Joe Budden Speaks On The Creation Of "Mood Muzik," Gives Advice To Aspiring Artists

Joe Budden says the "Mood Muzik" series came about from "an unhappy place," reveals that the series was his only outlet.

Over the past few years rapper Joe Budden has created quite a name for himself thanks to his series of Mood Muzik mixtapes. With four Mood Muzik projects and a re-release under his belt Budden spoke with Drank And Dank about the motivation behind the creation of the Mood Muzik series.

According to Budden, the first Mood Muzik mixtape was created as an outlet to share his music after being shelved by his label.

“With Mood Muzik it stemmed from such an unhappy place,” Budden revealed. “It’s really as simple as I was shelved on my major label at the time and didn’t have an outlet. And everybody was force feeding me now these records that contained [emotion] no one gave a fuck about and I just begged to differ. At the time mixtapes were really big and everyone was doing ‘Best Of’ and I just thought I would do a ‘Worst Of.’ And it was kind of to mock the people that thought these were the songs that had no place in Hip Hop. And I was so fucked up at the time. Mood Muzik 1 was like just a bunch of old songs. But then Mood Muzik 2 I guess really caught people’s attention. And it just kind of became a cult classic.”

Budden went on to speak about how he’s changed as an artist over the past few years and even gave a few words of advice for up and coming artists.

“I would just say I’ve become a lot more comfortable in my own skin. Anytime [an] aspiring artists asks me what’s the best advice I can give them. I just tell ‘em be yourselves,” Budden explained. “Coming in so young and not very knowledgeable, very vulnerable, and just listening to so many different things you never quite know when to put your foot down. And your lawyer will say something different from your A&R who’ll say something different from your manager who’ll say something different from the president. It’s just so much and it’s very easy to get caught up. So I just go with my gut.”



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  • Isac Moises Carlos Mojica

    is good

  • Johnnie Jones

    Everybody check out the new single "Box It Out" By: Lil Damage & Ryan Poland. Also comment and like the page if you are feeling the music

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Yeah yeah, hate on Joe Budden, but respect his work. His mixtapes are a great listen, he talked about a lot of personal stuff without making a soulstriptease. Saw this dude on a new york radio station go beserk while Styles P. was frightened. His skill is high level stuff.

  • bash27

    "Like groceries when i'm shooting at fags, make sure the bread separated and keep the fruits in a bag" Joey is a good mc, dont hate.

  • Erik

    He makes the music he wants. He has a completely different sound from these "successful" artist who lie about half the shit they talk about. Mouse is the realest emcee we have. He takes real life situations, and even though it's overly emotional, and sometimes redundant, it's still excellent music because of how much heart he puts into it. I rather listen to a nigga speak some real shit redundantly then niggas being in clubs, selling drugs, and renting Maybachs

  • Hiphopcranium

    In my opinion he is top 5 but like I said my opinion I know yours is going to be different from mine just like everyone else's...I wasn't going for the ppl that hate I careless,but ppl that saying that don't take advice from him why not he's made maybe not like eminem jayz Wayne Kanye,but he's still around since he came out in 03 n making money out of music so in my opinion he did make it...

  • Anonymous

    I respect the hell out of this nigga for going the route he went instead of staying on Def Jam and playing the "Do what we tell you" game cats Like Joe, and Tech N9ne, and even that mac miller kid are proof that you can sustain a fanbase and make paper without the system

  • GPadre

    MM2 saved my life, I probably would have offed myself if it wasnt for that album...

  • isfgiants

    if the motherfucker makes good music the motherfucker makes good music.. fuck all the mixtape vs album bullshit.. judge him off the MUSIC.. yall wanna talk albums but "Halfway House" "Padded Room" & "Escape Route" are ALL better than your favorite rapper's major label release

  • Anonymous

    People always show up to hate on Budden and call him a one hit wonder, truth is he went underground by choice so he wouldnt be forced to make anymore "Pump It Up" type songs, and he makes plenty of money doing his own thing Go on youtube and Peep his SLV "Unison" video and take a look at the house he lives in, lol, dude is doing better then any of you people on here hating on him Oh, and his group also has a deal with Eminem, in case you forgot dude makes all the money he needs doing what he wants to do

    • LV

      I dont say that to hate... by all means get your paper. All I'm saying is you dont have to be famous like Wayne or a Conglomerate like 50 to be successful. Theres millions of kids rappin that would kill to be where Budden is.

    • LV

      he didnt blow up like some of the other dudes from his era. As far as fame and commercial success and what not, hes not obviously in the same league as a 50 cent, or Game, or Wayne, or any of those cats. But that doesnt mean he isnt successful. Making money off music for almost 9 years. Thats a good run. He's a multi-millionaire. He makes the music he wants to make, up until recently largely independently. His catalog is pretty dope. He has a lot of fans, all built mostly off independent grind, not major label hype. So while he's not that mainstream, famous, club banger artist, I'd say hes still pretty successful. One of those few artists who still care about the poetry of it first, size of the check second.

    • Danny Cooper

      So making a living doing what you love doing is not a success? Being recognized in the industry you respect is not success? Having hardcore fans that love you for your music and not for your buzz is not success? Enlighten me on what success is.

    • Anonymous

      Seems you're trying to philosophize what it means to be successful to make his career look less pathetic. im simply using the standards by which we measure a musicians success in this industry. its not flawed... the standard for success apply to everybody. i like budden but nobody considers him a "successful" rapper. he's had one single that did well and that was 10 years ago. joey's career is not exactly a model for industry success. and that's what the question was about. "how to do i make it in this industry". i dont think he has anything advice that's applicable at a core level. its funny the same dudes who always bring up numbers to defend niggas like 50 cent are now acting like numbers dont matter. number wise joey's career flopped. nobody in their right mind goes to a one hit wonder for career advice.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ Your definition of "Making It" is flawed, Joe makes a great living doing the music he wants instead of going on BET and doing shit he dont believe in Thats the definition of success, living on your own terms

    • Anonymous

      what does him having more money than non-musicians have to do with anything? like, how is that relevant. it sounds like you grasping at straws. Its like a random insults that doesnt pertain to anything. I like dude but fact is buddens didnt live up to expectations... he never "made it" in the way he was positioned to. tell your self he failed "by choice" if that helps you sleep better - but there are rappers from that era who popped and rappers who didnt. he didn't. that's not "hating" as you fucking imbeciles who can't defend shit put it these days. just because you're too over sensitive to take any sort of criticism it doesnt mean people they're "hating" it means you're a bitch.

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    Joey the God said it best the best advice he is right be yourself cause mor than likely that the best way to stand out cause every1 else tryin to be some1 else................ CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • droop1

    escape route is a lp and it is a classic to me dont care what you think

  • ItsTheTruth

    Mood Muzik 4 was the best of the series, totally slept on last year. I don't throw the word classic around, but to me MM4 was a classic. Dude put his heart and soul into it. One of my favorite albums of all time along with 'Eminem Show' and 'Its Dark and Hell Is Hot'. Those 3 know how to convey real emotion into their music. str8 from the heart, no gimmicks

  • Anonymous

    Joe is real, whether he puts out mixtapes or albums, he speaks on some real shit.

  • Anonymous

    unless a nigga got albums you stans really need to cut that GOAT shit out. Its fucking embarrassing, not to mention irritating. Nobody getting in that discussion off of just mixtapes. Get real niggas. Mixtapes help you get in the game and stay in the game but they'll NEVER get you out of it. if you gonna make mixtapes your whole career whats the point of even having a record deal.

  • Anonymous

    no offense but why would anyone take advice on how to make it as a solo artist from an solo artist that never made it?

    • Anonymous

      nobody said he gotta go 10x platinum. But you gotta be more than an internet rappers. Dude has had a hot single in 10 years. that's a big issue.

    • Anonymous

      Ill take any of the mood music series over 99% of other bullshit out. Sorry but buddens not a goat hes fucking great but a goat? Idk bout that one. Yall always go to the extremes funny as fuck. To the dude talkin like he needs to go 10x rather he didnt. Dudes been in the industry for awhile now and in my oppinion is tied for best out of slaughterhouse with royce.

    • Anonymous

      *this is clearly about dickriders not the haters

    • Anonymous

      nobody said he cant rap. nobody is hating. this is clearly about the dickriders haters. I dont know why you're getting all defensive when you're the one making these absurd suggestions like you can be the GOAT without even having a good album let alone a classic one. And joey got signed to Shady as a group act, not a solo deal.

    • Hiphopcranium

      So your saying only cause you dont make mainstream you dont make it?? i beg to differ,plus he did get sign to shady,he is making money out of music...SMH at ppl who still think Joe buddens only song is pump it up,its 2011 cmon,i am a budden fan i think hes def top 5 IMO,but before you hate go listen to to Mood Muzik,Halfway House, or just listen to the song All of Me you might not think he's the best,but you cant deny his talent...

    • Anonymous

      the industry term used to describe people like joe budden is "one hit wonder". And no, don't take his solo advice. Take his advice on which webcam to use when you're blogging about your golddigger stripper girlfriend for attention.

    • Frk

      One "good" album and one platinum single in the span of 12 years?? its actually pretty sad that you mentioned that as a way of defending him. tony yayo had a platinum single too.

    • Anonymous

      a solo artist with a gold debut album, a platinum single and a big ass house (go on youtube and peep his "SLV" video and you'll see where he lives) I'd take his advice

  • jesterxxl

    Why fit in when you can stand out - Joey #1

  • Anonymous

    all the mood music tapes are great, best mixtape series ever Joey is one of the only rappers left I really heck for

  • Anonymous

    By far the greatest series I've ever heard. Joey is an all time great.

  • Anonymous

    MM4 and 4.5 are classic. Joe got some real topics, great lyricism, and incredible beats that fit the mood of the songs perfectly. He just needs a better flow/delivery and he could be a top 5 of all time MC.

    • anon

      mm3 was the best one

    • Anonymous

      ^ it matters because an album is the universal and official standard for measuring a musicians success. the same way you wouldn't call a street baller the greatest player of all time. you need a formal platform for people to measure your legacy. Not taking nothing away from mixtapes, they are an important part of this industry, but if you want official accolades you need to make an official album... otherwise you can forget being in that GOAT conversation. Especially when other rappers are going through official channels.

    • CarreraCash

      ^Not true at all... what does it matter if its an album or a mixtape as long as we the fans can hear it? and if you heard the Mood Muziks you'd know that they're practically albums..

    • Anonymous

      never. where his albums at?

    • jg

      nobody gets onto the all-time list by dropping mixtapes. Make a full-length album or go home

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