RZA Speaks On Sobriety & Maturity On "Chelsea Lately"

The Wu's Abbot says being sober is not too difficult for him nowadays and says, "I have no vices besides pretty women."

During an appearance on Chelsea Lately, RZA recently discussed his sobriety and how it has affected his work in movies and television.  The Wu-Tang producer/emcee, also said he has to keep his "focus" and that he does not smoke weed while working on film and television roles but that it was prominent in his days in the studio.

"Making music and weed kind of went together for me," he explained. "Many years, I've been in the studio making music, making hits and weed was always there but I've transferred myself to directing now. I'm a movie director. You gotta play it sober. I've been playing it sober. Superman focus, Superman stamina, zooming in." 

He explained that this is not solely for directing. According to RZA, he is also sober when he takes on new acting roles. 

"Even when you're acting, you've got to keep your mind focused. It's a very unique craft to be taking on different personalities."

So, while he is sober for his work on Californication, RZA shared that it's not difficult for him to cut weed out of his life. 

"A few years ago, it would have been hard but with the maturity I've grown into, I'm good," he shared. "I have no vices, besides pretty women." 

For more from the interview including some information on his RZA's World App, check the video below. 



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  • Jay

    Love his work, I wanna see him rep the LDN hat, need to see more artists reppin London as. http://www.j-bees.co.uk/shop/search/67/

  • dentaldamboy

    If this guy was actually sober and had his head screwed on straight, he'd be begging birdman for a deal with YMCMB. They are the future of hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    roll a zig zag ziggler

  • Anonymous

    RZA doing his thing up in hollywood.. much respect to the god!!!

  • NY

    Word up to RZA for the sobriety and this a perfect example how weed is no problem, he stops for acting & directing no problems but he'll still smoke and it won't control his life. Some people over do it, I admit I've done it just this week but musically you get really creative when high. I can perfectly understand to stop for acting because remembering lines and certain actions have to be displayed, directing you're completely in charge so you always have to be on top of things. Music though you can take as many takes and you don't have video so you don't have to worry about how you look.

  • Anonymous

    Smoke that shit but get money first

  • Broward County

    Respect to The RZA. I've been sober two years now. There's times where I miss getting loaded. But mostly, I regret the time I wasted. Getting high is a young man's game. As you approach your forties, you should be thinking about the future, and the legacy you're going to leave behind.

    • Sensaye252

      I can dig that...but legacies are overrated. When you're dead, you're not gonna give a fuck. I like to get loaded, when it's time to get loaded. When it's time to be responsible and focus, it's no problem. I like to have a balance of both. I don't ever want to get to a point in my life where I can't party. My 'legacy' is just gonna be that I was a good dude, and that's all I really want it to be.

  • sofakingbold

    Nigga has to say that to please the so-called white people who give him these roles. Lol! Say whatever to get those extra large checks huh rza? These rap dudes crack me up.


    Wisdom Universe!!! Dont smoke ya life away, drink ya life away! Mad Respect for this architect te Abbot!!

  • Its Um

    He looks like he could do a jimi hendrix role.

  • Anonymous

    Why is the RZA so fucking cool?

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