Cam'ron Says His Solo Album Is Coming April 2012, Speaks On "Boss Of All Bosses 3"

Cam'ron sets a timeframe for the release of his solo album, says he's looking for a label for "Boss Of All Bosses 3."

During an interview with Trap TV, Cam’ron revealed his plans to release his next solo album in April 2012. The rapper also spoke on his album with Vado, Boss Of All Bosses 3, and explained that he’s currently looking for a label to take the project to.

“That’s really coming out but we don’t know what label to take it to. We negotiating. They negotiating, they put some numbers up,” said Cam’ron in regards to Interscope possibly releasing Boss Of All Bosses 3.

Cam’ron explained that Boss Of All Bosses 3 will primarily include production from Araab Musik and will also include a feature from Jim Jones.

“Me and Vado that’s it. Jim is on there. Araab got about, let’s say [out of] 17 songs, Araab on about 10…I’m always open to new production cause at the end of the day it ain’t about a name to me it’s about what’s hot,” Cam’ron explained. “It ain’t about the name.”

To hold fans over until the release of Boss Of All Bosses 3 a preview of the mixtape was released earlier this week. .



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  • P

    BOSS OF ALL BOSSES 3 has been out for a few days on ITUNES.

  • Anonymous

    Boss of all bosses. Dude you living in a fantasy world!!!!! You aint no mafiadon. Get a life and get mature. You are 40 years old or something and still acting like a wannabe gangster.

  • Anonymous

    Cam'Ron's Swagger is on another planet. I fucks wit Cam, he's funny as hell and clever with what he does, don't over think it, its Cam'Ron!

  • Anonymous

    "UUhh/Sweartagod .44s we tote those"-Camron "Bang Bang" Killa!

  • Technique

    Crime Pays was definitely dope. And I'll be copping anything my dude Cam puts out.

    • what

      So not listen to cam crime dont pay and i am telling you right now if camron dont get of that fake shhh he no, keep watching i am personal going to pimp slap that fake nigga boy, you heard

  • Anonymous

    save it cam. last album sucked. cam'ron been in auto pilot for 5 years running. he turned into the has been old head he used to always joke on. vado is trash and is considered hot in NY even though he couldn't sell 5,000 records at his hottest. holy shit does rap music fucking suck now or what? purple haze was a classic. killa season was a low budget classic. crime pays stunk. wack beats bad features and lazy raps. cam'ron sounds like he records all his music on the toilet and before he goes to sleep now. lazy uninspired trash. his confidence is gone. once one of the brighest personalities in rap, is now sloppy and gun shy. very sad.

  • Anonymous

    do i like cam? not really was crime pays nice? yes

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