Common Explains Why He Wrote About Romances With Erykah Badu, Serena Williams

In his new book, Com Sense opens up about past romantic trysts with famous women.

Common isn't usually the one to kiss and tell, but he opens up about his past romances in his new memoir, One Day It'll All Make Sense. During an interview with the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago, Illinois native explains that the book was the perfect medium to address relationships with Erykah Badu, Serena Williams and Taraji P. Henson.

"I feel like this is the medium to do it," he explained. "When I'm in a relationship, I'm not going to parade that relationship. It's not for public consumption. It's my life. But when I'm talking about things that happened in the past, this is perfect for me.

"The stories I'm telling are not only to entertain," he continued, "but they're there to inspire and to relate to and to say, 'Man, this guy is not perfect, this guy been through some of the same things I've been through and he just decided to make some choices and is doing well. But he's still a work in progress."

He also addressed how he wished the White House controversy could have been timed better to occur after he released his book, AMC TV show "Hell on Wheels" and upcoming album, The Dreamer, The Believer. "Oh man, that would have been perfect,” he said. “When that drama happened, we wished everything — from the book to ‘Hell on Wheels’ — was all out there. That was a time of heightened publicity for me and people were interested in what was going on with me."

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  • CaqNudg

    And I've been thinking that people were mad at Common for having a ghost writer for his guys are hating on him for having a white Co-author? Really? So Chapelle didn't care about black people when he and Neil were writing his show? Obviously. In fact, let's make this bigger than black. Non-jewish Caucasian Americans hate their own kind because they've been hiring jewish writers for the entire history of television? Really. WIth comments like these it's no wonder Common hired a white co-author, sorry, why he didn't hire YOU.

  • Anonymous

    LONNIE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE why else did he hire a WHITE ghost writer for his "book"?

    • Kevin

      Actually i was disagreeing with the comment and your sentiment

    • word

      word LONNIE whiter than me and im asian

    • Kevin

      While white people used to be the blatantly racist ones, in mordern times its kinda hard to defend just how racist black people are. Youd think we’d learn something after being on the receivinbg end. Smh When writing a memoir or autobiography, the idea isnt your writing skill, its getting your life down. If you dont have the skills as a writer (yes lyricist doesnt equals good prose) you get someone experienced to help you along so you know...screw up your life story! Calling that ghost writing is silly especially when the co writers name is on the book. Its like saying Alex Hayely ghost wrote the “autobiography of malcolm x” Thinking that if youre black you must get someone black to help you co write your book is absurd. You pick the author who you think will do your work justice regardless of race. The style that suits you. The whole “doesnt care about blakc people” shtick is ridiculous

  • Lonnie's White Ghostwriter

    This asshole didn't ** write ** dick, he had to pay a WHITE BOY to "write" his fucking for him-- Coontastic, Lonnie! "Universale Mind Control II"!!

  • @RadioRebels

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  • RIC

    what about Queen Latifah?

  • JG

    how does he go from a twig like Badu, to the most bangin body in sports Serena Williams, and then back to crackhead lookin Taraji Henson!?

    • Anonymous

      lmao ya'll funny as fuck

    • the prez

      If she's a twig, how does she keep crackin' your favorite rapper's favorite rapper (i.e. common, andre 3k, jay electronica, DOC, etc.) She must have some good good.

    • AxeMurder

      Badu is a twig? You obviously ain't seen that video Window Seat where shes nekkid in public. Bitch been wearin Swahili mumu's for so long we never got to see that phat whopper shes totin

  • koth561

    I really do hope Common writes about something I can relate to, such as fucking bitches, swag, selling that crack and getting mad dough

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