Eminem Movie "Southpaw" Back In Production

MGM revitalizes Eminem-starring vehicle "Southpaw."

It appears as though MGM - with Sony Pictures distributing - has set forth the strongest bid for Southpaw, a boxing film staring Eminem directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day).

DreamWorks dropped the project in August, leaving alone what would've been Eminem's first starring vehicle since 2002's 8 Mile.

The script, written by "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter, centers around a fast-rising welterweight boxer that fights his way to the title, and must reclaim his past glory following a tragedy.

“In a way, this is a continuation of the 8 Mile story, but rather than a literal biography, we are doing a metaphorical narrative of the second chapter of his life,” said Sutter, according to deadline.com. “He’ll play a world champion boxer who really hits a hard bottom, and has to fight to win back his life for his young daughter. At its core, this is a retelling of his struggles over the last five years of his life, using the boxing analogy. I love that the title refers to [Eminem] being a lefty, which is to boxing what a white rapper is to Hip Hop; dangerous, unwanted and completely unorthodox. It’s a much harder road for a southpaw than a right-handed boxer.”

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  • CapitalH

    This movie looks good, but Em shoulda done a movie starring Yelawolf, or Slaughterhouse based on their life.

  • PurpleD

    I really like the idea, but if Dreamworks dropped it, that worries me. I find it relative because i'm a lefty, wannabe boxer lol, I hope Marshall puts his key-element into it, himself

  • Nico 3

    Em's last starring role was in 2002. Fugua's coming off the worst movie of his career, Brooklyn's Finest. The studio already shut down production once. This has flop written all over it, not to mention a few dozen razzies thrown in for good measure.

  • Anonymous

    Cool I can't wait

  • Assassin221

    Hmm, not sure about Sutter after watching a season and a half of Sons of Anarchy plus that terrible ass show The Shield, but I love Antione Fuqua's shit so we'll see.

  • Eminem

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  • Eminem fans are fags

    Check out i Bar's new official iAnthem for the halloween season "Nightmare" Gooogle Nightmare - i Bar (i Bar is one word)

  • Terrance

    50s a sneaky morherfucker. Hes using u dumasses to get rich off those stupid energy shots. He's selling those things for 4 dollars a pop and he's probably gonna feed those African kids 25 cents worth of food. A scoop of rice and a slice of ham isn't goin to do much for a starving kid that might just end up dead of starvation a week after being feed that shitty 25 cent meal. Don't believe the hype. 50 is a good business man and he takes advantage of opportunities like this to make bank for himself.

  • Anonymous

    Will this be on iTunes or netflics?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is racist as fuck!! Why doesn't he feed starving children in Africa like 50 been doing with those street king energy bars?? 50 a real nigga that gives back to those who don't got nothing. 50 a underrated nigga :(

    • mick

      50 is only doing that because he has the life, he has everything, maybe he really does want to help no1 knoows, im pretty sure em would do thee same if he wasnt going threw so much shit, having wacked up ex wifes yapping at you, old courtcases, a young daughter with no mother, and em is always in the studio, he hasnt got the time for spending money, the guy doesnt even know hes worth millions, he had to ring his manager to see if he could afford a 100 dollar watch!

    • Rodrick

      50 doing that shit to buy back some fan support because everybody hates him now, lol Eminem has a charity foundation he just doesnt go around waving it peoples faces to buy sympathy from the world like 50 Does

  • Ozzy Salas

    Yeah!!! Now all we need is a release date for detox

  • Bnigha_lack

    Niggas gon be flossin they teeth after they see the ads for this shit on TV. Noone gave a shit about the 50 cent movies but this gon be different

  • Anonymous

    When's it gonna come out?

  • Anonymous

    Shit!!! I thought they weren't gonna do it. That's cool

  • Derek

    I wonder if ems daughter is hot.. But I know that I wouldn't wanna be the guy that she brings home to daddy.

  • Dick dastardly of audacity

    Also can't wait for detox!!! I hope that comes out around the same time as the movie or this Christmas. Really lookin forward to it

  • Dick dastardly of audacity

    Can't wait for this shit to drop!!! And the soundtrack gonna be insane!!

  • CJ

    Hopefully the movie actually gets made and has a dope soundtrack too!

  • jason

    Wow!! this movie is gonna be hot i guarantee it!! between the director and Eminem in another lead and the metaphorical symbolism!!!

  • em stans,wayne stans are awful

    You em stans are practically salivating.Every time Wayne or whoever is bought into the convo you guys starts gnarling like guard dogs.Be a fan.You dudes practically throw tantrums and start coming up with excuses and why 2011 Em is just as good as 2000 em..Em can flow bar none but lyrically he is not the same just like Wayne isn't the same without his syrup,just like prodigy aint the same without his vices,just like DMX aint the same since the crack took over...It's inevitable that your favorite rappers are gonna fall off..It's only a matter of when..

  • yankitwizzy

    Well I am really looking forward to the movie and soundtrack. I guess the song (Dare to Dream) that Jimmy Iovine bought for Eminem would be on the soundtrack. I just hope that song can do better than Lose Yourself

    • Shady 2.0

      Lose Yourself won an academy award >_> not saying the awards are measurement but come on! that song is on Eminem's top 5 !

    • yankitwizzy

      Yeah Lose Yourself was/is really dope. I'm just wishing that Dare to Dream would be better. It would go a long way to shut the mouth of those who say that Eminem's peak was 2002/2003.

    • Willy

      What was wrong with Lose Yourself? That song was dope. And fit the soundtrack very well.

  • Swordz

    Can't wait for this...... LOL NOT!

  • judah nazura

    Damn this devil can fuck this black isrealite anytime ! Here are all the thug nikkas at ? The one ho wanna fuck this man pussy in thee backseat of a jeep. I'm. In need of some none masonic dick. G armstrong burgan on facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Really? The movie's "staring Eminem directed by.." Someone needs to learn spelling and punctuation.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    A sequel to 8 mile would be ill, before anybody talks shit, i got a few good ways a sequel would work, so fall the fuck back...

  • Anonymous

    too many fighting movies these days, gettin sick of em all

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why people continue to feed the Faggot trolls on this site, SMH Anyway, movie seems intresting, I'd check it out when it drops, best thing about it tho is you know there will be a soundtrack with all knew Em, Royce, Slaughterhouse stuff on it, lol, I'd be waiting more for that then the movie itself

  • Birdman

    Hahaha this movie aint gone be shit compared to Weezy's movie "South Pa" about the most important moment of his life, where I first kissed him on the lips and I became a better rapper from Wayne's divine spit. I wanted more of that skill so I asked Weezy how he gone give more of the gift of true-speech and Weezy just said "South, Pa" and pointed down. Hahahaha ya'll know where my real talents is now, BELEE DAT. YMCMB!!!!!!!! Eminem is the white devil but my son vanquished him on all the tracks they did together!!!!!! WEEZY THE SAVIOR OF HIPHOP!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You're a FUCKING IDIOT!!! Lil Wayne sucks so much it's not even funny. The dumbass built a skating ramp on his roof WTF. Hope he falls off and lands in the backyard on a dog turd in the grass face first. Next thing to know that gayass nigga gonna be wearing pink panties and cotex up his ass and call that shit gangsta

    • Anonymous

      why are you all bringin Lil Wayne into this :L he isnt the best as some say he is and his voice is annoying. on the otherrrr hand, too many Eminem dickriders as well. seriously give his dick a break! "Eminem talks life" fuck up! whats that even meant to mean? people say Eminem had it hard and lived a tough life, so? people in africa die of disease and famine and there are people left homeless on the streets of well off areas. like the artist, love them even, but dont trash other artists and say your artist is best of all time and no one is better or will even be better. this isnt actualy in reply to person i replied to by the way just a general statement lol

    • Shady 2.0

      after reading his name "Birdman" and the kissing lips references I have to say: obvious troll is obvious >_>

    • Anonymous

      Are u fucked Weezy ain't no saviour of hip hop the only thing he is an R&B artist not a rapper u fucking derp.

    • sayed

      lil wayne is a disgrace to rap and i'm not sayin that because i hate that bitch it's cuz he walks around in woman jeggings makes rock music and still calls himself best rapper alive wen rappers lyk lupe fiasco desevre that title more than he does and lupe is not that good. FACT: tyler the creator met eminem as soon as he got big lil wayne wined for a collaboration for 2 months like a bitch and drop the world sucks. FUCK CASH MONEY i listen to every lil wayne album and only 2 or 3 tracks are good enough (4 out of 5 rating) and the rest is all autotune and wen it's not auto tune it's that weird sound he makes wen he talks slowly or when he sings. i'd rather listen to barney for 2 hours than bump any weezy album and listen to the whole damn thing. UNTALENTED HOMO

    • lmao

      atleast he aint dick riding YMCM and if your gonna try to prove someones wrong or what not actually make a point? Defensive about the best rapper ever besides maybe biggie if he was still with us today. When you actually know anything about music right another comment thats worth the peoples time reading it.. Faggggg

    • five stars, hilarious


    • Dustin6595

      the guy that's Anonymous is clearly retarded and doesn't understand sarcasm, attempted humor, and the clear fact that the original comment is under the name Birdman aka Lil Wayne's adopted father, aka Cash Money's owner. It was obviously a joke and for you to take it so seriously in your defense for Eminem, it shows me that your just as bad as any Lil Wayne fan .

    • Anonymous

      You obviously don't know what real rap is. Weezy talks about Pussy, Money, and drugs. Tell me if i'm wrong (Im NOT!).Eminem talks life. And Weezy the same shit over and over *Yawn*. Oh BTW have you noticed that "Weezy" Your so called Savior of Hip-Hop takes peoples rhymes?. Im pretty sure you did since you love him. Mad props to real rappers.(Nas,Em,Common,Method Man, Royce da 5'9, Joell Ortiz (The whole slaughterhouse). Fuck YMCMB. Go SHADY Records & Aftermath!!!

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