The Diplomats Talk History With Jay-Z, Deleting His "Oh Boy" Remix Verse

Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, and the rest of the crew shed a little light on the history behind their beef with Jay-Z.

The Diplomats recently took part in Red Bull Music Academy's "Five Out of Five" tour. The crew took part in an info session and discussed, among other things, their contentious history with Jay-Z.

"We walked into the studio, and Jay said, 'I got a surprise for y'all,'" explained Juelz Santana. "[At this point] we was wondering why he didn't want to jump on records that he could've jumped on already. So 'Oh Boy' is already out of this world, gettin' probably like ten thousand spins."

"So we walk up into the studio room, and we're like, 'What's the surprise?' and [Young] Guru pulls up 'Oh Boy,' with a Jay-Z verse. On top of the Jay-Z verse, he's dissing Nas!"

"Cam made [Guru] erase the the point where Cam told Guru, 'You better erase that, I don't ever want to hear that."

When Cam's time came to speak about Jay, the Harlem rapper pointed largely to Jay-Z's standoffish attitude as the reason for their noted friction. "That's been going on with me and him forever. My first album ever, he comes in to see the Sony studio, he comes in like, 'Yo, lemme talk to you for a minute?'" Cam continued, mimicking Jay. "'I wanted to tell you, I didn't know you was that nice.' ...I said, 'I appreciate it, maybe we can do something for my album.' He said, 'I'm not here to lobby for a spot on your album.'"

Watch the two-part interview below, courtsey of, in which Cam also talks bringing Mariah Carey to Harlem and touring with Destiny's Child.


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  • Anonymous

    Yo for all you fool out there thinking Cam some gangster let it go, for starter's this nigga talk too much, Tru-life had all these nigga running everytime, they see him, this nigga Cam, already run and let Jim Jone catch a bad one in brooklyn, someone close to Cam need to tell this nigga get off whatever he is on, i know he do it all for the money but nigga aint playing, the street aint no rap game homie.

    • Anonymous

      @yungj718, Yo which part of Brooklyn you at, because in East New York, Bushwick, that my work you aint see these niggaz, trust me and when them nigga come in the hood the creep in and out never in day light son, they come at night in disguise

    • yungj718

      I don't know how pussy Cam is but I've hardly seen any rapper in the hood regular like em Dipset dudes. If they were that pussy but around that much and violated like you made it sound they would already be dead.

    • NY Tim

      I agree with you.... that's real talk what you wrote!!!


    Damn come to think of it...Camron ain't had a hit since "oh boy" LMAO!!!!

  • tresdemayo

    Woaw, Jay must have a 10 miles long dick since half of the rap game is on it

  • jnr

    Why is it that when any rapper calls out Jay Z then his stans come out in force and defend him and yet he labels himself hip hop? Hip hop is about not being a pussy and avoiding confrontations with the excuses of he is way ahead of them etc... No wonder Jay Z is hip POP now!

    • jnr

      Damn! all that matters is that my signed Justin Bieber autobiography just came in the mail today. Bieber, top 5 dead or alive...

  • jnr

    Haha... The Jay z stans are out in force, they hate it when anyone talks about his shady character! SMH

    • Anonymous

      Funny how all the so called rappers making noise about how Jay did them wrong are the same cats that 1) are coming out with an album or 2) haven't made a good album in decades.

  • jack johnson

    So Cam'Ron didn't want Jay-Z dissing Nas on the song even though his group member Jim Jones had a beef with Nas? Could that have had something to do with their break up?

  • camel pig fans

    sitting on the toilet. waiting for their hero to take a shit. Anticipate it baby!!!

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    • Anonymous

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  • grimm

    and i don't care what no one says but come home with me was cam's best album

  • grimm

    a lot of dirt coming out about jay-z, me and my uncle from XXL magazine met jay before and he is a real asshole. The records he sold and the music he makes does not justify that he is an asshole and a snake

  • bswai

    Jay-Z stay on dudes minds. They can't make any kind of moves without saying that man name first. All that shit was like 100 years ago.

  • LOL

    It's funny that everyone hates Jay-Z. I don't know him personally but if all these people hate him I guess he's a bad guy.

  • Killalex

    Didn't remember these faggots were still alive, pink fur familia showing off.

  • mbongeni

    dipset 4eva!!! all the way from Africa..Americans do not know good music... I love Jay Z's music but why yal hating on dipset??

  • RI

    Killa Cam is WAYYYYYYYYY better than JAYZ. Mad word play and he keeps it the same for the fans, where as JayZ changed his flow to try to sound like a Young Money cat.

  • thetruth shall set u free

    The reason Jay Z took beats from the pink monkey(Camron) is because he knew Camron would waste them spitting hot garbage as usual. At least when Jay took the tracks he made classic albums like the Blueprint. How many classic verses or albums does Camron have? Wait I will tell you zero. This monkey ass nigga Camron should just put a banana in his mouth and call it a day. Camron has no good music or movement to talk about so they ask him about someone who is still hot after all these years Jayz. Camron cant rap for shit he not even on gucci man's level. The only fans this monkey has are on medication.

  • Ny Tim

    This Jenny Jones and SuckDick Set need to go make some music and not keep snitching on shit from 2001. These Niggas alaways say no snitching but they dry snitching.Three blind Rats.... These nigga's only get interviews if they promise to bring up Jay and only Bloods cause they pay for protection...

    • i live hiphop

      @yodaddy "I saw them roc signs in the air before them shots was fired" -camron thats after he got jacked for his lambo thats what u call dry snitching its not direct but thats snitching

    • Ny Tim

      The nigga talking about shit from 10 years agao that's snitching in my book telling shit him and Maria need in Harlem man that his and her business we don't give a shit about that old shit.... why he not talking about when Jenny Jones got slapped at the Ruckers and they all ran??? Why he not talking about when he owed that money and nigga's shot his ass in Va. Why he not talking about how Mase use to write for killa Cam....

    • yodaddy

      *plays Jeopardy music*

    • yodaddy

      "Snitching" huh? Please go into detail on how exactly they were "snitching."

  • Camron is gay and ugly

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    Like, really...all bullshit aside..Camron feels he is on jay-z's level? or just as good?....line for line, bar for bar...album for album..sales for sales...The stats don't even come close....

    • TRUTH

      ^^^^^^Wow it looks like I have a consistent and dedicated hater....I must have made it!!! lol!!!

    • @truth/cosgin

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    • Cosign

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  • Azhar

    Oh and by the way... Hov ate off yall..ya dumbshits.. Ultimately its chess not checkers...and when yall signed to the ROC it was checkmate idiots....

  • Azhar

    MOVE ON....we get it y'all had beef with J...why are yall still talkin bout the dude and this beef years later....real homo shit!!!

  • piffy

    This guys complaint about Jay Z was that he complemented his skills (nice) and told him he was not interested in trying to get on his album. Wow, how rude! /LOL

  • Jimmy

    I love Jay- Z but damn if all your former artist saying you an asshole in person damn whats up

    • Anonymous

      it more like there asshole because jay z not talking about pass with them ... they want to be famous again there time up not like it lasted long for them and am sure jay not going to respond they not worth his time anymore ..... plus nas and jay cool now so why bring it up no point i just got to say good bye Diplomats ... jim jones voice "fallingggg"



  • Anonymous

    It this crew called Dipset or Dipshit!!! What crew wears pink? A bunch of faggots called Dipshit!

  • Zi

    Dipset is like stone age rappers for me

  • Anonymous

    article with dipset talking about jay z 71 comments,article concerning their actual work right above this 1 comment hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    oblivion is coming has beens fact not opinion.

  • Obi Patrick

    its good that these niggas are together again vibing, laughing, joking and still referencing that camel face ass nigga Jay

    • jnr

      Truthman, your comment alone shows how ignorant and stupid you look and sound looking at yourself in the mirror. You are just a white boy trying so hard to be accepted in the hip hop community with your "so-called knowledge" of hip hop, wow... Did you really have to refer to him as a "NIGGER"? Just because he doesn't like your favourite rapper??? NEWSFLASH WHITE BOY>>>> Not everyone will like your favourite rapper!

    • @obi

      great post obi, may freedom and liberty live on

    • @truth

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  • Queefer Sutherland

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    • j

      @truthman, sorry but did you actually read what you wrote??? How old are you again? I beg to differ... If you are truly a hiphop fan then you will know Cam is NEVER broke and will never be broke. Secondly we all know Jay NEVER murked Nas in that battle, only his stans like you try to convince yourselves that he did. Cam was too wack and ugly hence why Jay didn't respond to him? Damn, i'm starting to believe you got real issues and very much in love with Jay, nope i mean "IN LOVE". Well, you tend to use lots of gay words in all your posts so i believe you must be gay, right? It will be wise for you to declare your whole heartedly love for Jay Z and be free than getting agitated on the internet using gay words to diss whoever doesn't like your "LOVER". You claim he is talking tough behind the internet but excuse me truthman, aint you doing the same thing, white boy??? Damn, chill and just buy,ooops i mean ask mummy for some money so you can buy a Jay Z doll and go to sleep with it.... #Justsaying#

    • @truth

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    • truthman

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    • Queefer Sutherland

      No please, FUCK ME!

    • good postk

      yes fuck those pigs


    Cam'ron is cool but I bet I got a bigger dick than him. I have the biggest weiner


    Ya'll trip me out saying Jay-z don't respond to rappers he does it all the time....for expample this verse from Blue Print 3 I was gonna kill a couple rappers But they did it to themselves I was gon' do it with the flow But they did it with their sales I was gon' 9/11 'em, but they didn't need the help And they did a good job them boys is talented as hell Cuz not only did they brick they put a building up as well They ran a plane into that building and when that building fell Ran to the crash site with no masks and inhaled Toxins deep inside their lungs until both of them was filled Blew a cloud out like a L into a jar then took a smell Cuz they heard that second hand smoke kills Niggas thought they was ill found out they was...ILL And it's like you knew exactly how I wanted you to feel


    Alot of these artist are playing themselves like for real...I would'nt even except a interview if the journalist was going to ask me about Jay-z. Think about it....there have been about 4 artist this week that have had articles with them talking about Jay-z. Game, Lil the whole dipset crew.....And you haters say jay fell off....

    • @truth

      fuck your dumb pigs

    • Truth

      Now with that said...Have you seen a interview lately with Jay-z talking about any other rappers? But they all seem to be talking about him.....these niggaz gotta get a clue....its chess not checker mufucas


    These nigga's want me to go, don't they know that I'm gone They know I'm space shuttle level they need oxygen Don't they know that they boring? Don't they know that I yawn, Only time they excited is when they mentioning Shawn------------------jay-z

  • 123kid

    Jay-Z, Diddy & 50 have to go down as some of the worst label/group managers(execs or watever u call it)..Diddy had Danity Kane & Los but messed them up, Jay messed up w/Dipset and 50 messed up w/G-Unit

    • jnr

      pap, you are right about everything except 50 didn't write 1/2 of GAME's debut album, he wrote the HOOKS on those two singles, dont get it twisted. That don't amount to writing 1/2 his album!

    • pap

      chill not 50! 50 put everyone on, niggaz had songs, videos, albums, toured, but most importantly....MILLION$! Game flipped when fif wrote 1/2 his debut album n started the anti gunit campaign n it only worked becuz the got tire of gunit winning n wanted to tear it down the first chance they see a crack on the wall...buck made $8 million but blew on dumb shit.

    • Smitty

      I guess you were not around in the early 2000's ansd just recently got into rap bcuz cam and the whole dipset crew and their biggest album success came when they were on his level the only one that had his big break after leaving the roc was jim jones so shut up if you dont know what you talking about

  • t$dm

    Not only do y'all hate with a passion, but y'all show you have no idea whatsoever about a rapper's music, history, or even the music biz. All y'all do is repeat the same gossip. Where's the debate thru certain songs, albums, and mixtapes to prove your comment? Whenever someone states some good facts, y'all start name calling. I have to assume this behavior comes from teenagers who are bored and wanna have "fun" in the comments, when actually it's sad. Thank you for reading and I will expect to read adolescent replies.

    • Big Ol'

      Fat Bouncing Boobies

    • EE

      Exactly. "Fuck Gay-Z" ....Really? That's all you kids got? Were you even alive when Reasonable Doubt came out? "2Pac made him relevant"....for real? Were you even alive when 2Pac was?!?!? Gotta love the quality of discussion.

  • anonymous

    watching this shit made me wanna relisten to "Brooklyn High" jay z's "we fly high" diss to dipset ..

  • Anonymous

    The title says The Diplomats talk history

  • Anonymous

    If you hate Dipset so much why did you click the link to even comment?

    • Anonymous

      Because it mentioned Jay-Z duh. sorry that logic doesn't work on this article. both sides were mentioned in the title. not trying to hate or anything, i'm just being diplomatic

  • mased

    who gives a flying fuck about this washed up ass group

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure this shit is old news. Further explanation wasn't necessary. Hmm...maybe they're fighting to stay RELEVANT or some shit. Looks like so to me.

  • Don Julio

    Jay Z is a sucker and can't run a real label without a partner. Roc Nation hasn't even sold over 3 million records in 4 year yet, when Roc a Fella sold like 40 in the same time. Jay Z is an incredible artist, but a mediocre label boss.

    • bbq's texas size pina colada with a extrA SHOT

      jay is grossing way more now than he ever did as ceo for rocafella so in my eyes the sales dont matter. you can sell 8 billy and be gettin no money from it or sell 1 milli and take the whole check home. to say jay is a bad business man shows ur an idiot. the man owns a basketball team and dame dash is getting sued and going bankrupt

  • mindrelated

    Dipset is so whack. Only reason they ever were hot was because of the Roc and Jay. No one was paying attention to them, especially when your leader is lame. Cam...I get computers puttin...the worst line ever said in Hip Hop.

    • Jim Jones

      ^^^^^^ thats true! this is why we came out with the New York City joint. Cause the city had forgotten about dip set at that time

    • ddd12233

      actually they got signed through dame dash cause he used to manage mase and cam when they were in that group together. Dame is from harlem, check ur history. No one wanted them niggas cause everything was changing to that southern-centric ideal of music

    • Anonymous

      Jay wanted to jump on THEIR song. THEY had a movement that had the Roc sign THEM.

  • Anonymous

    Jay is a bitch, Cunt

  • taliban

    Ha fuck Jay-Z Dipset forever

  • yourfatherwhofuxu

    state of hip hop, or whatever it is these days, is pathetic!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    People always wanna say Jay dont respond and he doesn't. Could it be that what people say about Jay is the TRUTH and Jay doesn't have a defense for it!! There is no defense against the truth. Im not defending these artists who wanna bring up Jay name for every little thing. I just find it funny how he never responds, at some point in time a man has to say enough is enough. If Jay was as good as some you see he is he would have responded by now and lyrically destroyed all the cats who talk about him.

    • @truth

      fuck off go sit at town court with the rest of the pigs and jerk off into a jelly donut

    • TRUTH

      He responded to Dipset specifically Camron....see Husltin remix.....He responded to Lil wayne...see "whatch what you say" TI vs TIP album. He responded to BEANI SIEGEL..."Already Home" on the blueprint 3 album. He responded to Jim jones, Game, and Dame Dash on "what you talking bout" on blue print 3. Jay-z responds to people all the time...He just refuses to say their name...he don't wanna give folks promotion...if Jay-z says your name...its become mega promotion. Just like when he responded to 50 cent..."I'm about a dollar who the fuck is 50 cent?". 50 cent said he was glad Jay=z said that line cause it blew him up and exposed him to a whole new audience.

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck cares its dipset..LISTEN to their music..its ass

    • Anonymous

      For real, like these little weirdo kids can't even understand that it's an interview, so they're asked questions, why would they understand what you just typed? Dipset had a little beef with Nas too, so I believe what they're saying.

  • Mr Mogul

    Notice how people talk about Jay-z. He is the topic of their discussions. But, Jay never talks about them. Interesting.

    • @malco

      your hero is a stupid pig keep wiping his ass

    • malco

      @BOSS: Thats the smart move.Everbody knows the media blows things out of proportion. Its funny, we all know Jay is cocky, greedy(all bout the money), and not really accepted by all popular rappers, YET the dude has some of the greatest songs of the decade, can arguably go down as the GOAT, and a huge fan base. People get caught up so much on the business of Hip Hop to the point where the music really doesn't matter. Thats why hiphop is becoming straight shit because whoever is publicly banking the most is automatically the best. Bottomline, you cant compare anybody in the group to Jay-z and Its stupid to denounce rappers on your opinion of their personality. Modern Hip Hop= Jersey Shore

    • Boss

      Jay Z does respond to people, however, he doesn't agree to do interviews unless the people doing the interview, agree to not ask him certain questions about certain artist. He knows that his time on top is over, has been for about 3 years now.

    • Anonymous

      lol..I know. Its funny how people always have his name in their mouth. Let the music speak. Its not like any of them want it with Jay-z, not in the same league.

  • El K Wil


    • Anonymous

      "...are you like jaycee dugard" LMFAO. And LMFAO some more @ niggas in denial. I can't stand Jay-Z, the camel-lookin ass nigga. But even I'd admit that REASONABLE DOUBT put Jay on the map.

    • Anonymous

      thats the only reason??...are you like jaycee dugard or something and been locked up for the past 20 years..GTFOH thats a joke lol

    • Anonymous

      Why not? The only reason I even know about Jay Z, is because 2 Pac said, "fuck Jay Z" on a song. So, Jay should feel blessed that Pac made him a hot topic.

  • The B

    Camron dat dude. He aint suck no dick to stay relevent plus he makes good shit. And Vado is way nicer than Juelz wack ass!

    • Anonymous

      He did the pink thing to demonstrate how much impact he had, and damn near everyboby in the hiphop community in the hood was rocking pink. Now what!!

    • Anonymous

      I bet each of yall at least a pink button up or fitted...yeah i kno!

    • Queefer Sutherland

      Lol..."nigga nahledge"

    • Nigga nahledge

      If cam'ron was that nigga back in the day that tried to make pink clothes on niggaz the hot new style, than I'm pretty sure he's sucked a few dicks too. Notice how he's the only rapper that can't stress "no homo/pause" enough but used to rock pink like erryday...yeah he's had a couple of dick in his mouth before thats fa sho. His mouth looks like it was built to take in 2 dicks at once. When cam'ron says no homo he means to say "ALL DA WAY HOMO"

    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry? He isn't sucking any dick? Who was this whole interview about again? Right. Hop off.

  • NY Mike

    these Dicksuckers Set to suck Jay-Z dick every interview they bring up Jay... Nigga's aint had a hit since oh Boy and Balling... Cam done shitted all these nigga's out of mad money and they still talking about shit from 10 years agao...WOW and Cam stop Snitching fucking rat always telling shit but says don't snitch but what he doing

  • Anonymous

    Well that explains everything... them niggas are dumb.

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • lolololwa

    Wow, I didn't know people still cared about this beef. there is probably plenty of truth to it, but I am sick of people only talking about beef when their album is about to come out

  • EEZY

    This is the problem with Cam'ron and his career, he's still living in the past. Keep on hating on Jay. It just makes him still relevant after 15+ years. Jay's busy planning concerts for when the NBA team he owns part of moves and Cam'ron is living in 2001 still.

  • Rich Britton

    yo these dudes are losers. Do you guys realize everyone who comes at Jay with an exception to Wayne ain't shit in the game right now? All the washed up nigguhs talk abt Jay-Z. Jay is always in their mouths, while Jay don't even care abt hip hop anymore. He got a kid on the way and money continually being made. Jay is en route to becoming hip hops first billionaire while Cam is doing what? Who knows. And while Jim Jones is playing tough guy on Hip Hop wives. These nigguhs do this every year. Come with a come back attempt and just fall back into the sand. Then remember when they got at Kanye on some song last year? They just mad vinegary right now because they followed the wrong man. If they followed Jay instead of Dame, then they wouldve def made more money, had more marketing for their albums, and they woulda had a label with actual artist with real talent like G.O.O.D Music. They sad dog

  • Anonymous

    gay-z cockafella hoe ass faggot smh

  • @lias

    jay is an experienced head who looks at a lot of his contemporaries as young and little ninjas. he's like 42 compared to 34, 35, 28 yr olds. he looks at them in the same way camron said he looked at destiny child b4 they blew up. what's the difference?

  • sfddsfdfd

    jay-z is wack! i do not know how who NY ppl can respect him.... I rather listen to Cam! Jay-z uses people! Thats called business respect him as a businessman, but as an artist no!

  • Anonymous

    Go learn writing RIley

  • Young Reezy Freeman

    Jay has always be one selfish nig-a i hope tha he won't do dirty shits to COLE

  • anon

    motherfuckers washed up.

  • poetic assasin

    Seems like the only way older artists can get media attention is if they speak on past issues with Jay-Z... meanwhile Jay-Z is doing him and still making millions


    To be the boss, to be the king, to be the richest and most powerful, ahead of all these niggaz thats ezactly the way you have to be.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Seems like a lot of artists don't really like Jay. Jay must be a cocky mofo behind the scenes or so it seems. Who knows

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