Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial Begins

The controversial trial of Dr. Conrad Murray started on Tuesday (September 27).

The prosecution and defense have made their opening arguments in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Pop legend Michael Jackson.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors that, on the morning of his death, Jackson swallowed several lorazepam pills, and ingested the anesthetic propofol, allegedly leading to a "perfect storm in his body" that, in the end, was fatal.

The defense's statement came after more than an hour of opening arguments after prosecutors painted a different picture, according to CBS News.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, with his attorneys denying that he gave Jackson anything lethal.

Members of the Jackson family in attendance included father Joseph, mother Katherine, sisters LaToya and Janet, and brothers Jermaine, Randy, and Tito.

If convicted Murray faces up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license.

More on this as it develops.

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  • Conrad Murray


  • IlluminateHeadQuarters


  • Anonymous

    Rest in peace to the leader of the Jackson 5!

  • Bubblez da Assassin

    This trial about to be a circus. Them MJ fans are out of their friken minds. I hope security did weapon checks, so when DR. murray is acquited of manslaughter none of them nuts blast him NINO BROWN courtroom style.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Jackson likes to touch little kids penis'. Mother Fuck Michael Jackson, why does everyone act like they forgot that shit.

  • Jason

    what a slap on the wrist lol

  • R.Pgh

    Jackson was emaciated, malnourished and high as fuck for the past 20 years. This Dr. Conrad guy sounds like a damn genius for keeping him alive as long as he did. He could probably make a normal person immortal. He shouldn’t be on trial, he should be the Surgeon General.

    • R.Pgh

      I'm sorry your mind does not comprehend jokes. I was pointing out that with Jackson's lifestyle over the past 2 decades, he should have been dead years ago. Your boy was popping 50+ pills a day for a loooooong time

    • Anonymous

      you think there should be some kind of ceremony honoring this doctor? I don't buy your overjoyous ramblings!

  • Anonymous

    this guy did nothing wrong, the jackson family is just too scared to admit that michael had his problems

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    hee hee the fans want blood BLOOD!!!!! US-Entertainment to the fullest on tv and internet, watch it now - be the judge!!! hee hee This guy is the perfect scapegoat for all the people who didnt give a fuck about Mike. Maybe somebody can lynch that brother on Rodeo Drive for higher ratings. Fuck.

  • LJofSpades

    If the Doctor's found guilty, then so should his family and all the people that surrounded MJ. The Doctor is just the fall guy as far as I'm concerned - the people around MJ let him continue basically killing himself, and IF the Doctor is guilty, they are as much so. This is not fact, just my opinion.

  • Jioxer@yahoo.com

    Cover Occupy Wall Street Protest! Please

  • BS

    THIS IS STRAIGHT BULLSHIT. Trying to lock up a man for 4 years and ruin his life, what the hell is wrong with people. This man did nothing wrong, hes a DR and did what he needed to do, like he actually tried to kill anyone. This whole case is a desperat attempt of the Jackson family to blame someone and ruin someones life, when they can't accept the fact that Michael Jackson was a fucked up duded to begin with and obviously accidently killed him self. FUCK ALL YOU PIECES OF SHIT WH0 WANT TO SEE THIS MAN IN PRISON, SHOW SOME FUCKING COMPASSION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

  • Ozzy Salas

    fucking doctor should he placed on death row just like they did Troy Davis

    • guylloyd200

      ^ said it right!

    • jordanesque

      Angry man learn how to spell, punctuate and articulate. You sound really dumb. Why do sorry sad people like you always blame race, like its the end-all-be-all of our problems. Please. You probably worship Obama and think he's the savior, he IS to blame for part of the economy, he increases debt, used trillions in bail-out money for the banks (not jobs), spent more in 2 years than George Bush jr did in 8 years. People who question and want to institute change are "bitchin" and "suckers" really? No wonder people don't speak up, because neanderthals like you don't understand the concepts of liberty and questioning government. Sad....

    • Anonymous

      Lol that attempt at a response to Murray's possible 4 year sentence was idiotic.

    • Angry Man

      ways love to blame someone, Every low life wants to blame Obama for the Economy. Shit this nigga's a man with one head, like every other person. All these fools moaning about how fucked up the economy is n shit, i wonder if anyone of them cld do as good if given the opportunity. Bitches just wanna moan and niggas just wanna quirk. All these low life white men, all of them just a bunch of suckers. I hate this shit, shut the fuck up n contribute your quota. Dont just lay on ur back n moan like a bitch gettin fucked

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