Meek Mill Talks About Working With Dr. Dre

Meek Milly talks about past with T.I. and working with Dr. Dre.

Talk about Dr. Dre's Detox album comes and goes from time to time, but Meek Mill is discussing Dr. Dre's "situation" now. The MMG rapper recently spoke with the Los Angeles Leakers about working with Dr. Dre. Although he avoided any final talks about "how it's coming out" or "when it's coming out," Meek Mill announced that he worked on "some things" for Dr. Dre and said it was about "his situation," leading many to believe it had to do with Detox

Before getting into the Dr. Dre talk, he spoke about T.I., another veteran he's been associated with.

"T.I. was like a big homie," he shared. "I was messin' with T.I. and we was actually going through the same things when I was hanging around T.I.. I was cased up, T.I. was cased up. So we never even really was all the way in the music. We just was kickin' it vibin' with each other." 

Once conversation rolled over to Dr. Dre's work, Meek explained that their collaboration has him excited and he promised, "it's going to be fire." 

"Oh, naw, man. That was just me and Dre in the booth putting some things together, some magical things. You know, I did something for him. It's his situation so you could be looking forward to it. I don't know when it's going to drop, how it's going to drop, but just know it's going to be fire, man. It's Dr. Dre and Meek Milly so you know what time it is." 

During the interview, Meek also announced that his Dreamchasers II tape would be out around NBA's All-Star Weekend. 

More audio from the interview can be heard at the L.A. Leakers' site. 

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  • youngcaesar

    meeks voice is grimey. shit is def not annoying lol. hes far from a mainstream rapper listen to his flamers and everything before he blew up, dudes lyrics are serious. yall are some lame white kids running your mouth on the internet. stfu

  • Anonymous

    A Detox mixtape would make sense. You fools forget he's hitting Coachella this year. If he has half a brain he's gonna perform new shit. 2012 - Detox. But if it's not gonna be 2012, then I've lost all hope for it cause there's not much else he could do it about it after this year. Oh and him working with Meek's gotta be a career highlight, unforgettable verse he dropped off to Dre. It IS Dre guys. Have faith damn lol

  • Anonymous

    Detox is coming very soon I promise. He's not on Detox THIS IS FOR THE PRE DETOX MIXTAPE. DETOX IS DONE DRE IS JUST GETTING THE MIXTAPE READY AND THE PROMO READY. All these artists you've been hearing recently he's working with are for the mixtape. The mixtape is going to be for the buzz and hype so get ready people DETOX IS COMING FINALLY MARK MY WORDS. Detox is going to be mostly west Kendrick, Slim, Sly, Nikki Grier for R&B and new west coast artists like 2001 and The Chronic.

  • Anonymous

    meek mil (like every other rapper with a buzz today) fucking sucks. rap fucking sucks. hip hop is dead. the only ppl that will take offense to this is crack baby kids who listen to meek mil and look out for rick ross tapes like kids in a candy store. this site is awful tyga news, rick ross news, drake news, meek mil, nikki minaj. dont u kids ever get embarrassed? this used to be an art form. talking about working with gay ass dre in 2012 is like talking about riding a unicorn. no one saw it, so shut the fuck up.

  • Mack

    That pic is killin me haha

  • Dretox

    Dr Dre is a pussy if he's going to be too afraid to put it out, fearing the response after all these years. There I said it. Stop with the nonsense Dre and just put it out, it will be good.

  • Anonymous

    You know what? Fuck Detox. Let's be real guys. Dre will probably never release it. He has Slim the Mobster and Kendrick Lamar on deck. And he is thinking of taking a break. I don't think Detox really interests him anymore. Think about it. You have been working on one project for the last twelve or so years of your life. You probably would be tired out. I think we should just be grateful that Dre is still producing and making music for all of us.

    • jj

      what's the point if we never hear it? we've been hearing about him getting into the studio with everyone from j.cole to common to even keri hilson.. and we don't end up hearing shit..

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Dre and Meek Mill? Straight up travesty motherfuckers. How could Dre let this shit happen? There are other popular rappers out there that are worthy of a Dr. Dre beat. Not this dude.

    • Anonymous

      How could Dr. Dre let this happen? You mean how could Meek Mill let this happen. Dr. Dre is done and has been since 1996. This nigga is a disgrace to hip hop and needs to retire and get the fuck out of the industry

  • Anonymous

    what they mean is dre gonna pass off a beat to him pre made hahahah.cmon dre been working with everybody for the last 3 years and we aint heard shit except the detox reject singles. kush and that other wack shit.when dre put that single out did the video and didnt get any real buzz he knew it was over.

  • dfsag

    Im a fan of Meek Mill and its nice to see that he's worked with Dr. Dre BUT he's going to call it "Dreamchasers II"???? We have too many sequels, but I hope the music will be good at least.

  • Anonymous

    i guess t.i is a veteran now

  • bread

    Dre working with anyone these days... Dre should keep that sound exclusive like he always has

    • ETK

      that's not gonna work cause Dre has to reach out to stay relevant and get people to take a look. nigga been out too long, those headphones won't do the trick alone, he has to ring up the hottest emcees out there today

  • Anonymous


  • DoubleAIV

    Dre doing this to piss off 50 Cent?

  • Anonymous

    I think Meek career is better with Maybach than it would have been with Grand Hustle, i see B.O.B gettin screwed over soon bcuz he is gonna outshine T.I. Keep doing you Meek let the know upnorth rappers ait gone just yet.................................... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Anonymous

    Next thing you know Dre is going to be working with Gucci or Flocka, guy is working with any asswipe these days. Meek Mill sounds like a girl when he raps, annoying as shit to listen to TOTALLY AGREE

    • hellno

      OK, Meek Mill is not some incredible lyrical hip hop legend. But he is not on the same level of terrible music as Gucci and Waka Flocka. He is better than most mainstream rap. I actually like his flow it's entertaining and original.

    • ...

      Guess He Got Your Dick Hard If He Sounds Like A Girl :|


    thats whats up meek up next waiting on that DC2 cause one was fire

  • common

    common's motto freestyle link




      Sorry ass plant ass nigga get off there fucking dicks and wipe the cum out your ears so you can hear how fucking gay everything they've produced since fresh left. Truth faggot

    • hellno

      what I still dont understand is you say you are gay yourself, but then use it as an insult towards other people.

  • wtf

    Next thing you know Dre is going to be working with Gucci or Flocka, guy is working with any asswipe these days. Meek Mill sounds like a girl when he raps, annoying as shit to listen to


    Dre been recording with EVERYBODY and their mother for the past 10 years. music out LOL

  • Anonymous

    Dre aint nuttin special

  • What?

    Man, fuck Dre for this one. Meek Mill has the most irritating voice of all time

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