DJ Whoo Kid Talks About Getting Fired And Smacked By 50 Cent

Whoo Kid jokingly recalls all of the times he's been fired and "love" smacked by 50, talking about his experience behind the turntables for G-Unit's General.

For years, DJ Whoo Kid has been the resident deejay for 50 Cent and his G-Unit camp. During a recent stop at ThisIs50, Whoo Kid talked about his experience with G-Unit and described what it feels like to be fired and smacked by 50 Cent. DJ Whoo Kid also explained why Eminem and his camp wanted him killed. 

"The first DJ got stabbed and left town, went to Tennessee or somewhere," Whoo Kid said, describing how he became a part of G-Unit. "I think it was during that studio situation where the lights got cut off. It was a deejay that got stabbed. When 50's mixtape came out, they had the tour schedule. They just needed a deejay but at that time, they weren't interviewing anybody. The trust issue was crazy. So, I was put into G-Unit as the deejay." 

Since then, Whoo Kid has rocked with 50 Cent on stage. However, during that time, 50 also fired Whoo Kid on several occasions.

"It's up to 48 [times being fired] now," he said. "I don't mind getting fired because I guess he's so used to doing it so much that he gotta keep firing me. You could go on YouTube and see all the countries I got fired from."

Firing has been one part of the job, but smacks have apparently been another. According to Whoo Kid, he watched as 50 "smacked random people" during a tour, adding that he's also been smacked.

"I didn't want to fuck up with 50 on stage because during those days, he was ruthless. He was smacking everybody. He was smacking people per day. He was smacking everybody on the bus. If he had nothing to talk about or to do, he would smack random people on the bus. That's why I stayed in the front with the fucking bus driver." 

Still, that tactic didn't keep him safe from smacks, though he says they were "love smacks." 

"He loves me so it's like a love smack. But the new niggas was gettin' wrecked." 

During the interview he also explained why Eminem wanted him killed. 

"Along time ago, I leaked an Eminem joint by mistake and they wanted to kill me," he shared.

More from the interview can be seen below, courtesy of ThisIs50.  


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  • bukwheat

    whoo kid has never been a DJ . HE IS A FRAUD

  • Yves

    You the shit Whoo kid, 50 needs to hire you back nigga. maybe this raise will be the greatest yet. Or your probably ready to go on your own. Be your own man nigga, you've got the skills.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    50 gave a 'Love Smack' to whoo kid?? Last time I checked a 'love smack' was when you smack a chick in the face with your dick after she blows you

  • Anonymous

    To all you fags giving 50 all the credit for ending ja rule are all idiots cuz 50 would have never been able to end ja by himself without the help of eminem.

  • Anonymous

    What did whoo kid leak from eminem??

  • Anonymous

    Fiddy may have been smacking the help, but then he turned around and cut them checks. With that type of money, DJ Whoo Kid could easily have afforded makeup to cover up those love taps.

  • westcoastin

    whoo kid is mad funny! i miss those days where shady/G unit were all fam and everybody was havin fun. real talk though whoo kid on shade 45 is hilarious

  • Anonymous

    I guess people don't realize that Whoo Kidd is that type of nigga that would always fuck around and shit wit everyone else.I mean jus listen to the stories he tells, about meeting MJ, the''supposedly CB and Drizzy fight etc he talks alot of shit but u can never take him real serious bcoz he jus lyks to act a fool!! And his stories are mad funny too the way he tells them!! That nigga must have stories for days!!lmao

  • D0l0

    Fucking up his coworkers smh

  • D0l0

    50 cent is the Darth Vader of the music business lmfao

  • Anonymous

    Whoo Kid is a corny ass guy who thought he was tough cuz he was rockin wit g-unit

  • Anonymous

    so 50 beats up all his staff but there's love to it hmmm wonder if he smacks his bodyguards eh

  • Anonymous

    BEfore I Self Destruct!!!! WHOOOOOOOO kiiiiiid!

  • foekist

    I could never imagine letting anyone hit me up, (no homo) without doing something back, never mind going back to work for them. And if I knew someone that let another man put hands on him, and did fuck all about it...I'd tell him to tell NOBODY! Whoo Kid laughing about this?! Now, to me, that's a bitch made coward!

    • Anonymous

      Stop!!!!, he would slap the shit out of you and you wouldnt do a damn thing but put your tail between your legs HOMO!!!!!

    • ETK

      whhen 50's paying for your plane trips and club bottles with the finest goldigger bitches swarming around, you come back and tell me that.

    • mike

      50 would smack the shit out of you and you wouldnt say a damn thing about it be real with yourself man 50 would bust your ass and if you got mad he would just yolk your ass up and toss you man you aint talkin about shit youll get hands put on you all day talking that pretend shit fuck outta here

  • ETK

    listen to these niggas, bein all tough n grimy, "oh I woulda smacked that nigga back" "there ain't enough money in the world" you're not fuckin kidding anybody. you're sittin here livin probably half the life DJ and those niggas were livin at that time. i don't even need to tell you this, but the saying's true yo: money is power. It don't matter if you black white, or how hard you think you are. 50 knew he had the liberty to smack his niggas around

  • Anonymous

    All I'ma say, 50 hardcore... I mean niggas admitting he was running around just smacking niggas that let him down, got niggas calling them love smacks!! Make sense why 50's had so much beef within his circle and label, in his mind he's always King, and a nigga will smack you if you act up.... Not even a 50 fan, but nobody gonna come out and say he a cupcake taking love smacks from 50 along with everybody else if that wasn't a fact.

  • jakyl

    lol bull shit he didn't smack lloyd banks. banks is fiftys little bitch. thats the only reason he's still in g unit. buck and game were actually smart and didn't put up with that bullshit. and yayo just sucks. he know he would be nowhere without fifty.

  • haitiangoon

    damn who kid you not a real haitian i would ate that nigga 50....smh...i bet he aint do that to lloyd banks or yayo

  • Jack

    Awwww 50 got abit of roid rageeee! hahaha fuckin fool should learn to show some gratitude to the people who keep his shit going. Damn.

  • Anonymous

    I guess some niggas really are bitch made lol. But for real this is just entertainment and marketing. I mean the whole firing publicly on stage was to fit with 50's bad boy image and the smacking niggas thing is another ploy. More sensationalism to get people talking I guess.

    • Anonymous

      But how you gonna let yourself get smacked up on a daily basis for some image show? Naa I'm more inclined to believe 50 was just ruthless and you have to either perform and never get smacked up or keep getting smacked by the boss. Anybody in the team who let themselves get smacked up for publicity is more of a bitch than anyone who got smacked up because they feared 50.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO at that comment about Yayo, that was ruthless.

    • marx1684

      My man said Yayo is sleeping in 50's garage w/no heater! LMFAO!

    • gggggggggggggg

      thats how desperate g-unit many niggas have been signed to g-unit?now they have 2 new below average rappers who will go nowhere while signed under g-unit..genasis and kid kid.what the fuck happened to hotrod?that nigga must be starving.tony yayo is still sleeping in 50's garage with no heater.eminem wanted whoo kid killed?get the fuck out here with that shit.eminem is no killer.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Whoo Kid a faggot letting curly the monkey aka 5.0 the snitch smack him. too bad this nigga like Yayo losing his money cuz 50 ain't relevant before cuz his career been ethered. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thisis50dotcom

    Whoo Kid is dat nigga


    people dont know how to take a joke. internet thugs smh

  • BGG

    this nigga is a cupcake...ohhh he smacked me cuz them were love bitch he smacked u cuz u a fag ass bitch that didnt defend yourself like a man

  • ksolo

    all this happened when 50 was just starting..

  • G-Unot

    lmao he makes them sound like a boy pop band or somethomg, i bet you anything though that he never put hands on Buck or Game, because they were the only real dudes in that group . I could see Banks and Yayo getting slapped all day and not doing shit

  • blap!

    Who would'nt smack this nigga, he enjoys it, and now the whole world is thinking about putting hands on him!

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure he didn't mean literally "killed" as in murdered.

  • jg

    sounds like this guy was G-Units personal bitch

  • Chez

    I can't wait until 50's career is over. He was only the best rapper for about 1 week and a half. But because the wannabe gangsters listened to him so much and quoted his nonsense he stayed famous for way longer. He didn't improve and he never really was likeable. Him going around smacking people proves that he's just a fucking asshole. Nothing more. Plus having Em as his bodyguard helped. I've been patiently waiting for you to get the fuck out of music. He started falling off when he said if he doesn't sell more than Kanye he would fall off. That just proved he also doesn't respect the effort other artists put into their music. 50 cent... get the fuck outta here.

    • Gloveson

      50 fell the fuck off a long time ago, GRODT was brilliant, no doubt......but every album after that was very meh. He went against artists and didnt do anything to any of their careers....D Block?, nah.....Fat Joe?, nah....Kanye?, nope....Rick Ross?, hell no....and if anybody says Ja Rule, Fif wasnt the one, Jeffery wasn't fucked until Eminem entered the beef!!

    • Koollie

      hypocritic pussy. btw, i guess you are not older than 16. if you was then u bumped to 50s songs too. de puta madre, coo bo mama.

  • HipHopObama

    SMMFH... this is exactly why Harry Fox hates hip hop

  • ...

    "When he's bored an got nothing to do he smacks people.." Lmao.. wtf grown ass men.. fuck that shit. Woulda smacked that nigga back.


    This whole interview is weird and suspect... "I ain't never been smacked, a n***a better keep his hands to himself/ or clapped from what's under that mans belt" -Jay

  • Broward County

    There ain't that much money in the world. If a nigga smack me with an open hand like a bitch? I'm killin' that nigga, asap. Fuck outta here... This nigga Whoo Kid disrespected all Zoes with this battered wife stand-by-your-man fuck shit. I guess nigga's turn bitch when they graduate from Yale...

    • yearight

      you aint killing shit bunch of fucking tough guy wannabe, go ahead kill someone over getting slapped i dare you, im gonna see how fast u cry like a little bitch in prison

    • jeebus

      "I guess nigga's turn bitch when they graduate from Yale.." Broward pussy boy talkin bout Zoes, get the fuck outta here. You're obviously a wannabe and ignorant as shit

  • Anonymous

    U fire Dj Whoo Kid for wack ass Dj Pauly D 50 ur on crack and ur career is almost up.

  • booboo

    ha ha nice Interview

  • ka-as

    haha i cant believe i use to like the fake ass g unit. im sure they had a hit out on him for leakin a song, and the hitman couldnt find him haha, i cant believe he admitted he let 50 bitch slap him

  • i see

    ahhh i get it now he use to get love smacked. it was all love kind of like how a pimp would slap one of his bitches. whoo kid should just call him daddy since he likes getting love smacked around like a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    english breakfast with a splash of milk...real gangsta shit right here yo

  • Anonymous

    dont it make you wonder y 50 in da shape he in and y everybody jump ship it sure makes me

  • Anonymous

    I don't care how much money you're making. You never let a grown man smack you, especially in front of other people. Maybe he thought he'd get shot, but if he would have stood up for himself the first time, I bet 50 wouldn't have done it again.

  • Anonymous

    dammm all i can is KARMA!!!



  • silly

    Theres no more real in rap. If 50 would have smacked me he would have ended up in the hospital fighting for his life. FYI All your favorite hardcoare rappers are soft. They are all Gangstalicious.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what an idiot. He has singlehandedly made a fool of himself by admitting he'd kept slapped around like a bitch. Punk ass.


    dis nigga eminem is da bitchest bitch nigga. kill someone? fuck yall niggas!!!

  • stupid niggas

    50 cent is a closet homosexual and everyone knows he's gay, even his closest partners admit he's gay

  • PA

    Man, I actually liked Whoo-kid till i read this shit. What grown ass man lets another man smack him???? and then talk about it like he liked it??? Whoo-Kid officially = a BITCH ASS NINJA Lost all respect from me.

  • c

    I doubt The Game ever got slapped up!

  • HEAT

    Whoo kid sounds like a dick riding bitch, no real man will allow another man to slap him, that's the ultimate disrespect, I wonder what his kids would think of their daddy if they heard him bragging about being bitch slapped.

  • jnr

    Love smacks, really whoo kid??? Damn, reading that part got me fucked up. These G-unit toy soldiers are all lovey dovey with each other, wtf... SMDH

  • Anonymous

    Another Suge Knight

  • Anonymous

    this nigga got no pride. i guess its the price for g-unit money.

  • wtf

    This has to be the wierdest and most random article ever. and why was he alwasy smacking people wtf? I agree, i think 50 was molested or something as kid dude has wayyyy to many issues at an age where he shouldn't be acting as immature as he does

  • Anonymous

    The FBI has made public a 94-page file on late Wu Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty B*stard. The file claims that ODB and other Wu Tang Clan members were involved in various crimes ranging from drug dealing, murder, illegal guns, weapons possession and car j*cking in the 80's and 90's. Postedjust now | Reply

  • Anonymous

    it doesnt really count as being fired after the 3rd time he gives you your job back, 48 times? what a bs article

  • Anonymous

    Whoo kid: "He loves me, so it's like a love smack" Famous last words of an abused woman

  • Anonymous

    If you knew 50's story and all the shit his gone through you would understand why his like he is instead of hating on him with the little info you have learn more about him and show some respect

  • EM OH BE

    50 Cent is like an angry abused child or something...Hitting people for no reason, acting out, he has no friends....It's very sad. Maybe he was molested or something. And Whoo kid is a pussy for dick riding this nigga so hard after all 50 Cent has done to him. I'm sure 50 Cent has hit yayo and banks too. lmao Maybe that's why they all fall in line and are scared of him.

    • Jack Compton

      Lmao 50 would've slapped himself, hard, before he'd have dared to slap Game. Bet Game's laughing his ass off about Whoo Kid.

    • c

      You think Game ever let 50 smack him??!

    • 302 215 410

      shit i think alot of people would ride 50s dick a little in interviews for the chance and opportunities he provides. whoo kid went from shitty g unit a whole shit load of artist sirius xm radio millions. not bad for a dj

  • Young Buck

    ayo whoo kid, come dj my new mixtape dissing the whole g-unit gang ........hit me up

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