Kanye West Debuts New Music During First Deejay Set

Ye gives listeners of his first-ever deejay set a glimpse of his new work.

Kanye West treated listeners to his first deejay set to some brand-new material, reportedly playing beats from his next solo album and tracks from the much-awaited G.O.O.D. Music compilation.

Rap-Up.com reports that the tracks were debuted during West's Christmas party in London last night (December 22).

Kanye reportedly manned the wheels of steel at the party, which was held at nightclub Le Baron London.

The Chicago emcee is one week removed from wrapping up his highly-successful "Watch the Throne" tour with Jay-Z.

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  • Anonymous

    SATAN's Finest soul selling asshole!

  • sean

    i heard kanye is signing this dude..not sure who he is but he sounds incredible! http://www.datpiff.com/Julius-Myth-x-Years-Lata-Tv-Dinners-mixtape.296385.html

  • hovifan

    go thru american gangster album with rapgenius,most peeps underrate hovito coz they cant understand his unusual non corny flow

  • Anonymous

    Ye is the best in the game right now

  • LindsayManahan

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  • LindsayManahan

    my girlsfriends aunt makes $70/hr on the laptop. She has been out of work for 6 months but last month her check was $8183 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read this site NuttyRich.cm

  • ETK

    bit disappointed over Kanye's lyrics recently but he goes H.A.M. with his beats.. he's a smart musician, I'll give him that. rapper, well.. he's not horrible but he's not up there either. what is horrible is his fashion sense but that's another thing altogether.

    • ETK

      then go wear that imaginary dress of yours and shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      Gayest argument on hip hop dx ever... kanye west could be wearing a wedding dress made out of dicks and you guys still would be gayer... smh

    • ETK

      people are gonna wear lil' wayne's gay ass green boots in two weeks so what people wear is of no relevance to me. people will sport whatever a rapper is donning for fake swagger points. fashion sense is subjective so I don't know why you catchin feelings anyway. either you own a pair of his shades(which I never even touched on) or you fawn over him so much. like I said, some of his stuff is respectable, but a number of his other stuff isn't... which I noticed more, so I ain't a fan of it. he's hit and miss

    • mac

      lol is this guy serious?? He's had back to back albums of the year....

    • wtf

      You can't judge a mans fashion sense by one outfit. Shit everyone I know tries to rock air yeezys and everything kanye wears. He wore that skirt at the WTT concert cause kings used to rock it. It's a show. Motherfucka ain't walking around sunset blvd with it. This nigga made them stupid ass shutter shades big. It means ppl are down with his shit. Fuck your opinion vanilla ice.

    • ETK

      k maybe his Louis Vuitton stuff is respectable, but sometimes he just really misses the mark. maybe he can afford it who knows. it's just cause I almost went to that show(in my nearby hometown) and checked the youtube recaps.. it just took me aback

    • Teddy

      FYI Kanye was named as one of the most stylish men of 2011 together with Justin Timberlake. I agree that dress on tour was wack, but Yeezy's normaly got badass fashion sense.

    • ETK

      lol. right. you can get aggressive all you want but just.. no. i'm no kanye hater. but he showed up in montreal in his WTT tour with Jay-Z and he wore a BLACK DRESS. like, lady dress, over some pants or.. fuck, I can't even describe it. but look it up. Jay-Z, Kanye, Montreal. it's maddening. bit of a desperate thing comparing fashion sense to someone's life, but whatever gets your feelings goin'

    • Anonymous

      his fashion sense is better than ur whole life. obviously u just dont know fashion u over eager son of a bitch

  • Chains

    Can't wait to hear what G.O.O.D. music has been cooking up.

    • Chains

      *and what Ye's been doing by himself since apparently he played beats from both albums; his New solo album and the G.O.O.D. Music compilation.

  • Anonymous

    New Kanye West is something to look forward to, only thing kanye dropped that i hated was 808 HeartBreak. This guy makes classic tracks everytime he comes out....................... BEST ARTIST IN TAMPA FL http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • Freddrick

    Kanye the best rapper alive? Um no.

  • Anonymous

    honestly, i dont mean to be a fanboy, but from a purely musically stand point, kanye is the best rapper alive. the themes and music are just incredible. guess thats a benefit of being a producer as well. anyway lyrically theres alot better than him though.

  • Escobaro

    Good. We need more yeezy solo shit...Jay-Z is just using Kanye to keep his dying career afloat, he needs to get rid of the camel leech ASAP.

    • dockevoc

      We overlook American Gangster cuz it's no where near as good as Vol 1, 2, or 3 never mind The Dynasty. Shit's like his 7th best album. Shit sounded like hiphop ball room dancing

    • Anonymous

      Do you people always forget American Gangster? I can see calling Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint classic. The Black Album is strong too, I'm cool with calling it a classic too. But American Gangster was great in all aspects, musically (production was brilliant) and lyrically. That's definetely a classic. Why do people always overlook that album?

    • Shame

      American Gangster was Dope

    • @yawooh

      American Gangster was better than the Black Album.

    • illmatic

      sorry i meant to say 3 or 4 meaning reasonable doubt the blueprint and black album. and btw the anonymous motherfucker can go fuck himself. who gives a shit if my typing is a little off. go back and listen to your fuckin waka flaka and soulja boys homos

    • yawooh

      yea imma Jay fan but he has like 3 classics: Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint and Black Albulm..every other albulm is good or really good but not classic

    • dockevoc

      Jay's fallen off for sure but he's still got something left in the tank which Kanye definitely brings out more than other producers. Jay damn well knows where to hitch his wagon and brilliantly did so about 10 years ago. Looking forward to the both of them in the future. illmatic: 5 classic albums? I'm lost. I can only recall Reasonable Doubt and the Blueprint being classic. The Black album? Ok, I could see that. The Dynasty? Close, I suppose. But anything else being considered a classic is simply laughable.

    • Anonymous

      @ illmatic: how the fuck do u know? u type like 5 year old bitch

    • The Conformist

      Co-sign illmatic. I'm a bigger Kanye fan than I am a Jay fan but Jay has put out 12 straight #1 albums; I would hardly call that a "dying career".

    • illmatic

      yo im so sick of ppl disrespenting jay. hes a legend adn has like 5 classis albums. kanye is probably the best all around rapper today in modern times, so their pairing is perfect.

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