Magic Johnson Wants To Rally Rappers Against Homophobia

Magic Johnson explains why emcees have a great influence and talks about how he wants to rally rappers against homophobia.

Former NBA player Magic Johnson is looking to combat homophobia within the Hip Hop community. Saying he's a fan of Hip Hop, Magic recently told The Huffington Post that he is trying to unite emcees to speak against homophobia and stereotypes about HIV and AIDS.  

"What we're trying to do is reach out to the Hip Hop community because they have power — power with their voice, power with that mic in their hand and power with the lyrics that they sing," he said when asked about homophobia within the Black community. 

He continued to explain that he wants to educate all minorities about HIV and AIDS as well. 

"I have a lot of friends in [the Hip Hop] industry and so what we're trying to do is rally them to get behind the cause, deliver the message to these young people that HIV and AIDS is big and it's not going anywhere. They can make a difference right away by speaking out, because they have a big fan base."

Johnson also said he's calling many of his friends out, saying that he's talking to a few of them already, about how to become involved.

"We're going to name everybody in a little while because it's more than one person. We've got about five or six people that we're talking to. We're going to come out next year with everybody and we'll have a nice big press conference and what we're going to do, what our plan is, because it's so important that we rally — not just them, either. I need the Hip Hop community but I also need the basketball players and football players. We need a little bit of everybody, so that's what we're working on now."

For more from Magic's interview, check the full Huffington Post piece here

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  • ....really

    I was gonna make a comment on the niggas spewing more hate than 1700's slave owners, but what should I expect from a site 60% dominated by fried chicken add. Lames

  • L.T.E.

    I think we have bigger problems to worry about than accepting homosexuality Mr. Magic. Native Africans are still being exploited by foreigners. You see Arabs in Northern Africa forcing the native black Africans out of their land, killing, raping, & stealing from them (remember Darfur, that kind of shit still goes on over there). Not to mention the fact that most of African nations' natural resources like gold, oil, diamonds, etc. (which would help them be self-sufficient) are leaving the continent, and they get cheap foreign aid in return. Most of the farmland in countries like Ethiopia are being used by foreign companies for growing products like palm oil instead of food, which leave the continent as well. It seems like no one knows or even cares about this fucked up cycle that's been going on for centuries since before the "Scramble for Africa." As for here in the US, where do we start. For one, our children aren't being educated correctly (we're still following the same Eurocentric educational system). Hell, most people here probably heard of Willie Lynch & how much his "plan" still applies today. Police still target minorities & ignore their white counterparts (if they were targeted as much as we were, then that prison population statistic that they keep bringing up would even itself out pretty fuckin' fast). Many rappers & businesses here in the "black neighborhoods" are promoting nothing but pure ignorance, self-hatred, & materialistic bullshit. Drugs keep flooding the streets & the crooked ass churches are still profiting off of exploiting people with that growth-stunting bullshit. I can go on forever about the more important problems we have here, but nooo, let's just focus on fighting homophobia so people in the entertainment industry can come out of the closet comfortably, while this other shit that's been going on for decades stays ignored. I could care less about what or who a man does in his own bedroom (as long as it doesn't affect me or my family), but they can keep that shit to themselves. The problem that I have is that many of these gays try to make it everyone's business & try to force us to accept it. The US is becoming a circus ya'll, we should all go paint our face.

  • Truth

    God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!!! Being gay is not being progressive. Supporting gays is progression to the downfall of society. This is about population control, not faggots lifestyle!!!!! ------------------------------------- David Rockefeller speaks about population control.

  • J

    Hip hop dx has got some real ignorant uneducated idiots as readers...everytime I come on this board it's like listening to Grade 6 kids talkin smack. What happened to tolerance and respect for people? If you are a minority I would think that you would understand what it's like to be treated different because of who you are.

  • Smh

    Homosexuality is ABNORMAL. Bestiality is ABNORMAL. Pedophilia is ABNORMAL. Incest is ABNORMAL. Just because you are either brainwashed or homosexual doesn't mean your acceptance of an ABNORMAL behavior is correct. Nice try. Maybe talk about how monkeys like to eat bananas during self pleasure which makes Homosexual acts ok...

  • Anonymous

    Magic def threw his johnson at dudes before Isaih Thomas spilled the beans ondat hollaat me if u on nba2k12xbox for a beating!!!

  • Say It Loud

    Being gay is not being progressive. Supporting gays is progression to the downfall of society. He does represent the young generation of kids in America perfectly. Stand for nothing, live for nothing, mean absolutely nothing.

  • Real Talk

    "GOD DONT LIKE UGLY " MAN FUCKING ANOTHER MAN IS UGLY. IF GOD MADE 2 MEN INSTEAD OF A MAN AND A WOMAN,THUS WOULD BE NO ME OR U,THUS BEING A FAGGOT IS A CHOICE Lil B, Elton John & Ellen were not born from 2 men or 2 women couples so GLAAD's words ring hollow!!!! These faggots are just way off the reservation if you ask me. IF ELTON JOHN & THESE OTHER FAGGOTS WANT A BABY THEN THEY SHOULD LIKE & FUCK PUSSY!!! The day i could picture God smiling every so beautifully down at two men butt plunging each other in complete satisfaction of human love is the day I'll become a gay other words-it aint happening

  • Real Talk

    God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!!!

  • Rick

    Its sad but hip hop is already gay.. 1.lil wayne kissin men 2.Drake homo behaviour 3. lil B 4. Elton John hugging Eminem because they gay iluminati would kill him if he didn't lol. 5. I could go on forever

    • L

      5. 50 Cent kissing Game on the cheek 6. Biggies gay rap lyrics (I wanna sucks your daddy dick, I dare you to stick your dick in this, etc) 7. Eminem wearing dresses 8. Lil Wayne wearing womans clothes 9. Rappers telling me to suck their dick 10. DMX gay rap lines (mother fucker ill rip your butthole outta place, Now he gots to swallow everything in the sack, etc) 11. That dude Danny Brown or whatever his name is 12. Dre and his old rap group b4 NWA 13. Rappers messing with transvestite groupies

  • Anonymous

    Poison the kids minds next, so they will grow up and think HOMO is ok. We should teach hip hop morals!

  • KING

    All this homo shit is why the world got "Aids" it first started with gayz and lesbian. Then it evolved to beastiality, then it evolved to falling in love with Objecst. Some one sleep in the next 100 years i dont wanna know what this world will be like if it last that long.

    • Anonymous

      You heard it here folks! Homosexuality lead to bestiality! People started fucking animals because of gays. Then, fucking animals lead to people loving objects! Dumbass, next time you have a thought to share, click the 'X' button in the upper right hand corner. We'd all be better off.


      You need to read more

  • Anonymous

    I'm good with educating us on the man made plagues that have haunted the human race, but this HOMO shit? 2dicks and no chick? C'mon Man!

  • Wayne

    Ignorance: We got everyone on this board saying gays are shoving shit down their throat yet Magic is a married heterosexual man with a family. Most if not all of the people posting are probably heterosexual, even the ones sticking up for gay rights. Fear of a gay Planet? Maybe! No being gay is not the same as being a black person in America, something I acknowledge that I as a white, protestant male can never fully understand. But as Dr. King said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." If you really think people can so easily choose or change their sexual orientation, please, please consider doing some honest inquiry and re-evaluating. Talk to a homosexual. Hear their story. Or read a homosexual - ones who do know what it is like to be both black and gay - Like James Baldwin who Maya Angelou has credited as a friend and inspiration or Bayard Rustin, an adviser to Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Read about homosexuality and it's occurrences throughout nature in birds, dolphins, mice, lions and many other species. And not just erratic sexual behavior but in many instances including observations of affectionate interaction and life long mating. If your objection is due to the 7 verses in Bible that speak to homosexuality please consider your source also permits slavery, one to sell his daughter, trade his wife or stone another human being. I am not anti-Bible. I am in fact a Christian. I am anti using the Bible and a couple of verses apart from their historical context to justify ignorance or hate. Look, I am just a life long hip hop fan who also has had several gay friends bullied, beat up and/or live in shame and self hatred and one who after years of hack counseling and trying to change killed himself because he knew that a lot of people just 'don't like gays' or want them around. Hip Hop is the music that woke me up to the fact that I still benefit from white privilege even though I am from a poor family and grew up on welfare. Hip Hop is one of the reasons I give two shits about the black struggle, the struggle of women, the struggle of the poor or anybody's struggle for that matter. I often joke that discovering NWA and Ice Cube in 6th grade is a big part of of why I ended up going to seminary and becoming a minister as my way of trying to help people. May sound funny but it is true. I would love to see the music I love, the music that has taught me to care take on the task of tackling homophobia.

    • The Conformist

      I like how none of the anti-gay posters here had the nerve to respond to you because they knew they had no argument that could contest with yours. Thank you for your insight!

  • Hip Hop

    Check the history of all Pedophiles they all started with homosexual behaviour

  • Anonymous

    Now Magic the homosexual aids tycoon want rap to defend homosexuality?? Guess why? Because the business world is ran by homosexuals so you gotta sell out yourself to get success in that hollywood spotlight. Why the fuck should i take my time to defend some homosexual? I already spend enuff time defending the right to disagree with homosexulity. They talk about rights but they don't wanna give anyone a right to opinion. I disagree with homosexuality but if u wanna fuck the same sex it aint my problems. Just dont bring that shit to me

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Tougher drug laws mean nearly 1/3 arrested by age 23 December 27, 2011 Print Version Source: RawStory Nearly one in three Americans will already have been arrested by the age of 23, recent research suggests. A study analyzing data from the federal governments National Longitudinal Survey of Youth found that 30.2 percent of 23-year-olds reported being arrested for something more serious that a traffic violation. Its the first time since the 1960s that researchers have tried to determine how often young people are arrested. A similar study in 1965 found that only 22 percent reported being arrested by age 23. I was astonished 44 years ago, Carnegie Mellon University professor Alfred Blumstein told USA Today. Theres a lot more arresting going on now. Researchers believe that a toughening of drug laws and the increased size of police forces contribute to the the increase. Five times more Americans are incarcerated now than in the 1960s.

  • Anonymous

    What about a rally against HIV/Aids???

  • Anonymous

    Is the median net worth of white families at 20 times that of gay families??? BLACK PEOPLE WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT!!!! Now we all know where Magic got the bug from. smh That nigga did smile a lot.

  • Anonymous

    too many of you dudes is mad ignorant. Magic ain saying you gotta be okay with homosexuality or agree with it or whatever. Simply put, don't categorize/judge/hate/whatever gay people just because they're gay

  • Curtis Jackson

    I got you homie.

  • Anonymous


  • jack johnson

    some of the homophobic comments on here almost make me ashamed as hip hop fan



  • LJbigbang

    Wow. There are some really ignorant people down here. The stupid actually hurts.

  • blah

    If we're talking about being advocate for AIDS/HIV to help spread the awareness then Im cool but no all this "homophobia" stuff..Every1 doesnt have to like gay ppl or their views and that's ok. Now we shud respect them as human beings and give them rights but dnt try to force every1 to be ok and cool w/that lifestyle becuz most werent raised that way. Hip-hop is homophobic becuz that's apart of the core of hip-hop. The battling, the ego, when u spit u want to tell the world y ur better than the other rappers not y u like them...I just think it'll be extremely tough for hip-hop to completely accept and nvr make jokes about the gay lifestyle. It's been happening 4 to long

  • Anonymous

    You all are so scared of gays like you're going to catch homosexuality or something. Who cares if someone is gay? How does that effect you? Brainwashed motherfuckers, I swear. Blacks hate gays like whites hated us back in the Jim Crow days... Ya'll are no better. Good for Magic though, at least someone in the community is trying to be different. Carbon copy niggas.

    • Slicker

      No one is comparing black plight to what gays are going through today. It's not even close. The point is, the HATE that blacks have for gays is on par with the hate whites had for blacks back in the day. I'll make it nice and simple, the majority of blacks hate gays. Are you really going to argue that? If you don't believe that, look at 95% of the comments on this article. Raw hate.

    • Slick

      You either a fag or you have fag family and friends. I hate when people compare being black to homosexuality.Being black has absolutely nothing to do with sleeping with the same sex.... Yall are just degrading the standards of black people on the whole.

  • Mitch 3k

    Personal Opinions and attacks aside, now would be the right era of hip hop to get this movement going, So many of the Trends, Styles and sounds that are poppin with hip hop are blatant rip offs of gay culture, Kanye & Lil Wayne dress now the way openly gay men like Elton John & Liberace were dressing years ago....... There's alot less homophobia now, quite the opposite, the whole Game is Homo friendly and thus he'll have alot of allies to help him with his cause, so if your gonna do it, better do it now before the tides change again I still aint about that faggot shit tho....

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Magic is a Homo, never thought I'd see the day.

  • Anonymous

    You cant force everyone to accept homosexuality man its just not gonna fly in this century

  • Anonymous

    I'm already black I have more important things to be for than to advocate against homophobia. I'm going to stick to being black first. Yall better wake up.

  • lol

    now i know how he got aids

  • Mic Green

    Fuck outta here with dat bullshit.. They try to put the homosexual agenda in every facet of life. Hip Hop is fine without it.

  • Jack Compton

  • The B

    No faggots in Hip Hop. Fuck That!!

  • DA DON

    And fuck that aids patient Magic Johnson nigga is a bitch

  • BossStatus

    "Niggas scared to go up in the booth like its Magic Johnson's wife's Vagina Raw"

    • Anonymous

      khord..... Just cuz you like Chino, doesn't mean he's dope. Not every rapper or style is for every hip hop or music fan. To me, he's like Canibus. Can come spit a mean verse, but can't make albums or club or street songs. It's what separated Dmx, Jay Z, 3000, Pac, Big, Kanye, and others from Nas (street poet), Royce and Uncle Murda who are lyricists, but not diff style. Like Krs-one and Mos Def and Talib, and Commmon.... they have their lanes, Chino just didn't catch on like the heavy weights.

    • butta

      Celph Titled and Buckwild

    • Anonymous

      chino xl on celph's cd

    • khordkutta

      good ish, you must be a head. i bet only 2% of cats will kno where that comes from.

  • DA DON

    and before a fag comment like spell correctly or better fuck you it happens people make typos and you do as well so fuck you... and fuck homos

  • DA DON

    I Aint the one to hate homos in hip hop but hip hop is really for the righteous and the people that wanna be uplifted despite some of the elements in the game thats goes against the culture so bringing the homosexual into a genre of the righteous is something should not be tolerated again i got no problems with homos you are what you are but hip hop is for the righteous and the streets later for that gay shit

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but as politically incorrect as it may be, i enjoy the homophobic element of hip hop. Like it or not, homosexuality is strange and i find it repulsive and hip hop seems to be the only strand of entertainment that isnt completely flooded with it.

  • Anonymous

    wow @ these comments. i guess gay is the new black. black is the new white.


    Sorry Majic, Hip-Hop is the wrong place to adress things like this. You are fortunate enough to have survived that HI-Virus brother... You should rather try to bring some of your high-society people together to get some money on the table - so motherfuckers get help before they die. Hip-Hop stands for raw fucking on hard drugs and telling other men to suck a dick. Thats not gay, its pure ignorance. Hip-Hop has no "strong voice" in 2012 its about shitty-ass songtitles, dances and useless shit trying to get rich or die trying. Dont expect help or guidance from Hip-Hop - expect death.

  • F*ckit

    SMFH! Fuck some homos. People know what the damn bible says and just ignore it SMH! I guess the world is about to end soon because shit is getting out of hand. I know one thing, its ALOT of muthafuckas going to hell!

  • Pretty Ricky

    We been tryna tell dis ta peeple.

  • Fuck u !

    Fuck you and your homo rally. Hip Hop will stay homophobic. No skinny Jeans allowed!!!!!

  • please

    Hip hop will you please stop being homophobic so magic can admit he got fucked in the ass and thats why he has had aids for the past decades.

  • The Conformist

    At least half of the people who commented on this article are part of the problem...

  • Deeznuttzinyomouf

    Man, there are some really immature fucks in the comment section. makes it hard to take this website seriously anymore. This site is shittier by the day...

  • Anonymous

    C'mon man, don't tell me Magic is a fukin homo. Why is it that some people, (Magic included) have to be on that "everybody needs to be ok with that homo shit." Get outta here man. You wanna be gay, be gay. Just do it over there. I have an idea, why don't tell all the homosexuals to stop being gay, and straighten up.

  • Anonymous

    I mean alot of Rappers are down low brothers so idk if they will agree or not. I see Drake headlining this though if it happens............. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • LL Cool J


  • Diddy

    Uh huh, uh huh...You think theyll really take that take that advice Magic? You know Im down for the cause.

  • Kid Cudi

    Awesome idea Magic! Just lemme know how to help. xoxo Smooches, Cudders

  • thought dog

    Why doesnt he educate the world on the fact that if youre rich you can buy the cure to Hiv/Aids easily?

  • i laugh because it hurts

    lol, yea that's real crucial right now...ppl dont have fcking jobs or decent education or access to real food...but yea lets rally for homophobia....lets not rally for the drug, gang, violence problems in our communities or the jail system destroying countless families...that would be way too gay

    • ETK

      ask eminem, young jeezy, and all those niggas who say fuck school, the rap game's done enough for em losing family members? that shit happens too. use your brain and check up on history, sucker.

    • BRND

      ETK you are just a young fool..rappers dont brag about losing family members to violence and or drug addiction. they also dont brag about not having access to good education. they dont brag about their family members being locked away like animals. They do brag about selling drugs but then again that was the point of the comment...they will rush to do x but won't do y...use your brain before you speak and expose yourself

    • wow

      you guys are fucking lost, every last one of the rappers seeking promo that will show up for this more than likely comes from a community in desperate need of a voice and some attention to problems more pertinent than how douche bags feel about homosexuals...the point being made is you will never see them go that hard for their how some people feel about gays is what is keeping magic johnson up at night? gtfoh

    • daniel

      why Not rally to fight these things. sure there are bigger problems but people forget how big of a problem both of these things are. we should always fight for progression and positivity in all aspects of life, even things that some people may not consider as important as others

    • ETK

      you're stupid. you can't rally rappers with none of those things cause that brag/talk incessantly about them

  • YouMad?

    Magic might as well ask Nicki Minaj and Kanye. I doubt alot of other rappers will join this cause, especially those rappers that are in the closet because I hear the music industry and Hollywood are filled with them. No hate towards them though, its just what I have heard.

  • YouMad?

    It seems to me that some people who have hardcore homophobic viewpoints are the ones who may have homosexual desires (ex: some priests, some athletes, and some other everyday people). Why worry about what the next man/woman is doing, when you have your own problems to fix? Its amazing to see that Magic is still alive, because not everyone can live that long. Its unfortunate some people worry about others' sexuality instead of morality. I feel its a major problem when some people (both straight and gay) have sex with multiple partners without protection which can further spread STDs. I know this comment will make a lot of people mad but oh well.

    • Anonymous

      Thats like saying the KKK is secretly black. Ur a moron, fuck up.

    • KlayCashis

      Oh yea, some of these priests and atheletes are homos foreal. people worry about other people sometimes but humans got bigger issues to worry about like jobs, and the country's future, no doubt

  • Anonymous

    aint no one got AIDS anymore you crusty old codger

  • animus1

    Oh shit magic is coming out of the closet Tyler Perry gets close from

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