Cee Lo Green Causes Uproar By Changing John Lennon Lyrics, Responds To Fans

The Soul Machine says that he didn't mean to offend any fans for changing lyrics to "Imagine."

During his performance on New Year’s Eve, Cee Lo Green performed John Lennon’s classic song “Imagine” and changed a few of the lyrics at the end of the song. For his rendition, Cee Lo altered the last lines - “Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion, too” - to “And all religion’s true.”

After causing uproar on the Internet, the Goodie Mob member took to Twitter to explain why he changed the lyrics to the song.

“Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys! I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that's all,” he wrote. The tweet has since been deleted.

Watch the performance below.

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  • brock

    who fuckin cares. you dont like it dont listen to it. he wanted to put his spin on it, so be it. such a pointless issue.

  • john

    john lennon himself stated that when you lift lyrics from another song writer's work it is not a rip-off, it is rather a love in. google it! lennon ripped off ideas for the song from the communist manifesto. he also ripped off chuck berry lyrics for come together. all those all you need is love types are really spewing out the hateful bile! the atheists have just proven they worship a man and his works/words.

  • Nico 3

    This was probably somebody else's "brilliant" idea, and Cee Lo was just going along with the plan. If Lennon was still alive maybe it would seem like a bad move, but it's just a song. Not the end of the fucking world.

  • TheBatMan

    Fuck out of here the man ruined the who meaning and concept of the song with that alteration.

  • Anonymous

    This is a non-issue.

  • professor

    First of all the songs starts off -imagine there's no heaven- and then you say all religions true???? Do you see the problem here???? Come on Cee lo if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!!!!

  • K:O:S

    Changing that one line goes againts the hole concept of the song! All religions are true?? Hmmmm! How can you define any religion as true? The little mermaid and Spiderman are also true then! It's 2012 people, not 1437!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! This only proves that Cee-Lo is ignorant, disrespectfull & like many others a fairy tail believer!

    • wu4lyf

      @K:O:S *high five* What a bitch ass little fuck.

    • K:O:S

      Muhahaha '@thought dog' your owned that simple minded fuck! No need for me to add more!

    • @thought dog

      And how exactly does that work you patronising dumb fuck? Why don't I 'break it down' for you. What you're describing there is called 'relativism'. You hold that because someone has a view or belief then it's 'true'. Do you know what 'truth' means? A universally applicable axiom or theory. If something works for one person in their head, it doesn't make it 'true'. Relativism gets into all kinds of trouble. So is what you're saying is that a rapist's behaviour is 'true' because it works for them? Or cannibalism is right because it's 'true' to some people?

    • thought dog

      It makes sense if youre not stupid. Let me break it down again since you didn't understand. "All religions true" means whatever YOU choose to believe in is true...So you could be athiest, satanist, christian, islamic, buddhist etc...and there's nothing wrong because YOU believe it and it works for you.

  • dentaldamboy

    This fat sack of shit needs to make some more beatz for YMCMB. Otherwise, no one gives a fuck about his work.

  • John Lennon

    Cee-Lo covers song, does not pay it proper tribute. Does not realize the song is anti-fucking everything and tries to put a positive spin on it. Don't do that son.

    • troy

      Saying all religions are true are like saying they are all full of shit. Since they don't recognize each other and believe they are the one true religion. If all religions are the one true then none of them are.

  • Burmy

    As a believer in God and His Son Jesus Christ, I say I gots no problem with Cee-Lo changing the lyrics...Lennon wanted all religions GONE (which I cannot respect), Cee-Lo wants all religions accepted (which I can).

  • Anonymous

    I think people are just getting their panties in a bunch. I understand how bold the original line was, but it's not like this modification killed anyone.

  • wu4lyf

    Son shouldn't have changed the damn lyrics. Ain't his song to change. Respect the original if you're doing a cover. Basic industry rule.

  • Charles Hamilton

    White people are always complaining

  • Anonymous

    F**k that! If he's singing something positive let him. But, he was struglin' though! LOL!

  • Ricky Rozay

    This niggas voice is annoying as fuck as is his stupid song. Cee-Lo Fuck you for releasing that garbage ass song. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bpayne

    First of all changing that one line goes against the whole Idea of Lennons song to begin with. and second of all wow he sucked ass trying to sing that.. who the hell let him up there to do that shit. my god I coud've done a better than that

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. john lennon is not God, (even though he said he was bigger than Jesus). And died shortly after ironically

  • themighty

    no where near that serious what so ever

  • sam

    I like cee-lo for what he is but imagine is a song u really shouldn't do much less change

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