Ambassador Rick Explains His Reasoning For Dissing Pusha T, New Mixtape

Exclusive: The Virginia veteran explains why he feels he represents the streets' perspective. He tells DX, "I ain't a battle rapper, but I ain't above a good rapper slaying either."

While there has been a lot of speculation over which mainstream emcee Pusha T is speaking against in recent songs and interviews, there is also another conflict that's less subliminal. In promoting his new project Pusha took the time to throw a few lyrical jabs in his song “Don’t Fuck With Me (Dreams Money Can Buy)” . It would now seem that those jabs have led to a full blown rhyming match with fellow Virginia emcee Ambassador Rick. Not one to shrug things off, easily Rick quickly dropped his reply to Pusha called “Fake Love.”

Ambassador Rick recently spoke to HipHopDX  about the history that led to his lyrical reaction and where he currently stands when it comes to Pusha Ton. The Ambassador states that Virginia shows him love and definitely is ushering in some strong support. “As far as feedback, I get love from the V and always have - before this record," asserted Rick. "[There] was a time when you could hear me on the local radio just as much as The Clipse. People, for the most part, know that I ain't about ignorance. So for me to diss [Pusha T], it had to be a good reason - plus they heard ["Don't Fuck With Me"], so they knew a response was coming. Everything that I said in that record came from what the streets been saying for a while; those aren't [just] my opinions, except for when I spoke on personal accounts. Some People rock with them out here because they from the V and they are one of the few Rap groups or rappers that made it, but D.I.D is home team and we represent for the people.”

Earlier this month, as Pusha was asked by DX about Ambassador Rick, the G.O.O.D. Music artist laughed and said, "I feel like this: in all honesty, we’ve come a long way in my city. And when I say my city, I really mean that. Out here, we’ve come a long way musically to be accepted by the bigger cities, the bigger Hip Hop hubs, so I’m not gonna get into anything that’s gonna be an embarrassment to my city. Everybody knows, as far as this whole Virginia thing goes, I rep this to the fullest. I’ve been doing it out here for a long, long time. I’ve been holding this place down everywhere I go. When they ask for the face of "VA," there’s a few names that they’re gonna bring up. And mine is definitely one of them."

As for Rick, Ambassador also stated that he has plans beyond the beef to serve up to listeners. “Next, I plan to make a unique contribution to the game. I got the video for 'Fake love' and the Ricky Leaks [mixtape] coming along with just more dope records. I make good music; I ain't a battle rapper, but I ain't above a good rapper slaying either.”


  • Anonymous

    Did ya'll really waste an article on this nobody ass cat...#dafuckisdisasshole...

  • urlame

    ya niggas some lames how yall gon claim yall know what niggas be into

  • 19th&J

    1st off this interview is missing all the good stuff. Why didn't you clear it up as to why/what was said by Pusha cuz its obvious from the comments its a lot of SLOW cats who think Bass is reaching on this one when he is only responding to what Pusha said bout his Trey Songz track, plus Pusha said "Local Ni99az" before he said anything. 2nd off is if you into the VA underground music scene, esp in the 757 then u know who Ambassador Rick if you dont then you aint into the shid period cat been rockin since Newport Kingz! 3rd ery real hood dude out here know them Clipse is from NY, grew up in a hunnid thousand plus crib out the beach with both they parents, and they aint who they claim to be. They "Got it 4 Cheap" cuz they manz Shampoo robbed the mobb and got tore off cuz he was sellin work for dirt cuz he aint pay for it! 4th and this is real important, if u from VA then where are your VA videos at? What Hood out the beach u from, cuz all I see is Norfolk in ya videos and rhymes? Cmon cuzo!

  • bawse

    I gave ur music a Quick listen an i do mean Quick!!! slim GTFOH & step ya game up

  • black law

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  • BlazeDatishUp

    Who the fuck is this guy??? Never heard of him...


    this guy has NO fans pusha t has 10-15 fans (ppl that BUY his album and defend him online) pushes tons of BS sure is getting a lot of press for a 5 foot worm with braids pusha is a bum, the guy is pushing 40 years old and JUST NOW thinks he can have a solo career kangay keeps him around so he can take his lyrics and pass them off as his push is cool with that, because hes a loser, and will always be a loser victim mentality last clipse album they dropped was 100 percent SELLOUT shit and it FLOPPED! clipse is officially dead, malice is gone pusha is hanging on for dear life, hoping kanye can get him over NOT HAPPENING! hes gained no fans, and has dropped nothing but trash/sellout shit, since being signed to kangay as a writer and this unknown nobody rapper would take his head off lyrically yall seen pusha t live? HA HA guy fucking blows. raps over his vocal tracks and screams with no vocal control, sounds like shit, hopping around stage like n idiot. usually pusha is the ONLY nigga moving at his live show. BUM

  • ziploc

    if dude was such a stand up ninja and respected,this kills me everytime it happens..why would you make a song about it? just made yourself look stupid.respond to a diss track that isn't a diss track..listen to that Pusha song and tell me if what he says doesn't hold water for about 95% of all the rappers out now..if son took offense he is dumb and needs to put the 50cent handbook down and make some good songs and get his buzz up correctly

    • Anonymous

      And p.s., you ain't about that ziploc life. And if you are, hope it's you're hobby not career, you comment like a teller and not a holder. Get another name.

    • Anonymous

      fcukboi Pusha sent him the diss first in a mainstream form, only a lame wouldn't feel they shouldn't defend their name. It doesn't matter what you think it's about what's going on. Pusha felt a certain way that he needed to address this n!gga. I don't know this n!gga Ambassador either but real recognize real, he has every right to defend himself. Who are you to tell him how to do it? Let others handle their business accordingly and you continue you're turn the other cheek while they uppercut and two piece your skull mentality, OK?

  • anony

    so you would only believe they sold drugs if you actually saw them getting taken away in cuffs? Comeon. Their longtime manager and friend....thats someone as close to them as you could be...I think theres a good chance. And to you down there saying that makes them fraudelent? The whole diss song is based on pusha being a fraud for not selling drugs so I responded to that claim.

  • Jose

    Wow, I know who this dude is but no one really knows who this nigga is. So how's he about to just talk shit? Whatever man, that's rappers nowadays.

  • AskAboutMe

    I am from VA and on some real shit to keep it 100 this is a dope diss track. But on another note I never heard about this guy and don't think he is who Pusha was dissing cause really he a nobody I mean I know plenty of VA artist that are hot and relevant and Rick ain't deserving of a diss cause he ain't a threat to Pusha or his fan base. I doubt everything Pusha say is true but he can spit and he been in the game a long time and claims his VA and NY roots. I ain't mad at dude trying to get his buzz up but if you really put on for VA you wouldn't need this diss to do it!

    • HUH?

      LLS damn what do you mean I doubt hes who pusha T was talkin about? THATS WHAT THIS WHOLE THING IS ABOUT! who are you to question authenticity when the man is getting interviewed on HHDX and his video is getting buzz all over the net...AND pusha dissed HIM? Is he not allowed to reply cause pusha T had a hit before or something smh?

  • john_doe

    i'm lmao that pusha t and his brother ruined their chance of being multi-platinum artist because of jive records. them white boys won that battle and put the clipse in their place. even kanye got put in his place for daring to mess with taylor swift. if kanye wouldn't have took the mic from taylor, his last album would've went at least double platinum by now. you don't hear kanye talking shit about white people anymore. say what you say, but them executives rule the world.

    • Anonymous

      I think this goes both ways, if Taylor said crap about Kanye, her career would not be as great either. In the real world, violence is usually the outcome of what Kanye did, In the entertainment industr, the outcome is usually millions of dollars lost.

    • Negro


  • Zone6

    Pusha T is just like Waka Flocka, because both of them niggas is from New York City, but claiming they from VA and GA. Real VA and GA niggas need to get on the mics and rep their states!!!!!11


      You could say the same for Luda, Tupac, Kanye and alot of other rappers. Thing is if I was born in Houston for example and lived there till I was lets say 3, but afterwards raised in Chicago. I cant claim Houston.

  • anony

    frauds? Their long time manager goes to jail for 20 years for leading a 10 mil a year drug ring but yet theyre for sure frauds?

    • Anonymous


    • HUH?

      LMAO!! do u hear this guy?! so fuck the tru street nigga out here really living it cause "selling drugs and killing your own community doesn't make you real" is what your saying...but you support rappers named PUSH A TON who PRETEND & LIE about selling drugs that in turn are really destroying communites? -_- oh no I forgot "all rappers lie, its entertainment" right? GTFOH! Thats one thing about you internet dudes man yall will say ANYTHING to win your little e-arguments LLS...

    • 4theKIDZ

      Selling drugs and killing your own community doesn't make you real. You fucking typing that drug game shit, like it doesn't kill the black communities. You dumb ass bastard that does make them fraud just for that reason alone.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • doug wilder

    im from va never heard of duke

  • Evers82

    No offense to homey but I'm from Bad Newz Va and he is not familiar to me all nor do we call it the 'V'. Regardless let the music speak...

    • frank

      u aint never been to newport news to whoever aint wanna use their name! New port news go hard they dont call it badnews for nothing!

    • Anonymous

      um, don't you mean "newport news" lol? stop living off the rep of a few bad hoods out there. you soft as cotton.

  • Anonymous

    And, onto the next article...

  • Frank

    I live in Norfolk, VA n ive never heard of him..... So Pusha T-winning!!!! lol

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