Slim The Mobster Talks Mixtape, Meeting Eminem

Slim talks to Vibe about his upcoming mixtape "War Music" and meeting Eminem for the first time.

Vibe Magazine recently caught up with Dr. Dre's latest protege Slim The Mobster to discuss his upcoming debut mixtape War Music, which is due out November 8th. The Los Angeles, California hopeful broke down what fans can expect from his impending project, saying that he's sticking to a hardcore but lyrical approach on the tape. He also added that he's enlisted the likes of Snoop Dogg, Prodigy and Kendrick Lamar for guest features.

"War Music is my first release so far as the mixtape scene - I just been knocking that out quietly and doing my best to get that situated. We’re trying to make sure that we get something big. I’ll let the music do the talking...[it features] Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Prodigy from Mobb Deep - of course my home girl on a track called 'Fuck You.' Mostly all the people that’s on my project are people that I’m around on a daily basis."

He added, "I wanted to keep it hard because I feel like that’s what people will really like because when you say the greatest people in Hip Hop you only name hardcore artists that have an audience of people who [tend] to follow that type of music...some people say I always talk about guns but if you pay attention, I’m not saying this to shit on anyone and I hope no one takes it personal, but I’ve never heard Kweli compared to Jay-Z in light of, Kweli is hard, he’s good, but 9 times out of 10 when you say the greatest rapper you say someone hardcore."

Slim also discussed what it was like to meet one of his musical idols Eminem. He said that not only was it an honor to even meet Dre's other Slim, but that it was surreal that Em was even familiar with his music.

"[Eminem and I] haven’t actually recorded together but I’ve been in the studio with him a few times and it’s heavy because he knows my shit," he explained. "When I hear Em singing my songs and shit that gives me motivation. That’s someone I looked up to like I looked up to Dre, so when I hear him saying like, 'I like this song right here' or when Em says, 'This right here is my joint,’ I take pride in those things."

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  • KOL.G


  • 3245678iohujg

    Slim the flopster. this guy is hella wack and generic. auto flop

  • Jason Wayne

    slim got that hot shit that song marta is crazy and he got some shit up on you tube J.W. COMING SOON

  • war22

    i heard he's pretty dope...i mean if u like real gangsta rap not that pie eating rap that Officer Ricky does...Dre should sign Obie,Bishop and Stat Quo fo real...he needs to reinvent Afthermath with some dope rappers that worked before with him

  • yup

    This guy is just another typical west coast gangster rapper, i don't see how this guy will be any more relevant than Bishop Lamonth and i sure as hell don't see him getting anywhere near the success of Game or 50. If Dre wan'ts to put on the next Snoop,Em,Game or 50 he needs to realize that no one is listening to gangster rap anymore, he needs to find some pop artist that can also rap. Than again he is so caked up, probably doesn't matter if this guy does anything, and i have a feeling this guy is another Hittman or Bishop Lamont

    • Jerome

      I agree. And I mean, how gangsta does this guy need to be? I checked out his Gunplay video on youtube and I just thought, "Aw Lawd." I understand Gangsta rap has played a vital role in Hip Hop, but damn, what else can be expressed in this genre? That the artist has guns and can shoot up the place? That so and so shouldn't be messed with, got shot up, stabbed, robbed etc etc? I think with Dre having the hype around him these days, will place dude back burner. And what does Slim have to offer that a lot of these gangsta rappers don't these days?

    • Anonymous

      Yep, Dre gonna use him to help finish off detox and then never put his album out like he did Hittman

  • Anonymous

    so is this his first mixtape ever or just his first mixtape since signing? cause how do you get signed without dropping any mixtapes? lol

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