Mac Miller Debuts At Number One With "Blue Slide Park"

The indie act scores his first number one with his debut.

Following last week's release, Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park has debuted at the top of the charts with 148,915 copies sold.

The album, which serves as his Rostrum Records debut, was initially expected to sell only 100,000 units, putting him in a higher bracket than anticipated. This makes Mac the first independent artist since Tha Dogg Pound topped the charts in 1995 to score a number one album in the first week of release.

Rostrum head honcho Benjy Grinberg previously spoke on the LP and how it's served as a learning experience. "We’ve learned a lot about the ins and outs of the majors and how different things operate [through working with Wiz Khalifa]," Grinberg says. "We try to apply those lessons to everything we do...I'm not on some sort of revolutionary [anti-major] kick. I just know there are better ways of doing things.”

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  • John W Rouse III

    Hope u all get a chance to hear North Long Beach Rapper Charly Angel he's a great person with a huge message look for his album dropping soon torn

  • Ganjarelli

    What's funny is he'll make more money off every single album sold than a typical artist working for major label would (say 15% rather than 6% or 7%) Unless said major artist was saavy or just good enough to negotiate an honest deal. Minors know they have less advertising/marketing capabilities (among other things) so they aren't in as good a position to rape their clients financially. "But this is just my opinion, I could be wrong." - Dennis Miller

  • the game is fucked up

    great sales for an independant wondering who the fuck actually bought it cause i downloaded it and he is a terrible rapper with an awful flow. I seen him talkin bout asher roth making mistakes so i went back got roths asleep in the bread aisle album which id never heard b4 and compared it with blue slide park asher is far better mc i dont know who bought this album i really wouldnt pay money to hear a guy that looks like he would get beat up by a 12 year old. Ah well fuck it keep buying shit music ppl ''bumps nas halftime''

    • Ganjarelli

      Just look at the album cover. I'm sure thousands of suburban white kids everywhere flocked to this dude, on the basis of one radio single very likely. Didn't some rich fuck endorse this kid?

    • dazeone

      Both are not bad...not great either in comparison of whats out. Cop Seared Foie Gras W/ Quince & Cranberry from Roth off of Dat Piff ...he is a Real MC dope mixtape ...also Mac and Yellow from Mac Miller got some joints too ....alblums are BS but you do what you gotta to get that paper. Not a Mac fan but he getting it in with a couple of respected cats...

    • room2roam

      wtf does his looks have to do with it? the criteria an artist must meet to be "accepted" is getting out of hand... thats some weak shyt if i ever heard any... and i dont like the kid either but i wouldnt buy his album bc i dont like the music...

  • Anonymous

    LOL! What happened to all his 1 million followers and all those youtube views? Where are those fans? It just goes to show that hitting the replay button doesn't pay off. Regardless, and I admit, he did hit 100k when I thought he wouldn't. At least Im honest about it...

    • Jin

      global views. So If we go on just the number of views in the states the numbers are correct. I'm not aware of the numbers he will do in europe but it should correspond to the video views aswell. I don think clicking replay works either because of ip address but It is not uncommon for labels to drum up views using software. Afterall I refuse to believe there are 30 million fans of hip hop music globally, that's some bullshit. Maybe 1.7million (overestimate?) that know their stuff inside out, Wu Tang to Black Moon.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who can rock with 9th Wonder and Primo, and still have mass appeal is dope in my book. This is the crossover yall wanted, this dude isnt rapping about things he doesnt do, show some respect to hard work, he's only 19.

    • Bristokes

      When exactly did Preem and 9th fall off? Please explain this to me.

    • Smif n wessun

      So your a big chris brown and christina aguillera fan I'm guessing? I understand now. With stupid music listeners like yourself the industry is looking more and more like hell. Rakim was 19 when he made paid in full, what's mac millars excuse? It being the year 2011? Dumbfuck.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who can rock with Preemo? I swear I hope Justin Bieber gets to work with him. Then we'll see where you stand with those comments. Besides, 9th and Preemo done fell off.


    This guy has to be the corniest rapper ever, seriously how the fuck did he sell that many copies? Been a lot of suspicious first week sales in the past month, Wayne,J Cole,Wale and now this is going on

  • C-Murder

    I'd Rather Listen to The 'Dogg Food' Album anyday than this Wack Miller fool. but hey? congrats on the sales.

  • Fado

    whether you bang with mac or not this is a sign the industry is changing. Artist are starting to realize they don't need the industry to have mainstream success. See when Social Networking blew up people (teenagers specifically) started spending more time on the internet in general. I would say an teenager spends more time on the internet (mobile or computer) then they do listening too the radio. So a popular viral song has the same potential to go big as a song on the radio does. The industry sees this is happening so they are trying to expand into the internet more its too late though. Tumblr. Vevo. Youtube. indie label. = new industry.

    • Payola is in effect

      That's not true. Nobody but mac could have gone number one on an indie label. The truth lies in the fanbase. Who is buying the album? What demographic are they from?etc. Have you considered that a lot of the people that bought the album don't think much of hip hop as whole and would rather listen to Justin Bieber or gaga. When shit like that goes down you are classified as a crossover artist without the need of a major label. Mac Miller has a number of attributes at his disposal regardless of his poor rhyming skill. He's young, at 19 rakim made paid in full, not many people paid attention to this because he was entering a era where It was rhyme your ass off or GTFOH. Mac miller fans use this excuse every time he's ripped into for being wack. He's white jewish. The jews pratically own the whole media even If you're indie. So hello MTV and hello front covers of magazines. The attributes combine to make one big hype machine. He is not successful on just being white alone, he has the same payola machines running things behind the scene as any mainstream trash act.

  • Fado

    He sold so well cus not only hiphop fans support him, hipsters like his music. Those same girls that are on tumblr that like indie rock bands listen too him. I was close to copping his album the other day but imma listen too the tracks first. Overall he is an Ok rapper too me.

  • Marv Cary

    As a proud white man, this hipster puppet is an embarrassment. I can honestly agree with a lot of these comments, I commute back and for between good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods, and the only people I ever see bumping this queen, are spoiled ass white boys who dress just like him. I'm talking the fools who have parents that pay for their ride, apartment, food, school, ect. I guess the spoon fed can't always listen to Dave Matthew's Band and Justin Bieber. But this dude, and his whole fan base embarrasses me as a white person, no respect at all.

  • Swag Is For Fags

    I know. Watch some honkies pop in and pretend to be black. This fool has no substsance, spits on syllable shit, and if he does spit a multi, it's forced as fuck. Only white kids and little girls be checking for Mac Miller aka Whack Filler. He'll get checked real soon like that youtube video of him getting punked for stealing beats.

  • Anonymous

    rich white kids bump this, never once heard this lame mentioned in any hood.

  • Anonymous

    i personally dont listen to mac miller because he is just another wiz khalifa but hey congrats on the album sales cant hate on that

  • Anonymous

    Just listened to his album and this lil nigga nice as hell on the mic. Kinda reminds me of Diggy Simmons.

  • Anonymous


    • shadyaftermath

      this shows how stupid people are these days if this sells 100k and banks did 45k. hfm2 went hard.

    • Anonymous

      banks first album shits on this in album sales but i mean different time especially with bootlegging

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Banks tried to make excuses,by saying EMI didn't put enough copies in stores lol. Well, what happened to I Tunes lol? Rest In Piss to G-Unit.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    It's because he is white, hate to say it but the truth. They are going to take over our music. They are damn near 80% of the population of course he is going to fucking sell he has a numerical advantage. All the shit you can do, why do black music?

    • Anonymous

      Naw this kid really has skill and swag. I like him better than fake ass J Cole. He sold damn near as much as Cole did with no Jay Z, Drake, Trey Sonz or Missy features and without Sony.

    • NotAnonymousBitches

      1. it isn't "black" music 2. where did u get your stats from, 1887? racist bitch ass faggots. and yes mostly white people bought dudes album, mainly chicks

    • Chris Newberry

      rediculous! Yo, this kid grinded his way to this status, don't take it away from him and try to make it a racial issue. I mean, of course his being white had something to do with it, just like it did with Eminem, but he don't deserve to get blamed or discredited for that. Bottom line, he has cosigns from legends in the game and he has a work ethic and built his shit up himself. He deserves his props.

    • Chris in Jacksonville, FL

      @fgh Are you telling me that black youths "buy" any albums legitimately? Sounds like it is you that needs the reality check.

    • fgh

      @fag who posted as p ussy anonymous. Are you really telling me that black youths bought this kike's album? Get real idiot.

    • Anonymous

      so how come paul wall, bubba sparxx, asher rother, etc. didn't debut @ #1? Don't turn this into a racial issue fag

  • jg

    sick! a number 1 album on an independent? I have never checked for Mac but from his verses of that 9th wonder collabo i pick up he can def spit some creative bars. I'm gna download BSP tonight and see whats up. An independent can only push those kind of numbers with a quality product and solid fan base. Of course he's gna be eclipsed by that Take Care bullshit next week

  • IDK

    Damn. I'm not the guy who's into album sales nor thinks that high album sales = a good album, but I gotta admit; this is pretty impressive for an indie artist. Props to Mac Miller.

  • Tony Steward

    Back in the day when street teams were still relevant 150,000 was considered ghetto-gold. He is only going to do better if he keeps his head right and he still fuckin young. Congratulations to the kid, his staff, and his fan base for supporting him.

  • bizzalls

    Can't believe this shit! Dude sold 150k fiest week? On an Indy especially?? Can't understand where he got such a big fanbase vtyker the creator didn't even sell half of that. Crazy..

  • niyemortal

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Big Machine Records was an independent record label when they released Taylor Swift's album Fearless which debuted at #1, so Mac would be first independent RAP artist in 16 years to debut at #1, not the first artist period since then. I hate skewed facts.

  • Anonymous

    hahahah he sold more records than that hoe big sean and games r.e.d. album

  • Yelawolf

    Alright, He did his thing.. But he would be just another strugglin white boy on youtube if he never got that first Wiz feature and co sign. Lucky position more so then talent.

  • Anonymous

    that moneys gonna be niiice!

  • Anonymous

    Its hard for me to really consider this kid an undergdog since he's been all over MTV and the radio Back in the day Indy meant Independant, with no industry support. Kid might not be on a major label but I seen this kids face on the front page of Itunes and on Rapfix on MTV and heard him on prime time hip hop radio stations Congrats regardless, but back in the day the indy cats aint get that kind of promotion

    • banksy

      But hes not getting that exposure because his label is paying people to put him out there thats the point. Hes all over because people respect his shit and want to hear it and radio plays to the masses

  • Anonymous

    i thought he wanted to go "platinum" "indipendently" ?

    • Chris Newberry

      The album just came out stupid. How many albums drop Platinum they first week. That shit wasn't happenin that often when records were sellin.

    • jg

      but he has all his own publishing so hes makin more per sale that those contract cats u dumbass

    • Anonymous

      LOL, right, he aint even gonna hit gold And I'm sure soMe douche will hit me up talkin bout what kind of money he gets to keep off indy sales, good for him, fact still remains he aint gonna get 500K people to buy his album

  • Almar

    good for him, People can hate all they want but this dude made it. FUCK A HATER!

    • Anonymous

      good for him. People can talk all they want but Jerry Sandusky lived his life like he wanted and he got money. FUCK THE HATERS

  • ASEE

    Why is anyone surprised? The number one consumer of hip hop music is white suburban males.

    • Anonymous

      sorry about that, i just saw the big L comment. and yea he was influenced by Big L but Ls life ended before he could even make it big. And still Big L wasnt talkin about rapin his mom and wife

    • Anonymous

      What does Big L have to do with anything i said there? And see thats a lot of peoples mentality. They want to go by what an artist USED to be able to do. Comparing stats from now to stats from 9years ago isnt fair. We're living in the here and now. Bubba and Paul arent doin these numbers. But if we ARE gonna go by old stats then ok. Paul Walls last album didnt break 60k and neither did Bubbas. Comparing someones NOW to someone elses THEN isnt fair simply because times have changed. Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show both did a milli first week. Relapse and Recovery both did a little under 800k first week. Marshall Mathers LP and Eminem Show are both Diamond. Recovery topped off around 4mill and Relapse topped off close to 2mill. Times have changed so its not fair to compare Then to Now

    • Hmm

      A couple things here... Bubba Sparxxx and Paul Wall BOTH have done much bigger numbers than this. And... Big L is better than Eminem.

    • Zach

      I see your point anonymous but, Eminem was influenced by big L so he wasn't the first to use shock value, he just took it to a different level and peak.

    • Anonymous

      Bubba Sparxx and Paul Wall are both prime examples of being white isnt to go to ticket. Eminem made it big because he could actually rap his ass off, AND he was saying stuff that was damn near unheard of. Think about it. Theres plenty of rappers emulating or at least trying to emulate jayz, pac, biggie etc etc but who the hell is gonna emulate eminem? Hes had songs about raping and killing both his mom and ex wife. talked about killing his mentor and all the drugs he used to be on were taboo in rap. The main drugs in rap music are weed, liquor, and ex. Em was talkin all that, along with acid, shrooms, pills other than ex, coke(even if he wasnt doin it), and other shit. Even his first official single from his first album starts off with "hi kids, do you like violence?". Eminems shock value is 50% of what got him where he is today. Mac actually has a legit fanbase believe it or not. I know quite a few people that are into him. Personally i havent checked for him. But like i said. If being white was the go to ticket, paul wall and bubba sparxx would be doin these numbers too. Remember, record labels dont give a fuck what they make us listen to. If they thought a guy doing nothing but pissing and clapping on 14tracks would sell a million copies then theyd put out the person that does it.

    • Marcus Jouett

      You're honestly going to say him nein white played no part in his success??? C'mon man Em even admits that...

    • Anonymous

      but its still an independent artist. thats where the surprise comes from. It states in the article this is the first time since 95 that in independent artist has topped the billboard. Think about the promotion for this album. He didnt do any SNL show ups. He didnt have billboards all across the country in all the major cities. He didnt have magazine stands with his face one 75% of the magazines. No Super huge cosigns either. He didnt have any of that and still sold more than people on major labels such as Big Sean and Game. And also, being white doesnt equate to sales. If it did Bubba Sparxx and Paul Wall would both sell just as much as eminem. Im not a fan and have actually never bothered to listen to any of his music but an accomplishment is an accomplishment

  • twoface

    Thats not indie that some industry sodemite try dropping an album the same day as the next all tech album klusterfuck wac milla

  • Anonymous

    Try dropping the same day as klusterfuck the next album you wanna be indie sodemite

  • prewoz

    It's a wonder why more artists don't.

  • Mac Miller

    nigga! hee hee hee i said something racist

  • Anonymous

    It's nice to be reminded that indie doesn't necessarily mean good

    • Anonymous

      Mac Miller doesn't need to talk street; he just needs to have rhymes that wouldn't sound at home in a shitty Dr Seuss book

    • OSN

      How does Mac Miller suck?? smh everybody always want a artist to talk street to be accepted as a great rapper

    • Mac Miller

      Shut the fuck up nigga im sick of yall punk ass niggas talking down ima wreck yall bitches for real nigga. i feel so gangsta now ima change my name to Mac Milla

    • Gary Rue

      Exactly. I am genuinely pissed off that this no talent chump gets the merit he does. He sucks. He may be able to play an instrument but he cannot write well at all. His lyrics are bordering a 6th grader mindset.

  • McCody

    how does anonymous post something 42 years ago on every article thats coming out recently

  • Anonymous

    I'm no fan but at least some independent artist is topping the charts.....

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