. Release the project anyway and get Chino XL or Pharoahe Monche. I've been a Ras Kass fan for years, but a lot of his material post Ven Gogh / Goldyn Chyld has sub-par when you know what he's capable of.

  • yooo

    Well then I dont give a fuck about this cat again

  • Anonymous

    ............._ ** ** ** __ .... ___//___?'\'' ..../--o-----CARE-POLICE---- ** } .....`==={ ** }=====+===={ ** }--

  • St. james

    For all the bad talking about Canibus ya do, ya leave paragraph statement! Deep down inside ya love him but ya slaves and sheep to the commercial industry!!!!!

    • LOL

      Street Hop sold 10,717 first week...nobody is hating on Canibus stop crying rivers bitch,ur whining just like ur master

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ scorned loser did canibus diss your sweet elvis eminem too much? canibus has a gold record, and rip the jacker sold over 60,000 records independent. canibus has more fans than everybody in hrsmn and slaughhterhouse. royce street hop sold 2,000 copies. 2,000. needed eminem for his first taste of the charts. ppl that bought that album (corny whites) still dont know who the fuck royce da 59 is. canibus got the biggest haters on the net, talk tough at a show faggot

    • Anonymous

      GTFOH, people clown on him because he's turned into Hip Hops answer to "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", he shows up every once in a while to cry about other people, so people respond by crying about him, its what he wants, he knows he'll never sell records so he's content to be the "Bad Guy/Heel" character like the dudes in wrestling Canibus true fan support shows up when his albums miss the BB200... You know how shitty your albums have to be selling to miss the top 200 these days?? Motherfuckers who sell 1,000 copies make the BB 200..... Canibus has about 3,000 fans left around the world, other underground rappers laugh at his career Fuckin Necro sells 5 x as many records as this dude.... He's a nobody unless there's a name in his mouth

  • shim sick

    Rass Kass might as well depart from hip hop as wwell cause ain't nobody checking for him but the few WESTCOAST fans he has and Game's fist. Where do we start about this group . First off Krupt ain't the same lyrical Krupt from the old Dog Pound on deathrow days . Once he released Kruption - he fell all the way the fuck up . He use to be my number lyricist but now I don't listen to him cause he doesn't even rhyme half of the time and say bitch to much. Canibus wwill never be nothing more than seriod up angry battle rapper wwho had a wack ass debute album and got ripped by LLCOOLJ OVER A DAMN MIC TAT . His whole persona will ruin any groups chemistry . Killa Preist is boring as fuck to me and he basically repeats the same boring ass material. Nuff said . After a lot of medoicre production , beatdowns , unispired album releases and a glory that has faded to obscurity - I personally think all thee niggas should rap it up . They use to be dope but noone cares about these dudes because of the element of change . This group is not real hip hop - they just a group of collectives who are slowly fading from dopeness to pure wacknes . Pss a entire Raz produced album couldn't saveyall cause Rza is in the same boat . He need " connect" and collabes with other producers to make a decent track now. Don't nobody but true fan wanna boring ass unspiring music with medoicre production . We got enough of that from Nas but least he still lyrical.

  • Anonymous

    You niggas are writing 5 paragraph articles about some shit that NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT Canibus cant even make the BB200 with his last few releases, he has like 3,000 fans left total across the world, and Ras kass doesnt even have that SH & Em dont respond to these dudes because its about as much worth there time as arguing with the hobo's standing on the corner Fuck outta here with the Horseman, I gave a fuck a decade ago

    • Anonymous

      you are canibus biggest fan. you spend your every moment following his every move. get a life bro, eminem is a faggot, so are u.

    • war22

      10,000 bars! is gonna put me to sleep every night...fuck the pills Canibus's boring ass is the solution

    • cres911

      People love Canibus. They are just afraid to go against the grain. You have to respect dudes hustle and dont forget hes about to drop 10,000 bars!!! hold that haters!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga still around? A has-been that never was.He need to retire.I thought Game's bipolar ass ended his career?

  • RTJ00

    Ras is a bitch for this! ant no excuse! Thanks for letting Hip Hop down Ras.

  • thegreatiandi

    Ive met Canibus before. I talked to dude for hours about hip-hop. And it think peoples perception of him is a bit different than what hes about. Do i think hes been mistreated by hip-hop as a whole? Yes. Do i think hes gets caught up in why me? Yes. Do i think one man could make Rass leave? No. Biss shouldn't really be the topic here anyway.. The world was never ready for an artist like dude. But that's kind of what all the horsemen had in common ( except for Kurupt ). Rass was never really accepted on the West. Priest was way to over peoples heads with Heavy Mental. Canibus never could get an album to match his style ( Mic Club was almost perfect though/ C-2000 should have been the first album ). So they banded together to create a group of cats that couldn't garner much sales/Press/respect on there own. Same as Slaughterhouse. Thats why it sucks that they have a divide like they do. But like Joey buddens said of Method man... " it's hip hop. I should be able to say i think I'm better than you, and we prove it ". Why when Canibus is involved...it's so wrong to do, i don't get it. I feel that saying it's all Bis, is a bit of a cop-op. Priest and Bis have know each other since before they were signed and actually met through battling each other. They are supposed to have that Redman/Method man relationship from what Ive heard. Two brothers. Kurupt seems to be down for what ever. Rass is the only one who has never seen any kind of success really ( " who am i? You favorite rappers rapper ". ). I don't know...i think it's a BS decision to bounce on your brothers, but he's never been a part of anything anyway. Bis has had a few group efforts. So has Kurupt and Priest. Rass needs to stop catching DUI's ( this dumbass has three now ) and just ghost write for someone now lol.

  • Anonymous

    Well shit, they haven't put anything out in a minute. and besides, only Canibus and Priest are the only ones who seem to give a damn about dropping albums lately. It was dope while it lasted, I wish they would've dropped more shit...Peace

  • Update

    It is what it is... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDjAsIRVbZU&feature=player_embedded

  • Anonymous

    Bis seems to me like an emotional vampire, like one of them dudes that can walk into a party and within minutes suck the life out of the room with his miserable, negative complaining ass attiture

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ I'm just speaking on what I see of him He disses people for no reason, he yells and screams at radio hosts when they asks questions he doesnt like, alot of his image is self inflicted

    • Anonymous

      met canibus in person on the street. one of the nicest guys i never met from the entertainment world. all the internet hate comes from cowards who would never disrespect a man like that in the physical. you dont like his music, you dont agree with his actions, cool, leave it alone. he has more heart than most, i'll tell you that. how would you feel if everyone had YOUR story wrong?

  • Anonymous

    WWW only wrong thing canibus does is go at rappers for no appearent reason. niggas had to step their when he first. son is a brast.


      no reason? i ain't a big canibus fan, but i do respect the man's movements, and it seems catz hate on him because so and so disses him. Canibus goes in on cats who diss him, Royce and buddens started calling him out, and he responded lika an emcee should. He has reason for coming at dudes, the J cole diss was unnecessary, but he had a valid reason to speak on him. If you ask me, Royce and buddens are troublemakers and talk shit on twitter, but won't dare say it to Canibus' face because i'm sure they know, HE A REAL NIGGA. Yea, he got gunz.PEACE!!

    • Anonymous

      That's the most retarded comment I've read all week. You made no sense and need to go back to school and finish the 2nd grade. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    One thing i noticed is that all the other mebers of the Horseman and all the mebers of SH are cool with each other Except for Canibus It kinda speaks for itself, I bet even tho Priest and Kurupt havent left, they probably say to themselves, "Why wont this guy shut the fuck up and let us work together and get this money" when bis aint around

    • beez

      Bis did a couple of tracks with Royce before Royce called him out last year over a fake Twitter account that Bis had nothing to do with. And Bis also did a track with Crooked I..... so i dunno why you'd think Bis isn't cool with SH

  • triPAUD

    wow...disappointed by this...was looking forward to this a lot. While i'm a huge fan of rass and canibus, i'm sorry to say I suspect the problem was rooted with canibus.

  • thegreatiandi

    I think the whole lyrical super-group idea did come from HM. But none of that really matters. The real argument is Rass's motives. If it was because he didn't want to beef with SH, then don't. But the HM album would never have been filled with a bunch of " fuck you " slaughter house. Everyone is fully aware of that. If Rass bounced because of that, good bye then. Here's one of my big issues with Rass... He is not battle tested. A real MC wouldn't be scared of what ever there group counter part is doing. West side connection is a great example. Mac10's wack ass had issue with a few of the same people Cube did...so they, on the same album, went at them. Those tracks were devoid of WC. I always respected him for that. And his group didn't say fuck you...we all ride or your out. There all men about it. Case in point, Ortiz and Crocked I. They have said nada about Canibus ( yet?? ). Why? They have no reason too. Canibus has beef with Em, Royce defends Em right away...even though he just did a song with Canibus. Even though you were uber jealous of EM/D12 success ( maybe im the only one who remembers his track Malcom X?? ). But Em forgives you now, hes your man again..you want to show him you have his back. That's a bitch move and we ALL know it. So Bus says a few words back. My nigga Buddens been dissing Bus for a few years now ( in his Joe B way ). How you ask? Anytime anyone asks about Canibus, his response is always " no comment ". Or...Old Canibus is great...new Canibus...no comment ". So of course Bus says something about dude. But to everyone...there like Cani is stupid, why you dissing them...blah blah. If Rass didn't want to be like ROyce and jump in for no reason...don't. Canibus is battle tested..and doesn't need your help. Canibus and Em will never happen. That's that. Cani should let it go. But if he doesn't...that's his cross-2-bear ( and hip-hop doesn't really care anymore anyway. Neither of you are what you were b4 anyway...to bad ). Kurupt....BATTLE TESTED. I shouldn't even have to go into that. Weather or not you like his horrible freestyle/kind of written verses now or not...he is willing to put it to you. We all know that. I mean..the beef with his brothers in arms Dazz/Snoop. His beef with DMX ( he was also the first one by the way to let the world know X was a crack head..and he was right lol ). That cat can hold his own. And will ride with you if he has to. Killa P? Dangerous enough that people don't say shat about him. Inner beef with one of the worlds true supper groups ( WU and Sons of man ), but was always man enough to never air it ( partially did on Confession booth...dope track ). Could rip you a new....EASY. Rass? Humm...besides the knock out from game, dui's, running from the law and getting caught and locked... suing a record label for 1mill...LOOSING...then begging us to fund your album? You appear to be your biggest battle. And your not winning. I think your scared of what could possibly come from being in a group of feisty battle cats. If you want to stand on your own...you can make your albums and still be part of a group. Everyone does. If your hoping to avoid conflict so you may work with any member of slaughter down the road...good by then. Your so replaceable it's not funny.

    • war22

      Can I Bitch had no buisness doing that diss...u must be a dumb fuck to believe he was helping his enemies ( D12 and Eminem ) getting together...time has proven over and over again that Canibus has some serious problems and he wants attention cuz he's work sucks

    • @Shone Jones

      Link? Proof?

    • Shone Jones

      You left out the fact that Kurupt's bodyguard got killed after that song came out.

    • @www

      What shit with D12? You man Canibus giving them an avenue to express their frustrations with Eminem? Air Strike: [Swifty]: "Call me a hater, full-blown instigator, leavin' n***as on incubators bretahing like Darth Vader" [Canibus]: "You left D12 aside to sign Voltron 5" (50 Cent, now SH)... "You and I both know why I'm saying this, I hope Whoo Kid gets fired for playing this..." People seem to forget (or were not even aware) but Eminem addressed the situation subliminally on "Goin' Crazy" off of the Straight From the Vault EP: "Yeah this game has got me goin' crazy / Fuck it, I am crazy / What's new, what kinda fuckin' glue you'd think I'd be if I was glue / We lost proof, he was our crew's glue / But where was you, when we were fallin' apart / You were sittin on us too / But no one but us knew we were beefin' / Cause that's what happens when you beef with crew / It stays in the crew, cause it's just crew / But we're back now, yeah we took our time while our blood(?) grew / Only thing we're in a hurry for now is to rush you!" Also, when Royce was arguing with the fake Canibus twitter account, he essentially threatened to do the HRSMN-SH without Canibus. And he wants to talk about breaking up crews? Well, look what has happened now.

    • www

      Royce always said Detroit rappers been through so much and now that they finally togheter he will fight to keep the peace...thats why he went at Can I Bitch when he pulled that shit with D12

    • www

      Canibus fans are real retards...dude has done so much wrong to hiphop but they keep defending him knowing he's a bitch ass hoe and no one wants to work with him no more...ohhh and i gotta defend that D12 Royce Canibus situation...after Proof died all the hiphop beef in Detroit has been squashed...they are like a family...if D12 gets dissed everyone will jump to defend them...the same thing with Elzhi,Trick Trick,Guilty etc...Royce defended Eminem cuz hes the king in Detroit and his situation with Eminem was improving...thats why nobody fucks with them cuz if they dont win lyrically they will take u to the streets and u dont want that

    • triPAUD

      Yeah interesting and you make soem good points. I don't agree 100, I think bis more to fault, as he probably pushed his beef on the other members...just how I feel it had to happend, maybe he didn't, i hope I'm wrong tbh. Its just from what Ras was saying, all the other ppl are pretty collaborative, canibus seems to be somewhat dramatic about these things.

    • thegreatiandi

      My bad about the article lol. I'm passionate about my hip hop! And as far as DMX..that was the first time i knew about his crack use man. I was hoping Kurupt was lying...but nope lol

    • Moir

      I agree with most of what you said except the part about Kurupt being the first one to "reveal" that DMX did crack. DMX had already been arrested for possesion of crack and stuff like that in early or mid 1999 so people already knew about it.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, you wrote an article in the comments section

  • Anonymous

    Saying adios to a group who released nothing to focus on a solo career generating nothing. Miami Life indeed.

  • Sensaye252

    Good. He's easily the weakest one in the group.

  • Anonymous

    Name another supergroup before the hrsmn than?

    • DiceTrakz

      The Firm Westside connection

    • jones

      one nation was not a super group - it was an east coast / west coast collaborative album... the answer is the firm, not the commission which never even made a track together... the precursor is obviously hit squad and other posse type cuts...

    • Anonymous

      2pac's "One Nation" Union with Death Row & The Boot Camp Click And dont say "Uhhh they never released anything" because neither have the horseman 2nd Place goes to B.I.G, Jay Z, Puffy, & Charli Baltimore with "The Commission" that was suppose to happen

  • DiceTRAKZ

    Its bcuz of corny ass cannibus, lol. Rass prob dnt wanna be associated with dude. I dnt blame him. Cannibus is a dope lyricist, but his actions and the way he move, lame.

  • Anonymous

    Just did was weak. He didn't have to be involved in the beef true but he didnt have to quit

  • Anonymous

    First of all you muthafuckas who don't care are not hip hop heads or your on slaughterhouses dick a little to much. Don't get me wrong im a huge sh fan but them niggas got the supergroup idea from the hrsmn this is a low blow on ras kasses part. I agree with him on the not beefing with sh especially with the fucked up state that the game is in now. If anything they need to collaborate on shit. But until bus is ready to make peace than ras is gonna have to ride. Going out like he did ju


      why ya'll actin like The Firm never existed... the horsemen never lived up to they potential point blank, putting Kurupt in there instead of say, Pharoah Monch (as was the original plan) was the first mistake by the time SH dropped Wack MCs they had already accomplished more as a group than "HRSM" ever did. SH is cohesive in a way that HRSM never was.

    • supergroup

      HRSM were certainly the model for dope, underground not mainstream having success emcees to form a group....

    • DiceTRAKZ

      SH didnt get the idea of forming a super group from them. What are u talkin bout??

  • war22

    good for him...now Rass should move on cuz in the past 2 years i didnt heard to much material from him...

  • CWigg

    Damn...now the group is short a man for an album that isn't ever going to happen. Devastating moment for hip hop...LOL. Maybe Saigon will join up with them? Bout the time Bun-B joins SlaughterHouse? Getting hard to defend real lyricists when they don't ever release music!!

  • dockevoc

    Fuck HRSMN. Priest is the only one who dropped anything on the right side of embarrassing for nearly 10 years now...shit would've been terrible, anyway

  • bringi

    i always knew there was something wrong with this group shit it dont even sound like a group to me just some random muhfuckas put together i think ras kass is doin the right thing .. good luck on your new projects

  • Anonymous

    Goddamn when they gonna drop an album!!!! 10 years later and still not an album?

    • truth

      for real, i don't even know why ppl insulting SH like that by comparing the two. SH is balanced, HRSM is not (c'mon we all love Kurupt's classics but keep it real). SH brings out the best in all the artists, HRSM does not. On any given SH track, anybody can straight steal the show. Etc.

  • Unfortunate

    I know this is considered news and all that, but this is posted while no mention to date of other, more positive Canibus-related news: - Harry Fox Hates Hip-hop: about REAL issues that affect many artists out there today; - RTJ2 Infinity: 10,000 Bar DVD LP, using a concept no one has done before; and - Any of the update videos that have been released, most recently RTJ vid snippet 1a: At 11:48: "whoever decided to put out hrshu attack now after one year of it already being out is a yellow bellied son of a bitch. yeah I said yous a muthafuckin coward." Ras Kass - "After discussing with some of the people in my group... I have relationships with certain people, but some things are just too complicated and not worth the drama thats constantly popping up. I stand firmly with dope lyricism, dope people and I think everybodys talented..." I really hope you spoke to everyone in your group Ras. Though by the sounds of it, you don't have an unkurupt soul. There are greater forces at work here; it's a shame you won't ride for the HRSMN.

    • Anonymous

      The "lyrical, miracle, spiritual, individual, criminal, SUBLIMINAL, in your swimming pool". was a joke, and a disss. Deliberately being wack.

    • ^^^^^^

      Not relevant? Maybe not in the "industry" but he's speaking about ideas and issues that affect human beings everywhere today. He doesn't make "songs" about frollicking in Paris or some other empty, material conquest. As a hip-hop head, give me dope rhymes over dopes beats; I don't want or need some packaged hook and catchy beat to keep me interested in what an MC has to say lyrically. It's what's defined the best MC's during the Golden Era and people have seemed to forget that nowadays. You too when it comes to commenting on Rip the Jacker. It was a perfect match sonically but giving Stoupe the lionshare of the credit for making that CLASSIC is just asinine. When it comes to hip-hop, Canibus always delivers. Even more so nowadays in his beat selection. The man eats, shits, lives, and breathes hip-hop. Having 10,000 bars means that he's practiced and perfected his craft to such an extent that he's comfortable undertaking a project such as this. No one writes like Canibus but MCs try to imitate him (heck Eminem and Slaughterhouse both were undoubtedly influenced by Canibus - "lyrical, miracle, spiritual, individual, criminal, SUBLIMINAL, in your swimming pool". 10,000 bars equals much more than five hours of listening pleasure. The infinity concept means you can listen and re-arrange the bars in an infinite number of combinations. It's the only song you'll need to hear for the rest of your life.

    • lolplz

      Because Canibus hasn't been relevant in YEARS. And its nobody but Canibus fault. 10,000 bars? Who the fuck wants to listen to that shit lol. Even Game gave up on that endless bars gimmick because niggas wanna hear SONGS at the end of the day, not no 5 hours of bars. Especially when the bars are as played out as Bis's "psychologically, impossibly, neurotically" bullshit. Its like when Gorilla Zoe did that 30 mixtapes in 30 days shit - NOBODY cared. This nigga will be dropping projects titled "Rip the Jacker" for the rest of his life because that was his ONE genuine classic album and even that was just because of Stoupe's genius really.

    • I understand your point, but...

      ^^^^^^^ You have to ask yourself why would there only be 10 replies? To me, that would indicate that people wouldn't check out this new Canibus and be satisfied to hold onto their old perceptions of what Canibus is all about. Open your mind, actually listen and think about what he's saying. Most people that claim to be hip-hop heads are only familiar with his battle tracks. I was in this same situation growing-up an Eminem fan. Once I listened to Canibus' entire catalogue (12 albums, hundreds of features and freestyles) and witnessed how he has been treated in the media (even since 98), I realized it's an absolute shame that his message is kept under wraps. They don't want you to hear it and people are satisfied to comply.

    • Anonymous

      Cause if that were the topic there wouldnt even be 10 replies No hate, but c'mon you know its true Only time people care about Canibus is when he disses somebody or somebody disses him Nobody is intrested in hearing him rap for 10,000 bars, lol

  • Anonymous

    I have massive amounts of respect for Ras now that he left, he decided to grow up and not be a 38 year old man running around and dissing everyone like his faggot ass groupmate Douche-i-bus Good for him!!


      ^^^^ That Alchemist shit was a decade ago and I aint heard rass say nothing bout Game in about 4 years Its called growing up, which bis cant seem to do

    • urwack

      Yeah, he's a great model for that.... perhaps he should dis alchemist again or make some wack ass youtube videos with bullets talking about game... riiiiiight

  • Anonymous

    Half the industry say they quit, but talk is so very cheap in all these headlines. Look at Dr Dre!

  • Anonymous

    Bring in Pharoah monch!!!

  • Anonymous

    It's all Canibus fault. He keeps fucking around tryna get at Slaughterhouse and niggas had enough of his bullshit. Good for him, Rassy was always my favorite, now he can do him and not have to worry about the petty shit that Can-I-Bus is doing.

  • abattoir.

    Slaughterhouse >>>>>>>> the 4 oh wait I mean 3 horseman

  • 2da9thpwr

    This guy looks like Lafayette from True Blood.

  • Anonymous

    And on that day, not a single fuck was given

  • Anonymous

    Killah Priest is by far the best out of that group, dude is up there for the most underrated ever, he should shit on these dudes and keep it moving with his solo career.

    • notquitedude

      Offering is a great album... But your de-valuing of Canibus is pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      Real Talk, The Offering is a straight up classic, one of the best and most well-rounded albums I've ever heard.

    • Anonymous

      For real tho, I been saying that for years The Offering >>>> Canibus's Life The Offering >>>> Everything Rass did except Soul On Ice The Offering >>> Everything Kurupt did Post-Death Row

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Ras Kass! And fuck Canibus too! The New HRSMN: Killah Priest Kurupt Killa Sin Chino XL

  • dirtdawg

    Wow, this is BIG news...and tomorrow let's get a T-Boz interview stating that TLC is now officially over, ok SMFH

  • Anonymous

    no reason to listen to HRSMN ever again.

  • Drob

    Weakest link in HRSMN without a doubt. Good riddance.

  • 1love

    wait horsemen were still active i thought they flopped after there shitty debut album.

  • Hip Hop Bureau

    "OMG, the world is going to miss out on the most revolutionary thing that could ever happened to Hip Hop!" - No One

  • dentadamboy

    Jay-Z has way too many dickriders. Jay-Z been a disloyal bitch for years and yet too many fags still talk about him like he's Biggie or Pac. Biggie and Pac were real dudes...they were loyal to the people who they came up with. Jay the exact opposite. He shit on everybody who helped him get to the top except Memphis he dude probably suck Jay-Zs dick when Beyonce is on tour. I swear, people who like Jay-Z worship him as if he was a god. There is nothing that he can do wrong in the eyes of his fans. Even when he makes shitty pop music like Young Forever people talk about him as if he makes only meaningful songs like Nas. Jay-Z definitely has he gayest fan base of all. I bet any one of Jay-Zs fans would agree to swallow his cock and fondle his balls on request. Everyone knows he's gonna be exposed as a fraud one day. And when he is, I hope all of his fucking bitch ass fans hang themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Memphis Bleek actually donated his sperm to Beyonce. Gay-Z is a sterile 54 yeaar old faggot. He had an en vitro baby. THE PREGNNCY WAS FAKE AS WRESTLING. but this is all about ras kass being a scared faggot who's afraid of repping his people cuz he wants to ride with slaughterhouse.

  • Anonymous

    Ras Kass was put in charge of the HRSMN album and couldn't get it done. Wasted their studio time and efforts cuz he didn't want to ruffle any feathers with people who act like they fuck with him, that really don't. Ras Kass, born loser. Dropped a classic in the 90's, battled gay rumors in the 2000's, and ditched his brothers to save face with toys who will never give him the same love in 2012. Back to begging his dwindling fan base to pay for his wack beats. Killah Priest should knock him out, for being a disloyal pussy. What a coward, the drama? Twitter beefs and youtube tracks backed Ras Kass down like the coward he is. I remember when Game knocked him out, and Ras Kass' gay white goon said "do you know what we have for you..?". HRSMN should've kicked him out, and beaten him senseless for being such a bitch, but they didn't. I hope Ras calls Royce, and gets the run around for the rest of his life. Good job you drunk faggot, I'm going to go out my way to shit on your every, pathetic, desperate move from here on out. Just lost every fan you had left, good luck getting charitable donations for your wack LP's from kids who think Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifia are hot. I'd love to see the attendance at Ras Kass next show. Ras Kass going state to state performing for gas money with zero projects of interest lined up. if this is a money issue, Ras Kass should get a job at Mc'Donalds. It will surely pay him more than his future projects. Pussy. You ARE the weakest link. Hope the Horsemen finish the project without him, fuck Ras Kass.

    • war22

      damn Canibus is that u ?? damn dawg how much did it take for u to right all that ???

    • Anonymous

      LMAO This is how emotional Canibus fans are, smh "HOW DARE YOU YOU LEAVE A GROUP WITH THE GREAT GERMAINE, I HOPE YOYU GET CANCER AND DIE YOU FAGGOT!!!!!" lol, get a life my dude, you writing essays and shit

    • Mr Flamboyant

      No arguments here. He and Canibus are the frick and frack of fuck ups.

  • Canibus

    You know I'm gonna diss you now nigga, YOU KNOW ima diss you nigga

  • Anonymous

    Wonder who the replacement will be... Maybe K Rino

  • thegreatiandi

    Man...im not to sure what to say here. I think Rass wasn't really a good tye-in to the group from the get. Soul on ice was classic...but every since Rass-ass-ination...ive been wondering why he tried so hard. We loved what you brought. Why he wanted that cross-over apleal so bad. Like i get the money part ( kind-of ). Like no one wants to be broke. I get that. But he has made more bad biss dec than i can count. Maybe im the only one who remembers he signed to " patchwork records ". Who? DUI after DUI? What? You thought your body of work was worth 1mill so you sued. HUH? Come one yo, what are you thinking? Then he comes out of jail all super thug Rass. Popping bottles in the club Rass. Son, your not hard cause you got popped for drunk driving. We ALL hate drunk drivers fool. That dosent give you any cred for that ( same with Royce 5'9 on that one. ). Stop acting like you were drug/gun running. Then you take the time to develop a web site to beg the fans you have left for money to help you put an album out that was 45% dumpster juice. What happened to the million you sued capital for? Stop this nonsense. Then you make it a point to tell everyone " im not involved with anything Canibus said about Joe/Royce5'9 " on your twiter page. This is your group. You ride with them, like they would ride with you if you had the nuts to say something about Game after he dropped you. Now your done? Your right...your done. You have been done. Thanks for Miami life/Nature of the threat/Order out of Chaos. Now rest your weary head.... We need Chino xl. He could anchor any track. And make everyone step there game up ....easy..

  • rick

    yeah as if they were ever going to drop an album!

  • Anonymous

    Well this sucks...

  • Anonymous

    They were still 2gether?

  • Anonymous

    LOL, the canibus fans on this page are angry None of these cats are going nowhere anyway, cept Priest is still dope Kurupt has been spitting the same shit for 20 years, its played out Ras Kass is an irresponsible drunk Canibus is a thirsty ass desperate attention whore faggot Why Priests waste his time with these dudes is beyond me, just go make an album with GZA, be better then anything the horseman could come up with

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Canibus has been a total waste of oxygen and time for quite a while now. Since he dropped his trash ass debut album. At least Ras can actually say he has one LP that was dope. Bus can't even say that. Nonetheless, both niggas are trash artists. Ras is a sad sad case. Very sad. And I'm also one who doesn't understand why Priest messed with this niggas.

    • wolfman

      Yeah, I dunno what the fuck dude is talkin about having the most Canibus fans. I'm an objective dude and was a fan of his first album, but most comments I read about his shit are pure trash and I happen to agree with that. None of these dudes really ever made it commericial, but Ras was probably my favorite out of them all. At least from his 90s stuff.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ Canibus has been boring me to sleep since Mic Club, but whatever you say, lol I stand by my statement.... Priest is the only one worth hearing

    • Anonymous

      only blogger nerds give a fuck who canibus disses. he still spits hot 16's, thats what matters. ras kass is a jelly bone faggot. funny thing, everyone disses bis the most, and he has the most fans in the horsemen by a wide margin. killah priest isnt a sensitve faggot looking for a handout, thats why he fucks with canibus. ras kass has to beg fans to pitch pennies so he can put out wack albums, fuck him.

  • Crystal

    Killah Priest is the only one in the group that is worth checking out. Still pushing out that high quality music. See you on January 30th, 'The Psychic World of Walter Reed'.

  • Anonymous

    plenty of niggas could step in and make it a better situation. chino XL k-rino vinnie paz chief kamachi planet asia i hope they drop the album anyway, fuck ras kass. the definition of washed up, weak ass nigga. maybe he can beg his fans to fund his next garbage album like last time, fucking bum.

  • cigo

    LOL ras kass is a LOSER nothing of note since soul on ice what was that? 1996? every move he makes, fails. makes horrible LP's, still trying to sell out, and lost just about every fan he had. killah priest, canibus, and kurupt, should keep on working, fuck this loser. i knew it was a mistake when they said ras kass was in charge of the HRSMN album. why would you make the biggest loser in the group, that cant make good albums or pick a beat to save his life, the head? i honestly hope ras kass gets knocked out again, the nigga is a butt hurt bitch that got his soul taken in the can when he got locked up for his string of DUI's. spineless, whiny, loser. ras kass just ditched the last chance he had at getting heard. some of his old fans woulda checked for the HRSMN material, like me for example. now, i wish the worst on the nigga. put this nigga in charge of anything, and it will fall apart in a hurry. pathetic, selfish, delusional, drunk. say what you will about canibus, that nigga is NOT a quitter. ras kass is. drop the HRSMN without him, get chino xl or something to fill his spot, be better off anyway.

    • fckyourlife

      Ras - do you think you have NEW fans? Do you think you'll get Slaughterhouse fans? ahha only fans you have are the one's you had in 96. AND YOU JUST LOST THEM.

  • Mitch 3K

    Watch canibus come out with another one of his desperate struggle raps sounding like a rejected lover because Ras left him, lol

  • airreya51

    rASS kASS is done anyways..the only one who really puts out quality music is Priest. Bis is my dude but some of his new stuff im not feeling. Rass will never go platinum,no one is checking for him..and his departure from the group is Bis feud with Slaughterhouse..coward

    • rassucks

      Maybe I'm tired of hearing Ras kass cry about Alchemist - remember that? How about another wack youtube Game dis?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he's tired of coming in to the studio to hear Canibus crying about J Cole, Eminem, Royce and every other rapper in the world who makes more money then him These dudes are all in there late 30's, dont know grown ass man wanna deal with a miserable bastard like that, except Bis himself, because he is a miserable bastard

  • Anonymous

    Canibus is a well known asshole/Douchebag, Ras probably got sick of putting up with him

  • Anonymous

    So many bad things i want to say about Ras Kass and what hes done to and with his career but I'll just end by saying he is one of the best lyricists ever.

  • R2die

    Wonder whats going on behind the scenes that caused dude to leave his brothers? oh well.. still looking forward to the album

    • youdumbass

      there is no album! so stop lookin forward... what happened is Ras is a bitch and wants to kiss Royce the 5'9's ass for another cameo on his next wack album

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That kinda sucks. I been waiting for that album for years. Oh well!

  • XGuy

    Watch now Canibus is gonna come out with a diss track towards Ras Kass...

  • J.J.

    Why do they even bother?

  • ehj.

    kass aint been the same since getitng knocked the fuck out by game

  • Anonymous

    I knew it from the beginning.

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